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My Mystic Muse, a solo exhibition of recent works by Simon Jones at Cape Gallery. 23rd October- 12th November 2011

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My Mystic Muse, a solo exhibition of recent works by Simon Jones. Cape Gallery Opening Sunday 23rd October 2011 at 4.30 p.m. Duration: 23rd October- 12th November 2011 Lloyd Pollak will be the opening speaker and will conduct a walkabout on Saturday 29th October at 11am. Simon Jones at sixty has been a full-time artist for thirty-six years, most of which time he has been a resident of Fish Hoek. An abundant garden teeming with all manner of birdlife provides an apposite backdrop for his studio. His primary theme as an artist is man in harmony with nature. An increasing interest in matters mystical has become most apparent since his last one-man exhibition at the Cape Gallery five years ago. Wary of the -isms that proliferate in the spiritual arena as well as in the art world Simon strives to reach a more universal connection through his paintings. The viewer is often placed at a vantage point above the action taking place on terra firma, as if viewing the world below from some celestial eyrie. Simon's link to the Cape Gallery goes back to the seventies when his late mother, the accomplished artist Mary Hart, held two solo exhibitions at this venue.

A definite form of creative osmosis subtly manifests itself in the work of mother and son; evident in their shared love for figures within a landscape and flower- studies. For Simon the greatest pleasure derived from the act of painting is the sense of tagging along for the ride; at a certain juncture the conscious mind seems no longer to be the navigator of the creative journey. Consequently, Simon feels that his most striking work is not so much by him as through him. He is a firm believer in a gentle prompting from a higher level. Simon believes the work of art to be the product of the human spirit. He deems this spirit to be celebratory of its very nature. His subjects are often imbued with a gentle levity, a sense of humour being a vital adjunct to the spiritual journey.

My Mystic Muse by Simon Jones at Cape Gallery