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Issue 01 - Volume 01

The Prague, Czech Republic

The Astronomical Clock is from 1600 BC

What' s Inside ART TECH MAGAZINE issue

Top Places to Visit in Prague - For Free!

E D I T O R ' SN O T E

In my first every issue of ARTECH magazine, I introduce the endless. Possibilities for artists living in central Europe, specifically Prague in The Czech Republic. There are ways to make an income of a few grand and art abroad, and wee discusses those ways here and throughout our brand. As you can see from our cover, the Astronomical Clock proves that the world has many more than the usual literal 7 World Wonders.

For inspiration, explore the streets, invite your muse and yourself roam the old cobblestone roads.

I founded this magazine as a public archival vault of my memories, artworks, fancies, and recommendations, as well as some of my professional advice and collaborations while traveling for work.

This magazine is a showcase of the "DigiNomad" lifestyle like one of my mentors, Norman Hollyn, ACE, and so many others are beginning to explore. One thing that I love about traveling is how inspiring it is to get away from your home and then return there with a fresh perspective. It is as if you hit the reset button in your head on your home life when you leave and return.

I am so happy to be back in America, although I loved Prague as you will soon see.

Read on to accept your invite to the wedding of Art and Technology Magazine - ArtTech.


Visiting PRAGUE and exploring the depths of MEDIEVAL ART AND ARCHITECTURE

The Prague Castle is at the center of Old Towne a stroll through the shops and it all leads hear in a vast circle of beautiful cobblestone roads.

As a writer/filmmaker growing up, I was always told to pick one path but I never could so I double majored in TV and Film Production plus Creative Writing. When I graduated from. UCSB I had two Bachelor of Arts Degrees, or B.A.'s and no idea what I wanted to do as an actual job.

I kept combining my two loves into a single passion; film. For fun, I would interview fellow artist in La Vegas for my blog, Design hundreds of clothing items on my eCommerce store then eventually I would start an online course and teach other's to discover and build their own Multimedia Design Art Skills into sales.

The term Multimedia Artist is a somewhat new idea; beyond being the Creative Director or Art Director, both jobs I have done, you are more of a digital-only person. The things that you sell do not exist in this physical world, but they once Did.

Let me give you an example of my selling files. On my last job for two weeks I sold digital I would say DIT, which is a digital imaging technician and they are the ones who get the cards on set and put them onto a hard drive. So the company supplies you with a round trip ticket as well as the hard drive the card reader the cars you just have to be position in a few staffers and really via the organized person. I was working for Amazon Prime through a Production Company based here in Los Angeles.

OCTOBER 31 2019  Hawaii Issue

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