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ARTANDPAPER ACEO Art Cards, Editions & Originals


ART CARDS EDITIONS & ORIGINALS ACEOs or ATCs (art trading cards) are the size of a playing card. They are an easy and affordable way to collect original pieces of art. Each card measures 3½"x2½" and is made using Canson quality watercolour paper 224grM2. There are four in the series; The Tree of Life; Two Birds; Eye in the Wall and The Sea. These first three are little watercolour and ink sketches. The Sea series are oil paint. The Tree of Life series are quite atmospheric, with purple, pink and grey backgrounds. Nearly all my cards feature two little flying birds.



TREE OF LIFE INSPIRATION I live in the French countryside surrounded by trees, walls, birds, atmospheric clouds. I do not however live by the sea. But I did grow up by the sea. I paint almost every day. Mostly large oil paintings. Recently I have become in-

They make affordable art purchases, so anyone can have an original work of art on their wall. terested in ACEO’s.

In winter I make hand made books and boxes. You can buy my work on:




Tree of Life. I live in the French countryside surrounded by trees. I enjoy drawing trees both with and without leaves. They are ever changing with the seasons, leaves coming and going, colours changing, growing and branches falling during storms. A constant course of inspiration.

Eye in the Wall: I am Irish and in the west of Ireland the landscape is criss crossed with stone walls that have been there for hundreds of years. Ireland is a country full of myths and legends. It is also a country that produced some inspirational authors such as James Joyce and Flan O'Brian who wrote The Third Policeman. A truly surreal book. One can imagine walking along a lonely country road and wondering if there is someone looking at you? Hence eye in the wall.

The Sea: I love the sea, I grew up beside the sea. It is ever changing. I love storms and waves crashing against the rocks. Also I adore the colour blue in all it's shades from very dark Ultra Marineto turquoise.



All cards are unique and are original art, made by me and signed and dated on the back. Each will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and a white envelope 3½"x2½". These cards could be mounted and framed to make a decorative picture which would suit both a modern and contemporary decor. A group of framed ACEO's would look great along a stairs or corridor. No two cards are the same. The cards made with Canson paper. Approved by the Paper by Nature Association. I was born in Ireland & studied Fine Arts in the Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design, Dublin Ireland specialising in Painting and RHoK Brussels, Belgium specialising in Graphic Art. I live and works in France. Web Sites:



ACEO - Original Art for Everyone  

Art Cards, Editions and Originals are also known as ATC's or Art Trading Cards.

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