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Alumnos de la EOI de Boadilla del Monte

The Great Budhas’ Hall

This building, recognized as the biggest in the World, was build with wood. It’s name is The Great Budhas’s Hall and it’s located in the TODAI-JI temple, a big expanse of land, full of temples, pagodas, pavillons, halls, parks, gardens, “TORIS” (gates), with great historical and architectural interest. Although there are temples and buildings that date from 710, this Grand Budhas’s Hall was built between 1688 and 1709, probably by artisans from south China. Inside there is a statue of Budha with enormous dimensions, one of the biggest of the world. It’s 16 meters high and required melting hundreds of tons of bronze, mercury and vegetable wax. There are several smaller statues dedicated to various “Bosatsu” (enlightened beings). Behind the Budha there is a little hola in a big woodenpillar. According to the tradition if you go through it, you get to nirvana, so there are a lot of children trying to go through. The parks and gardens of this complex are full of docile deers and history says that they are messengers of the gods. This wonderful place, is in a city named NARA, situated 70 Km. to the south of Kyoto (Kyoto is an obligatory visit in a journey across Japan). Nara was founded in 710 with the name Heijo-Kyo (Peace City), and had a great splendour for 74 years. It was the first Stable capital of the Japanese Empire, later in 794 the capital was Kyoto, a beautiful, quiet place, but this is for another photo...

Carlos Gismero, Basic 2º M-W


This is one of my favourite photos: Iguazú Falls. I took the photo in September of 2008 when I was on business with my wife and a friend in Argentina. We were in Buenos Aires for two weeks. On the first weekend we decided to go to Iguazú. We caught a plane and we landed in Iguazú four hours later. The spectacle was formidable: A lot of birds flying, very tall trees, and the hard sound of the water. I felt very, very small. We took a lot of photos: from the side Argentinian and from the Brazilian side. The weather has hot, but we didn´t have a problem: at night, in the hotel, we had a fantastic dinner with a fresh white wine bottle. The only one problem, the big mosquitoes. It was a wonderful trip to remember. I´m sure, I´ll come back. Diego Villanueva Básico 2

My husband took this photo last Easter when I went with my family on holiday to Berlin. Near the hotel, there was a cabaret. In front it, there was a courtyard with a big bench. My husband took the photo when we were on the bench. It was very funny, because it was very high, so, I couldn’t get on top, although my children raised me. When I look this photo, it always appears a smile on my face.

Herminia López España Básico 2A

“The comb of the winds” Dear friends, my name is Javier. Last summer my girlfriend took this photography of me in San Sebastian, a famous city for its gastronomy and its festival of cinema, celebrated at the end of September. Behind me it is the infinitely blue and calm sea and a big sculpture called “the comb of the winds” created by Chillida, a painter and a sculptor who worked all his life with the stone and the iron. Every year I go to this beautiful city in July and I visit the aquarium, I walk by the new promenade or I swim on the beach. I recommended visiting it to all people!! Javier Unzueta Pérez de Mendiguren. EOI Boadilla del Monte. Básico 1.

We made a horse excursion and we bought typical crafts. The next day we went rafting in the Colorado river. I keep this photo in my mobil phone as wallpaper.Sometimes, on stressful days I like to look at it because it reminds me of this wonderful people and the superb nature with its strange forms. It is like going back to the Wild West. This is one of my favourite photos. My family and I are in the Monument Valley. I took the photo two years ago in summer of 2008 when we were on holiday in the United States. We flew to San Francisco and rented a car and drove to Arizona to visit the Gran Canyon and the Monument Valley.We finished in las Vegas. We visited the Navajos Indians camp.They taught their customs and their way of life.

Ligia Peinador NB2

, This is one of my favourite photos because I love dolphins. I took the photo in the Summer of 2006 when I was on holiday in Riviera Maya with my husband and two friends. We stayed in a big Hotel that was near to a Theme Park where everyday there was a "Dolphin Show" One day we could swim with them. It was a wonderful experience because my dolphin was a very lovely animal. I felt very happy with my "new friend" I keep this photo in an album in my desk. Maite Rubio Bรกsico 2- A

One of my favourite photos is of the Liverpool Street Station. I took the photo in the summer of 2009 when I was on holiday in the UK. We were in London, and we were walking around the center of London. When we arrived at Liverpool Street station. Suddenly we saw a lot of girls, women and children dancing on the station and playing music at high volume. It was very curious. We began to ask the people that were looking at the girls, and nobody knew what was happening. When we asked a different person, we discovered what was happening. They were filming a new film. In the middle of this photo you can see a cameraman, he is filming everything. I like this photo because, it reminds me of a book called “Where´s Wally” in this book the readers are challenged to find a character named Wally hidden in the group. Do you remember? In this book the writer is asking you something, for example; Where’s the man that is filming? How many girls are wearing a hat? How many people are working with an ATM? Can you see two nuns? Etc. The next morning when we were going to the underground, we could see on the free newspapers “The London pap” and “The London Lite”, the news “Sarah´s a class of her own…. Sarah Harding brought Liverpool Street station to a standstill yesterday, wearing tiny leather hot-pants as she and a cast of the new St Trinian´s flick filmed their final scenes.” The name of the movie was “St Trinian´s 2: The legend of Fritton´s Gold”. I don´t know who is Sarah Harding, and I have not seen the first film, and neither the second. But I like this photo, I think it is very interesting. Rafael Casalins. Basic 2

TRAVEL TO BORDEAUX This is one of my favourite photos. My frien took the Photo last November when we travelled to Bordeaux for a Comenius Project. Comenius Project is a Project in which some schools of Europe take part. Every school that participes looks for a topic and they do some schoolwork about it to exchange. The topic of our Project is “Little Artist Among Europe”. The countries in the Project ar Greece, Poland, England, France and Spain. In this meeting, in the morning we worked on the Project and in the afternoon we visited some places in Bourdeaux. In the Photo I vas painting in the wall a cord that I had thought befote. You Could choose the word that you wanted. We were in a primary school in Villanueve D’ornon, a town next to Bordeaux, and this mural was made for the teachers and pupils of the school. In this mural there are lots of words in different languages of the countries that participed in the Project. In the middle of this mural there are stars where we wrote our words. This trip was fantastic and I would like to return to Bordeaux soo. BIENVENIDO VICENTE CEBRIÁN MUÑOZ (BÁSICO 2A)

I was in Ordesa Park en 2000, I went with my husband and we remembered the first time we were there with our children, and thought; “the time went very fast”. It was July 1988 and my children were 13, 11 and 8 years old. We rented a flat in Jaca near the Ice Palace. We woke up nearly, we had a good breakfast because we were walking and we were climbing all day. In the middle of the day, we sat on the grass to take a break and to eat something, while we heard the sound of water in the river and the silence of the mountains. Mª Clotilde Roca Robledo Nivel Básico 2 Inglés (L-X 18:00/20:00)

NIVEL BÁSICO 2 NB2B Fecha: 24-11-2010

One of my favorite photos is “Dalt Vila” in Ibiza Island, taken from the sea I took the photo in the summer of 2004 when I was on holiday with my family on a Mediterranean cruise. When we returned from Palma de Mallorca Island to Denia, we docked at the port of Ibiza to eat and we visited “Dalt Vila”, which is the old part of the town of Ibiza (capital Ibiza Island). We walked through the old streets in “Dalt Vila”, and we could see the picturesque and bustling Ibiza. I keep this photo on the wall in my office. I often look at the picture and remember those good times spent in Ibiza with my family.

Alumno: Juan Antonio Rodríguez Martín

In this photo we saw my husband, Carlos, in one street of Viana, a little village of Navarra. I took this photo in the summer of 2006, when we were on holiday and we were on the way to Santiago. This is one of my favourite photos because I remember all the experience which we had there. I took the photo at about nine or half past nine in the morning when we had been walking for three hours and we were very tired and very hungry but happy because it’s wonderful get up early and walk along the track. After taking the photo we found one snack bar for our breakfast and we could leave the rucksacks… the best moment. I also love this photo because we saw the beautiful medieval village of Viana, with its straight streets all in stone. A village where the modern life has preserved the old houses and churches, and his medieval atmosphere.


THE STORY A PHOTO about a Cordoba yard Every year, in May, a contest is held in Cordoba. Participants in the contest have to decorate their house, yards by hanging pots of flowers on walls and roofs. A panel of experts select the most beautiful yard.

A few years ago, some of my relatives and I went to Cordoba to watch these yards. We walked through Cordoba for several days, we visited at a lot of yards. My nephew took a photo of the winner yard. It’s the photo I attached This photo it’s one of my favourite photos. The photo shows people; they are looking at the pots of flowers in the middle of the yard. There are windows with bars. There are doors and roofs. There are pots of flowers on the walls and on the roofs.


Mercedes Cañas

The story behind the photo

One of my favourite photos is that of my children in New York at Easter. I took the photo in 2007, when we went on holiday with my family. My children like cars, and we were coming from the airport to the hotel in a limousine. It was a surprise for them.It was a funny journey, because we were eight people in a limousine. We had a great holiday although the weather wasn´t so good. We visited the museums and walked through the streets and at last we went shopping. The people were very friendly and hospitable everywhere. I look forward to going to New York again. Sofía Serna Básico 2 A Ganadora del concurso nivel Básico

What is it? Where is it? I'm sure, that you know it, of course¡¡ It's the emblematic Rockefeller Center, in the emblematic city of New York too. I married some years ago on December, yes¡ December, yes¡; it was very cold and I went to New York for my honeymoon, well, when you are there everythings seems spectacular but when you arrive to that square with that golder figure and you see that people are skating, in the back a huge Christmas tree and music is accompaning, it seems that you are inside a film, yes, because this place we see so many times from a sofa in your home or in the cinemas armchair and now you believe that you are main character It's very cold, very very cold, but nobody seems to care, people wear scarf, gloves and coat to skate. And if this square is special in winter , what do you say in summer? when that ice rink transforms in a huge site where people sit down to drink something and to talk with friends at the bottom that figure so beautiful and in this site so special I invite you to have this experience some day Cheer up¡

Intermediate 1, teacher Sunny

Maria-Pilar Lopez

This is V.I.P (It´s a very important photo for my family and me). It was taken in the bathroom one day of October in 1996. He´s my son.His name is Jorge. And this is what happened: MY HUSBAND: Jorge says "papá"! ME: No,he doesn´t say "papá", he says "pa" "pá". MY HUSBAND: I disagree.The baby says "papá".This is his first word! " I´m the happier dad in the world! ME:Me too...Take the camera and take a photo. MY HUSBAND:He doesn´t stop saying "papá".In a photo don´t hear his voice.Take the video camera and let´s make a movie. Jorge de Pilar Mediavilla Básico 1

“Zebras in the Serengeti Park, Tanzania, Africa�. Last October I went with my wife to Tanzania and we visited the north of the country. We wanted to visit something different, and now we think it was a very good idea. We spent 6 days on a safari visiting 4 different parks where the most important attraction is seeing "The Big 5". They are among the most dangerous animals to hunt: the Lion, the Buffalo, the Elephant, the Leopard and the Rhinoceros, and we saw all of them on a convertible 4x4 car. We found these zebras in the Serengeti Park. We were driving on a 4x4 car and we found them on our way. We stopped the car and they started to drink, so we spent there almost 20 minutes taking pictures and enjoying the moment. Zebras are very attractive and beautiful because they have two colours around the body, but we don't like that they are lions' favourite dish. It was a lovely journey in which we enjoyed the authentic wild life. The hotel was in the park and we slept listening to animal sounds, and we felt a special atmosphere. Ner Albiol Bernal (Intermediate 1)

WE WERE THE CHAMPIONS IN 2007 In this picture, I´m celebrating the 30th tittle of league which won REAL MADRID in 2007. Everybody was in Paseo La Castellana when the match finished. That Sunday of June, Real Madrid played versus Real Mallorca C.F. That football match was the last and two teams had equal opportunities to win the championship. There was tension in two pitchs: Santiago Bernabeu and Nou Estadi, in Tarragona. There was anxiety in two cities: Madrid and Barcelona. All supporters from the Real Madrid were in the stadium with emotion and nerviousness. We were connected with our radios because all matches began at the same time.

The first 45 minutes were horrible. Real Madrid was the worst team. Galactic players did a disastrous first half. Varela, Mallorca footballer, scored one goal. Iker Casillas, Real Madrid goalkeeper, could´t stop the ball. We closed our eyes and thought: “This is the end”. But the match hadn´t finished yet. The game was far from over. We had the last 45 minutes. Then... turned up “the King of the ball”: Jose Antonio Reyes. He came in the pitch and after two minutes he did the miracle. Gonzalo Higuain gave a back pass and Reyes scored the first goal.

Everybody jumped up from their seats. It was a tie. Everything is be possible. Diarra scored the second goal with his head. The goalkeeper nothing could do it. We were happier with the third goal. Reyes did it again. That night was his night. Barcelona thrashed Nastic in the Nou Estadi. But that scoreboard was all useless. They lost the championship. And then in the last match, and in the last minutes we won the 30th tittle of league with “blood, sweat and tears”.

MªEugenia Sanchez Hultzsch Intermediate 1

TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED If you, kind reader, are thinking about going to Santorini, don’t hesitate to do it. 1,m going to tell you why. The first time 1 saw Greece, 1 was travelling on a ship. It was a huge ocean liner, not as big as the Titanic, but indeed safer and more moderno 1remember that its name was "The blue Aegean"and when 1 first found out about its name 1 was sure that the journey was going to be fantastic because blue is my favourite colour. No, 1 am not supersticious, but 1 was determined to enjoy thatjourney. At the top of the cliffs you can see one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, Santorini. Everything in Santorini is white: the cubic houses, the windmills, the stones... or blue: the clear sky, the windows...Yes, everything is blue or white except the sea. The sea can be blue, green, red or black; it depends on the sun or perhaps on the way you look at it. It was October and the weather was hot in this volcanic island that autumn. According to my husband, who was with me, this magical island is a good therapy ifyou are stressed or depressed. 1 have good memories of this place and 1 would like to visit it again with my family, which is now made up of four members, two more than that first time, almost twenty years ago. Paloma Yuste Abad -Advanced l

Nothing is what it seems. When you see this photo, you get the impression that these people look very exotic and happy. Twenty years ago, my husband, a couple of friends and I went to Brazil to spend our holidays there. After landing in Rio the Janeiro and checking in at the hotel, our tourist guide took us with other tourists to a nearby island in a small ship. It was not so far from the coast. When we got there some native people came to welcome us with their best smile, and wearing their typical clothes. They also gave all of us some colourful flowers. Once we finished our lunch, to my surprise, I realized that those exotic native people who had previously met us at the reception, were now wearing the type of modern clothes we usually wear. I understood that the performance had finished. You would hardly recognize them. Moreover, when I tried to smell the colourful flowers they had put around our necks, I realized that they were made of some kind of fabric.

Later, as soon as my husband and I began walking trough the forest, suddenly all the wild parrots stopped their strident chattering. It was really amazing. Only when we came out of the forest the parrots continued their “concert�. I guess the reason for this parrots behaviour was the big cage they had at the restaurant with some other parrots in it. Probably the people need to earn their living showing the tourists what they like to see, but to tell you the truth I felt rather disappointed since it was like a symbol of our times, where nothing is what it seems.

Antonia Carceller Nivel Intermedio 2

When I saw the Pope live This photo was taken when I was doing my military service in August 1989. I got to be one of the luckiest people who managed to go and see him. John Paul II was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century and he was also one of the most tireless travelled leaders in history. He visited Galicia and Asturias in his trip to Spain. We were more than four hundred thousand young people all over the world waiting for him. The Pope celebrated an extremely crowded mass in Monte do Gozo (Galicia); it was called: "Pope´s word". Faithful young people from about fifty countries listened to John Paul II. The Army had a preferential place and that´s why I could take such an impressive photo. I remember I stood six meters from him. It was a marvelous moment! It was a good weather, although it was a rather chilly night. I also remember an anecdote: some people from Madrid told other people from Barcelona: "the Pope wears white clothes because he belongs to Real Madrid". It was a very funny and interesting experience!

David Dato Intermedio 2

It was in October 2007, when my parents decided to visit my sister Raquel who lives in San Diego (California). At first, they had a great time because it is a very interesting place. They enjoyed the visit to the zoo which is one of the most important in the world. They went for a walk near the green sea and they could see the famous surfer's houses in La Joia. But on the 21st October, a fire started in the Witch Greek area of San Diego back country near Sta. Isabel. A thick column of smoke blew westward and they believed they were safe but the events of the next twelve hours proved otherwise. All around the city was on fire and my family told me that they couldn't breathe normally. So as you can imagine they were very nervous. The fire caused a lot of damage and the place was declared a federal disaster area. Finally almost 6,000 firemen extinguished the worse nightware to most people.Fortunately, my sister was very well and my parents could come back to Spain without any problem but they won't forget their experience. That's for sure! Mª Elena Álvarez Vázquez INT2 B


This is the picture of a living church in a dead town. It is alive because at first glance it does not look very different from any other town’s church, but we could say that it is hurt or disabled somehow. If we look at its sad and elongated dark eyes, formed by the hollows where the bells are placed, the right eye from the spectator point of view is empty. Its eyeball is missing, it has no bell. Apart from this fact, it is complete, it breathes, although it shows its age, its wrinkles, its tiredness, and the many years enduring the lashes of severe winters in the Pyrenees landscape. It is a Romanesque Mozarabic church, typical of the Pyrenees of Huesca region with a nave and a semicircular apse in very good condition. It stands in the middle of a ghost and abandoned village, called Otal. At the bottom left of the apse, we can see something strange, something like a rectangular window which does not match the original built, as a patch out of place, as an alien. It is a niche, which was built years later to house deceased people in the apse guts and which gives it a more gloomy aspect –death embedded in the wounded church walls–. The human figure walking towards the church provides life to the defunct picture. He is Juan, a friend responsible for creating an aura of mystery about this enigmatic town as well as the need to visit it. When Juan discovered the place and its church, he made himself a promise: “someday I will visit that dead village with its living church”, and that is how he persuaded a group of friends among whom was myself. The snapshot was taken on October 30 2010, after a complicated and long journey of more than three hours walking in the rain and mud. I will always remember Otal and its mystery, its collapsed houses, its ruins emerging from the colorful autumn, the mud on my boots, and above all, I will remember Juan’s face after seeing one of his most desired efforts fulfilled, and of course, for its living church in the dead town

Miguel Angel Paez (Advanced I) Photo: Silvia Ancho

A GLORIOUS DAY My youngest daughter, Blanca, was born in January 2002, ten years after her sister and twelve after her brother. When a baby is born, their parents usually feel happy, excited, full of love and have great expectations about the future. I felt just like that when my two older children were born. But when Blanca arrived, the feeling was extremely intense, so much that I could not stop crying for, at least, three hours. Everything began when I turned forty; I thought I was crossing a barrier. It was difficult for me to admit I was not young anymore, that I would not be able to give birth again. As I was thinking about life, I became pregnant, and I felt worried and happy at the same time. Worried, because I had been seriously warned by my doctor about the risks I was taking at my age. Happy, because a strong feeling of love was filling my heart again and I was going to touch the soft skin of a newborn, to feel life itself making its way and depending on me‌ When the due date came, there were difficulties to have my baby in a natural way, despite the fact that the doctors and I did our best. Finally, Blanca was born at the very last moment. She was silent for a long minute, until, thank God for this gift, her cries sounded like celestial music for everyone. In that moment I felt a pleasant explosion of emotions, which had been growing in my heartfor months, at the same time as my baby, and which then reached their climax. Cristina Cubero. Avanzado 1.

Clemente García Alegre FB 2

Boadillaventura. Le 25 janvier 2010, quatre amis nous avons fondé un club d'aventure et de sport dans la nature. En juin de cette année, à l'occasion de la fête patronale de Boadilla, la municipalité nous a embauchés pour organiser un événement sportif. Celui-ci consistait dans quatre jours d'école d'activités d'aventure, telles que l'orientation avec une carte et une boussole, faire du tir à l'arc, faire lancer du boomerang, faire rappel, etc., et le cinquième jour, dimanche 26 juin 2010, pour clôturer l'activité, un Raid Multiaventure, par équipes formées par un adulte et un enfant. La photo montre le départ de ce Raid, avec les presque quarante équipes qui ont participé. Pour un club tellement jeune, c'était un moment très important.

MA GRANDE FAMILLE La photo a été prise le 31 Décembre 2008. C’était à Noél 2008. Nous avons célébré la Saint-Sylvestre et le Nouvel An 2009. La fête a eu lieu chez moi. Nous étions 22 personnes au total: ma mère, mon mari, mes trois enfants (les 3 garcons), mes trois soeurs, mon frère unique, avec leurs partenaires et mes neveux, huit au total(Quatre garçons et 4 filles). Quand ils sont arrivés, nous avions déjà prepare le diner. Nous nous sommes assis autour de la table, nous avons mange et nous avons bu beaucoup. Nous prenions les 12 grains de raisin et nous fournissions le champagne. Après nous parlions, nous riions et nous dansions jusqu’à l’aube. Nous nous sommes amusés beaucoup. Je me sentais heureux de partager cet événement avec la plupart de mes proches et j’espère continuer à célèbrer avec eux pendant nombreuses années.

María García Felipe Niveau B2 Français

Reise durch Südosten Asiens Bis 2010 war ich noch nie in Asien gewesen. In diesem Jahr habe ich mit zwei Firmen des so genannten asiatischen Tigers gearbeitet, darum musste ich dort hinfliegen. Nach Jahren als SAP Berater, in denen ich Dienstreisen durch Europa, Südamerika, sogar in Afrika gemacht hatte, war nochmals die Erfahrung etwas anders. In Bangkok habe ich diese Mönchen auf der Haltestelle eines Boots entlang des Mekong Flusses gefunden; später auf dem Boot, habe ich mit einem von ihnen gesprochen. In Bangkok findet man ruhige Leute, in denen es immer, sogar in der Armut, ein groβes Lächeln gibt. Die Leute nehmen auch ein asiatisches „Ja“ für jede Frage immer in den Mund. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass etwas Tempo, etwas Flüssigkeit ins Leben gibt. In den „Klongs“ (Kanäle durch die Stadt) kann man das einfachste, extrem beschädigte Haus neben dem erstklassigen Hotel sehen. Das alles passiert in der Hauptstadt, stelle dir vor, wenn du Zeit hättest, in den Bergen und Tälern zu genießen. Mein Chef hat sich, vor etwa dreiβig Jahre, mit einer Thai verheiratet. Oft fahren sie auf dem Mekong Fluss, im Familienbesuch, immer durch verschiedene Wege, in der alten Siam. Da kann man alte Dörfer finden, wo man keine Möglichkeit zum Verständnis hat. Weg von allem, was in unserem angestrengten Alltag Bedeutung hat. Ignacio Pérez, Alemán NI1

Was ist passiert? Diese bin ich. Und er ist Nono, mein Hund. Das war das Zimmer meiner Eltern. Dann war ich acht oder neun Jahre alt. Nono war zwei Monate und es war sein erster Tag bei mir. Als wir ihn annahmen, sah er aus wie ein Engel. Aber als wir nach Hause kamen, begann er alles zu beißen und kaputtzumachen. Meine Mutter begann zu schreien und er alle zu verfolgen. Dann kam Nono mit mir und begann zu weinen. Danach blieb ich mit Nono sitzen, weil er ruhig und still war. Aber als ich aufstand, begann er noch einmal zu weinen. Deshalb machten wir ein Photo, um uns an dieser Situation zu erinnern. Jetzt ist Nono gewachsen und er hat gelernt, dass er mit unseren Sachen nicht spielen darf. Auch wohnen wir jetzt in einem größeren Haus und Nono kann auf dem Garten spielen. Aber wenn wir dieses Photo sehen, lachen wir und denken wir über unser Leben ohne Nono. Und ich! Ich bin auch gewachsen! Jetzt bin ich siebzehn Jahre alt. Ich bin größer und älter aber ich bin noch Nonos Lieblingsherrin zum Spielen und zum Schlafen. Macarena Retortillo, Alemán NI1, Dezember 2010

El claustro de profesores de la EOI de Boadilla del Monte desea dar las gracias a todos los alumnos que han participado en este concurso de relatos “Cuéntame lo qué pasó”. Hemos hecho esta pequeña recopilación para que podáis disfrutar y compartir con vuestros amigos el buen trabajo realizado durante el curso. Hay trabajos realmente memorables por su calidad personal, por su contenido, por la belleza de las fotos. Esperamos que vosotros os emocionéis leyendo algunos relatos, tal y como nos ha pasado a nosotros. ¡Buen verano y el año que viene nos volvemos a encontrar aquí! EOI Boadilla Junio 2011

Cuéntame lo qué pasó  

Relatos escritos por los alumnos de la EOI de Boadilla del Monte durante el curso 2010/11