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The Most Romantic Towns in Arizona

When one thinks Arizona, perhaps saguaro cacti and western art and the Grand Canyon come to mind. But Arizona has officially become a romantic destination.

In fact, Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards recently named Cottonwood’s own Tavern Hotel as #13 on the Top 25 Most Romantic hotels in the U.S. Guests can look forward to an amorous stay with such tender courtesies as a complimentary cocktail at the Tavern Grille and a free continental breakfast the next morning at Crema Craft Kitchen. At the very heart of Arizona’s wine country, Cottonwood is located a short two hour drive (about 100 miles) from Metro Phoenix. Once you reach the Verde Valley where towns like Cottonwood, Camp Verde and (just a little further north) Sedona are situated, you leave the desert behind and find yourself surrounded by national forest lands, amazing rock formations and plenty of flowing streams. The Verde River and Oak Creek meander through the Verde Valley and meet for their romantic tryst before pouring into the reservoirs to the south.

Cottonwood is full of colorful shops and vibrant galleries as well as six (indeed six) wine tasting rooms, making it an ecclectic and charming choice to begin your passionate exploration of Arizona.

Within a short drive, you’ll find the avant-garde town of Jerome, and the beautiful city of Sedona to pique your interest. It’s truly no surprise that romance can be found in Sedona, it is billed as ‘the most beautiful place on earth’ and its majestic red rock formations have surely been the site of many a bended-knee proposals.

courtyard at Tlaquepaque Art & Shopping Village

The artist’s village of Tlaquepaque is located in Sedona and charms visitors with its cobblestone walkways, hand-painted tiles, stone fountains, and Spanish-style architecture. The Art & Shopping Village was named after a Mexican town of the same name (meaning the best of everything). The founders of Tlaquepaque rebuilt the village stone by stone in the 1970’s to reflect the sights and sounds of Old Mexico and provide a place for artists to thrive. Walking among the giant sycamores that often grow through the buildings, taking in the beautiful art, and tossing pennies in the fountains... what could be more romantic?

For even more unique ways to experience the area, try horseback riding, a jeep tour, or even an old-fashioned train ride aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad. Wherever your romantic Arizona adventures begin and end, be sure to make time for a rendezvous in the Verde Valley.

The Tavern Hotel in Cottonwood, AZ.