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WHAT NOT TO WEAR Cosmo and Godfrey left class one day and stared into the horizon. “Shall we dance?” Cosmo said. “We have no moves,” answered Godfrey. “We’ll have tea instead,” Cosmo said. “In an alleyway,” Godfrey answered. “With no clothes,” said Zelda.

We recreated an iconic Daily Wildcat photo shoot from the ’70s — see the full, groovy story behind the controversial cover inside FASHION — 12





UA STUDENTS LUKE DELLA and Joey Callahan re-enact a photograph taken by Tim Fuller, the Daily Wildcat’s 1973 photo editor, for the fashion edition.


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Musical styles mesh for mini festival


Chelsey Wade

n avant-garde creation of music will take place on Saturday night at Cowtown Keeylocko’s working ranch. Six bands will play as guests enjoy a campout under the stars. Saturday night’s “Lightning Strike: Keeylocko” sounds vary from folk music, cumbia dance and electronic rock with bands OHIOAN, Vox Urbana, Katterwaul, Halyconaire, Burning Palms and Algae & Tentacles. This will be the third local event in a series hosted by Lightning Records, a label created to be less a means of distribution and more a way of bringing people together through music and place with unique experiences. When musician and artist Seth Olinsky co-founded Lightning Records, he had a vision of bridging art and music in an innovative experience. “People love to say that the music industry is changing, but in reality, music is the tip of the iceberg,” Olinsky writes on his Kickstarter artist series page. “The whole landscape is transforming underfoot, momentary glimpses lit by lightning and we look to be part of that change. We envision a coming together of worlds that is naturalistic and poetic and rock ‘n’ roll.” This weekend’s desert event coincides with OHIOAN’s album release this month through Lightning Records. The respective lead organizers of each band, Ryne Warner and John Melillo, both said this weekend welcomes all to enjoy connecting through

News Tips: 621-3193

rebecca marie sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Saxophonist Jeff Grubic,violinist Sasha Tolstoshev, guitarist and singer O Ryne Warner and bassist Ryen Eggleston, all members of OHIOAN, practice their new song “Bad Altitude” in their studio on Thursday evening. OHIOAN and five other bands will come together for a concert under the stars on Saturday at Cowtown Keeylocko’s working ranch.

the music at the historical ranch’s wooden saloon — complete with sawdust floors, cows and horses. “We’re both really interested in providing new contexts for listening to music,” said Melillo, guitarist and vocalist for Algae & Tentacles and an English professor at the UA. “We want to bring together the music and the place in a special way. It’s just about creating the conditions for a party, for your own fun, a different kind of fun because it’s a space that’s outside of what you’d usually expect.”

A place outside of expectations is exactly what Ed Keeylocko created when he built his “Old West” dream by hand in the form of a unique Western town at the base of the Coyote Mountains. “ [Keeylocko] found the options presented to him unviable and thus made up his own,” Warner said. “I look at Ed and his ranch and his dream made real and him saying ‘to hell with his, I got a better idea’ and that gives me hope, gives me a freedom, or a reminder of the freedom that is inherent in all of us.” There is no one set headliner of the night


— rather, the bands will bring their different sounds together to connect listeners with music in the open desert air at Cowtown Keeylocko. Warner said he believes it will be a night to escape certain societal constraints that can bog down artistic expression. “Sometimes, it is the biggest help, when the pursuit seems pointless … to come across someone like Ed Keeylocko, and remember that even though the road is your own, you’re not alone,” Warner said. Musicians will play late into the night, and welcome others to join them in bringing tents to the rodeo arena for a campout. Chili, hot dogs and drinks at the bar will be available. After the sun rises, progressive band The Myrrors will open up the morning and coffee and breakfast burritos will be for sale. “Music performs us in a way,” Melillo said. “Creating the context in which we can be performed by music is important — rather than merely consuming it but to perform, and be performed by it, whether we’re makers or listeners.” The mini music festival starts with a barbecue at 4 p.m. Saturday and bands begin performing at 6 p.m. The event costs $8, which directly supports the musicians. Cowtown Keeylocko is located 40 miles southwest of Tucson in Three Points.

— Follow Chelsey Wade @DailyWildcat

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Music • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

wildcat weekend • 3

Superbowl songstress brings opera show to UA’s Centennial Hall Christianna Silva

811 E. Wetmore Road Tucson, AZ 85719 520·887·0521


ven those of us not interested in opera remember Renée Fleming from her performance at the 2014 Super Bowl. Earlier this year, Fleming belted her way into history as the first opera singer to perform the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl. Now, Fleming will be performing at the UA in Centennial Hall on Sunday at 7 p.m. She will sing pieces by Handel, Strauss, Puccini and Verdi, as well as some Broadway standards. Fleming has performed at many incredibly prestigious places, including Carnegie Hall, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and the 2008 Olympic Games. She has sung on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Jubilee and as part of President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebration. Fleming even became the very first woman to solo headline an opening night gala at the Metropolitan Opera. She has been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and won four of them. In her free time, Fleming is a strong advocate for literacy. She has featured in campaigns for the Association of American Publishers and the READ poster campaign for the American Library Association. She also wrote a book titled “The Inner Voice” that was published in 2004. The Huffington Post wrote that she has “the mark of a true diva” and the ability to own “just about any role she has ever sung.” The Chicago Tribune reviewed Fleming’s first appearance following the national anthem at the Super Bowl, a joint Lyric concert with German singer Jonas Kaufmann. The Tribune wrote that she “sounded just about as glamorous as she looked,” which means a lot considering she was wearing a floorlength green-taffeta gown with long black gloves. Fleming has more fans than just those in the opera elite; in fact, she has countless fans here at the UA as well. Meghan Witteman, a philosophy, politics, economics and law freshman,

Unforgettable Pool Parties!


Opera singer Renee Fleming will perform at the UA’s Centennial Hall on Sunday at 7 p.m. Fleming sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year.

is a proud Fleming fan. She says she has seen Fleming in more than six performances at the Met and finds her to be an inspiration for her own music. “My vocal instructor used to make me focus intently on her technique and try to mimic it in my own singing,” Witteman said. “It was watching her sing that made me first want to become a professional singer, and although that didn’t work out, her level of drive, charm, humility and commitment to excellency still influence my workmanship today.” Tickets for Fleming’s show at Centennial Hall start at $35, and there will be discounts available. Dr. Herschel and Jill Rosenzweig will sponsor the event.

— Follow Christianna Silva @DailyWildcat

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4 • wildcat weekend

Hey Barkeep • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

H e y, Bark e


Gabriel Mallin

Elliot’s on Congress What’s your favorite drink to make? Well, with the proper tools, I can open a bottle of beer like you never heard. Here, we have so many different flavored vodkas. I’ve been working here for a few years since we’ve opened. It really does the bartending for me, all those flavored vodkas. We’ve got like 30 different flavored vodkas. … I mix with those. I do bombers; I’ll do a fruit bomber. What’s your least favorite drink to make? Anything flaming. I’m not really into flaming drinks. It gets to dangerous. People can burn their lips, things can catch on fire. No flaming drinks. Most memorable customer? I had a roadie for Slayer one time who sort of kidnapped me after my shift, took me up to La Poloma, and I partied with those guys for about three straight days. I’d have to say that was my most memorable and most forgettable because

there was a blackout situation. I don’t really remember from there. How forcefully did they have to kidnap you, or were you pretty willing? It was pretty willing. I was the one driving. What can we do to make your job as easy as possible? Know what you’re going to drink and just come in with a great attitude. … I just want people to be upbeat. People that like to dance. … That’s how we do it. Do you like to dance? I like to dance, yeah, I do like to dance. People call me ‘the bartender in leather pants’ or ‘the dancing bartender.’ So, I mean, I get it all. … I like to have a good time.

compiled by Alex Guyton

Calendar Friday

ASUA Art ClayWorks Ceramic Art Sale

When: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Reception from 5-7 p.m. Where: UA School of Art’s Ceramics Studio, Esquire Apartments on North Park Avenue and East Helen Street, across from the Park Avenue Parking Garage.



“Varied Extractions”

UApresents Renée Flemming

Book Reading: Art Talk & Book Signing with Shonto Begay When: 1-3 p.m. Where: Arizona State Museum Final exhibition for students of the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Honors Studio Fellowship program When: 6-9 p.m. Where: 197 E. Toole Avenue

compiled by tatiana tomich

Bohemian Spring: An Artists Showcase and Benefit for YWCA Tucson When: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Where: YWCA of Tucson

When: 7 p.m. Where: Centennial Hall Tickets: starting at $35


friday, May 2, 2014 • page 5 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

Kick off Cinco de Drink-o with tequila


Kianna Gardner

inco de Mayo, also known as Cinco de Drink-o, is a weekend dedicated to tequila and celebration. The Sixth Annual Agave Fest, hosted by Hotel Congress on Friday at 7 p.m., promises to help partiers start the weekend off right. The event, sponsored by Milagro Tequila, will offer tastings of more than 50 Agave distillations as well as music, tasty tacos, salsa and a cocktail competition featuring the top mixologists from Tucson. “This is a celebration of all beautiful things Agave,” said David Torkko, beverage director at Hotel Congress. Four major spirits are distilled from the Agave family: Mescal, better known as “the father of Agave,” Tequila (the most popular), Sotol and Bacanora. Variations of each of these four distillations will be featured in the grand tasting.

Each ticket will get you 12 tastes of choice from the 50 different offerings, but the Agave tasting doesn’t stop there. The night will also feature a competition between the top eight bartenders in Tucson. The contestants will include last year’s returning champion, John Herrera, 2012’s winner, Alli Baron, and other talented mixologists from bars and restaurants such as 47 Scott, Casino Del Sol and Penca. Every guest will have the opportunity to taste each of the competitors’ cocktails, then vote on who will receive the $500 grand prize. The only rule: every cocktail must be concocted using Milagro Tequila as the base ingredient. “I usually think margarita when I think tequila, so I’m interested in what different cocktails will be made,” said Garrett Doughty, an agribusiness, economics and management junior. Last year’s winning cocktail,

which combined savory flavors with cinnamon elements and sweet undertones, suggests there will be no limit as to what may be produced in this year’s competition. In addition to great cocktail tastings, the evening will be feature an El Tambo music and dance afterparty, a taco and salsa bar and a Milagro souvenir shot glass for each guest. “It’s a great value for what you pay,” said Logan Wreschner, a business management junior. “Just imagine all of the tequila.” Tickets are on sale now for $40. The event has sold out every year so far at 400 people. “For those looking to start the weekend right,” Torkko said, “the Agave Fest is a great time, guaranteed.” cecilia alvarez/The Daily Wildcat

— Follow Kianna Garder @KiaGardner

Hotel Congress is hosting the Sixth Annual Agave Fest this weekend. With the purchase of a ticket, patrons can sample up to 12 of the 50 different kinds of tequila offered.

UA bucket list for graduating seniors Camille Carlin The countdown to graduation has begun, and there are still some things to do before you say goodbye to the UA. Here is a list of the top seven things a graduating senior should do before they leave for “the real world” in May:

7. Hike Sabino Canyon

Tucson has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, not to mention perfect sunsets. Located about 20 minutes away from campus, the Sabino Canyon trails offer a way for students to get away from the city. The view from the hike is exceptional, and there is no better feeling than being with nature and seeing the beautiful Tucson skyline.

2. Go skinny dipping in the Student Recreation Center pool

Everyone has thought about it, but has anyone been brave enough to actually do it? Now is the time to push the limits and live on the edge a bit. With the weather continuing to skyrocket into the 90s, now is the optimal time to skinny dip with friends in the gorgeous pool at the Rec Center.


Grab friends and see an impromptu concert at the Rialto Theatre.

Most of you have probably already seen a concert at this exceptional venue, but if not, this is a must. The Rialto Theatre has been a staple in the Tucson community since its opening in 1920. Since then, the venue has hosted many big-name artists like Broken Bells, Beck and Cage The Elephant.

rebecca marie sasnett/The Daily Wildcat

Bela Currier, a communication senior, Camille Carlin, a communication senior, and Kayla Landers, a political science senior, play pool at Sky Bar on Thursday. As the semester draws to a close, check off the final items on your UA bucket list – like wearing pajamas during a bar crawl.

5. Finish — or start — a beer 4. Bar crawl Fourth Avenue in 3. Have sex in McKale Center pajamas card at Frog & Firkin University staple pub Frog & Firkin offers students a fun way to try all the beers it offers with a beer card. The beer card lists all the beers Frog has, and there are prizes for trying all of them. There is no better time than now to revisit that card and make it to at least 50.

Who wouldn’t want to go on a bar crawl in their pajamas? It’s a combination of a senior’s favorite things: sleeping and drinking. The experience would be a great way to send off graduating friends and would make for a great story to tell future Wildcats.

Having sex in the library has become a cliché, so try somewhere new to make it worth everyone’s while. This bucket list item can be tricky because McKale Center is hard to get into unless you’re a player, manager or coach. But you know how the saying goes: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

1. Take a picture in the fountain in front of Old Main. The first and foremost thing to do before graduation was submitted by the outgoing Associated Students of the University of Arizona president, Morgan Abraham. This idea is genius and makes for great pictures, but is currently impossible considering there is construction at Old Main. The idea is nevertheless great and worth the effort, even if it means making a trip back to campus after receiving your diploma.

— Follow Camille Carlin @CamilleAnne7


friday, May 2, 2014 • page 6 TWITTER.COM/dailywildcat

Tom Hardy takes the wheel in ‘Locke’


alex guyton

he last time I saw a movie that confined itself predominantly to a car, it was fall 2013, and the film was the action-thriller “Getaway” starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez. That movie was an abomination — but “Locke” is not. It is a highly engaging, enthralling, character-driven piece. The Loft Cinema is one of 50 independent theaters across the country that participates in the New York Film Critics Series. Roughly once every month, a preview screening of a film is shown, on the same night, to audiences across the country. After the screening, oftquoted “Rolling Stone Magazine” film critic Peter Travers moderates a Q&A with some of the more prominent people who were involved in the film, providing insight and commentary on what the audience has just immediately seen. In the case of “Locke,” Travers spoke with director Steven Knight and star Tom Hardy. The concept of “Locke” is a simple one: Ivan

Locke (Tom Hardy) is driving south, away from his home, on a motorway in London in the middle of the night. With the exception of the first 30 seconds or so, the entirety of the film’s 85-minute running time Locke is in his car. As he drives, confined to the driver’s seat, his picturesque life devolves via a series of phone calls. Films like “Phonebooth,” “Buried,” “Getaway” and “Locke” fall under the grim-sounding subgenre of “claustrocore.” I don’t know how often the phrase “claustrocore” comes up in serious discussions about film, but it sure is fun to say. It sounds like the goth, black eyeliner-wearing older brother of “mumblecore.” The conceit of this subgenre, deriving its name from “claustrophobia,” consists of films that generally have one protagonist who is confined to a single space. Not only must the character, space, script and narrative be interesting, but the actor must carry the whole film on their shoulders. Knight would be hard-pressed to find an actor who could play the role as well as Hardy.


Hardy has shown that he is more than willing to take roles that eschew the normal. As Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” he wore a mask that covered half of his face, relegating him to an almost purely physical performance and forcing him to do all of his dialogue after shooting. Hardy is the only person who appears on screen throughout “Locke,” with the other facets of his life calling in through the phone. Locke is driving to a woman he had a onenight stand with, who is in the hospital, about to give birth to his child. He not only fields her calls, but he also has to break his infidelity to his wife over the phone. Locke is a construction foreman and, of course, the next morning, he is supposed to oversee one of the largest concrete pours in the history of England. He must coordinate the plans for the pour with his right-hand man back at the construction site. Sometimes there is silence, and sometimes there is a flurry of calls, but Locke addresses them all calmly and collectively. Hardy’s adopted Welsh accent, which he said he




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Fiesta Lanes

Cactus Bowl

501 W. River Rd. 3665 S. 16th Ave. 887-2695 327-6561

Grade: A— Follow Alex Guyton @FilmandEDM

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employed to encapsulate both the sensitivity and gruffness of the region of England that Locke is from, is the smooth, reassuring through line in the mounting chaos. Knight, primarily known as a screenwriter, has penned a script that is both dramatic and funny. The screenplay deftly executes the tall task of carrying a film that is all dialogue. There are some minor bumps in the road here and there. Locke has imagined conversations in the car with his dead, neglectful father, and the ending arrives suddenly. Perhaps, though, that’s because the film was the fastest hour and a half I’ve sat through at the theater this year. “Locke” is enthralling, daring cinema and, with Hardy’s performance, is largely rewarded for the risks it takes.

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Swimsuits and summer madness savannah douglas

Whimsical summer days by the pool, sipping ice-cold lemonade and laughing with friends, will soon be here; everyone is on the hunt for the perfect versatile waterside attire to match top trends

Suits for Women Swimsuit styles have changed greatly since the full-bodied suits of the 19th century. Today, women can choose from the halter top and Brazilian bikini, or the classic triangle top and hipster bottoms. Moving away from the bold and floral, white swimsuits are always in style for women, even after Labor Day. A white top or bottom allows for functionality, as it can be paired with a bright or patterned bottom. A top and bottom in white allows for a timeless look that can complement a summer tan, whereas a one piece in white gives a nice, polished and playful look.

Rebecca marie sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

Above: A white halter top is paired with Brazilian floral bottoms from Victoria’s Secret. Right: Floral print bottoms in Brazilian style go perfectly with classic white tops.

Suits for Men Savannah douglas and rebecca marie sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

Above: Boardshorts are highly versatile for men. Right: Volcom swimshorts can easily be paired with a tank top, especially in a relaxed pattern with dark earth tones.

It’s no longer common to see men wearing skivvies when wading in the water. Traditionally, men’s swimwear has kept up with the style of women. However, while women now have an extensive number of styles, patterns and colors to choose from, the men’s suit now seems to be restricted to a basic boxer-type style. Swim shorts offer versatility, to men allowing them to hop from the sandy beach to a lunch date and then down to the bar. But perhaps men will opt for the skivvie look once again as summer heats up.

see more one page 8

8 • wildcat weekend swimsuits - froM 7

fashion • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

Tattoo placement The perfect time to show off those hidden tattoos is summer, when the layers are bound to be stripped off. Pop star Rihanna’s tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis may have brought the under-boob tattoo back in style, as it is now a popular tattoo placement. The style and size change depending upon the person, but quotes are common. This tattoo placement offers the chance to have something intimate and personal on your body that is rarely revealed.

savannah douglas and rebecca marie sasnett/the Daily Wildcat

Left: A tattoo reading “A dream is a wish your heart makes” is revealed under a black, ruffled bandeau top. Above: Halter tops, board shorts and bandeau tops provide opportunity to display ones tatoos.

The chest is a popular place for men to have tattoos. Chest tattoos can be anything from dragon, wolves or morbid designs (such as skulls or snakes) to wings and angels. Often, men can be seen with script tattoos as well.

Accessories Adorning one’s hands with fun, simplistic, stackable rings is the perfect way to keep up with the must-have accessories trending this summer season. The options are endless, just like women’s suit styles. Any trendy store will offer rings of all sizes with gold, silver or colored bands, featuring rose, moon or cross motifs. The wide variety allows you to tailor rings to your own style in a unique, personalized manner. The classics will always be there for you — make a statement in the eyewear department this summer with a sunglass staple. Matte-framed sunglasses have an opaque frame without shine, whereas clear frames are made of thick perspex or clear plastic. The key to sunglasses is to go for the style that fits you. Take the chance to play with colors and details when searching for that perfect summer pair.

savannah douglas/the Daily Wildcat

Above: a Pandora sincerity ring with mother-ofpearl is a nice and affordable accessory. right: Ray-Bans, a brand founded in 1937, can be worn by any gender for a classic look.

fashion • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

wildcat weekend • 9

Who. What. Wear. Whether running the student government, going in for a job interview or working on the Wildcat Events Board, these standout students dress for success Compiled by alicia vega Abraham, outgoing ASUA president, looked sharp in his suit — ready to conquer the world, one meeting at a time. The suit is tailored nicely to his body; it fits him well and the color looks great on him. The pattern and color of his tie matched the suit well, and the shoes and the belt tied the whole outfit together. This outfit could be worn to an interview or, if you’re handing over your title of ASUA president, it can be worn to meetings in Washington, D.C., and the inauguration of the next ASUA president.

Morgan Abraham

engineering management senior What are you wearing today? I have my suit on. It’s a blue plaid suit, brown belt, brown shoes and a white shirt. Why are you wearing this? I had to inaugurate the new [Associated Students of the University of Arizona] president, and I just flew back from [Washington,] D.C., this morning. I also had some meetings this morning, so it just went with the day of meetings and inauguration.

Melissa Diaz

Steven Gould

communication junior

political science junior

What are you wearing today? I’m wearing a black and white dress. It looks very casual but it can be worn formal to a dinner or an interview.

What are you wearing today? I am wearing a Hawaiian shirt with some khaki shorts, sandals and a nice pair of sunglasses. Why did you decided to wear this? I felt like it was a Hawaiianthemed day even though it’s a little windy out today, and I thought it was a nice thing to do to get the spirits up before finals week.

Why are you wearing this? I am wearing this because I have an interview in an hour and hopefully, I get the job. Another classy outfit perfect for an interview. Diaz wore a modest dress just above the knee. Lace is another springtime favorite. Usually you would stay away from black lace this time of the year because it’s too hot to wear of black, but in this case it looks professional. However, the white skirt makes it lighter and cooler. The focus goes straight to the beautiful lace, so wearing nude wedges is smart because they don’t overwhelm the look.

Gould, a Wildcat Events Board member, paired his blue and brown Hawaiian shirt with khaki shorts, sandals and sunglasses. He looked relaxed and he matched. Although this should be worn to a beach, it looks great for a normal day of classes, or promoting events with fellow Wildcat Events Board members as Gould was doing.

See more on page 11

10 • wildcat weekend

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

fashion • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

wildcat weekend • 11


Jessie Erikson

speech, language and hearing sciences graduate student What are you wearing today? I’m wearing these denim shorts that I cut last night from some old Levi’s and this men’s style shirt, this circle scarf that I really love and wear

all the time and these Vivobarefoot running shoes. … They’re supposed to feel like you’re walking barefoot; it’s supposed to be good for your feet. Why did you pair this shirt with these shorts? I liked the colors together. I wanted the softness of the pastel blues. I wanted to be casual and comfortable. Erikson looked classy in soft colors. She paired a light blue button-up top with some cutoff shorts, an infinity scarf, a great handbag and some running shoes. The whole ensemble worked well together, as the color of the top and the shorts gave the outfit a soft, casual feel. Adding the scarf was smart because it gave the outfit more variety. Overall, her outfit was perfect for going to class.



Financial aid available PIMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE FALL 2014 Many classes transfer to UA CLASSES BEGIN Campuses close to UA TUESDAY, AUG. 26 Shuttle bus between UA, campuses More than 200 fully online classes in 50 subjects

Robin Zemaitis

pre-education freshman What are you wearing today? I am wearing a maxi skirt with a tank top. Why did you decide to wear this? I had to give a presentation and I had to look nice. Zemaitis definitely looked nice for her presentation. She paired a floral maxi skirt, a skinny braided belt, a bright orange tank top and sandals. Floral print, flowy maxi skirts and bright colors are very in this season. The floral print is pretty and sweet it looks and feels better in brighter light and hotter weather. Instead of wearing of basic white tank top, the

brighter colors makes the outfit pop, looking like you put an effort into your outfit for the day. Plus, brighter colors can make you look two shades darker.

— Follow Alicia Vega @aliciaavega

Go to or call (520) 206-4500

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12 • wildcat weekend

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Blast from the past It’s no secret the past influences the present, especially when it comes to fashion; former Wildcat photo editor recounts story of influential 1973 cover shoot


tatiana tomich and Tim fuller

daily wildcat archives and savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

In the 1973 Arizona Daily Wildcat fashion issue, Tim Fuller photographed white sandals from David’s Shoe Store. Wedges from Target replace the sandals today.

ashion is constantly changing, morphing, recycling and innovating. It’s an art form and an expression; whether you know it or not, fashion trends influence your decisions every morning when you put on your

clothes. This spring season sky-high wedges, crop tops and midi’s are must-haves, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Pair those with high-waisted shorts or wide-legged pants and you’ll be right on trend. Instyle colors range from pale pastels to flirty florals, and of course include the bold classics such as deep reds and royal blues. One thing that’s certain is that the past has had an undeniable impact upon this season’s getup. The era that is most notably inspiring today’s trends, from crop tops to wide-legged pants, is the ’70s. To commemorate this at the Wildcat, we decided to pull one of our most memorable relics from that era and remake it with a 21st-century twist. When first coming upon this cover in the archives, the word that came to mind was “bold.” And what is fashion, if not bold? Tim Fuller, the man behind the original shoot, a former Wildcat photo editor, retells the story behind the controversial cover: I learned more about photography and how to communicate ideas with photographs in the year I was the photo editor at the Wildcat than in any other year in my life. At the San Francisco Art Institute I had learned how to craft photographs that expressed myself. At the Wildcat, I learned how to make photographs tell stories.

It wasn’t too hard for my actor friends Rebecca One day early in 1973, when I was the Wildcat photo editor, I was told by the newspaper’s and Ritch and I to carry a small table with the business manager that I had to shoot a fashion breakfast food to the top of the hill at Gates Pass. Then Rebecca and Ritch sat facing each other supplement for the paper. Shooting sorority girls wearing preppy clothes across the table and ate cereal and fruit and drank seemed like a stupid idea to me. At that point the juice while I took photographs. “Need a good vertical for the cover,” I thought, country was still involved in the Vietnam War “with room for the masthead and I told the business at the top.” There wasn’t manager how ridiculous even a hint of what I at age it was to devote 32 pages 6 thought was called public to a fashion spread. He hair. Not a body part visible said that he didn’t really that couldn’t have been care a lot how I felt about seen in any daily newspaper doing it. He had sold in America. But they were the ads and I needed to shoot it. —Tim Fuller, naked, obviously and entirely 1973 Wildcat photo editor naked. I said that I would, but What a day it was! The that I wanted him to stay forces of truth in Phoenix, not out of the way. Sure, he content to concern themselves with the obvious said. It was one less thing for him to worry about. The morning the Arizona Daily Wildcat fashion immorality of this sophomoric prank, whipped supplement was printed, Stan Turley, Arizona up bonus indignation by pointing out the anti-war Senate president, held a copy of it in his right editorials being written by our “Commie traitor” hand. It was raised over his head and he seemed editor Jay Parker (later to become Colonel Jay Parker, irritated. He wanted to cut $6 million from the the director of International Relations & National budgets of the three state universities (I think his Security Studies at the United States Military words were) “if they can’t control their students Academy). By that afternoon our newsroom was filled with TV cameras and reporters and the basic better than this.” I had wondered, if a fashion supplement is theme of the day was, if they fool with the Wildcat, about clothing, where do you start the story? they are messing with freedom of the press. We Seemed obvious: Start without clothing. And at became “press heroes” and there were few people the beginning of the day you have to eat breakfast. in southern Arizona that didn’t know, and giggle I also thought that it would be an even better slightly, about what we had managed to pull off. idea if this breakfast table was somewhere pretty, somewhere that warmly reminded our readership — Follow Tatiana Tomich of this lovely desert we lived in. @xoTatianaTom

“at the wildcat, I learned how to make photographs tell stories.”

daily wildcat archive and savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

Tim Fuller’s photograph for the front cover of the 1973 Arizona Daily Wildcat fashion issue inspired today’s recreation. The original issue ran with text written by Anne Fisher that read: Catherine and Morris woke one day, stretched and wondered how they should begin their morning. “Let’s go for breakfast,” Catherine said. “We have no money,” answered Morris. “We’ll eat outside and dine on the dawn,” answered Catherine. “ We have no clothes,” said Morris. “So?” answered Zelda.

daily wildcat archives

Tim Fuller was the photo editor for the Arizona Daily Wildcat when the 1973 fashion issue was produced.

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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

fashion • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

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Coachella inspires sweet, simple styles for summer


Camille Carlin

ashion is on everyone’s mind with summer coming up. Inspiration for what’s hot and what’s not comes from many places — fashion blogs, magazines, boutiques and even Coachella can teach us a thing or two about how to dress to impress this coming season. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is the place to see and be seen, especially for the fashion world. This year’s festival produced a wide variety of styles, from bohemian-chic to rockstar-queen, and self-expression was the driving force for most of the outfits. Both weekends of the festival showcased fashion trends that cannot be found anywhere else. There were feathered headdresses paired with bathing suit tops and palazzo pants, the classic jean overalls with a hipster spin to them and of course lots of tie-dye and floral. Ally Metzger, a retail and consumer science senior, took note of the fashion trends during the second weekend of Coachella. “The summer Coachella-inspired outfit would be high-waisted shorts paired with booties and a top of floral, crochet, lace or fringe design,” Metzger said. A popular place to grab the bohemianstyled essentials is Free People, which has a blog highlighting the latest fashions and where to get them before summer.

Fashion icon Courtney Kerr also has a blog to showcase her love for fashion and her eye for cute combinations. Her focus for the summer is on vibrant colors and fashionable accessories. The newest trend seems to be patterned shorts. Kerr rocks a pair of aztecprinted shorts in her latest blog post, and you can find all different types of patterned shorts at boutiques like Swindlers, Collette and Grand Central Clothing. The patterned short is a great way to dress up on any given day, yet still be casual and comfortable enough to enjoy a daytime activity like bike riding or walking around the city. The shorts can be paired with any type of top as well, such as a simple flowy top for the daytime or a dressier crop top to bring the outfit a touch of sexy for a night out. A colorful pair of strappy sandals, some bangles and a side bag can give the final touches for the perfect summertime outfit. A great summer wardrobe is not complete without the perfect sundress. Winter is gone, and these sunny days are the perfect opportunity to rock the breezy dress of your dreams. Being fashion-forward is not always an easy task, but with a little help, your closet can be turned from drab to fab.

“The summer coachellainspired outfit would be high-waisted shorts paired with booties and a top of floral, crochet, lace or fringe design.”

grace pierson/The Daily Wildcat

— Follow Camille Carlin @CamilleAnne7

Paige Mazurek, a nursing senior, tries on some colorful pants at Swindlers on University Boulevard on Thursday afternoon. Aztec prints are right on trend for summer fashion.





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fashion • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

Fed By Threads weds chic clothes, charity


Kianna Gardner

ince Fed By Threads launched in 2012, its clothing sales have provided 137,928 meals to hungry people throughout the U.S. From a small clothing rack in their yoga and dance studio, founders Alok Appadurai and Jade Beall have transformed their vision into a fullfledged business complete with big plans for the future. On May 17, Fed By Threads will host the grand opening of its new store downtown on Congress Street . Besides offering the latest fashions to flatter every body type, Fed By Threads has set out to be transparent about where it gets its materials. The store is also reducing its carbon footprint and providing food for the hungry — one garment at a time. For every piece of clothing sold, Fed By Threads feeds 12 hungry people. Four meals are provided locally through the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and eight come from Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks based out of Chicago. Fed By Threads also creates clothing with sustainable fabrics and job opportunities in the U.S. garment manufacturing industry. “Fed By Threads is determined to provide people a sense of transparency into what they are buying,” Appadurai said. “We want to offer a completely different outlook on how their dollar can be spent.” Most stores today offer a variety of styles for cheap, which makes for fast shopping. Many people enjoy sporting the most recent fashions on a budget, but they may be unaware how the product was made or what environmental footprint the clothes left on their way to the racks.

ArizonA Daily

Wildcat EVENT CALENDAR CAMPUS EVENTS Farmers’ Market Friday 10 am-2 pm, College of Medicine Patio, University Campus. Come help out our local farmers by buying local fresh foods! So much to offer from the Tucson community. Tucson Village Farm Chicken Fun Run Friday 5 pm-8 pm, 4210 N. Campbell Ave. $15 per person or $48 for a group of four. This all-ages event will help raise funds to support the Tucson Village Farm’s new hen house. Activities include a one-mile fun run with a dozen egg-tivity stations, the Food Truck Round-up, Out of Kilters Irish Dance Band and an egg-quisite raffle with fabulous prizes! Breakfast with Theta Friday 11 pm-3 am, 1050 North Mountain Ave, the Kappa Alpha Theta House. Come support Kappa Alpha Theta’s amazing philanthropy which benefits CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, which is an organization in

“We like being able to show people that our fabrics were grown here, spun into yarn there and knit into fabric here,” Appadurai said. “No other store in Tucson offers this.” Fed By Thread’s clothing line is all-American organic seed to fabric clothing, meaning production happens completely within the U.S. and is all organic, with no GMO or pesticides present in the clothing. By making products within the country, the store contributes to “re-shoring” the job market in the U.S. “It’s not about being in the business for money,” said Manish Shah, owner of Maya Tea Company and a devout supporter of Fed By Threads. “We will get there by being in the business for a bigger cause.” Through providing this knowledge to customers, Fed By Threads hopes that people will begin to question other stores about where their products came from and how they were made. “We want to see consumers ask questions,” Appadurai said. “If these clothing companies cannot provide the answers, customers may lose interest, and this is what sparks a change in business.” The store’s current location is at Third Avenue and Ninth Street, so the new location on a busy street like Congress will provide more opportunities to show customers how seemingly simple choices can have truly profound results. However, Appadurai and Beall’s dreams don’t stop at Congress Street. On their long-term goal list: Go national. “I think if American Apparel and Toms Shoes can go national, so can we,” Beall said. Though the grand opening is on Congress Street, the owners of Fed By Threads also hope to raise more awareness about their philosophy among UA students. The new store will also accept CatCash.


savannah douglas/The Daily Wildcat

Alok Appadurai, co-owner of Fed by Threads, talks with a customer at her store on Thursday. Fed by Threads makes all of the clothing it sells in the U.S., and each product helps to feed 12 children by sending part of the profit to food banks.

“We don’t want people believing they need to look like models to wear something fashionable,” Appadurai said. “We want the young generation to know that their purchase decisions are very loud and people are listening.” — Follow Kianna Gardner @KiaGardner


FRIDAY CAMPUS EVENTS which volunteer advocates—empowered directly by the courts—offer judges the critical information they need to ensure that each child’s rights and needs are being attended to while in foster care. Come enjoy delicious food and music! $5 at the door UApresents - Renée Fleming Sunday 7 pm, Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd. Tickets start at $30. Grammy Awardwinner, acclaimed soprano and one of the most celebrated musicians of our time. As America’s reigning diva for more than 10 years, she has all the majesty of the great singers of the past.

TUCSON EVENTS Fun, Fast and Fabulous Metal Clay Friday, 10 am- 2 pm, Tucson Stained Glass 4444 E. Grant Rd. #107. $40






cost. Create beautiful fine silver jewelry. Make one of a kind, earrings or pendants. Relaxed setting is great for learning how to shape, texture, fire, finish metal clay. No experience is needed all levels welcome.

“Oz” Saturday, 11 am, The Gaslight Theatre 7010 E. Broadway. Come see this classic rendition of the musical that we all know and love. Great time to spend a Saturday with the family!

Live Country Music Friday, 8:30 pm-2 am, Brat’s Bar & Grill 5975 W. Western Way. Break out your cowboy boots and cowboy hats for a great fun night at Brat’s Bar and Grill for live country music late into the night.

Bob Kay The Singing Drumming DJ Sunday, 3 pm-5 pm, Singles and Friends 2447 N. Los Altos Ave. Bob Kay plays along to oldies but goodies. Finger foods and potluck.

Yoga 101 Workshop Saturday, 3 pm-5 pm, 8975 E Tanque Verde. Cost $20. Students will learn the basics of yoga including: a brief history and overview of the yoga system, the different styles of yoga, the benefits of practicing, how to do postures or poses, how to modify poses and use props (blocks, blankets, and straps), as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Lamplight Reading Series Sunday, 4 pm-6 pm, Casa Libre en la Solana 228 N. Fourth Ave. Tucson has a great arts community and excellent poets, writers, and performance artists. The Lamplight hosts one to two artists per series and hosts an open mic. The series features writers that are well known to emerging writers.

Compiled by: Anna Yeltchev

To sponsor this calendar, or list an event, email or call 621.3425 Deadline 3pm 2 business days prior to publication.

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

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By Dave Green

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wildcat weekend • 19


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‘Cats would shine on the catwalk


magine yourself sitting behind Kate Moss at a Chanel fashion show during New York Fashion Week. You see the models walking out in designs seen by the public for the first time. Behind the scenes, it’s complete chaos, the models are doing a quick change, being ALICIA VEGA touched up and running around to prepare for their next walk down the runway. People all over the world live and breathe for fashion, and now sports uniforms have become almost as important as the designs on a runway. Now imagine the chaos in the ZonaZoo. You’re sitting there at Arizona Stadium, next to your best friend, in your UA T-shirt or your $90 jersey, cheering on the football team. Arizona football has three jerseys: a white, a blue and a red, all of which had a confusing gradient effect on the player’s number in 2013. The problem with the old uniforms was that the colors faded in. The blue uniform’s gradient started from the top and on the red one and the white one, the gradient started on the bottom. Altogether, the jerseys looked tacky. The fade made the number hard to see when you were watching the game. The gradient effect was removed because an NCAA rule made it illegal to be worn on the jersey, said Wendell Neal, associate athletic director of equipment operations. The gradient effect on the numbers will not be missed. Arizona Athletics has moved on to bigger and better things. Now, the 2014 jerseys numbers are a solid color. Simplicity is a good thing, and these uniforms look simpler and cleaner. Although the sleeves will remain the same, there is less of the gradient color scheme, making it appropriate for the new uniforms. The football team will look great when the season starts in the fall. On the hardwood, the last time we saw the men’s basketball team it was in the 64-63 loss to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight — but it looked good doing it. Like the football team, it has three uniforms in red, white and blue. Sophomore guard Gabe York said he felt comfortable in his uniform. The white uniforms were worn for home games, the red for away games and the blue occasionally for road games. The detail on the back of the jersey, behind the player’s number, has a faded picture of a saguaro, mountains and a basketball as the sun like the old court in McKale Center, along with the Arizona flag and the Arizona basketball logo.


ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE: “We have the white, blue and red ones and it makes us look patriotic,” sophomore guard Gabe York said.

FUN WITH FONTS: Arizona uses Friz Quadrata on its jerseys, the UA’s official font. The italicized “ARIZONA” font is called “Bear Down Bold.”

SEEING RED: The Wildcats wore red uniforms in every road game except the Valentine’s Day loss at ASU. Arizona was 8-2 in red in 2013-14.

ASYMMETRY: Arizona’s shorts feature the block “A” logo on the right side and “CATS” on the left side.

“Personally, my favorite was the red one,” York said. “In high FILE PHOTO/THE DAILY WILDCAT school, I wore red and I think it suits me best.” The Wildcats play well and look good — almost as good as a model walking out in a design by Karl Lagerfeld.

GRADIENT NOT ALL GONE: Arizona will retain the ombre design on its jersey sleeves.

— Follow Alicia Vega @aliciaavega

SCORE CENTER PACERS STAY ALIVE (1) Pacers 95 (8) Hawks 88

WARRIORS CLIP LA (6) Warriors 100 (3) Clippers 99


BOYS IN BLUE: The Wildcats went 2-1 in blue jerseys in 2013. They were 2-1 in red tops and 4-3 in white shirts.

WHITE OUT: Not only is the gradient in the numbers gone from 2013, but the white outline is as well, creating a more subdued effect.


NOT PICKING SIDES: “I think because of our school colors everything looks great so I was happy with either one,” said Wendell Neal, associate athletic director, equipment operations on his favorite uniform.


you know we in the library on Thursday nights #calculus #turnup —@connor_brewer11, Connor Brewer, UA sophomore quarterback

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game day • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

wildcat weekend • 21

Softball faces stiff road test in Seattle

STAFF PICKS BY James Kelley Arizona baseball at Oregon

The Daily Wildcat

Arizona softball at Washington A r i z o n a’s unbeatable (270) at home but looks almost like the Arizona baseball team on the road (66). To ensure that the team gets to play at home in the big dance it needs to win on the road. That trend starts this weekend, with games against a solid, but not unbeatable, UW squad. Arizona 2 games, Washington 1

BY Joey Putrelo

The Daily Wildcat

devin means/The Daily Wildcat

Arizona senior pitcher Estela Piñon will lead the Wildcats at Washington this weekend as they try to improve on their 6-6 road record.

batters with a batting average over .400 and 10 total batters with a Playing away from batting average over .300. Hillenbrand Stadium hasn’t Not to mention, five gone well for the No. 8 batters have doubleArizona softball team digit home runs, with “We went to cal and this season. After a five-game showed everybody we can junior catcher Chelsea Goodacre leading the home stand, the way with 20 home runs. Wildcats play their win on the road.” “Overall this team, — Chelsea Goodacre, final road contests of junior catcher one through nine, has the regular season, really done a good a three-game series job,” Candrea said. against the No. 10 Washington Huskies, this Luckily for Arizona head “Offensively, I’ve just been weekend. All three games coach Mike Candrea, his thoroughly pleased with the can be seen on Pac-12 team is leading the NCAA in quality at bats we’re getting Networks. The Wildcats and home runs with 92 and has and the production that we’re getting.” Huskies play at 7 p.m. on a noteworthy lineup. The Wildcats have six Friday and Saturday, and Softball, 22

Roberto Payne

noon on Sunday. Arizona (39-9, 12-6 Pac12) has won only six of its 12 road games this season.

Arizona softball at Washington Both teams are coming off sweeps over conference opponents and are looking to establish themselves as true contenders heading into the playoffs. Washington has an excellent group of talent, but Arizona is too hot right now. Still, expect every game to come down to the final innings, and maybe even extra. Arizona 2 games, Washington 1

BY Daniela Vizcarra The Daily Wildcat

Arizona softball at Washington This is the first time this season Arizona softball will face off against Washington. The Wildcats will easily dominate on the road this weekend. With a staggering 13 home runs over three games last weekend, the team will have no problem adding home runs and wins to its record. Arizona 2 games, Washington 1

The Ducks should dominate, they are ranked No. 10, are at home and unlike most Oregon teams actually have cool uniforms. However, Arizona is undefeated since it was reprimanded for about an hour on Saturday night and have the talent to steal a game. Oregon 2 games, Arizona 1 Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks Sure, the Kings accomplished a historic comeback — going from trailing three games to winning the series against the Sharks 4-3, but at what cost? Sure, the Ducks only played one more game in their first round series but the Kings are now physically and emotionally tired after that comeback. Ducks 3, Kings 1

Arizona baseball at Oregon The Wildcats are playing for pride, completely opposite of the Ducks. Last weekend, Oregon was swept by in-state rival Oregon State and dropped from No. 7 to No. 10 in the NCBWA poll. Arizona has the chance to hurt UO’s seeding in the playoffs a little more this weekend, but I don’t think it will. Oregon 3 games, Arizona 0 Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim Ducks There is no team in hockey with more momentum right now than the Kings. However the Ducks are more rested, and they have a better overall team than the Kings. I love the resiliency of the Kings, but I think Anaheim is too strong. In game one, I see the Ducks protecting their home ice advantage. Ducks 3, Kings 2 Arizona baseball at Oregon I don’t know how much longer I can be optimistic about Arizona’s baseball season. The team lost another Pac-12 series against ASU despite a miraculous win in the final game of the series. As much as I would love Arizona to take the series, I don’t think that will happen. Oregon 2 games, Arizona 1 Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim Ducks Two SoCal teams will be fighting for the game one win in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last year, the Ducks lost in the Western Conference finals so I’m sure that makes them more determined to take the series win from the Kings. After their exciting OT victory on Sunday, the Ducks should take the win. Ducks 4, Kings 2



Getting that offense going will not be easy against a Washington pitching staff that has an ERA of 2.00 and 229 strikeouts and has allowed a conference low 88 runs. However, defeating Washington (28-12, 8-8) will not come down to how well the offense performs. The key for Candrea and his coaches is the pitching staff. Aside from senior Estela Piñon, there hasn’t been much stability. The pitching staff has solid stats in major statistical categories like ERA and strikeouts, but several pitchers have struggled with command over the past few weeks. Senior Kenzie Fowler has struggled to come back from a back injury that forced her to redshirt last season. Prior to her injury, Fowler was the staff ace and has failed to regain that spot this season. Instead, Fowler has pitched only 62.1 innings and has more walks (75) than strikeouts (58). Piñon said the pitchers are still supporting each other despite

GAME DAY • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 the recent struggles. “We have each other’s back and if someone couldn’t do their job. … It’s always nice to know you have someone behind you,” Piñon said. Since Arizona hasn’t traveled to Washington since 2012, many of the current players have never played there. Only six of the 22 Wildcats on the current roster were on that last team to travel to UW. That unfamiliarity was also an issue during Arizona’s road trip to California a few weeks ago, and the Wildcats took two of three games in that series. Goodacre was one of the six that was there in 2012 and said the team is ready to show the Pac-12 it is for real. “We know what we have to do,” Goodacre said. “We went to Cal and we showed everybody we can win on the road. I think if we could take our game from here and take it with us, we’ll do fine.”


NBA Playoffs: San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks — 5 p.m., ESPN Arizona softball vs. Washington: 7 p.m., Pac-12 Networks Arizona baseball vs. Oregon: 7 p.m., Pac-12 Networks NBA Playoffs: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets — 7:30 p.m., ESPN


Arizona baseball vs. Oregon: 3 p.m., Pac-12 Networks Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks: 5 p.m., NBCSN Arizona softball vs. Washington: 7 p.m., Pac-12 Networks


Arizona softball vs. Washington: noon, Pac-12 Networks Arizona baseball vs. Oregon: 4 p.m., Pac-12 Networks St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs: 5:05 p.m., ESPN — Compiled by Roberto Payne

— Follow Roberto Payne @HouseofPayne555 CARLOS HERRERA/THE DAILY WILDCAT


TD’s West NOW OPEN at 6am. Free coffee, doughnuts and no cover!

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ST club WE 650 w o h S TD’s | 520.882-0 2.0650 8 cle Mile

0. 9 W. M TD7’4s Mile • 52 le c a ir M . 749 W









game day • FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

wildcat weekend • 23

Slumping UA plays mighty Ducks Rose Aly Valenzuela The Arizona baseball team faces intense competition at No. 10 Oregon, in Eugene, Ore., this weekend.

Probable starting pitchers:

ARIZ: James Farris, RHP, Sr. (4-5, 4.00) UO: Tommy Thorpe, LHP, Jr. (6-4, 2.45) - Friday, 7 p.m. ARIZ: Cody Hamlin, RHP, RSo. (5-3, 2.94) UO: Jeff Gold, RHP, RSr. (9-0, 2.30) – Saturday, 3 p.m. ARIZ: Tyger Talley, RHP, So. (11, 4.15) UO: Brando Tessar, RHP, Sr. (3-0, 2.61) – Sunday, 4 p.m. Arizona (18-25, 7-14 Pac-12 Conference) returns to action after losing a home series against ASU while Oregon (31-13, 10-8) returns after a sweep from Oregon State. Last season, Oregon took the series by sweeping Arizona in Eugene. Farris will be Arizona’s starting pitcher on Friday. Over his last three starts, Farris has a 2.45 ERA; however, there has only been one run of support in those outings. Oregon’s Tommy Thorpe

returns from pitching six innings against OSU on April 25, allowing three runs on seven hits and six strikeouts. Arizona has four series left, three against Pac-12 foes, and head coach Andy Lopez said the team will try to finish the season well by making adjustments. “I always believe that on every pitch, someone gives in,” Lopez said. “I haven’t gotten our guys to be the ones to not give in, but I do think it’ll get better as the season will go on.” Lopez said getting hits with runners in scoring position has been the issue all season. He said he doesn’t know why but that he will try fixing it for the rest of the games Arizona has left to play, starting with this weekend’s series. Friday’s game will begin at 7 p.m., Saturday’s at 3 p.m. and Sunday’s at 4 p.m. All three games will be televised on the Pac-12 Networks. cecilia alvarez/The Daily Wildcat

— Follow Rose Aly Valenzuela @RoseAlyVal

Arizona senior James Farris will start tonight at No. 10 Oregon. While the Wildcats have lost five of their last six games, Farris has a 2.45 ERA in his last three starts.

Tricats hosts 5k race to raise funds Daniela Vizcarra

carlos herrera/The Daily Wildcat

Arizona TriCats push out for their Thursday morning bike ride on the UA campus. The team is hosting the “Cat Me if You Can” 5k run/walk race fundraiser at Reid Park on Sunday, which supports the TriCats and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The Arizona TriCats will host the first Cat Me if You Can 5k race at Reid Park on Sunday. The 5k race will raise funds for the TriCats club team and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The money will go toward reducing membership fees for the club as well as the foundation. “Since we are not recognized by NCAA, we don’t get any type of funding,” race coordinator Hayley Gibler said, “and we don’t want to discourage new members from joining because of the club fees.” Annually, TriCats members pay between $200-$300 in club fees. The fees help fund club events and equipment and pay

for instructors and coaches. “To participate in the club, it is somewhat expensive to have the appropriate equipment and pay for club fees,” Gibler said. The funds from registration will go toward team expenses and equipment while the funds from a raffle will be donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The raffle includes prizes from donors such as Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co. and TriSports. Every year during the fall and winter, the team participates in the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference, competing against other college triathlon club teams from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. “By participating in different

races throughout the year, it helps us to improve our ranking as a team and it helps us when we compete in nationals,” Gibler said. This past April, the team traveled to Tempe, Ariz., to participate in the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships. The championships were a two-day event that included a 1,500-meter swim, 36k bike ride and a 10k run. The TriCats competed against more than 100 teams comprised of college club teams and non–college team participants. The men on the TriCats placed 11th overall, the women placed third overall and the team as a whole placed seventh. The Cat Me if You Can 5k will be this Sunday. Adult registration is $28, students pay $26 and children under 13 pay $24. Tickets can be purchased at or on the day of the race.

— Follow Daniela Vizcarra @vizcarra_dw

24 • wildcat weekend

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

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