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Now Out! ACSM - ISSUE 6

COVER FEATURE - Application Whitelisting
This ‘blacklist’ approach requires the malware to have been previously identified, i.e. there are already one or more victims out there.
Launch of the MySecurity Marketplace
MySecurityMarketplace.com –a dedicated marketplace connecting industry and enterprise professionals to the latest events, education, technology and media platforms across a global security domain.  
Data breaches: Reckless Corporations?
The number of notifications for the quarter appears significantly higher than for the previous quarter, though that is skewed by a number of factors, including that the scheme only came into force on 22 February 2018.
Everyone loves shiny new toys!
There are a number of broad questions that should be asked with any security investment, cyber or otherwise, that will assist in evaluating any expenditure.
Honey, I hacked the Car!
Cybersecurity is vital in autonomous vehicles- so how good is it today?
Why do MSSPs struggle, even in the cyber boom?
In the interim the long-standing PDR mantra in this space needs an ‘A’ prefix. Advisors who understand APDR, the secure path to take, the partners to take along for the journey, will unlock significant potential for their clients.

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