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"and i cried the juice of every fruit" by Simon Brown

and it was nighttime nose, and it was moss, and it was sand, and it was green sand, and i didn’t understand it, and i didn’t pretend to, and i laid me down like a utensil

and it was thunder, and it was trembling, and it was sneezing, and it was heaven wide open, and it was a dove descending, and it was low, and it was damp, and it was descending damp, and it was spring, and it was fall, and it was juice all over the floor


and it hurt the ears, and i had ears, and i was dead, and i was born, and i was shrivelled raisin, and i was all raisin, and i was cipher, and i was swarm, and i was lipstick ears, and i was all ears, and i was lumpy, and i was smooth, and i was no ears at all

and i was a spoon, and i was a fork, and i tried kindness, and i cried juice, and i cried clouds, and roots grew, and toes talked, and trees fell, and blankets fell, and blankets burned, and faces burned, and faces became new faces, and i cried the juice of every fruit