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Winter 2010

For supporters of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center

Vocational Voice Through training in the community, student develops skills and abilities useful throughout life Page 2

Classic Gift Man with special connection to the Anne Carlsen Center donates vintage automobile Page 8 Born premature, Jamestown boy overcomes medical and physical challenges with support from ACC Page 4

One of the released butterflies finds a perch on top of the ACC gazebo.

Teacher Simone Leigh and Nikki watch butterflies fly around in one of the release cages prior to the butterfly release event.

Wings of Care nne Carlsen Center’s 2009-2010 school year started off with flying colors. Quite literally! On August 25, the Center partnered with Otter Tail Power Company for a “Pay it Forward” Celebration, the highlight of which was a breathtaking butterfly release.


Otter Tail, celebrating its 100th Anniversary and tradition of “paying it forward,” contributed financial support and technical advice toward the construction of the solarium on the ACC campus. The August 25 event, hosted by ACC, was a chance to celebrate and showcase the solarium’s role in nurturing students’ vocational, educational, emotional, and physical development. Participants enjoyed gardening demonstrations, salsa tasting (salsa made by our students with vegetables they grow), and a spectacular butterfly release near our flower-adorned gazebo.

Carrie Grimes, a Life Skills Assistant, and Jacob closely examine one of the butterflies.

Ben smiles as he spots a butterfly up close.

Many of the released butterflies settled into the hands of those in attendance.

Teacher Amy Kollman Hanson looks on, as Brandon opens a container of butterflies, releasing dozens of the fluttering creatures as part of the “Pay It Forward” Celebration.

After they were released, dozens of Monarch butterflies fluttered gracefully through the crowd, eventually resting on people’s arms and hands, and the heads of fragrant flowers … their shimmering, rich colors attracting attention and admiration. We have the pleasure of witnessing a similar phenomenon at the Anne Carlsen Center each day, as “butterflies” take flight right before our eyes—emerging from their “cocoons” with determination, and displaying their unique and wonderful characteristics. Complex medical issues, behavioral challenges, sensory impairments, and physical limitations are no match for their strength of spirit. You have helped make these transformations possible! Because of your dedicated support, the Center staff has the tools and training needed to nurture abilities and confidence in the remarkable individuals we serve.

This butterfly found a satisfying snack in the middle of a sunflower head.

Jimmy bends over to lightly touch a butterfly that has landed on the soft grass by his feet.

were sequenced the same as her vocational duties, showing Marissa the proper order for which to complete tasks. At times, she will sign a question to Spitzer, who will respond with a signed answer. Marissa is working on vocalizing more, and though she doesn’t yet form sentences, she can call to Spitzer if she is in another room. “When we started, we had a goal for Marissa to take care of a room and take care of it independently,” says Spitzer. “She can do that now.” The daily strides Marissa is making in skills and confidence are apparent to her teachers and family. “Since Marissa has moved here, she has really blossomed,” says Marissa’s mom, Darena. “The care is wonderful, and Marissa loves her staff. There are opportunities to get out into the community—it is such a wonderful program.” Spitzer is at the vocational site to answer any and all questions, but her job is not to do the work for Marissa—who is passionate about doing her own work. Marissa asks if she can go to work, even on days when she is not scheduled to do so. “Marissa is eager to go out for work,” says Spitzer. “She seems to really enjoy it. She loves to go places, meet people, and help serve.” While at Comfort Inn, Marissa often works with Executive Housekeeper Liz Kostecky. “The work Marissa does cuts down on our room time, and it is definitely a big help,” says Kostecky. “She is very self-sufficient. She goes to work and does what she needs to.” At the end of their time together each Tuesday morning, Marissa waves or says ‘bye’ to Spitzer. Already the teen is preparing for her next vocational session … and another opportunity to showcase her abilities, determination, and attention to detail.

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO The Power of Adaptive Art to Unlock Potential I’ve visited my share of art galleries, standing with others in awe of the talent of one particular artist or another. But nothing compares to the sense of satisfaction I get when admiring the painting which now hangs in my office. It was created by an ACC student and given to me as a gift. Using paint, marbles and a shoebox to create this masterpiece, he gave me more than a beautiful gift of art. This individual kindly bestowed upon me a daily dose of inspiration. Here at ACC, our students’ medical, behavioral, sensory and/or intellectual disabilities don’t dampen their enthusiasm for, or ability to, make an impact on the world around them. They embrace life with determination and hope, showing us each day that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I have been serving as interim Chief Executive Officer of this life-changing organization since August 3. It’s thrilling to see children, young adults and families affected by disabilities overcoming obstacles, learning skills for the future, and gaining greater independence. The Anne Carlsen Center has always been close to my heart. For six years I served on the Center’s Board of Trustees, most recently as vice chair. I previously oversaw the operations of the Center as a senior executive with Banner Health System, and its predecessor, Lutheran Health Systems, for 12 years—before ACC became independently owned in 2003. For the past eight years, I have served as the Founder and Managing Partner of Novus, LLC, a Fargo-based consulting company serving health-related and nonprofit organizations. While my professional life has been greatly intertwined with the Anne Carlsen Center, so was much of my youth. As a teenager living in Jamestown, I spent many enjoyable hours volunteering at the Center, interacting with the students and becoming passionate about the mission and purpose of the organization. Today, it’s exciting to see the Center reach out, as it provides critical services and supports in a growing number of homes and communities across the state. While we develop and expand our Community Services, we continue to strengthen our Jamestown campus and the core of the organization. To empower and equip those we serve, we often utilize assistive technology and adaptive equipment. The Center, over time, has become a leader in implementing these critical tools, and in October, shared that expertise at the 28th Annual Closing the Gap Conference, an assistive technologies conference held in Minneapolis, Minn. Participants were eager to learn more about the “Accessing the Artist Within” project, created by Mark Coppin, ACC’s Assistive Technology Director, which showcases how assistive technologies and adaptive equipment empower artists with disabilities. “Accessing the Artist Within” was featured during the conference reception, and involved a demonstration in which six artists each wrapped a foam pattern around a drum, which was connected to a frame attached to his/her wheelchair. As paint was fed onto the roller, each artist moved along an enormous canvas, creating a wonderful, colorful work of art. Roughly 500 people watched in awe, clapping enthusiastically. It was educational and fun, as participants learned about tools and techniques that open up a world of possibilities for artists with disabilities … where the only limitation … is one’s imagination. As the Anne Carlsen Center finds ways to help artists showcase their creativity, and equips many others to reach their full potential, we rely on your support. The thoughtfulness and generosity of friends like you is a special blessing this Christmas. Thank you for making a lifetime difference for the deserving individuals we serve. Sincerely,

Eric Monson Anne Carlsen Center Interim CEO THE AMBASSADOR


In Memory Of... The Anne Carlsen Center is blessed each year with gifts received in memory of loved ones. Memorials help the Center fund projects and programs that enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities. Given By Mrs. Helen B. Finkle Bert and Helen Egstad Mrs. Joan Lindvall Mrs. Dorothe Jean Hetland Arnold and Mary Knight J. Thomas and Jeanette Anderson Mrs. Hulda E. Anfinson Mrs. Mary L. Poppen C. William and Patricia Dennert Karter and Vernis Krogh Mr. Olger Barsness Mrs. Arlene M. Cullen Mrs. Betty A. Whitmore Mrs. Elsie Weber Mrs. Lila M. Linderman Richard and Josephine Beitzel Mrs. Berniece Benson Mrs. Delores B. Benson Mrs. Delores B. Benson Darwin and Alice Vangsness Paul and Elaine Carlson Mrs. Irene E. Carlson Mr. Bert J. Dunn Terry and Brenda Holsten Dr. and Mrs. Don Martindale William and Kristy Rowe Mr. Jeffrey K. Rowe William and Wanda Scoville Mrs. Mertis Hill Clifford and Velma Martin Mrs. Sherry Mischke Alvin W. Berndt Erhart and Patricia Hehr Mrs. Vera M. Fraass Evelyn Brandvold Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. Helen McCormack Gerald and Elenore Borstad Gerald and Elenore Borstad Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Mrs. Mavis A. Wold Clifford and Velma Martin Norman and Donna Lorentzsen Mr. E. Bruce Hagen Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson Mrs. Della J. Hoff Mr. Sidney E. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Carlsen Mrs. Janet A. Dokken Mrs. Borgni Edin Mrs. Berdella Johnson Mr. Dennis R. Murphy Stanley and George Ann Waagen Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Carlsen Rev. and Mrs. Conrad P. Sauer Mr. Sidney E. Smith L. Don and Nancy Stanger Larry and Jean Moe Randy and Linda Myhra Mrs. Irene E. Carlson John and Elizabeth Steinberger Dr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Kolstoe Mrs. Dorthea E. Melroe Mrs. Dorthea E. Melroe Mr. Lloyd O. Cook Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Ardeth E. Coward Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Mrs. Gladys M. Durand John and Elizabeth Steinberger Mrs. Narda M. Veile Kenneth and Marlys Pearson Glen and Nathlie Miller Reed and Ruth Danuser Mrs. Beva C. Stringer Dr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Kolstoe William and Lu Verne Mangin Mrs. Mary Deichert Mrs. Susan B. Caldwell Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Cowardin Ellis and Doris Engel Ms. Jan Pokorny Tuel Ms. Jan Pokorny Tuel Judy Rempfer Mrs. Marian W. Roemmich Ms. Ida Schmitt Harrison and Connie Smith Bob and Ruth Stefonowicz Charley and Ruby Downing Alan and Phyllis Campbell Mr. Bert J. Dunn John and Barbara Dwyer Orvis and Alphie Pearson Mr. Cleo Eberhardt Myron and Gertrude Pryor Mrs. Borgni Edin Mrs. Dolores Landblom Oral and Ruth Elhard Mrs. Evelyn Delmore John and Elizabeth Steinberger Take Care Health Systems– Employees Ray Elevator – Board & Staff Mr. Richard C. Anderson David and Colleen Bergstrom Ms. Karen B. Boehm Ms. Camille Brovold

In Memory Of John and Martina Aanderud Doris M. Aas Clayton Aaser Edwin Alme Amy Amundson H.T. and Evelyn Anderson Mervin Anfinson Ruby M. Bailey Etta L. Bain Katie D. Bakkum Viola Barsness Mary E. Bartholomay Cathryn R. Bauer Donald Beckham Walter and Hazel Beckman Christian H. Beitzel Arthur Benson Dale Benson Allan Benson Ronald H. Berdahl Tyrone Berentson Tyrone Berentson George and Belle Berg Kenneth Berg Paul S. Berge Paul S. Berge Paul S. Berge Paul S. Berge Lawrence M. Bergeman Lawrence M. Bergeman Palmer E. Berger II Darlene Berndt Lora Berreth Grandma Bishop Blanche G. Bjertness Edith Bodewin Ila M. Bohannon Delia M. Bolstad Rebecca A. Borlaug Bill M. Borstad Charles W. Borstad Irma C. Bratvold Jerome Brekke Helen Brekken John and Clara Broten Oscar G. Bryn Dane A. Bundy Darwin E. Burton Betty Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Dr. Anne H. Carlsen James A. Carlsen James A. Carlsen James A. Carlsen James A. Carlsen Bruce H. Carlson Carla Carlson Glen Carlson Clayton O. Charlebois Robert Cockle Albert Cole Nettie Cole Marie Cook Duane J. Cornelius Stuart Coward Evelyn B. Crone Kenneth A. Crowell Lindsey E. Cunningham Jack Curtis Florence L. Dahle Walter Damlo Gerald R. Danuser Lucille Davis Charles Daye Jerome and Frances Dean Peter Deichert Sr. Grace K. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Alvin M. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Alvin M. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Grace K. Docktor Everett Downing Dorothy Dunn Dorothy Dunn Tim Dwyer Dorothy M. Dyste Clarice Eberhardt Robert Eberhardt Charles Edin Delores Eiler Irene L. Elhard James W. Elston Clarence E. Engeberg Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson

Given By Lynn and Marilyn Carlson Dale and La Donna Christopherson Mr. Irvin Christopherson Curtis and Peggy Christopherson Ms. Cathi M. Christopherson and Al Brown Mrs. Muriel Christopherson John and Ferne Combs Wayne and Linda Cooksey Kenneth and Margaret Dahl Carl and Edna Danielson Mrs. Thelma L. DeBilt Mr. Dave C. Delzer and Linda Thomes Ms. Nancy J. Dockter Robert and Tracey Dolezal Richard and Karen Dufault Mr. David Edwards Daryn and Dina Edwards Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Cory and Melissa Engebretson David and Jean Farver Kenneth and Melissa Frederick Rod and Victoria Gilmore Mr. Art Glasoe Ron and Pat Grimson Greg and Dawn Haga Richard and Stephanie Hagen Mr. Ellis Halgrimson Terry and Judy Halgrimson Robert and Louise Halseth Kyle and Marianne Hanson Stacey and Crystal Harr Dale and Ardeen Harr Guy and Melissa Hatlestad Steve and Pam Heim Lowell and Sonja Herfindahl Loren and Dorothy Hoff Wade and Kristi House Herb and Phyllis Huber Mrs. Lois M. Jensen Gary and Karen Jensen Jim and Shirlene Johnson Brent and Cathy Johnson Brian and Erin Johnson Walter and Karel Johnson M. Keith and Barbara Johnson Marlo and Rebecca Jungemann Kevin and Susie Keenaghan Ms. Connie Laite Mitch and Candy Lamer Arley and Sandy Larson Orlin and Ivadell Larson Dennis and Sandy Larson Arvin and Marlene Larson Dave and Wendee Llewellyn Larry and Becky Long Gordon and Elaine Lubbers Larry and Mary Luke Ms. Jane McMahen Ms. Corrine Nansen Jim and Dara Narum Merle and Patti Nylander Edwin and Karen Olson Greg and Julie Olson Gerald and Marion Olson Carl and Maureen Perdue Wayne and Lynette Perdue Dennis and Sandra Peterson Steven and Susan Rassier Ms. Yvonne Regnier Vern and Ida Reopelle Lee and Sharon Reynolds Mrs. Ragna Ring Glenn and Marlene Rolstad Curt and Joyce Rostad Bruce and Sharon Rosten Tom and Roger Rudolph Dave and Claudia Rust Clyde and Janell Sailer James and Faye Salveson Tim and Keri Schaffer Wayne and Karen Schilke Bob and Jane Schlettler Mark and Yvonne Schmidt Raymond and Lil Schmidt Douglas and Kathryn Schmidt James and Arletta Schuh Jacob and Evelyn Seel Mr. Harvey F. Senn Chris and Donna Sorensen Bob and Ruth Stefonowicz Larry and Mary Stewart Manley and Linda Truchan Dan and Nancy Tuhy Marlyn and Debbie Vatne Mr. Monte Viall Thomas and Lena Volochenko Chuck and Peg Wagner Ms. Marilyn J. Wagner Ms. Mavis J. Westphal James and Colleen Weyrauch Tom and Lynette Wheeler Mr. Wade G. Williamson Jerry and Claudette Yantzer Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Byron and Ardyce Ellingson

By giving to the Center in memory of a loved one, you connect that special person with a very special place—a place that has helped create fulfillment and joy in the lives of deserving children, young adults and families. Memorials gifted between June 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009

In Memory Of

Given By

Gary L. Engebretson

Mr. Brian Engstrom Mrs. Shari L. Jaques Rodney and Betty Hanson Wilfred and Katherine Ziegler Mr. Kenneth D. Fandrey Kurt and Jeanne Hanson Mrs. Lucille H. Olson Dean and Sylvia Fatland Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Ms. Lorraine Tisdel Mr. Alden L. Burris Arthur and Leona Bollinger Ms. Ruth M. Fitterer Mrs. Emma Flessner Mrs. Vera M. Fraass James and Veronica McGinnity Mrs. Lorraine F. Cecil Mrs. Gladys Morton Mrs. Evelyn Galt Mrs. Evelyn Galt Mrs. Irene Haugaard Rev. and Mrs. Wells H. Gage Jr. Mrs. Marilyn F. Galazen Mr. Thomas A. Heie Mrs. Joan Lindvall Ms. Helen E. Baker Mr. Loren K. Wedin Mrs. Berniece Benson Waldo and Marion Platte Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Larson Mr. Alvin E. Graf Mr. Alvin E. Graf Cynthia Schreiber-Beck Richard and Ethel Grieson Joel and Lynette Schmitz Mr. Edwin L. Hafner Mrs. Eva O. Skarphol Mrs. Evelyn Entzi Mr. Charles Grumbo Arlin and Karen Oas Reinhold and Verla Schmidt Marlin and Lois Ness Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Lund Mrs. Dorothe Jean Hetland Ms. Sandra Olson Mr. Allan W. Hankel Kermit and Arlys Sorby C. William and Patricia Dennert Mrs. Gladys Morton Ardean and Diana Harstad James and Elizabeth Harty Mrs. Carol R. Hasse Mr. Adolf W. Hauf Glen and Nathlie Miller Bremer Bank YMCA – Outlands Group Valley Crop Insurance, Inc. Herman and Carolynn Armbrust Tom and Deb Bakke Mrs. Bennet Boushee Mr. Paul L. Cox Ms. Jane L. Dunn Russell and Nancy Erickson Ms. Mary Jane Halverson Marlo and Lorraine Hanson Neil and Lisa Heichel Mrs. Eileen M. Heider Mrs. Ruth J. Johnson Micheal and Roxee Jones Ms. Debra Klein Mr. Philip E. Landis Ms. Fern A. Leen Richard and Barbara Lunde Ronald and Lynn Mack Wendell and Judy Martinson Thomas and Carole Mc Mahon Allan and Alice Moen Mr. Roland Nasinec Stan and Julie Newton Ms. Janet L. Nissen Charles J. and Norma J. Ryba George and Elizabeth Staveteig Brent and Janell Trosen LaVerne Von Reuden Lisa Wagner Ms. Cathy J. Williams Martin and Joan Yahna Michael and Amy Steinke Mrs. Evelyn L. Thomson Mrs. Rosanne M. Farrell Arthur and Leona Bollinger Ms. Mary Beth Hill Ms. Agny Bergendahl Mrs. Margaret I. Christianson Jon and Kathleen Schultz Mrs. Edna L. Anderson Mrs. Dorothe Jean Hetland Jim and Carol Knutson Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Mr. Ernest J. Hanson Raymond and Mary Heupel Mrs. Marian B. Bergan Donald and Inez Olson Mrs. Eleanor Huebner Mrs. Eleanor Huebner Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Michael and Amy Steinke Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mrs. Vivian E. Irmscher BNI Coal, LTD

Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Gary L. Engebretson Ray Ereth Ron A. Erickson

In Memory Of Ron A. Erickson Ruth H. Erickson Jake Ernst Pat Falck Lurline D. Fandrey Inga Farstad Inga Farstad Jan M. Fatland Ronald Feland Margaret M. Fettes Marge Finley Helen E. Fischer Wilfred Fitterer John E. Flessner Duane & Billy Fraass Jacqueline Frank Evelyn J. Freadhoff Gayle A. Fredericksen Dorwin C. Fredrickson Tom Fredrickson Claude M. Freer Charles A. Gage Paul B. Galazen Melva V. Gamble Elmer E. Geyer Thomas W. Giswold Thomas W. Giswold Norval Gochanour Jr. Orville Goemann Rev. John F. and Emma Graepp Alice Graf Dennis Graf Mary B. Grant Sharol A. Grieson Charles Grindahl Frank Gronbeck Crystal Grorud Rosie Grosz Marian Grumbo Melvin and Borghild Gunderson Freida Guthmiller Harlan Hagelstrom Ruth and Cliff Halvorson Ronald L. Hammersmith Ronald L. Hammersmith Luella A. Hankel Ray L. Hansen Lynn M. Hanson Joseph A. Harbeke Merlin C. Harstad John W. Harty Clarence Hasse Wanda L. Hauf Marlene Hedlund C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider C. Patrick Heider Grace Helgesen Audrey Helland Edward and Anne Hennings Deopold Herman Sidney R. Heskin Donald L. Hesse Donald L. Hesse Evelyn Hillier Sallie Hirst Ann L. Hobbie Ruth M. Hock Ruth Hoff Ida R. Hofland Dean Hofmann Clifford Holwegner Corinne E. Horken Carol J. Huebner Les Huebner Terry Hunter Elmer Ihry Madeline Illies Theodore F. Irmscher Kathy Jacobs

Given By

In Memory Of

Ms. Denise Cota Robert and Michele Daugherty Leslie and Correne Henke Jesse and Darcy Lackman Rod and Judith Olin Donald and JoAnne Price John and Marlys Roney Mrs. Elise T. Jacobson Mrs. Marvel Miller Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Raydon and Betty Workin Myron and Kathryn Eidsmoe Michael and Amy Steinke Mrs. Mertis Hill Clifford and Velma Martin Mrs. Alice Decker Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Cleo and Claire Berdahl Mrs. Evanell Taylor Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Clifford and Velma Martin Ms. Barbara Frederick A. Alan and Ruth Ellen Strauch David and Beatrice Wilkinson Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Mr. Gesa A. Kanta Waldo and Marion Platte Mr. James Karas Mrs. Helen McCormack Gary and Phyllis Torske Ms. Teresa R. Windsor Ms. Judy L. Kulla Reinhold and Phyllis Bendewald Mrs. Lorraine Wasem Allen and Donna Keller Mrs. Borghild Hovland Mrs. Florence K. Kelley Donald and Myrtle Liebing Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Donald and Inez Olson C. William and Patricia Dennert Hon. Lyle A. Podoll Mrs. Lucille Mayer James and Barbara Wheeler Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson Waldo and Marion Platte Mrs. Dorothy V. Schwehr Mrs. Leota A. Zuech Stanley and Sophia Bell Mrs. L. Elvira Lokken Bob and Evanda Staigle Senster and Janet Vangsness Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Allen E. Landers Kelly and Judith Hintz Mrs. Phyllis M. Bethke James and Judy Engstrom Mr. Brian Engstrom John and Inez Larson Mrs. B. Sophie Loftsgard Martell and Luella Stenberg Carl and Susan Dahl Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Glen and Kirsten Dawson Mrs. Joan E. Burns Ms. Shirley Jensvold C. William and Patricia Dennert Loren and Marian Richards Mrs. Alma A. Johnson Robert and Bette Johnson Mrs. Joan Lindvall Mrs. DiAnn Loll Mrs. Ann E. Knecht Ray and Peggy Wicklander Donald and Kathleen Checchi Richard and Sandra Checel David and Diane Goldberg William and Terrye Holcomb Christopher and Kayko Holle Ms. Mary Anne Leatherman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Lund Joe and Doris Otmar Larry and Linda Price Martin and Suzanne Solig Robert and Janice Urick John and Hazel White Ms. Bonita Reierson Mr. Tom A.Hedlund Mrs. Irene B. Meyer Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mrs. Irene E. Carlson Mrs. Mary M. Martin Mrs. Mary M. Martin Meland Lumber & Material Co Mrs. Arlene M. Cullen Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd. Mrs. Olive Olson Ms. Carol L. Christianson Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Dennis and Judy Gumke Ms. Judy L. Kulla Mrs. Patricia D. McCommon Mrs. Marjorie Davy Mrs. Marjorie Davy

Donald Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Leon Jacobson Ervin E. Jassmann Robert Jefferson Alf Johnson Ardee C. Johnson Gerald V. Johnson Leslie L. Johnson Leslie L. Johnson Barbara Johnson Barbara Johnson Marcia E. Johnson Nordis A. Johnson Sean A. Johnson Truman J. Johnson Frieda Jorgensen Frieda Jorgensen Frieda Jorgensen Arnold Kaelberer Janet Kanta Duane K. Kapplinger Esther N. Karas Mary T. Karhoff Jeanne Kaufer Jeanne Kaufer Robert F. Kauphusman Lydia Keim Duane Keller Amos and Helen Keller Timothy J. Keller Charlotte A. Kelley Dick Keyes Dick Keyes Harold L. Kiefert Lorraine M. King Lorraine M. King Edin Kirschenmann Marlin Klug Marlin Klug Adrian Knudsvig Adrian Knudsvig Fred Knutson Marilyn M. Koehn Edward Koenig Ida Koester Delores L. Koolmo Hunter A. Krenzel Daryl J. Lahren Daryl J. Lahren Darlene K. Lamb Marjorie Landers Kenneth T. Lange Sarita Ann Lanning Bud Larson Bud Larson Luke T. Larson Thelma M. Larson Amy Lechner Ruby J. Lee Connie A. Lester Bernhard W. Levander Berit Leverenz Gaye Liebelt Shelby P. Linder Helen Loeffelholz Noel Lofthus Noel Lofthus Noel Lofthus Stanley Loll Jacob R. Long Grace Lorentzen Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Harriet E. Lund Mary Ann Lybeck Jon Lysdahl Mark W. Marek Donald and Anna Martin Anna Martin Angeline Martin Marie Martin Edward Martin Richard G. Martin William S. Marvin Jerry Mastroianna E. Hugh Mc Cutcheon Irma L. Mc Donald Earl L. Mc Dowell Dean C. Mc Natton Donald W. McCommon Donald W. McCommon Donald W. McCommon Fred McCormack Nancy McCormack

Memorials continued on page 11 THE AMBASSADOR


Memorials continued from page 7 Given By

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Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

Mrs. Lorraine Meland Clarence and Fern Rau Glen and Nathlie Miller Ernest and Neva Miessel Ms. Delma Dyk Mrs. Verna Minges Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura Mrs. Ann E. Knecht Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Raydon and Betty Workin Robb and Deone Kulla Mrs. Sharon L. Heil Landon Kimball George and Debbie Greshik Rev. Jo Anne Moeller William and Stephanie Nelson Grant and Donna Schmidt Wilmer and Esther Richter Waldo and Marion Platte Lynn and Jeanette Kieper Mrs. Selma T. Black Robert and Ruby Proctor Thomas and Sandra Sheets Lawrence and Lynn Paretta Mrs. Joan Lindvall Fredrick and Janaan Tyler Mrs. Della J. Hoff John and Elizabeth Steinberger Mrs. Hilda Sackmann Mr. Robert D. Nielson Mrs. Elaine F. Nieland Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Gerald and Marian Rasmussen Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Mrs. Ruth Watland Dale and Bev Brunsch Keith and Rebecca Solberg Raymond and Beverly Hubbard Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Herbert and Isabel Groninger Mrs. Elveida H. Olson C. William and Patricia Dennert Mickey Brisco Morris and Edna Mae Erickson Mrs. Florence K. Kelley Glenn and Charlotte Olson Orville and Lilly Bratvold Murell and Bernice Knudsvig Harvey and Marlene Skaare Mrs. Dolores Landblom Mr. Robert C. Olson George and Erliss Schmid Michael and Amy Steinke Arden and Judith Omlid Mrs. Iris Bighley Mrs. Ruth Haibeck Mrs. Judy Hunter Mrs. Evelyn R. Rients Mrs. Astrid Ongstad Mrs. Dolores Landblom Mrs. Arlene Olson Mr. Marvin L. Rapp Mrs. Dolores Landblom Mrs. Charlotte Payette Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Rodney and Joanne Tennyson

Lyle L. Meland Janice Merrill Lyle Mickelson Kevin Miessel John & Alice Millenoor Olga Minges Sherman L. Montgomery Tanner E. Moore Christie E. Morgan Orris L. Morken Ed Morrow Daryl Moum Daryl Moum Merle Moxness Merle Moxness Merle Moxness Merle Moxness Irma L. Mueller David Mutschler Gordon Naumann Bertel Nelson Earling Nelson Earling Nelson Margery Nelson John A. Nelson John N. Nelson Leland Nepstad Mildred Ness Edwin Neu Marvyl Nielson Leonard Norheim Melvin E. Nygaard Melvin E. Nygaard Clarice Offerdahl Harold L. Okerson Shannon G. Oliver Arthur Olson Arthur H. Olson Jr. Diane Olson David L. Olson Arvid Olson Estelle C. Olson Gordon Olson Gordon B. Olson Gordon J. Olson Mark Olson Merlyn Olson Merlyn Olson Merlyn Olson Ruth Olson Ruth Olson Ruth E. Olson Nicole M. Olstad-Werre Edith Omlid Loved ones Loved ones Loved ones Loved ones Walter Ongstad Florence E. Ornberg Beverly O. Palmer Lydia Parrott Shirley A. Paulson Milo Payette Edith V. Pearson Edith V. Pearson

Jerald and E. Bonnie Erickson Bruce and Ellen Pentland Walter and Beatrice Reinke Mrs. Eva Schulte Clarence and Fern Rau Gerald and Donna Collins Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Mrs. Irene B. Meyer Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Aaron and S. Gertrude Shore Mrs. Sarah J. Johnson Mr. James W. Prange Mr. James W. Prange Mr. Marvin L. Rapp Ralph and Carol King Mrs. Edna L. Anderson Mrs. Violet Reede Johnny and Martha Klingenberg Dale and Bev Brunsch Ms. Wanda V. Nissen Ms. Cathi M. Christopherson and Al Brown Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Irene B. Meyer Ms. Judy L. Kulla Martin and Rhoda Huber George and Jule Fredrickson Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson Raymond and Mary Heupel Robert and Eunice Tangsrud Mrs. Lillian G. Rost Roy and Harriet Ottinger Daniel and Peggy Schmidt Ms. Phyllis D. Rustad Ms. Helen E. Baker Richard and Mary Akers Richard and Mary Akers Mrs. Lillian Stromme Clifford and Velma Martin Mrs. Doris K. Sandford Mrs. Blossom G. Schnabel Marloe and Sylvia Anderson Raymond and Mary Heupel Mrs. Lorraine Kirschenmann Mr. Elroy Schlenker Mrs. Janice L. Barlow George and Doris Beck Gerald and Aileen Behm Lynn and Marilyn Carlson Peter and Sheila Dewey Ms. Jean Kringen Ms. Judy L. Kulla Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Ms. Judith S. Ness Daniel and Marlys Orluck Ms. Twilla Peterson Richard and Pamela Rodman Harley and Gloria Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Steven and Julie Verry Mrs. Erin J. Zalumskis-Sand Mrs. Verna Minges Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson

Mildred Pedersen Virginia Pentland Gordon E. Perschke Bud and Clem Perschke Jordis H. Peterschick Clarence R. Peterson Verne Pladson Marlys Podolak Faye Poland Joseph D. Polansky Lester and Annie Porter Adelia W. Prange Gus and Gene Prange Ruth J. Rapp Geraldine Rasmusen Wilma L. Rawlins Victor Reede Carol Reimers Edna E. Rewald Violet B. Rice

Joel and Lynette Schmitz Mark E. Schmitz Martin and Rhoda Huber Elizabeth Schneider Mrs. Gretchen A. Wagner Wilko Schoenbohm Ms. Brenda J. Scholten Ray Scholten Raydon and Betty Workin Wayne H. Schossow Daris and Mabel Bittner Paul Schroeder James and Sharon Hatlewick Charlotte D. Schulz Leslie and Carma Branch Alma and Carl Schwarz Mrs. Virginia Schweigert Regina and John Schweigert Kelly and Judith Hintz Martha Seibel Dave and Kay Krueger Marcella Shaw Mr. Lloyd C. Sheldon Eleanor M. Sheldon Roy and Esther Peterson Evelyn Shirley Mrs. Lavohn Sieh Roland W. Sieh Mr. Arthur J. Silseth Gladys L. Silseth Harvey and Marlene Skaare Elmer B. Skogen Mr. Norman Hurt Marie Sletvold Mr. Marlin Hurt Marie Sletvold Mr. Richard Hurt Marie Sletvold Ms. Janice Kadoun Marie Sletvold Mrs. Charlotte Nash Marie Sletvold Ms. Betty Smith Marie Sletvold Mr. Donald Wiemann Marie Sletvold Ernest and Edith Jelleberg Leonard O. Smestad B. Martin and Betty Jo Gray Jason A. Smith B. Martin and Betty Jo Gray Lloyd W. Smith Mrs. Dorothe Jean Hetland Lloyd W. Smith Reuben and Shirley Smith Orva J. Smith Matt and Carlen Hone Donald Solberg Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Donald Solberg Mr. Donald A. Solberg Lois Solberg John and Elizabeth Steinberger Marlyn Solemsaas Ms. Judy L. Kulla Anna Solheim Dennis and Gloria Lysne Eva L. Sorenson Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Orville P. Stadum Paul and Donna Gutschmidt Orville P. Stadum Ms. Ina Stadum Orville P. Stadum Mrs. Lillian G. Rost Emma M. Staeck Paul and Clarice Steen Gregory Steen Joseph and Dorothy Zdeb Henry and Julia Steidl Mrs. Alma A. Johnson Nancy L. Stenberg Martin and Rhoda Huber Rosemary Stephan Larry and Edith Raatz Myrtle Stilen Mrs. Mary L. Poppen Alice J. Stoltenow Rev. Henry G. Stolz Amelia Stolz Mr. Brian Engstrom Mylo M. Strand Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Andrew Striefel Mrs. Mary A. Beauclair Marcelle M. Strinden Ms. Eloise A. Erickson Gloria A. Swanberg Ms. Eloise A. Erickson Jane Swanberg Ms. Eloise A. Erickson Lorna P. Swanberg Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Svingen Lowell D. Swart Mrs. Dolores Landblom Maryon V. Swisher Mrs. Winnifred L. Syverson Darrell W. Syverson Mr. Herbert Alg C. Morris Tangsrud Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Anderson C. Morris Tangsrud Ms. Rhonda Campbell C. Morris Tangsrud Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Erickson C. Morris Tangsrud Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grossman C. Morris Tangsrud Mr. Lawrence Huwe C. Morris Tangsrud Erling and Gudny Larson C. Morris Tangsrud Mrs. Edith Fagerland-Lervik C. Morris Tangsrud Gordon and Jean Lund C. Morris Tangsrud Larry and Lila Lynne C. Morris Tangsrud Mrs. Elda Macklin C. Morris Tangsrud Mrs. Violet E. Raymo C. Morris Tangsrud

In Honor Of... Living tribute gifts to the Anne Carlsen Center honor family members and friends on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. It’s a touching way to recognize those you love, while helping provide caring and comprehensive care to children and young adults with disabilities. Thank you for empowering the individuals and families served by the Anne Carlsen Center, as they beat the odds and experience life to its fullest. Living tributes gifted between June 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009:

Carol J. Ring Emma Riskedahl Erna Riskedahl John R. Riskedahl Arlys Roeske Viola M. Rolfson Clara A. Rolph Helen E. Rosendahl Dick Rosevold Dick Rosevold Drougott Ross Delaine M. Rossmiller Arthur Rost Arthur Rudolph Robert C. Rust Eileen M. Rustad James L. Ryan Frederick E. Saefke Jr. Mary Saefke Anna M. Sanda Richard Sanderson George Sandford Elenore Schimke Mitch J. Schlaht Reuben Schlecht Reuben Schlecht Laura Schlenker Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Evan Schmidt Leora Schmidt Dr. Mark A. Schmidt

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

Mrs. Gladys Stenberg Mr. and Mrs. Gene Stolzenburg Ms. Viola Tangsrud Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Brad Vassen Mrs. Evanell Taylor Mrs. Gayle E. Lee Mrs. Narda M. Veile Mrs. Lorie Etta Thompson Mrs. Glenna Mae E. Larson Ms. Loretta McConnell Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Cynthia Schreiber-Beck Mrs. Sharon L. Heil Mrs. Audrey Barnes Carl and Susan Dahl Jeffrey and Jane Carlson L. Don and Nancy Stanger Carl and DeLores Turnquist Ernest and Neva Miessel Cleo and Claire Berdahl Mrs. Dorothy Ufkes Mrs. Lois Lundgren Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mrs. Evelyn Delmore Jack and Marcene Malusky Ernest and Neva Miessel Jeff and Tanya Miessel Gregory and JoAnn Miessel William and Stephanie Nelson Marvin and Mary Ann Michelson Ms. Jodi Bayer Ms. Debra D. Hennagir Raymond and Ann Herman Jerry and DeAnn Ketchum Ms. Helen D. Lipp Ms. Lois Sedevie Ms. Alice Wahl Larry and Edith Raatz Mrs. Alice M. Mc Daniel Mrs. Lea L. Waltz Mr. Clarence R. Wegenast American Legion Aux. Post # 96 Lyle and Harriet Anderson George and Debbie Greshik Mr. Marvin R. Weispfenning Mrs. Sharon L. Welsh Mrs. Evelyn Delmore Charles and Mary Bovee Michael and Amy Steinke Mrs. Beaulah Sears C. William and Patricia Dennert Everett and Mary Seim Irene Johnson James and Linda Kimball Robert and Donna Lagein Roy and Esther Peterson John and Elizabeth Steinberger Fredrick and Janaan Tyler Ms. Shirley Wolsky Dan and Bea Faust David and Geraldine Yaggie Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Kent and Bonnie Eicholtz Mrs. Evelyn Zick Mrs. Dorothy L. Zimmerman

C. Morris Tangsrud C. Morris Tangsrud C. Morris Tangsrud C. Morris Tangsrud C. Morris Tangsrud Walter Taylor Janet E. Tennyson Jason M. Thomas Thealburn Thompson Roger Thune Roger Thune Donald Thymian Leon D. Tischer Frieda Tolstad Joyce E. Topp Diane V. Torgeson Fred and Marie Totzke Greg A. Troxel Alice Turnquist Helen Tyrlic Ina E. Udell Albertus Ufkes Frank A. Vetter John N. Vig Richard Vogel Richard Vogel Ryan R. Volesky Ryan R. Volesky Ryan R. Volesky Alice Vollmers Alice A. Wade Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Hilda A. Wahl Ernest Walker Robert Waloch Victor Waltz Esther Wegenast Lottie Weinmann Howard L. Weispfenning Howard L. Weispfenning Howard L. Weispfenning Edward E. Welsh John Wendel Ralph and Ina Werner Verne E. Westervall Freeman V. Westrum Larry Wilson Lenore O. Windingland Kent Wing Charles Wissbrod Charles Wissbrod Stanley Witteman William C. Witteman William C. Witteman Wesley H. Wolsky Sharon Wright Tanya K. Yaggie Esther M. Young Terry J. Young Arnold Zick Randal J. Zimmerman

Given By

In Honor Of

Given By

In Honor Of

Richard and Donna King Dr. Glenn and Marilyn Labine Anonymous Mrs. Prakseda E. Dick Mr. Ross Argent Mrs. Frieda Steinke Raydon and Betty Workin Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Murriel A. Carlson LaVerne and Carolyn Holle Mrs. Ardeth E. Coward Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Cowardin James and Colleen Weyrauch Mrs. Ann E. Knecht Mrs. Sandra Franke Everett and Mary Seim Mrs. Helen McCormack Tom and Margie Holmes Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Mrs. Gladys Larson Gary and June Glass Victor and Joanna Boey Dave and Kay Krueger Mrs. Maurene G. Bock FirstGiving Raydon and Betty Workin Amos and Audrey Krebs Michael and Marcia Hardy Gary and Gloria Kramlich Raydon and Betty Workin American Legion Post #37 Michael and Janice Kester Gordon and Jean Lund

ACC Staff ACC Staff ACC Staff ACC Students Cynthia Bichler Ilma Bowen Berniece Braaten Gladys V. Bring Karen Christianson Richard and Carol Codgill Jeannine K. Colburn Rev. Ernest W. Collard Steve and Jill Coward

Gary and Shirley Skarphol Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer William and Margaret Leech Bob and Helen Lewis Leif and Cynthia Peterson Rev. Paul and Vivian Meuser Rev. Paul and Vivian Meuser Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Harry and June Mehring Allan and Cheri Lacock Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Joyce M. Ekness Mrs. Frieda Steinke Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Lillian G. Rost Mrs. Helen McCormack Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Ms. Linda G. Rolfson Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger Raymond and Carol Erbele Mrs. Helen McCormack Darryl and Angela Sayer Mrs. Helen McCormack Otto and Irene Fink Dan and Pamela Kunzman William and Naomi Vining Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Jack and Carol Lambrecht Robert and Geneva Sones Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. M. Virginia Ott Erling and Elizabeth Tufte Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Lynn and Jeanette Kieper Mrs. Ann E. Knecht

Christopher LaCroix Irma Larson Sarah M. Leech Keaton Lewis Keaton Lewis Louise Machemehl Mike Machemehl Judy Martin June Mehring Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Martha L. Nygard Jana Overbo Marian Richards Herman and Betty Roloff Dennis and Shirley Rost Karla Roussel Dorothy Ryckman Doris K. Sandford Steven N. Sandford Sid and Monica Sandstrom Sid and Monica Sandstrom Hunter Sayer Lawrence Scheresky Leona R. Schmitt Norbert Schroeder Ivan and Erna Schwartz Gladys G. Seymour Mary E. Smith Mary J. Sones Lorraine Spelhaug Gloria M. Swanson Amanda B. Tufte Betty Vander Vorst Jalynn Vollmer Ashley Weixel

Ted Cowardin Britton and Brittany Cruse Merritt & Paige Duffield Natasha Esch Harold and Alida Flom Anne Foland Kurby D. Frey Minnie Geigle Jane Gillund Ty Glass Gregory Goh Larry and Jan Grover Edna Hopkins Luke J. Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Gloria Jones Ann Konetzki Joseph M. Kramlich Harvey Kyllo Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix



ACC employees Katie Spenningsby and Mike Romans share a fun moment on a golf cart with fellow golf tournament volunteer Ben Kilzer, an ACC student.

The 27th Annual Anne Carlsen Center BeneďŹ t Golf Tournament, held August 8 at the Jamestown Country Club, raised more than $28,000 for the Center. The annual fundraiser brought 34, four-person teams together with nearly 40 volunteers for a fun-ďŹ lled day on the links that helps support important opportunities for children and young adults with disabilities. “It was a great turnout—both golfers and volunteers,â€? said Dan Kunzman, ACC Foundation Executive Director. “Even the rain showers during the last few holes couldn’t ruin the day. It was a fun way to raise support for our life-changing TechnoCamp at Elks Camp Grassick.â€? TechnoCamp, the extraordinary camp experience sponsored by the Anne Carlsen Center, provides ACC students, and teens with disabilities from throughout North Dakota, with the chance make lifelong memories and friendships. They savor traditional camp favorites like swimming, hayrides and bonďŹ res. Campers also use assistive technology to create a variety of music and art compositions. ACC students were among those taking part in the volunteer effort at the golf tournament, posing for photos with the teams throughout the day and helping out with contests. Alex Roller, an 19-year-old receiving residential and therapy services at the Center, used adaptive putting equipment at one of the holes, demonstrating how adaptive tools help individuals with disabilities live life to the fullest. “I really enjoy meeting the golfers and putting with them,â€? said Alex. “It’s a lot of fun!â€? “We enjoy seeing the Anne Carlsen Center students play important roles in the tournament,â€? said Carol Held of Hankinson, N.D, who golfed in the tournament. “We’ve participated in this event as a family—my siblings and I—at least seven different times. It’s always something we look forward to.â€? 10 THE AMBASSADOR

The team of volunteers included ACC staff and interns, as well as friends of the Center, like 83-year-old Blaise Johnson, who made sure the players and volunteers stayed hydrated throughout the day. “I really enjoy helping out with the tournament,â€? said Johnson. “This event isn’t just about the golf ‌ it’s also about the children of the Anne Carlsen Center, and everyone is here to make a contribution.â€? The team of Deb Orr, Rod Orr, Bob Romsdahl and Sam Sand—sponsored by Sysco Food Services of North Dakota—won the tournament’s scratch division. The team of Ross Stark, Janet Stark, Ryan Stark and Chelsey Stark—sponsored by Wells Fargo—won the tournament’s handicap division. The next ACC BeneďŹ t Golf Tournament will be held June 5, 2010 at Jamestown Country Club. Watch for more details at



$XJXVW Back row, from left: Assitant Coach Rick Lowrance, David Ugelstad, Kevin Wolfe, Jason Lowrance, Nathaniel Neese, Head Coach Reed Danuser.


Front row, from left: Adam Knight, Matt Bauske, Alex Olson, Tyreik Brooks, Drew Grandbois (Not pictured: Tyler Bossert, Ben Bitter, Cedric Calhoun)



A lesson of love that will last a lifetime The letter (above) from Coach Reed Danuser is an inspirational reminder that donors of all ages help support the life-changing mission of the Anne Carlsen Center. The players on his Babe Ruth Baseball team â&#x20AC;Ś these talented 12-year-olds â&#x20AC;Ś should be commended for their maturity and generosity. We are proud of their caring hearts, in addition to their good sportsmanship and their willingness to work hard. This recent gift to the Center, made in memory of their coachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, demonstrates the ability and desire of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s youth to make a difference in the lives of others. Physically strong and able-bodied, the members of this baseball team recognize the importance of, and value in, supporting our studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;many of whom arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able to swing a baseball bat or run around a baseball ďŹ eld. The holiday season is the perfect time to instill the values of giving in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s youth. Teach the children in your life what is important to you. Show them how they can make an impact though donations of time and money. When they


follow your example, they will gain an even greater appreciation for their families and possessions, while gaining a tremendous sense of accomplishment at helping others. This could become the beginning of a tradition that lasts a lifetime and the start of a rewarding connection with individuals worthy and appreciative of support. We are extremely grateful for your dedication to this organization. On behalf of the children of the Center, I want to sincerely thank you, our generous donors, for helping provide â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;round-the-clock specialized care. You are giving the individuals we serve the chance to grow and succeed â&#x20AC;Ś and a chance at a future ďŹ lled with hope. May you have a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous 2010. With warmest regards,

Dan Kunzman ACC Foundation Executive Director

The Ambassador: Winter 2010  

Small but Strong Willed

The Ambassador: Winter 2010  

Small but Strong Willed