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Violence Against Women Prevention Learning Center Overview The Violence Against Women (VAW) Prevention Learning Center aims to enhance the conceptual knowledge and practical skills of activists working to address violence against women in the Horn, East and Southern Africa. Hosted by Raising Voices and Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP), the initiative offers structured learning opportunities on a variety of topics essential for doing quality VAW prevention work. Combining courses with follow up technical assistance (TA), we create partnerships that facilitate the uptake and practical application of ideas. Potential partners can apply to the courses that most suit their needs.

About the Courses Conducted in Kampala, Uganda, the courses will be intensive, skills-based training workshops for professionals working in the field of violence against women prevention. They will emphasize the link between theory and practice, helping participants to grapple with foundational concepts while offering specific guidance for applying new ideas and techniques. All courses are accompanied by a customized TA package that include commitments from the partner organization and TA provider.

SASA! Courses SASA! courses are designed for organizations (and select individuals) who wish to implement, adapt, or integrate SASA! into the long-term programming of their organizations. Organizations who are interested in SASA! and new to the approach must apply to the initial Overview of SASA! course in order to be considered for partnership. SASA! courses are sequential and priority will be given to those who have completed the Overview of SASA! course or have a proven track record of SASA! implementation.

Quality VAW Prevention Courses SQuality VAW Prevention courses are designed for organizations (and select individuals) who are not using SASA! and wish to strengthen their existing VAW prevention programming by better understanding and applying specific key concepts. Quality VAW Prevention concepts can be applied to a wide range of VAW programming strategies and approaches. The courses are not sequential. Therefore, applicants can apply to any course in the series independently of the others (note: participation in more than one Quality VAW Prevention course will be contingent upon fulfillment of commitments following the first course).