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Iphigenia’s Scar

Anisha Lakhani

Echo Yours is not a single farewell Given ceremoniously at some famed port No Yours is a series of departures Fresh, raw, unprecedented Bruising each tender day With a stamp of rejection.! I am wading in a sea of memories Haunted by every empty horizon And the wail of the Sirens is deafening now Repeating over, and over, and over It never was It never was It never was.! And now that you have sailed away Home no longer exists We are all lost at sea Mere ghosts of our former selves Interacting without meaning or consequence or thought Slipping through days Sinking into the night Grasping for an occasional memory That makes us real again, even for an instant But even the memory is a betrayal.!


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Reversal For Agamemnon the journey was worth the sacrifice So he looked only ahead Giving no acknowledgement to the victory Already by his side As she followed him up the mountain Eyes shining, forever in love Her father Whole world centered On the careless hold of his hand Which would soon let go And come crashing down Before she could utter the warning That hollow winds would lead him On a lifeless journey. I wish those who say Iphigenia survived Spoke true That she broke free of her father’s shadow And cursed the fateful hand before it cursed her. Yet those who speak of her survival Do so with downcast eyes And faraway glances At a sea that holds too many secrets Of journeys spurred on only after immense sacrifice.! I wish those who say Iphigenia sailed away Saw her launch her ship On the eve of her father’s departure Leaving!him! To miss!her Unchanging horizons spear The heart is a dull throb.


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Marker Your name is etched in permanent marker On anonymous boxes scattered throughout the house Like an incantation repeated endlessly Acknowledging your simultaneous departure and presence In the hollow cavern that was once our home. Outside the ivy we planted Peeps hopefully into empty windows And bleeds back into the earth.! Ours is not an immortal epic for the ages A song that will be sung and remembered And revered Ours is not a legend that will survive the decades Or even the years. Ours is a single, broken chord Stained with bitterness and regret Trampled Broken Forgotten. And so it became a cursed love One that would be damaged beyond repair! And because it was a tale often told It began to lose its meaning! And since no one could ever take the place of her father Men no longer existed! And since she could neither forgive nor hate The emptiness stretched onwards! Like a gaping hole.!


Iphigenia's Scar  
Iphigenia's Scar  

Poetry involving divorce and adult grief when parents separate in their later years.