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Recognition Leads to Prevention

When experiencing anger, it is commonly reported that the moments that lead to an angry outburst or behavior occur at a rapid pace. Minutes may feel like seconds and/or time seemsto fly by. When recollecting about an angry episode, phrasessuch as, ‘The next thing I knew…’or ‘I don’t even remember what happened next…’ are often used to illustrate the whirlwind feeling that accompanies anger. However, there are more distinct signs that arise before a full explosion of anger. Some of the most common physiological symptoms reported are increased heart rate and body temperature, sweating, body tension and labored breathing. If one can recognize these bodily symptoms, the potential to deescalate and self regulate the feeling of anger has increased, which allows for an opportunity to modify behavior and prevent an anger related incident. Stacy H. Price M.A., MFTI Daybreak Counseling Service http:// / 310-995-1202

Anger Management Recognition leads to Intervention  

The first step in managing anger is recognizing it.

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