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Learn about the Indego Exoskeleton


The Indego from Parker Hannifin Corp is a powered orthosis (exoskeleton) that excels as both a personal use, assistive product and a remarkable therapy tool that combines hardware and software to take advantage of the patient’s potential for gait recovery

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The Therapy kit now has easily adjustable segments
Indego software offers exceptional features for gait support for all functional levels


Indego Personal is a powered lower limb orthosis, also known as a powered exoskeleton, which enables people with various mobility impairments to take the opportunity to walk independently.

Power is provided by sophisticated motors in the knee and hip joints, and combined with advanced sensors and control strategies, the device allows gait impaired individuals to stand and walk again.The aim Indego Personal is to provide you with a greater level of independence - the ability to stand and walk when you want to.Indego is the only exoskeleton to offer a modular quick-connect design, which at just 12 kg, is the lightest commercial exoskeleton available. Indego offers ease of handling, transportation, and storage.With its slim profile, Indego can be put on, taken off and worn by the user whilst seated

in most standard-frame wheelchairs. It is compatible with stability aids such as rolling walkers or forearm crutches.With no backpack or exposed wiring, Indego allows for safe use in most home and community environments and on surfaces like pavement, grass, carpet and tile.

Users of the Personal Indego must meet some physical criteria (for example between 155 and 191 cm in height and with weight not more than 113 kg) - they may have a spinal cord injury, be recovering from a stroke or have MS or other neurological condition.The Indego’s iOS app allows fine control over a user’s gait parameters such as stride length, step frequency, step height, and it records walking data so users can track their progress. The Indego’s can be fine-tuned to suit the person and the situation



Up until now, exoskeleton designs haven't really been practical for personal use outside of the clinic. The Indego has a number of features that could make a powered orthosis much more practical for home users.It’s lightweight and modular construction alone provide a practical edge.

Who can use it?The main user requirements are as follows

• Height range: 155 – 191 cm

• Maximum weight: 113 kg

• Maximum hip width: 42.2 cm

• Femur length: 35 – 47 cm

• Spasticity score: Modified Ashworth score 3 or lower

• Sufficient upper body strength to balance and advance with forearm crutches, frontwheeled walker or platform walker


Not everyone will use a Personal Indego but many will enjoy enhanced rehabilitation after illness or trauma with Indego Therapy.The future of gait rehabilitation is here. Indego Therapy is a lower-limb powered exoskeleton that enables therapists to deliver task-specific, over-ground gait training to patients with weakness or paralysis in their lower extremities. Sophisticated motors in the hip and knee joints, combined with advanced sensors and an intuitive software system empower patients to stand and walk over a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.Research shows that task-specific, overground gait therapy leads to better results than harness-based or treadmill-based therapies.Indego Therapy is an adjustable exoskeleton that can be custom-sized and perfectly fitted to patients in less than five minutes. Adjustments are even possible whilst the patient is wearing Indego. This means faster set up, less physical exertion for therapists and patients, and more time working toward the patient’s walking and rehabilitation goals.A comprehensive software suite – unmatched in the industry – further enhances training sessions by providing a variety of options, settings, and analytics on patient and device performance that therapists can use to improve treatment plans in real-time.Indego Therapy is a tool that can add immediate value to any therapy practice and provide a new standard of care to patient populations.Indego’s Motion+ and Therapy+ software suites transform every rehabilitation session into a powerful and personalised experience.




Indego Software can support all functional levels

Just stop for a minute..Imagine if we had a tool that allowed gait to be carefully guided to limit undesirable compensations. Imagine the therapist able to provide just the right dynamic support in the earliest days following injury. Imagine that the tool can adjust to the changing situation as the patient recovers. Intensive therapy for once would mean not reinforcing bad habits.

This is what clinicians can enjoy right now when they deploy the Indego.The combination of hardware and software gives the therapist the best tool available for taking advantage of neuroplasticity.Even after an accident or illness the body retains an amazing ability to relearn and rewire patterns of movement and behaviour. But it is so important that the body does not learn patterns that are actually dysfunctional.

The Indego is a powerful tool for rehabilitation because it can be used very early in recovery, it can be used frequently and intensively. The Indego can offer just the right support to recover natural patterns - not reinforce bad ones.

MOTION+ and THERAPY+ Software are the keys to taking advantage of the patients current level of function And Then Enhancing It 


Lean Forward, Walk ForwardMotion+ allows clinicians to practice taskspecific gait therapy with patients through a predictable, guided gait pattern. Powerful motors in the hip and knee — customisable within the Indego app — enable patients with little to no gait or motor function to stand and walk with postural controls. The patient leans forward to initiate movement, and Indego responds accordingly.

Pre-gait TrainingSelecting pre-gait allows clinicians to work with patients during a variety of therapeutic activities. Core strengthening, stepping forward/backward and balance work can be offered while the patient is safely supported by the Indego.

Full and Variable AssistIn Full Assist mode, 100 percent support is provided to the right and left hip and knee joints, enabling users without lower extremity motor or sensory function to stand and walk. Posture-based controls provide an intuitive “lean forward, walk forward” experience. In Variable Assist mode, clinicians can select the amount of support independently at each hip or knee, allowing them to tailor the therapy session based on their goals for the patient.

Vibratory FeedbackVibration provided at the hip delivers variable levels of tactile feedback throughout all phases of standing and walking. This feature lets patients and clinicians know what Indego is about to do and prompts their response, ensuring safe and effective gait training.

Advanced Gait

Advanced Gait is specifically designed to provide faster weight shifting and step transitions for patients who are ready to achieve a higher gait speed. This mode enables a more fluid and continuous gait.

Indego® Therapy enables individualised gait therapy for patients with lower extremity weakness or paralysis (such as complete/incomplete spinal cord injury and stroke).Indego’s lightweight, modular, and quick-adjust design allows clinicians to offer intensive gait therapy, custom-tailored to patients across the entire continuum of care – from inpatient facilities to in-home sessions and everything in between.


The Next Level of Personalised CareTherapy+ is designed to provide effective gait therapy for patients with lower extremity weakness, such as partially impaired stroke survivors. Patients are required to initiate leg movement and Indego supports when necessary while providing auditory, real-time feedback. Therapy+ empowers clinicians witha range of options to enhance their patients’ unique gait-training needs.

Gravity ReductionUsing the Gravity Reduction mode, clinicianscan reduce the weight of a patient’s leg, allowing him or her to move their limb more easily and effectively throughout the gait cycle.

Active SwingActive Swing mode allows patients to practice and learn a more physiological gait pattern. Clinicians are empowered to constantly apply the principles of motor learning by providing individualised assistance to a patient at their hip and knee during the swing phase of their gait.

Stance SupportAdjustable stance support settings allow clinicians to influence a patient’s stance phase during walking. Whether the patient tends to buckle or hyperextend their knee, the Indego stance support settings can be adjusted to meet each person’s unique stance goals.

Clinicians can set goals for step length in order to encourage a more symmetric gait pattern. Once the goals have been established, patients receive real-time auditory feedback on their performance, empowering them to recognise incorrect gait patterns and correct and improve their performance.

Therapy+ Software allows the recovering patient to contribute more - the orthosis doesn’t do all the workIndego Therapy software suite is highly customisable, enabling physical therapists to provide challenging, engaging, and effective over-ground gait training. Using Motion+ & Therapy+ software suites, patient therapy sessions can be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and impairments and can be adjusted to match their progress and changing gait performance across the continuum of care - from absent function through to optimal recovery



What is Advanced Gait? Advanced Gait is an Indego® software suite option which allows Users to walk with a continuous stepping motion. A posturebased “lean forward walk forward” approach to trigger steps remains, but the pause between steps is eliminated. The User is able to achieve faster walking speeds with less effort relative to Standard Gait.Who is appropriate for Advanced Gait?

• Persons who walk and train using Indego Motion+ software suite.

• Indego Users who have mastered walking in Standard Gait and wish to be able to walk at faster speeds.What are the benefits of Advanced Gait?

• Allows for a smooth, efficient gait pattern more closely aligned with “normal” walking behaviour.

• Provides safe transitions into and out of faster walking speeds.

• Promotes functional community ambulation and faster walking speeds compared to previously reported average exoskeleton speeds.†

Broad Speed Range In a recent clinical study‡, Indego Users were able to safely control transitions between Standard Gait and Advanced Gait. Although sample size and training sessionswere limited, it can be assumed that full community ambulation speed can be achieved.

For people with Spinal Cord Injury using Indegoas a personal device, the ability to walk atspeeds exceeding 0.4 m/s is more compatiblewith community ambulation.

Smooth Efficient Motion Continuous motion means that every phase of the Indego gait cycle is utilised to keep both the User and device moving forward,allowing for smoother steps anddramatic increases in overgroundgait speed.



Perhaps You Want to Try Out the Indegofor Personal Use or Intensive Therapy

The Indego Personal VersionOutside of the clinic, Indego offers people with impaired mobility a new level of independence. It is important to understand that the level of independence that can achieved with any exoskeleton will depend upon a number of factors including:-

• the physical capabilities and fitness level of the user

• the amount and intensity of training carried out with the device

• technical limitations of the deviceA personalised assessment will let you see what the Indego might do for you.A period of physical conditioning might enhance your capability to use the system. A nice way of getting a feel for what Indego can do is to consider that it is a way of extending the mobility options available to the user.Let's face it - there are easier and less expensive ways of just standing - and a wheelchair is an efficient way of getting around when large distances need to be covered. But what price can you put on being able to get up and walk around whenever you like?

Trying the Device in the UK - We will always want each client to experience Indego in an environment that is safe - and of course in a way in which he or she can truly grasp whether Indego will meet expectations.As we explained above, what any individual can achieve will be influenced by a number of factors.So we know the client will be safe, all Indego Assessments and Trainings are carried out by individuals who have followed a rigorous and certified training programme.  

If you would like further details of the training structure please contact us for details. In the UK at the moment the facilities on the next page are utilising the Indego as part of their clinical programmes and can be approached for assessment trials and potential training. These Centres will ensure that the Indego is safe for you to use and an experience may be chargeable but up to 4 hours long - sufficient to catch a glimpse of what Indego can do for you

Indego Intensive Therapy

Not everyone will purchase an Indego but you can benefit from therapy at approved training centres.The Indego software and hardware combination can provide unrivalled opportunities for gait rehabilitation following a stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, brain injury, MS and more. In these circumstances the Indego training centres below can advise on whether this is suitable for you. It is necessary to embark on a individual programme of therapy in which the Indego can be tuned to your changing needs. Other equipment and methods may well be used too.





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