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Before joining FOX News Chanel Kilmeade worked as a feature reporter/ anchor for Newsport-TV and was a sports anchor/director


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rian Kilmeade does the same things as most fathers in his at WLIG-TV in New York. Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade With all the news and community; he goes to work and rides the early train home so he can coach his children’s basketball and soccer teams. That’s sports shows on the radio and where most of the similarities end. Unlike other dads, Kilmeade is a co- television, viewers get news host of the FOX News Channel morning show, “FOX & Friends” from 6 in many cases seconds after it happens. Kilmeade notes to 9 a.m. “It’s perfect for a parent,” said Kilmeade. “The only thing I sacrifice what fuels the appetite for this onslaught of reporting. is sleep.” “It’s the analysis,” said Kilmeade grew up in an Italian and Irish family. His grandparents were born in Brooklyn in the early 1900s but settled in to Massapequa, Kilmeade. “You don’t want to wait until the six o’clock news Long Island, NY. “The whole neighborhood followed them,” said Kilmeade. “Half my to find out what happened. You want to be able to see things in neighbors were from Brooklyn.” During his youth, he was taught the family values about working longer form. I think the story hard, making time for your family, doing well in school, making eye lines are fascinating. Rarely are contact when you are speaking to someone, and most importantly, treating you done with a news story in a week or two. Look at what’s adults with respect. Aside from the family values, his Italian and Irish sides of his family coming out on Wall Street, that’s Brian Kilmeade not going away for a long time. were very different. “Fundamentally, it’s the same reason why you watch television, only “Irish and Italians are totally opposite,” said Kilmeade. “The Irish keep to themselves, (which is) somewhat of a mystery. The Irish side of this is the first reality show. Your reality show is what’s really happening my family would come over and not say a word. The Italian side would in the news.” Despite the quickness of the visual news medium, Kilmeade doesn’t just dominate. They were the ones who were outgoing, gregarious and fun to be around. They were very interested in what you were doing. The Irish see the end of the printed news. “I can’t imagine walking around and not finding a newspaper to buy,” side was interested, but just not as flagrant about it.” Although Kilmeade’s dad passed away when he was in ninth grade, his he said. Kilmeade has written two books, the New York Times bestseller, “The mother, Marie (D’Andrea) cared and supported him and his two brothers. “She always stuck up for us,” said Kilmeade, about his mother, who Games Do Count” as well as “It’s How You Play the Game”. He found is now in her seventies. “She was our biggest advocate. She took bad news interesting perspectives from those who played sports but did not excel. “I realized the important people that I talked to, who were athletes, worst than us. She was dedicated to me and my brothers.” Kilmeade went to Long Island University and had only moderate learned a ton from their experience in sports,” said Kilmeade. “So I started talking to people from success as an athlete. He soon discovered President Bush to John Kerry. In the first he liked being in front of people. He book, I had 73 of the most important people couldn’t sing or dance and didn’t want to around talk about what they did in sports and be an actor, but always like to talk. how it helped them in life.” “I had a real interest in the news,” Kilmeade describes how insignificant the he said. “I loved social studies, political final score or even winning a championship science and history.” was to them. They talked about things that Kilmeade got his first job with normally would have been forgotten since SportsPhone in New York. SportsPhone most of it happened when they were younger. was a 24-hour sports information line Even though some events were negative, the accessed by telephone. It began in the experience and learning aspect remains with 70s and also had offices in Detroit and them to this day. Chicago. It proved to be a great training “I wanted to prove that there is really ground for Kilmeade. Brian & President Bush on the White House lawn 8 AMICI / Winter 08/09

no difference between “The Rock” items don’t make the news show but, in (wrestler/actor Dwayne Johnson) and some cases, they could be posted on the what he did in sports and what Cal Internet. Ripken did in sports,” said Kilmeade. “There are certain things you just “I talked to them about the moments talk about and certain things you expand in life that taught them values and on,” said Kilmeade. instilled character.” One of the highlights this year for Kilmeade points out that anyone Kilmeade was a visit to the White House entering the news business should with his family. President Bush regularly think before they react and never schedules T-Ball games for children on underestimate from where an idea or the White House lawn. Kilmeade and a source will come. He makes it very sportscaster Tim McCarver were asked clear not to be dismissive of anyone to do the play-by-play. Following the when building a contact list. games, Kilmeade and his family had “An intern for a congressman in an opportunity to spend some personal Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, & Brian Kilmeade your area could be, in three years, chieftime with President Bush and tour the of-staff for a presidential candidate,” White House. notes Kilmeade. “When news breaks and the contacts know you and trust “When you walk through the White House and they point to places you, you become valuable in the business. When you prove that you can that still have burn marks from the war of 1812 and your children say, keep things confidential, they will feel comfortable talking to you.” we went over that in school,” said Kilmeade. “That’s the best part of this “FOX and Friends” is mostly unscripted. The objective is to be job.” knowledgeable, approachable and humble on the air, and communicate “You get an opportunity to meet some very important and famous that to the viewers. Kilmeade, together with Gretchen Carlson and Steve people. People you want to meet, not the Britney Spears’ or Paris Hiltons Doocy, move the show along while playing off each other between news of the world, who are famous for no reason. You meet accomplished, reports. That’s when things get serious especially when breaking a news successful, knowledgeable, and powerful people. When you are able to story. meet them and introduce them to your family, that’s very rewarding.” “This is a competition,” said Kilmeade about the existence of rivalries Currently, Kilmeade has no plans to write another book, but things with the other news agencies. “It’s about winning, doing things better and have a way of just coming up. beating them.” “The good thing about the world is – it doesn’t stop,” he said. “People Kilmeade always has his eyes and ears open for news and perspectives. ask what’s next. I tell them to just wake up tomorrow, there will be He is constantly in touch with people, whether on the train commuting something happening.” to and from work, or at soccer games. He says the news team at FOX He’s been married to his wife, Dawn (DeGaetano) for 15 years. The weaves through all kinds of news items. Decisions have to be made. Some couple has three children, Bryan, 11, Kirstyn, 7, and Kaitlyn, 5.


Brian Kilmeade the News  
Brian Kilmeade the News  

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