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2017/18 SEASON

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Welcome to The White Card @ArtsEmerson #TheWhiteCard

Emerson College launched ArtsEmerson in 2010 to present contemporary international theater, putting the world on stage in the heart of Boston’s theater district. ArtsEmerson has established itself as one of the preeminent cultural institutions in the United States, known for combining acclaimed performances from around the globe with an unparalleled commitment to engaging ongoing civic efforts.

COVER: Artwork by Martha Tuttle Nose-to-nose (2), 2018; Wool, silk, and pigment 12 x 10 in. Courtesy the Artist and Tilton Gallery, New York; Title Design by Gail Anderson.

We are proud to present the world premiere of Claudia Rankine’s new play, the American Repertory Theater production of The White Card, which epitomizes the vitality at the intersection of art and civic transformation. The White Card is the culmination of many years of conversation, planning and development that began shortly after the publication of Claudia's Citizen: An American Lyric. Chosen as Emerson's 2015 Fresh Sound artist-in-residence, Claudia, having arrived in Boston that spring, spoke eloquently, in the Bright Family Screening Room upstairs from this theater, about the synergy between her work and the historic challenges around race in the city of Boston. Her talk prompted ArtsEmerson to offer Claudia a commission for a new work of theater that could help shape and inspire deeper discussions of the issue at the center of important considerations of race and race relations: the question of whiteness. In March of 2017, Claudia again addressed an audience of Emerson students and the general public on the topic of whiteness, this time from the stage of the Emerson Cutler Majestic. She was introduced by Boston’s Mayor, Martin J. Walsh. More than one thousand people attended, with many more watching as it streamed live over HowlRound, a digital commons to support developing theater practitioners and facilitate dialogue on contemporary issues. Throughout the winter of 2018, Bostonians have gathered in nearly 100 separate book clubs as part of the ArtsEmerson/A.R.T. program Citizen Read. In the culminating event of the Read, another one thousand people will again gather at the Majestic to discuss Citizen with Claudia and The White Card's dramaturg P. Carl. And more than ten thousand will have seen this play by the time it completes its run.

LEE PELTON President, Emerson College

DAVID DOWER Artistic Director, ArtsEmerson

DAVID C. HOWSE Executive Director, ArtsEmerson

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Photo: Evgenia Eliseeva

Jessie Mueller in A.R.T.’s 2015 production of Waitress, now on Broadway and at the Boston Opera House as part of Broadway in Boston through March 4, 2018.

A.R.T. Artistic Director’s Welcome @americanrep #TheWhiteCard

WELCOME TO THE WHITE CARD In difficult conversations about race, how do we stay in the room? The White Card grows out of this question—a pressing one for our democracy. This play continues a journey begun by playwright and poet Claudia Rankine in Citizen: An American Lyric. The only poetry book to be a New York Times bestseller in the nonfiction category, that work traces a current of violence flowing from history into the present, between the headlines and the everyday. Now, The White Card takes us into rooms where the questions sparked by Citizen ignite in real time. The story unfolds in a home and a workplace. We recognize these spaces: they are the personal locations where the political never fails to materialize. These are the places where we struggle—and where we often fail—to grapple with our own relationship to America’s continuing legacy of brutality. Simultaneously, the play unfolds in the theater: a public space where we gather in our bodies, bearing our burning questions and a collective hope for progress. In the tradition of A.R.T.’s Act II initiative, and productions including Anna Deavere Smith’s Notes from the Field and Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World, The White Card endeavors to catalyze a conversation extending beyond the work onstage. Since January, over one thousand individuals across Boston—in book clubs and offices, in schools and City Hall—have gathered for Citizen Read, a series of facilitated discussions culminating in this production and a public conversation with Claudia on March 4. During the run of the show, audience members are invited to remain in the theater for a facilitated Act II discussion after every performance. These conversations, and this production, would not be possible without a remarkable team of collaborators. The White Card marks a groundbreaking partnership between ArtsEmerson and the A.R.T. I am also grateful to bring this new work to life with an extraordinary ensemble of performers and designers. In this production, I have reflected on James Baldwin’s observation—quoted in Citizen— that “the purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers.” In this world-premiere play, Claudia Rankine articulates questions which must be voiced in our current political moment: particularly, a question about how society can progress if whiteness stays invisible and unexamined. Thank you for staying in the room.

DIANE PAULUS Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director American Repertory Theater

ArtsEmerson presents the World Premiere of

the American Repertory Theater production of


Costume Design EMILIO SOSA



Associate Director CARL COFIELD


Projection Design PETER NIGRINI

Production Stage Manager SHARIKA NILES*

Dramaturgy P. CARL

Directed by DIANE PAULUS First performance at Emerson Paramount Center's Robert J. Orchard Stage on February 24, 2018. The White Card was originally conceived by ArtsEmerson, Boston, MA. It was commissioned by ArtsEmerson and the American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, MA. The world premiere was produced by A.R.T. and presented by ArtsEmerson in 2018. ArtsEmerson is grateful to Joan and David Maxwell for their support of The White Card. The White Card is funded in part by ArtsEmerson's Gaining Ground Fund. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. The ArtsEmerson 2017/2018 Season is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ted Cutler. The A.R.T 2017/18 Season is dedicated to President Drew Faust in recognition of her extraordinary leadership in making the arts an integral part of the cognitive life of Harvard University. A.R.T. SEASON SUPPORT

The A.R.T. 2017/18 Season is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


(in order of appearance)

Virginia......................................................PATRICIA KALEMBER* Eric................................................................................JIM POULOS* Charles.............................................................DANIEL GERROLL* Charlotte...........................................................KAREN PITTMAN* Alex..........................................................................COLTON RYAN* UNDERSTUDIES Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance. For Virginia: LAURA YUMI SNELL^ For Eric: MICHAEL SCOTT GOMEZ^, RYAN RHUE^ For Charles: RAFAEL MARINHO, NATHANIEL WEISS For Charlotte: ADOBUERE EBIAMA*, ME'LISA SELLERS^, ERIN NICOLE WASHINGTON For Alex: JOEL DERBY, JESSE CHARLES FRIEDMAN SETTING: New York City Scene 1: March 2017 Scene 2: The Present The show runs approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission, followed by an Act II discussion.

ADDITIONAL STAFF Assistant Stage Manager.........................................................................ALEX EBERLE* Assistant Director........................................................................................HALLE MORSE Assistant Scenic Designer......................................................................CLAIRE DELISO Assistant Costume Designer.........................................................HEATHER STANLEY Assistant Lighting Designer........................................................................ZACH MOLIN Front of House Mixer.................................................................................JUSTIN VINING A.R.T. Institute Production Dramaturg.......................................REBECCA CURRAN Act II Facilitator Trainer..............................................................STACY BLAKE-BEARD Act II Facilitators................................................BETHANY M. ALLEN, BETSY BARD, KEVIN BECERRA, LIZZY COOPER DAVIS, ROBERT DUFFLEY, ASHLEY HERRING, TRINA JACKSON, KATHY McDONOUGH, JAMES MONTAÑO, BRENNA NICELY, LESLIE STERLING, MAUREEN WHITE Production Assistant.............................................................JULIET MAZER-SCHMIDT (*) Member of Actors’ Equity Association (^) Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

SPECIAL THANKS Martha Tuttle and Tilton Gallery, New York; Gail Anderson The Hutchins Center for African & African American Research Catherine Barnett, Allison Coudert, Beth Loffreda, Adam Plunkett, Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels ArtsEmerson would like to thank the Boston Fire Department, the Inspectional Services Division, and the Mayor's Office for their help with the production of The White Card. This production was rehearsed at The Perishing Square Signature Center, 480 West 42nd Street, NY, NY 10036,


Following each performance of The White Card, audiences are invited to participate in Act II, facilitated conversation about the play.

For more information about A.R.T.’s Act II programming, visit us online at

In partnership with:

Citizen Read

ArtsEmerson and American Repertory Theater welcome participants of the Citizen Read discussion series to The White Card. Citizen Read discussions kicked off in January, and to date, more than one thousand area residents from over 80 groups are participating. Citizen Read includes facilitated conversations of Rankine's 2014 New York Times bestselling book of poetry Citizen: An American Lyric in book clubs throughout Boston and Cambridge, a conversation featuring Claudia Rankine and book club participants on March 4, and an opportunity to attend The White Card. Official enrollment has closed, but If you or your book group are interested in hosting a conversation about Citizen, please visit or for a facilitation guide and more information about the project.

2017/18 at the A.R.T.


Jagged Little Pill

Dragon Lady

Introducing nineties anthems including “Ironic,” “You Oughta Know,” and “Hand In My Pocket,” Jagged Little Pill (1995) established Canadian singer-songwriter and Grammy Award winner Alanis Morissette as an alternative rock icon. Diane Paulus (Waitress, Pippin) directs this world premiere musical based on the groundbreaking album with a book by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno).

By the light of the karaoke machine, Grandma Maria, fueled by pork dumplings and diet Pepsi, shares a dark secret from her Filipino gangster past with one lucky grandchild. Traversing 50 years of faulty family memories, Seattle-based performer Sara Porkalob presents this timely new musical about what it means to come to America.

May 5 - June 30, 2018 at the Loeb Drama Center

Previews (May 5 - May 23) on sale now. Performances after May 25 available starting March 15.

The Donkey Show Ever Saturday Night at OBERON

Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus's celebrated smash hit The Donkey Show, brings you the ultimate disco experience—a crazy circus of mirror balls and feathered divas, of roller skaters and hustle queens inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

March 22 - 24, 2018 at OBERON

Wig Out!

April 26 - May 13, 2018 at OBERON

Sizzling with sincerity and style, and fueled by a pop-filled playlist, this exhilarating show by the writer of the cinematic sensation Moonlight brings the riotous, defiant drag queen sub-culture of the early 2000s to glorious, vivid life. Presented in collaboration with Company One Theatre.

Continue your experience today: 10

60 YEARS. 3 GENERATIONS. 1 FILIPINO GANGSTER FAMILY. Sara Porkalob’s Dragon Lady comes to A.R.T.’s OBERON this March.


A Note from Playwright Claudia Rankine and Dramaturg P. Carl "You cannot live thirty years with something in your closet, which you know is there, and pretend it is not there without something terrible happening to you. If I know that any one of you has murdered your brother or your mother, and the corpse is in this room under the table, and I know it and you know it, and you know I know it, and we cannot talk about it, it takes no time at all before we cannot talk about anything... before absolute silence descends." James Baldwin Debate with Malcolm X, September 5, 1963 12

Through the course of creating this play, the fault line between black and white lives has never seemed sharper. As we worked on the play, its themes and story lines played out in real time. The character Charlotte was Charlotte before the march of white supremacists through Charlottesville, Virginia with their tiki torches. A discussion of the photograph of Emmett Till in an open casket published in Jet magazine in 1955 was in the play before the Whitney Biennial in March of 2017 displayed a painting of the body of Emmett Till in a casket by the white artist Dana Schutz. Black artists protested white appropriation of what they termed “black death spectacle,� and this sparked a national conversation about the representation of black death. The frame of the play, put in place in 2016, uses white philanthropy as a mechanism to think about how race and structural racism get talked about. These questions about

"You and I are out in the world, and it’s as if there’s a fault line that runs the entirety of our lives between us. On your terms, there’s no way for me to get to you on the other side."

the role of white philanthropy in addressing racism were already in place before Agnes Gund sold a Lichtenstein The White Card painting for $150 million to combat black incarceration. It seemed each week there was another event that would reflect what was on the page, which sometimes found its way into the script. As the lines between the play and the world continued to blur, we came to understand that current events had always been our history. The explosion in America of discussions about which bodies get to be allowed access to a “liveable” life, as theorist Judith Butler discusses in her book Frames of War: When is Life Grievable, has filled our newsfeed. Black men shot in their cars, Muslims banned from traveling to the US, immigrants pulled from their workplaces and their families to be deported, transgender people specifically targeted to be denied military service and healthcare, and the #MeToo movement—women finally telling the gruesome stories of abuse and discrimination to demand “time’s up.” The play exists to consider a way forward. It looks at what feels like a fault line so wide that we will never be able to find each other on the other side. And yet, we are in each other’s way every day without knowing what to say. As we sit in the theater in such close proximity to one another, as we embrace the discomfort of the words and histories we fear to speak, we hope the play sparks the kind of risky, vulnerable, and nuanced conversation that the urgency of our situation demands.



Cast PATRICIA KALEMBER Virginia A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: Don’t Dress for Dinner, Losing Louie, The Nerd. OffBroadway: Y2K, From Above, Search and Destroy, The Foreigner (Original Cast). Regional: Westport Playhouse, Bay Street Theater, Baltimore Center Stage. Film/TV: Limitless, Girl Most Likely, Company Men, Signs, Jacob’s Ladder, “Thirtysomething,” “Sisters,” “Olive Kitteridge,” “Power,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Madam Secretary,” “The Tick.” JIM POULOS Eric A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: Rent (Mark Cohen), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Huck Finn). Off-Broadway: My Life With Albertine, Playwrights Horizons. London: Paradise Found, Menier Chocolate Factory. Regional: Hamlet, Amadeus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; A Christmas Carol, Denver Center Theatre Company; Clybourne Park, Geva Theatre Center/Cleveland Play House; Amadeus, Company, Spamalot, Geva Theatre Center. Film/TV: Slo Mo, “Guiding Light,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” Education/Training: Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts. DANIEL GERROLL Charles A.R.T.: Demons (by Robert Brustein/ Christopher Marlowe). ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: Plenty, High Society, The Homecoming, Enchanted April. Off-Broadway: Shadowlands, Intimacy, Lost in the Stars, The Dear Boy, Psychopathia Sexualis, The Importance of Being Earnest. Regional: My Fair Lady, Amadeus, Seminar, Much Ado About Nothing, A Christmas Carol, The Royal Family, Pygmalion. Film/ TV: Still Alice, Those People, The Namesake, Big Business, Chariots of Fire, “Seinfeld,” “Cheers,” “The Starter Wife,” “Cashmere Mafia,” “The Good Wife,” “Blue Bloods,” “Sisters.” Awards: Obie Award, Theatre World Award, Outer Critics Circle Award.

KAREN PITTMAN Charlotte A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: Disgraced (2015 Theatre World Award), Good People, Passing Strange. Off-Broadway: Pipeline, Domesticated, Lincoln Center; King Liz, Second Stage. Regional: Disgraced, Mark Taper Forum; Two Things, Denver Center; Duke Ellington, Kennedy Center. Film/TV: Benji the Dove; Detroit; Custody; Begin Again; “Love You More,” Amazon; “The Americans,” FX; “Luke Cage," Netflix; “Horace and Pete,” Hulu; “Blindspot,” NBC. Education/Training: BS, Voice and Opera, Northwestern University; MFA, Acting, New York University. COLTON RYAN Alex A.R.T.: Debut. Broadway: Dear Evan Hansen. Film/ TV: “Homeland” (J.J. Elkins, Season 7); Adam (Brad); “The Americans”; “Law and Order: SVU”. Education/Training: BM, Musical Theater, Baldwin Wallace University. ADOBUERE EBIAMA Charlotte (Understudy) A.R.T.: Debut. ArtsEmerson: Mr. Joy. Regional: The Convert (IRNE Award for Best Actress in a Drama), Central Square Theater; The Bluest Eye (IRNE Award nomination for Best Actress in a Drama), She Kills Monsters, Company One. Film/TV/Web: Proud Mary, “The Pineapple Diaries” (Latino Short Film Festival Best Actress nomination).






See what’s up next from the A.R.T. Institute Class of 2018 Our Town

Assistance March 15 - 17, 2018

Written by Leslye Headland Directed by Scott Zigler

Starts May 20, 2018

Written by Thornton Wilder Directed by Marcus Stern



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Creative Team CLAUDIA RANKINE Playwright A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Claudia Rankine is the author of five collections of poetry including Citizen: An American Lyric and Don’t Let Me Be Lonely, two plays including Provenance of Beauty: A South Bronx Travelogue, and numerous video collaborations. She is the editor of several anthologies including The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind. For Citizen, Rankine won both the PEN Open Book Award and the PEN Literary Award, the NAACP Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry (Citizen was the first book ever to be named a finalist in both the poetry and criticism categories) and was a finalist for the National Book Award. Citizen also holds the distinction of being the only poetry book to be a New York Times bestseller in the nonfiction category. Among her numerous awards and honors, Rankine is the recipient of the Poets & Writers’ Jackson Poetry Prize and fellowships from the Lannan Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in California and teaches at Yale University as the Frederick Iseman Professor of Poetry. DIANE PAULUS Director A.R.T.: Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World (currently playing at Manhattan Theatre Club), Waitress (currently on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theater and on national tour in Boston at the Boston Opera House through March 4), Crossing, Finding Neverland (currently on US national tour), Witness Uganda, Pippin (Tony Award, Best Revival and Best Director), The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess (Tony Award, Best Revival; NAACP Award, Best Direction), Prometheus Bound, Death and the Powers: The Robots’ Opera, Best of Both Worlds, The Donkey Show. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Diane Paulus is the Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director of the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at Harvard University, and was selected for the 2014 Time 100, Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Other recent work includes Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, currently

on tour in South America, Invisible Thread at Second Stage, and The Public Theater’s Tony Award-winning revival of HAIR on Broadway and London’s West End. As an opera director, her credits include The Magic Flute, the complete Monteverdi cycle, and the trio of MozartDa Ponte operas. Paulus is Professor of the Practice of Theater in Harvard University’s English Department. P. CARL Dramaturg A.R.T.: Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women (Act II host). ArtsEmerson (Dramaturg and Producer): Melinda Lopez’s Mala (2017 Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding New Script), Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen’s How to Be a Rock Critic, and Deborah Stein and Suli Holum’s The Wholehearted. Dr. Carl is a distinguished artist in residence at Emerson College in Boston. He is also a writer and lecturer on theatre, gender, inclusive practices, and innovative models for building community and organizations. Dr. Carl is the founder of the journal HowlRound and co-founder of the subsequent online platform HowlRound Theatre Commons. In 2017, Dr. Carl was given a prestigious Art of Change Fellowship from the Ford Foundation, was named Theatre Person of the Year in 2015 (National Theatre Conference), and was named an alumnus of notable distinction from the University of Minnesota. His former positions include director of HowlRound Theatre Commons, co-artistic director of ArtsEmerson, director of artistic development at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and producing artistic director at The Playwrights’ Center, Minneapolis. Dr. Carl holds a PhD in comparative studies in discourse and society from the University of Minnesota, and is currently working on his memoir, Becoming a White Man.



Creative Team RICCARDO HERNANDEZ Scenic Design A.R.T.: Over twenty productions including, most recently, Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education, The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess, Prometheus Bound, Best of Both Worlds, The Seagull, Julius Caesar, Britannicus, and Marat/Sade. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: Indecent; The Gin Game; The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess; The People in the Picture; Caroline, or Change, National Theatre London; Elaine Stritch: At Liberty, Old Vic; Topdog/Underdog, Royal Court; Bells Are Ringing; Parade (directed by Hal Prince, Tony, Drama Desk nominations); Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk; The Tempest. OffBroadway: Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train, Signature; Milma’s Tale, Grounded, Public Theater; The Skin of Our Teeth, Theatre for a New Audience. International: Théâtre du Châtelet, Avignon, (Cour d’honneur Palais des Papes), Oslo, National Theatre, Abbey Theatre. Recipient, Obie Award for Sustained Excellence in Design. Hernandez is on the faculty at Yale School of Drama. EMILIO SOSA Costume Design A.R.T.: Father Comes Home From The Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3), O.P.C., Witness Uganda, The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess, Best of Both Worlds. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: On Your Feet!, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill, Motown, The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess (Tony nomination), Topdog/Underdog. OffBroadway: Water by the Spoonful; By the Way, Meet Vera Stark (Lucille Lortel and NAACP Theater Awards), Second Stage; The Capeman; Juan and John; Romeo and Juliet, Public Theater; The Misanthrope, All That I Will Ever Be, NYTW. Regional: Othello, Guthrie Theater; Ruined, Señor Discretion Himself (Helen Hayes Award nominee), Arena Stage; Twist, Alliance; Once On This Island, Center Stage.

STEPHEN STRAWBRIDGE Lighting Design A.R.T.: Richard II; When We Dead Awaken; The Bald Soprano; The Chairs; Tonight We Improvise; End of the World, With Symposium to Follow. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Over 200 productions on and off Broadway, at most major regional theater and opera companies across the US and internationally. Nominations and awards: American Theatre Wing, Drama Desk, Henry Hewes Design, Lucille Lortel, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle, Connecticut Critics Circle, Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum and Helen Hayes. Co-chair, Design Department, Yale School of Drama; resident lighting designer, Yale Repertory Theatre. WILL PICKENS Sound Design A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: M. Butterfly, Indecent, Dames at Sea, Honeymoon In Vegas, The Realistic Joneses, Bronx Bombers, A Time To Kill, Death of a Salesman. Off-Broadway: Woodshed Collective, Ars Nova, MaYi, NYTW, MCC, Roundabout, Origin Theatre Company. Regional: The Old Globe, Asolo Theater, Berkeley Rep, TheaterWorks Hartford, Barrington Stage Co., Wilma. A proud member of USA 829 and TSDCA. PETER NIGRINI Projection Design A.R.T.: Arrabal, Witness Uganda. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: The SpongeBob Musical; Dear Evan Hansen; Amélie; A Doll’s House, Part 2; An Act of God; The Heidi Chronicles; The Best Man; Fela!. Other theater: Grounded, Here Lies Love, Public Theater; Wakey, Wakey, Signature; Real Enemies, BAM; Notes from Underground, Yale Rep. Opera: Don Giovanni, Lucia di Lammermoor, Santa Fe Opera. Dance: The Grace Jones Hurricane Tour, Blind Date, Bill T. Jones. Upcoming: Orfeo and Eurydice, Opera Theatre of St. Louis; Ain’t Too Proud, Kennedy Center; The Beetlejuice Musical, Broadway.


Creative Team STEPHEN KOPEL, CSA Casting A.R.T.: Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women; Witness Uganda; O.P.C.; The Glass Menagerie; Once; Ajax; The Blue Flower; Johnny Baseball; Best of Both Worlds. ArtsEmerson: Debut. Casting director for Roundabout Theatre Company & Encores! Off-Center. Broadway credits include: Sunday in the Park with George, The Play That Goes Wrong, Beautiful: the Carole King Musical, Amélie, Violet, Winslow Bow, The Glass Menagerie, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Harvey, Don’t Dress for Dinner, Once, Road to Mecca, On A Clear Day…, Anything Goes, Brief Encounter, Scottsboro Boys, Sondheim On Sondheim, Hedda Gabler. CARL COFIELD Associate Director A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Off-Broadway: Dutchman (AUDELCO nomination, Best Director), Classical Theatre of Harlem/ National Black Theatre; The Tempest, Macbeth (AUDELCO nomination, Best Director), Classical Theatre of Harlem; Will Power’s The Seven, Connelly Theater. Regional: One Night in Miami (Huffington Post best of L.A. 2013; N.A.A.C.P. Award, Best Director; L.A. Drama Critics Circle, and others), Rogue Machine Theatre/ Denver Center Theatre; A Raisin in the Sun, Two River Theater Company; Henry IV, Part 2, OSF; Disgraced, Denver Center Theatre; Camp David (Assistant Director, world premiere reading at Camp David for President and First Lady Carter). Teaching: New York University, The New School. Education/Training: MFA, Columbia University. SHARIKA NILES Production Stage Manager A.R.T. Finding Neverland (ASM), The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess (ASM). ArtsEmerson: Debut. Broadway: The Play That Goes Wrong, The Color Purple (Revival), Finding Neverland, Motown, Pippin, The Gershwins' Porgy & Bess. National Tours: The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess, Without You, The Color Purple. Off-Broadway: The Tempest, Richard III, Well, Take Me Out, A Winter’s Tale, Suburbia. The Apollo Theater Production Coordinator/Stage Manager. 22

ALEX EBERLE Assistant Stage Manager A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. National Tour: Finding Neverland (ASM), Anything Goes (PSM). International Tour: Shrek The Musical (PSM), Beauty and the Beast (PSM). Regional: The Old Globe, Barrington Stage Company, Triad Stage. Education/Training: BFA, University of North Carolina School of the Arts. HALLE MORSE Assistant Director A.R.T./ArtsEmerson: Debut. Performance: Broadway: Mamma Mia!. National Tour: Hello, Dolly!. Off-Broadway: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Classical Theatre of Harlem; The Marvelous Wonderettes, Kirk Theater. Regional: The Little Mermaid, The MUNY; Hairspray, Sacramento Music Circus; Rent, Pioneer Theatre Company; Les Miserables, Fireside Theatre. Production: Broadway: Hamilton. Off-Broadway: The Tempest, Classical Theatre of Harlem; The First Noel, The Apollo; Jomama Jones, Public Theater; Blood at the Root, National Black Theatre. Education/Training: BFA, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

The actors and stage managers employed in this production are members of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.

United Scenic Artists represents the designers and scenic painters for the American Theatre.

The Director of this production is a member of the STAGE DIRECTORS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS SOCIETY, a national theatrical labor union.

The American Repertory Theater and ArtsEmerson are members of ArtsBoston, StageSource, and Theatre Communications Group.

A delightful new enchantment of stagecraft and cinema from the makers of Kiss & Cry.



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Waitress composer Sara Bareilles discussing the show with local students.

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Andrew Ory, Chair Diane Borger Laurie Burt Paul Buttenwieser RoAnn Costin Michael Feinstein Provost Alan M. Garber Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Catherine Gellert Rebecca Grafstein Lori Gross Ann Gund Sarah Hancock Jonathan Hulbert Steve Johnson Alan K. Jones Robin Kelsey Herman “Dutch” Leonard Serena Lese Dennis Masel Thomas B. McGrath Ward Mooney Bob Murchison Dan Nova Diane Paulus Mike Sheehan Fay Shutzer Sid Yog

BOARD OF ADVISORS Ann Gund, Co-Chair Karen Mueller, Co-Chair Paolo Abelli Frances Shtull Adams Robert Bowie, Jr. Amy Brakeman Philip Burling* Greg Carr Antonia Handler Chayes* Lucy Chung Lizabeth Cohen Lisa Coleman Kathleen Connor Rohit Deshpande Susan Edgman-Levitan Shanti Fry Erin Gilligan Jonathan Glazer Candy Kosow Gold Rachael Goldfarb Robert C. Green Barbara Wallace Grossman Peggy Hanratty Marcia Head James Higgins Linda A. Hill Horace H. Irvine II Brenda Jarrell Emma Torres Johnson Jerry Jordan Dean Huntington Lambert Ursula Liff Timothy Patrick McCarthy Travis McCready Irv Plotkin Martin Puchner Ellen Gordon Reeves Pat Romeo-Gilbert Linda U. Sanger Molly Schoek Maggie Seelig Dina Selkoe John A. Shane Michael Shinagel Lisbeth Tarlow Sarasina Tuchen Susan Ware Michael Yogman Stephen H. Zinner, M.D. *Emeriti


The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at Harvard University is a leading force in the American theater, producing groundbreaking work in Cambridge and beyond. The A.R.T. was founded in 1980 by Robert Brustein, who served as Artistic Director until 2002, when he was succeeded by Robert Woodruff. Diane Paulus began her tenure as Artistic Director in 2008. Under the leadership of Paulus and Executive Producer Diane Borger, the A.R.T. seeks to expand the boundaries of theater by programming events that immerse audiences in transformative theatrical experiences. Throughout its history, the A.R.T. has been honored with many distinguished awards, including the Tony Award for Best New Play for All the Way (2014); consecutive Tony Awards for Best Revival of a Musical for Pippin (2013) and The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess (2012), both of which Paulus directed; a Pulitzer Prize; a Jujamcyn Prize for outstanding contribution to the development of creative talent; the Regional Theater Tony Award; and numerous Elliot Norton and IRNE Awards. The A.R.T. collaborates with artists around the world to develop and create work in new ways. It is currently engaged in a number of multi-year projects, including a collaboration with Harvard’s Center for the Environment that will result in the development of new work over several years. Under Paulus’s leadership, the A.R.T.’s club theater, OBERON, has been an incubator for local and emerging artists and has attracted national attention for its innovative programming and business models. As the professional theater on the campus of Harvard University, the A.R.T. catalyzes discourse, interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative exchange among a wide range of academic departments, institutions, students, and faculty members, acting as a conduit between its community of artists and the university. The A.R.T. Institute for Advanced Theater Training, which is run in partnership with the Moscow Art Theatre School, offers graduate training in acting, dramaturgy, and voice. The A.R.T. also plays a central role in Harvard’s undergraduate Theater, Dance, and Media concentration. Dedicated to making great theater accessible, the A.R.T. actively engages more than 5,000 community members and local students annually in project-based partnerships, workshops, conversations with artists, and other enrichment activities both at the theater and across the Greater Boston area. Through all of these initiatives, the A.R.T. is dedicated to producing world-class performances in which the audience is central to the theatrical experience.

Robert Brustein

27 As of February 2018

A.R.T. Donors

The American Repertory Theater is deeply grateful for the generous support of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies whose contributions make its work possible. The following gifts were received between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.

VISIONARY The Barr Foundation Amy and Ed Brakeman* Betsy and Edward Cohen*† Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Sarah Hancock*

$100,000 and above President and Fellows of Harvard College The Johnson Family* Alison and Bob Murchison*

The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust RN Family Foundation The Shubert Foundation

Fresh Sound Foundation Catherine Gellert*† Joseph Hammer The Hershey Family Foundation Allison Johnson * Serena and Bill Lese *† Massachusetts Cultural Council

Thomas B. McGrath and Sandy Medallis* National Endowment for the Arts Poss Family Foundation Rowland Foundation, Inc. Maureen and Mike Sheehan* Sid Yog*

Marcia Head* Barbara and Amos Hostetter* JetBlue Airways Alan Jones and Ashley Garrett*† Jerry Jordan* Landry Family Foundation Jeanne and Dennis Masel*† Lucy and Ward Mooney* Newbury Comics Inc. Annette and Dan Nova* The Pemberton Family Foundation

The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Lisbeth Tarlow and Stephen Kay* Theatre Forward Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Donald and Susan Ware*

Candy Kosow Gold and Martin Waters Lawrence Golub† Grayson Family Foundation Catherine Hayden and David Thurston Priscilla and Richard Hunt Judith and Douglas Krupp Liberty Mutual Michael and Jamie Lynton† YiLing Mao and Ping Mo† Sally McNagny and Robert Green Hee-Jung and John Moon† John and Carol Moriarty John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. Marjorie and Robert Ory Diane Paulus and Randy Weiner Cokie and Lee Perry Janet and Irv Plotkin

Stan Ponte and John Metzner† The Office of the Provost at Harvard University Andrew and Cynthia Richards† Karen Foote Richards Patricia Romeo-Gilbert and Paul Gilbert Valerie Beth Schwartz Foundation Silver Mountain for the Arts Delia and Robin Thompson Sarasina and Mike Tuchen Charlotte and Herb Wagner

BENEFACTOR Amy and David Abrams* The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Katie and Paul Buttenwieser* RoAnn Costin* The Dana Foundation E.H.A. Foundation Paul Finnegan*

$50,000 - $99,999

LEADER Ernie Boch Jr.* Laurie Burt* The Gregory C. Carr Foundation Chung Family Foundation Laura and Michael Dreese* Zita Ezpeleta and Kewsong Lee*† Andrew Farkas*† Michael Feinstein and Denise Waldron* Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein*† Ann and Graham Gund*

$25,000 - $49,999

PRODUCER Anonymous (1) Bill and Joan Alfond Sharmy and David Altshuler Yuriko Jane Anton and Philip Anton Jill and John Avery John, Robert, Thomas, & James Bailey Anita and Joshua Bekenstein Amanda Brown and Justin Chang† Hilary and Philip Burling Katherine Chapman Barbara and Rodgin Cohen† Alexi and Steve Conine Karen and Brian Conway Crystal Financial Linda and Daniel Cummings Debbie DeCotis† The Elphaba Fund Drew Faust


$10,000 - $24,999

PARTNER Anonymous (2) Paolo Abelli Frances Shtull Adams Joel and Lisa Alvord ArtsBoston, Inc. Willa and Taylor Bodman Helen and Joe Bouscaren Robert Bowie, Jr. Cambridge Community Foundation Chet and Carol Cekala John F. Cogan Beth and Richard Compson Kathy Connor Susan Edgman-Levitan and Richard Levitan EY Shanti Fry and Jeffrey Zinsmeyer Erin Gilligan and Hoil Kim Jonathan Glazer and Hadley Leach† Rachael Goldfarb Corinne Basler Grousbeck John and Hannah Grove

$5,000 - $9,999 Peggy Hanratty Pamela Haran and David S. Godkin John W. Henry Family Foundation Kathy and Ernie Herrman Heather and James Higgins† Bill and Yuko Hunt Janice and Ralph James Brenda Jarrell Lars Charitable Foundation Lori Lesser‡ John D.C. Little Tristin and Martin Mannion Karen and Gary Mueller Jim Nuzzo Janny and Dave Offensend Erica and Ted Pappendick D. Randy Peeler Julia Pershan and Jonathan Cohen‡ Diane Quinn and Keith Freiter Rosse Family Charitable Foundation Molly Schoeck and Guy MacDonald

Maggie and Jonathan Seelig The Shane Foundation Mark Stein John Travis Luis Ubiñas and Deborah Tolman‡ Fran and Barry Weissler‡ Mary and Ted Wendell Dyann and Peter Wirth Michael Yogman and Elizabeth Ascher Gwill York and Paul Maeder Stephen H. Zinner, M.D. and S. Wade Taylor, PhD

Tracey and Jonathan Hurd Madeline Jacquet Karen Johansen and Gardner Hendrie Alexandra Juckno Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman‡ Jane L. Katz‡ Jason Kemper and Thor Perplies‡ Mary Ford Kingsley and Gordon Kingsley Alvin and Barbara Krakow Ann and Ted Kurland Barbara H. Landreth, M.D.‡ Herman "Dutch" Leonard and Kathryn Angell Felicia and Robert Lipson‡ The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Barbara Millen and Markley Boyer Diana Nelson and John C. Atwater‡ Marie Nugent-Head and Mr. James C. Marlas‡

Tracy and Leon Palandjian Panta Rhea Foundation Heidi Pribell and Bob Svikhart Rafanelli Events Ellen Gordon Reeves† Brett Robbins Barbara Schapiro Chrys and Rob Schmults Wendy Shattuck and Sam Plimpton Harry Sherr and Cynthia Strauss Fay and William Shutzer† Stacie Simon and Hal Tepfer Epp Sonin Fredericka and Howard Stevenson Hannah and Andy Stevenson Beth and Anthony Terrana Sandra Urie and Frank Herron Mindee Wasserman, Esq. Davin T. and David P. Wedel Dr. Norman Weeks Fancy and Jeff Zilberfarb

SPONSOR Anonymous (5) Kathryn Biberstein Barbara E. Bierer, M.D. and Steven E. Hyman, M.D.* Diane Borger Denise Casper Shannon Chandley and Tom Silvia Clarke and Ethel D. Coggeshall Lizabeth Cohen and Herrick Chapman Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski Rohit Deshpande Andrew Dominus and Stephanie Altman Dominus‡ Nancy Donahoe and John Cohen Epstein Joslin Architects Deborah and Ronald Feinstein Jody and Thomas Gill Mark Glasser and Frank McWeeny Barbara and Steve Grossman Gail and Walter Harris Peter Hornstra

$2,500 - $4,999

PATRON Anonymous (3) Naomi Aberly and Larry Lebowitz Mary Akerson and Steven Cohen Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., CPAs Helle Mathiason Alpert Dianne Anderson Evelyn Barnes and Mary Carter James Basker‡ George and Barbara Beal Carol Beggy The Beker Foundation Dr. Susan E. Bennett and Dr. Gerald B. Pier Susana and Clark Bernard Leonard and Jane Bernstein Lisa Bevilaqua Barbara and William Boger Garen Bohlin & Diana Sorensen Joy and Steven Bunson‡ Jonathan Bush Elizabeth Washburn Cabot The Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499 Sara Campbell Mary Cassesso and Peter Miller Ronald Casty Lynne and John Chuang Codman Academy Charter Public School Dr. Lisa Coleman† Cindy and Tom Costin Olive Darragh Paula L. and Anthony M. Demarco Mark Diker and Deborah Colson‡ Zach Durant-Emmons Tara and Mike Edelman Amy Edmondson and George Daley Mary and Juan Enriquez Michelle Fee Smith and Michael Fee Lisa Frantzis and Ophelia Dahl Donald Fulton Paul Goldenheim Phil Gormley and Erica Bisguier Lindsay and Garth Greimann Marjorie and Nicholas Greville

Lori E. Gross and Robert Douglas Campbell Jeanne Hagerty Melinda Hall and Larry Pratt Michael Harper Phyllis Harrington Beth Heard-Laffey Linda A. Hill and Dr. Roger E. Breitbart Jen Horton and David Regan Maisie and James Houghton Hunt Alternatives Beth Hutchins and Pete Skeggs Priscilla Kauff‡ Robin E. Kelsey Stephanie and Rakesh Khurana Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone Josh Krugman Hunt and Kelly Lambert William Leblanc Stacey Schneer Lee Christine and David Letts Nir Liberboim



PATRON (cont'd) Mr. and Mrs. Hambleton Lord Loro Piana Philip Lovejoy and James Moses David Margolin and Nancy Bernhard Beth and Carmine Martignetti Alison McArdle Jenny and Tony Mcauliffe Jo Frances Meyer Kelly and Steven Migliero Anne Mitchell Debbie A. Murray, In memory of Ronald Dale Adams Evelyn and Maclyn Musser Sabrina and Robert Nicholson William O. Nutting and Veronica Zoani Quinterno Finley and Patricia Perry Susan Pett Susan and Bill Poduska

$1,000 - $2,499 Lia and William Poorvu Fern Portnoy and Roger Goldman Adele Pressman Suzanne Priebatsch Chris Prokop and Mark Battista Cynthia and John Reed Jill Richardson and Peter Chinetti Helen Riess, M.D. and Norman Nishioka, M.D. Tamara and Tony Rogers Gabriela and Bob Romanow Charles Rose Beatrice Roy Amy Russo Allison K. Ryder and David B. Jones Linda Sallop and Michael Fenlon Nichole Bookwalter Savenor and Alan Savenor Maura Costin Scalise and Bob Scalise

CONTRIBUTOR Anonymous (6) Stephanie Andrews and Marc White William M. Bazzy Dorothy Bowe Dorothea and Sheldon Buckler Antonia H. Chayes Alice Cort Ron Coyne Laura Crary Peter Crosby Laura and Simon Davidson Dorothy Rebecca Davies Susan M. Deutsch Eversource Energy Foundation Scott D. Feinstein Judy and Henry Frechette James Gamble Dr. Alan Garber and Dr. Anne Yahanda Givenik LLC Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good and Byron J. Good Susan Galer Wendy and Clark Grew Melissa Hale and Jim Woodman Dena and Felda Hardymon Professor Jay Harris Georgene and Dudley Herschbach Megan and David Hinckley James P. Hoben Caroline and Fred Hoppin Frederic H. Jacobs Belinda Juran and Evan Schapiro Joseph Kahan

$500 - $999 Jane Katims and Dan Perlman The Dr. Cyrus Katzen Foundation, Inc. Naomi Kaufman & Tom Quintal Jim Keegan Jeff and Lisa Kerrigan Lisabeth and James Kundert Laurie Laba and Neale Eckstein Lisa and Tim LaLonde‡ The Landa Family Abigail Lash and Austin Shapard Priscilla Lawrence and Patrick Melampy Ursula Liff Kathleen Malley Barbara Manocherian‡ Wendy Mariner and Toby Nagurney W. Kathy Martin and David L. Johnson Peter Mazareas Anita Meiklejohn and Vincent Piccirilli Sharon Miller Deborah and Timothy Moore Aileen Murphy Newton at Home Professor Suzanne P. Ogden and Peter Rogers Dr. Shara Oken Stacy Osur and Keith Gilbert Deval and Diane Patrick Donald and Laurie Peck Daphne Petri James Preston

SUPPORTER Anonymous (1) Shari Malyn Abbott and Jon Abbott Laura Althoff Donna and Albert Bangert James Banker Richard Bankhead and Kemper Thompson Miles Barnett Thomas Bator Benevity Community Impact Fund Andrea L. Benoit and Michael Parsons

Susan and Bob Schechter Mark Schuster Michael Shinagel and Marjorie North Ray Smith‡ Rachael Solem Somerled Charitable Foundation Vivian and Lionel Spiro Beth and Michael Stonebraker Deborah Sweet and Steven Lazar Melinda B. Thaler‡ Sarah Thomas Mark and Diane Thompson The Joseph W. and Faith K. Tiberio Charitable Foundation Ruth and Bill Weinstein Tricia and Nick Winton Alfred Wojciechowski and Tammerah Martin

Jack and Jane Reardon Sally C. Reid and John D. Sigel Jane Brooks Robbins Gail Roberts Karen Ruben Dr. Linda U. Sanger* Adina Schecter‡ Steven Showalter and Jeffrey Davis Ildiko Sragli and Barry Appelman‡ Lisa Stern and Jim Brochin‡ Leslie and Dan Sullivan Sally Thurston Jane and William Vaughn III Richard Walton and Susan Olsen Walton Jonice Webb and Seth Davis Jo Wellins Lally Weymouth‡ Kelsey Wirth and Dr. Samuel Myers Marla and Ron Wolf‡ Jane Wolfson Lisa and Clark Wright Candace Young Carolyn Zern

$250 - $499 Professor Peter Bien and Mrs. Chrysanthi Bien Catherine Bird Margie and Michael Bogdanow Peter Bryant Dr. Bryan Bryson Marie and Peter Butler Donna Case‡ Joan and Steve Clark Arlene and Steven Cohen Pieter Cohen Dale and Peter Coxe The Cranton Family

Diane Danielson Jo Ann David-Kasdan and Menachem Kasdan Nancy Dellarocco Jane and Stephen Deutsch Patrick and Nancy Dignan Charlotte Dixon Dorothy Elms and Doug Brown Lewis Feldstein Lesley Field‡ Anna Fitzloff Robin Freeman Howard Gardner, M.D.



SUPPORTER (cont'd) Robert and Kathleen Garner Claudine Gay Sandra Ginnis Patricia Glazer and Bob Egan Laurie and Jeffrey Goldbarg, M.D. Mark Granovsky Ilene Greenberg and Michael Maynard Drs. Shelly Greenfield & Allan Brandt Lisa Gruenberg and Martin Carmichael Robert Harrington John Hayden Tamara Hermann Johanna and Andrew Herwitz‡ Lisa Heyison Alice Hoffman Sonia Hofkosh and Jonathan Hulbert Chad Jackson and Kathryn Burton Raymond Jacques Sarah Jaffe and Richard Eisert‡ Kasey Kaufman Thomas Keirstead Sheila Kennedy Lynn Kodama Steven Lampert and Anita Feins Lisa and Bill Laskin Heidi Legg Angela Lifsey

$250 - $499 Jonathan Litt Vanessa Liu‡ Noreen Major Stephen Martyak and Ryan Means Diane Masters James Mattimore Louisa and Kevin McCall Lisa McDonough Professor Marcyliena Morgan Dr. Deborah Moran Scott J. Nathan Susan and Ed Novick‡ Katharine Olmsted Robert Paster Drs. Hilda and Max Perlitsh Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Sarah Piper‡ William Reardon Steve Rivera Amy Rowe Victoria Sandin Gladys Santiago‡ Diane DeBono Schafer Ivy Scricco Drs. Margaret J. and Michael P. Simon Judith Singer and Beth Gamse Timothy Speedy‡ Karen and Steve Stulck Tavneet Suri

James Therrien Gillien Todd and Kingsley Taft Lynn and George Vos‡ William Waters Susan Weiss Lisa Weissmann Amanda and Ryan West Sharon Goddard White and David White Deborah Whitehill and Howard Zaharoff Ann Wozencraft and Craig Willey‡ Jeffrey Zapfe Warren and Nikki Zapol William Zinn * Donors who provide annual operating support of $25,000 or more are members of the Artistic Director’s Circle. † A.R.T. N.Y.C. Leadership Circle Members. The A.R.T. N.Y.C. Leadership Circle includes New York-based donors of $10,000 and above, and all New York-based Trustees and Advisors. ‡ A.R.T. N.Y.C. Supporters

FROM OUR WINGS TO YOURS. JetBlue is proud to be the Official Airline of the American Repertory Theater.


IN-KIND SUPPORTERS Ilex Designs/ Andrew Anderson (Floral Sponsor)

Aesop Beat Brasserie Boch Center Amy Brakeman Katie and Paul Buttenwieser Cambridge, 1. Ronald Casty The Catered Affair The Charles Hotel Michael Feinstein and Denise Waldron

JetBlue (Official Airline Sponsor)

Meyer Sound (Loeb Sound System Sponsor)

Lori Finkel and Andrew Cogan Google Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein Grafton Street The Graphic Group Harvest Henrietta's Table Les Sablons Marty Hom Alison and Bob Murchison Karen and Gary Mueller

PEAK Event Services (Party Rental Sponsor)

Noir Bar The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust The Regattabar Cheryl Richards The Sinclair Toscano

THEATRE FORWARD Theatre Forward is a not-for-profit organization that advances the American theater and its communities by providing funding and other resources to the country’s leading non-profit theaters. The following foundations, individuals, and corporations support these theaters through their contributions of $2,500 and above to Theatre Forward. The Ahmanson Foundation Buford Alexander and Pamela Farr American Express AT&T The Augustine Foundation ◊ Mitchell J. Auslander Joseph Baio* Bank of America Sheri and Les Biller Foundation Bloomberg Philanthropies BNY Mellon Steven & Joy Bunson Marianne Cassini Cisco Systems, Inc. Citi Sue Ann Collins* COOMI Paula A. Dominick Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Kevin & Anne Driscoll* John R. Dutt* Christ Economos Edgerton Foundation Epiq Systems ESCADA The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. EY* Bruce R. and Tracey Ewing Jessica Farr Alan & Jennifer Freedman Steven Gartner* Glen Gillen and Michael Lawrence Kiki & David Gindler Goldman, Sachs & Co. Roe Green Foundation Richard K. Greene Nancy Hancock Griffith* Brian J. Harkins The Hearst Foundations ◊ Gregory S. Hurst Howard and Janet Kagan Rob Kauffman* Mary Kitchen and Jon Orszag* Ken Klein and Christine De Lisle Anthony and Diane Lembke, in honor of Brian J. Harkins, board member.*

Jody & David Lippman Susan and John Major Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. John Mathena and Michael Forester Jonathan Maurer and Gretchen Shugart MetLife Morgan Stanley Louise Moriarty & Patrick Stack* The Music Man Foundation ◊ National Endowment for the Arts ◊ Nederlander Producing Co. of America Newmark Holdings Lisa Orberg ◊ Frank & Bonnie Orlowski Pfizer, Inc. Presidio Leslie C. Quick, Jr. and Regina A. Quick Charitable Trust Foundation Thomas C. Quick RBC Wealth Management ◊ The Schloss Family Foundation ◊ Mary Lou Seidner* Elliott Sernel & Larry Falconio* Stephanie Scott Daniel A. Simkowitz George S. Smith, Jr. Southwest Airlines ◊† S&P Global TD Charitable Foundation ◊ Ten Chimneys Foundation Gretchen Shugart John Thomopoulos Evelyn Mack Truitt* James S. & Lynne Turley ◊ UBS University Hospitals Michael A. Wall* Wells Fargo ◊ Willkie Farr & Gallagher Isabelle Winkles

*Theatre Forward/DeWitt Stern Fund for New American Theatre ◊ Educating through Theatre Support †Includes In-kind support As of August 2017 Theatre Forward supporters are former supporters of National Corporate Theatre Fund and Impact Creativity.


A.R.T. Education and Community Programs

Education Experience A.R.T. Education Experiences spark meaningful discourse, in and out of school. In addition to fostering creativity, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity in our community, we support teachers with free arts-integrated teaching tools and affordable tickets to world-class theater at the A.R.T. Community Connections A.R.T. partners with Boston-area non-profit organizations, bringing high-quality arts experiences to underserved families and individuals. Community Connections pairs subsidized tickets to A.R.T. performances with enrichment programming ranging from private artist talks to in-depth workshops.


A.R.T. Kids Company Children ages 5–10 join us on Saturday mornings in the fall and spring to learn the fundamentals of theater by re-imagining classic and contemporary tales, live! Summer 2017 also marked the launch of the first-ever A.R.T. Kids Company Jamboree, a week-long, half-day program integrating storytelling with STEM learning. Proclamation An ensemble of local high school juniors and seniors team up with A.R.T. artists and Harvard scholars for an eight-week afterschool playmaking intensive. The result is a vivid, provocative, and fresh production devised and performed by the ensemble. This fall, the ensemble explored themes of seeking, using, and creating truth in Proclamation 5: True That!. To learn more about A.R.T. Education & Community Programs, visit:

Photo: Gretjen Helene Photography.

A.R.T. Education and Community programs offer in-depth access to A.R.T. artists and productions to everyone in our community.





Director of Artistic Programs/Dramaturg Artistic Producer Interim Special Assistant Company Manager Assistant Company Manager OBERON Production Manager OBERON Programming Manager OBERON Venue Manager OBERON Assistant Venue Manager OBERON Assistant Lighting Supervisor OBERON Assistant Sound Supervisor OBERON Theatrical Audio Technician OBERON House Lighting Programmer OBERON House Sound Engineer

Ryan McKittrick Mark Lunsford* Lindsey Goodwin Ryan Sweeney Alta Lewis Millard Skip Curtiss Emma Watt Leo X. Crowley Megan Minger Justin Paice Alex Giorgetti Katrina Sistare Sean Pieroth Michael Policare

Deputy Director of Development Director, Individual Giving Grants Manager Assistant Director, Events & Partnerships Development Information and Database Specialist Development Fellow

Jessica Morrison* Eric Bailey Meghan Coleman Christine Noah

General Manager Theater and Facilities Manager Loeb Receptionists Receptionists Cleaning Supervisor Cleaning Crew Chief Cleaning Team

Darnell Graham* Michael Winn

Steve Showalter Tracy Keene Sarah Leon, Maria Medeiros Alyssa Cordeiro, Jack Holder, Barbara Lindstrom, Sean O’Leary, Alison Schaefer, Matt Spano Anthony Sousa Hugo Lopez Felipe Barahona, Anna Canazalez, Santos Ruiz Lopez, Marvin Ventura

Senior Financial Accountant Financial Associate Payroll Coordinator Accounting Assistant Finance Intern

Rebecca Wrigley Toufiq Aitelfqih* David Jewett Yvette Layne* Kibru Agezi Dessie

Director of Patron Services/ System Administrator Derek Mueller Ticket Services Manager Alicia Curtis Audience Services Manager Stephen Wuycheck Assistant Ticket Services Manager Emma Putnam Ticket Services Representative Cassandra Long Weekend Shift Supervisor Heather Conroe Ticket Services Staff Kaylah Dixon, Danni Long, Tani Nakamoto, Nina Pelligra, Sean Watkins Front of House Manager Matt Spano Duty House Managers Heather Conroe, Marissa Friedman, Stephanie Pando, Courteney Smith Volunteer Usher Coordinator Barbara Lindstrom Director of Marketing and Communications Public Relations Director Senior Graphic Designer Editor and Assistant Dramaturg Education and Community Programs Manager Education and Community Programs Fellow Marketing and Communications Fellow Digital Graphics and Design Fellow Community Programs Assistant Social Media Assistant Videographer Marketing and Communications Interns

Grace Geller Rebecca Curtiss Joel Zayac Robert Duffley Brenna Nicely* James Montaño* Stacey Schutzman David Libbey Destiny Polk Mark Mauriello Johnathan Carr Grace Burns, Noelle Scarlett Education and Community Programs Interns Milo O’Connell, Olganuku Khaminwa-Joseph, Jared Wright

Associate Production Manager Production Supervisor, Pedagogical Programs Assistant Production Supervisor, Pedagogical Programs IATT Stage Management Fellow Costume/Props Stock Manager Costume Shop Manager Assistant Costume Shop Manager Head Draper Crafts Artisan Interim Wardrobe Supervisor

Matthew Adelman Alex Brandt Jeremy Goldenberg

Properties Manager Assistant Properties Manager Props Carpenter

Assistant Scenic Charge Artist Purchaser

Bryant Cyr Kristina Furey Suzanne O. Kadiff Carson Eddy Alma Reyes Caitlin Menotti Jeffrey Scott Burrows Emily Damron

Lighting and Projections Supervisor Assistant Lighting Supervisor Lighting and Projections Programmer and Operator

Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Scene Shop Supervisor Scenic Charge Artist Master Carpenter Scenic Carpenters

Jeremie Lozier Kat Nakaji*

Cynthia Lee-Sullivan Rebecca Helgeson Nicholas Menge Stephen Setterlun Kristin Knutson David Schultz Jerry Vogt Peter Doucette Bill Hawkins, Derek Jay, Dan Lincoln, York-Andreas Paris, Ray Reyes, Nick Tosches Heather Morris Brian Melcher

Sound Manager Assistant Sound Manager Front of House Mixer

Sam Lerner Bryan Atterberry Michelle Reiss

Assistant Stage Operations Supervisor Stage Operations—Props

Steven Manifold Ricky Roman

Director, Institute for Advanced Theater Training Administrative Director Associate Director Co-head of Dramaturgy Co-head of Dramaturgy Head of Voice & Speech Resident Literary Advisor Institute Fellow FOR THE WHITE CARD Scenic Carpenters

Painter Electricians

Load-In Crew (Sound) Engineering Consulting

Scott Zigler Julia Smeliansky Marcus Stern Anatoly Smeliansky Ryan McKittrick Erika Bailey Arthur Holmberg Katy Poludniak* Kyle Blanchette, Aaron Cohen, Thomas Eckenfels, Derek Epstein, Allen Karel, Aurelia Lyman, Andrew Martin, Stephen Maurer, Dawn Morningstar, Alex Phillips, Alexander Platt, Gabi Scheinthal, Rachel Shainwald, Nathaniel Taylor, Lukas Theodossiou, Connor Thompson Natasha Vogt Lighting Bridget Collins, Evey Connerty-Marin, Sam Cournyn, Sumner Ellsworth, Tyler Ericson, Daniel Johnson-Carter, Tyson Miller, Zach Molin, Rebecca O'Leary, Zachary Straffer, Adrian Yuen Elizabeth Cahill, Ari Kaufman, Alison Schaefer, Justin Vining McLaren Engineering Group

As of February 2018 *Members of the A.R.T. Diversity & Belonging Task Force. The Task Force is a staff-led initiative serving as a catalyst for improved diversity and belonging among A.R.T. staff, students, volunteers, artists, audience, and board members at the A.R.T.

This Season, the A.R.T. fondly remembers Alice Austin, who passed away unexpectedly this fall. Alice provided description for blind and low-visioned patrons of numerous productions at A.R.T. and around the Greater Boston area. Since first working with A.R.T. on The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess (2011), Alice guided the theater in the creation and curation of audio-described performances as well as advocating nationally for access to the arts.

HowlRound A free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that

From the journal

and facilitates connection between diverse practitioners.


After seven years of being on tenure-track in the

disruptive innovation. I am walking away from predominantly white academic theatre to

re-access what is truly important. - Clinnesha Sibley, How to Survive Predominately White Academic Theatre: Cause a Disruptive Innovation


The World Theatre Map is a user-generated directory and real-time map of the global theatre community. 38


About ArtsEmerson


ArtsEmerson is Boston’s leading presenter of contemporary world theatre. We are dedicated to engaging all communities through stories that reveal and deepen our connection to each DAVID DOWER other. By cultivating diversity in the art and in the audience, we ignite public conversation DIRECTOR around our most vexingARTISTIC societal challenges as a catalyst for overcoming them. David Dower joined ArtsEmerson as director of artistic programs in 2012 and was named artistic director into in 2015. is also co-founder a contributing editor to We are committed to welcoming everyone ourHe landmark venues, and located in Boston’s HowlRound. Prior, heprogram served as of associate artistic director of Arena downtown Theatre District, for a diverse contemporary theatre, film Stage and music (Washington, D.C.); and founded and served as artistic engages director ofin The Space from around our city and around our world. In addition, ArtsEmerson a Zrange Studio and co-founded and served as co-artistic director of The Z Collective (San of community partnerships and produces a series of initiatives that make visible the rich Francisco, CA). With ArtsEmerson he directed Guillermo Calderón’s Kiss, Daniel diversity of cultural activity in our region. These programs are core to our mission and Beaty’s Mr. Joy and Breath and Imagination, Melinda Lopez’s Mala, Baritones express our commitment to ourand civic responsibility to create a more cohesive society. UnBound, Maurice Hines’s Tappin’ Through Life. Dower earned the Inclusive Excellence Award (Emerson College); was a Gerbode Fellow (Gerbode Foundation);

named “MVP of Bay Area Theater” (San Francisco Chronicle); and was a Policy OUR LANDMARK was VENUES Fellow (National Endowment for the Arts). He studied at New York University’s

Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre Tisch School of the Arts, American University (Washington, D.C.) and Universidad Built in 1903 as the second performance venue in Boston’s historic Theatre District, the Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Originally from Westerly, RI, David resides in BosCutler Majestic Theatreton’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The venue was Dorchester neighborhood. Twitter: @ddower purchased by Emerson College in 1983 and magnificently restored through the support of Ted and Joan Benard-Cutler in 2003. It combines state-of-the-art theatre facilities with Old World charm, serving the Boston community by showcasing first-class performing arts in its DAVID C. HOWSE exquisite 1,200-seat auditorium.


Emerson Paramount Center David C. Howse ArtsEmersonperforming as executive arts director in 2015, and isthree fiscally The Emerson Paramount Center is a joined comprehensive hub, including and administratively responsible for multiple cultural in Downtown venues serving the public: the 565-seat Robert J. Orchard Stage, the venues 125-seat Jackie Boston. Priorthe he served as executive directorScreening of Boston Children’s Chorus, where he was Liebergott Black Box, and 170-seat Bright Family Room. Originally a 1930s instrumental in helping grow BCC from a pilot project serving 20 kids in 2003 to a cinema palace, The Paramount was one of the first movie houses in the city to screen film vibrant organization educating more than 500 singers in 12 choirs in 5 locations. with synchronized sound. Recognized as a Boston Historic Landmark, it remained closed for David earned the Social Innovation Forum Achievement Award (Root Cause) and three decades before being entrusted to“40 Emerson College restoreJournal). in livelyHe Art Decoinstyle, was included in the Under 40” (Bostonto Business serves many reopening to the publiccapacities in 2010. in the community, including as a trustee for Forbes House Museum; on the board of corporators for Eastern Bank; the board of Associated Grant Makers; the boards of directors for Chorus America and the Social Innovation Forum; on the board of overseers for the Museum of Fine Arts; the advisory council for the ArtsEmerson is the professional presenting and producing organization of the Office of the New England Foundation for the Arts; and as a member of the corporation of the Arts at Emerson College. Founded in 2010, the year the US Census confirmed there was no Community Music Center of Boston. David earned degrees from Bradley University single cultural majority(Peoria, in Boston, weNew committed to buildingof a Music cultural institution that IL) and England Conservatory (Boston, MA) and is areflects the diversity of our city.graduate We operate from Business the coreSchool’s belief that arts areExecutive for everyone. of Harvard Nextthe Generation Leadership By “putting the world on stage” He ArtsEmerson a reputation for presenting Program. teaches at thequickly Instituteestablished of Nonprofit Practice. Originally from TN, he resides Milton, MA. Twitter:programming @dchowse outstanding work from Murfreesboro, around the globe. And byinbringing diverse to


neighborhoods all over the city, we have become an integral part of Boston’s efforts to transform our bitter history of segregation into a resilient legacy of equity and unity in diversity. ArtsEmerson’s first seasons focused on building a world-class cultural institution, raising awareness of our existence, and forging a reputation for artistic excellence. In 2013 we expanded our focus, through a variety of civic engagement activities, setting out to become an effective partner in our city’s efforts to promote social cohesion. In both 2012 and 2015, Boston Magazine named ArtsEmerson “Best Theatre in Boston.” ArtsEmerson is currently led by Artistic Director David Dower and Executive Director David C. Howse.

2018 I DREAM:


Featuring an original performance created and performed by Fenway High School students and a celebration. MAY 30. 2018 6:30-8:30 pm JLBB


Free and open to the public, RSVP in May



An artist to artist salute community hosted Meet & Greet to celebrate the arrival of cast of Step Afrika’s The Migration! SAVE THE DATE APR 30, 2018 7:30-9:30PM Location: TBA Free and open to the public

RETURNING MAY 2018! What happened to Mr. Joy? A poignant story of class, race and learning to dream again.



ArtsEmerson Donors M. Lee Pelton, President, Emerson College

Ted Cutler (1931–2017), Champion & Grand Supporter of ArtsEmerson

FOUNDATIONS, GOVERNMENT & CORPORATIONS Leadership Circle ($50,000+) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Barr Foundation Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Fresh Sound Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Surdna Foundation Legacy Circle ($10,000 - $49,999) The Boston Foundation

Creating Connection, a program of Arts Midwest and the Metropolitan Group, with funding from the Barr Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation The Godfrey Hotel Liberty Mutual Foundation New England Foundation for the Arts Shubert Foundation Theodore Edson Parker Foundation

Marquee Society ($1,500 - $9,999) ArtsBoston AudienceLab Association of Performing Arts Professionals Boston Cultural Council BPS Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors Dudley Fellowes Athenaeum Trust Fund Friends of ArtsEmerson ($50 to $1,499) Massport++ Salon Monet++

INDIVIDUALS Leadership Circle ($50,000+) David and Joan Maxwell++ Ted and Mary Wendell++ Marillyn Zacharis++ Legacy Circle ($10,000 $49,999) Alison Fox and Marc Reinganum Hershey Family Foundation Marian Godfrey and Thomas Gardner++ Alyce and Patrick Lee++ Fred Lowery++ Kathy and David Maister Bill Newman and Sheila Johnson++ Vicki Reiss Valentine Talland and Nagesh Mahanthappa++ Drs. Robert and Shari Thurer++ Paul Sauceda Marquee Society ($1,500 $9,999) Evelyne and Paul Alexander++ Mary Darmstaetter Ruth Davidson and Emily Sherwood+ Barbara Lemperly Grant and Frederic Grant++ Wendy Fox and Al Larkin++ Drs. Lynne and Sidney Levitsky Michael and Terese Miles++ Joan Moynagh and Adam Sholley++ Janet and David Offensend++ Rob and Pam Orchard Barbara Resnek Daniel Rinehart and Julia Brucker Michael and Judy Rogers++ Michael Roitman and Emily Karstetter Friends of ArtsEmerson ($50 to $1,499) Akiba Abaka+

Jonathan Abbott and Shari Malyn Morton Abromson and Joan Nissman John Achatz and Mary Farrell Levi Adams Pam and Robert Adams++ Dr. Lillian Ain Andre Alexander++ Angela Allen++ Anonymous (4)+ Earlene and Danilo Avalon++ Eric Baatz Bonnie J. Baggesen and Ann-Marie Raymond+ Robert Berens Susan Bigger and Kevin Belanger Joan and Mark Bloom Edward Boesel Alan Bowers Kevin Bright++ Sara Brookner Cherie Butts Edward Cardoza Fernadina Chan Hsiu-Lan Chang Julianne Charles++ Carole Charnow Kathleen Chartener Kevin and Petrina Cherry++ Koren Christensen and Nancy King Tee Chung Constant Howard Cohen Laura Coleman Tom Cooper Ernie Cormier Connie Demkowicz Virginia Dodge Anna Dodson Christine M. Dunn Mark Elenko Elizabeth Farmer Mitchison/Field Family Marian Fox Dr. Aisha Francis and Clayton Samuels Sandra Galejs Kinzie Gensler

David Gergen++ Elen Glanz and Richard Berger Lenore Glaser Stephanie Goldberg Lynn T. Goldsmith Naomi Gordon Jeffrey Greenhawt Teri Groome-Kucheman Jay Hanflig and Donna Sinden Thomas Hanold and Marnie Bolstad Treniece Harris++ Joyce Harrison Roger and Adelaide Haynes++ Laura Hodges Taylor Paul Hogan Judith Holoway James Houghton Christina Hughes Michael Hunter and Paul Leca Margaret Jacobson-Sive Kimmie Jackson++ Jamie Jaffe Terence Janericco Hubert Jones++ Mitch Jones Myechia Jordan++ Tamia Jordan Alexandra Juckno Pamela Kaufmann Mary Keating Irina Khasin Omar Khudari Tom Kiely Elena Kingsland Mr. Allan Kiser++ Robert Kleinberg Andrew Koppel Yuriko Kuwabara and Sunny Dzik Lydia Lafionatis J Dayne Lamb and Gardner N Stratton++ Joan Lancourt+ Stewart Lassner Emily Lautch Heidi Lehner Susan Lester Howard Levy

Jacqui Lindsay++ Robert Livingston++ Lisa Llorente Chris Lowey Leanne MacDonald Donna MacLeod Thomas Mancuso Michele Manting Glenda Mattes Kim Roger McCant++ John McGannon Margaret McKenna Richard McLaughry Lalise Melillo Shellee Mendes++ Beverly Merz Kristen Milano Lee Mistretta Valerie Mosley++ Claire Muhm Michael Murphy Eileen Murray Siobhan Murray Susan and Ross Neisuler Mary O’Connor Ellen J. and Thomas H. O’Flaherty Jaylyn Olivo and Dale Flecker Richard O’Neill Rob and Pam Orchard John Parisi Lowell Partridge Suzanne and Bob Petrucci Galina Podgoretsky Trevor Pollack Jane Preston and Michael Muller Bruce Price Suzanne Priebatsch Bernard and Sue Pucker+ Diane Quinn Paul Rabin Nancy Rappaport Amelie Ratliff Wiliam S. and Katharine Reardon Charles Rendeiro Suzanne Ricco Mark Rivinus Charlotte Robinson

Barbara Rodriguez Howard Rogut Elizabeth Rust Joanne Zervas Sattley Barry Schaudt Stephen Schwartz Darryl Settles Eileen and Stanley Shaffran Patricia Sheehan Candelaria Silva-Collins Jill and David Silverstein++ Ellen Simons Mary Slavet David Smith Deirdre Smith++ Shelby Smither++ Elizabeth Sobelle Norman and Sue Stahl Quita and Mark Sullivan Dr. Patricia Suzman Lisbeth Tarlow Diana Taylor Ann Teixeira++ Kim Thornton++ Eugene Vernikovskiy Victor Voydock Jean Walsh and Graham Davies Sandra and Barnet Weinstein Joseph and Marina Weisburd Judith Weiss Dr. Jaan Whitehead Sabrina and Rob Williams Terry and David Wilkins++ Ros Winsor Jane and Michael Wojcik Naomi Wolf Eleanor San San Wong Steven A. Yakutis & Guy Pugh Ellen Ziskind+

Marian Godfrey Naomi Gordon Joan Lancourt

Jackie Liebergott Jacqui Lindsay Tony Pangaro

M. Lee Pelton Ted and Mary Wendell Marillyn Zacharis

+ Donors to the World On Stage Fund ++ Donors to the Gaining Ground Fund


Alison Fox and Marc Reinganum Deirdre Girard

This donor listing reflects all gifts of $50+ received between January 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018. Our deepest thanks to all who have generously contributed gifts in support of ArtsEmerson. Every gift matters! 41


ArtsEmerson Leadership


DAVID DOWER ARTISTIC DIRECTOR David Dower joined ArtsEmerson as director of artistic programs in

DAVID DOWER 2012 and was named artistic director in 2015. He is also co-founder ARTISTIC DIRECTOR and a contributing editor to HowlRound. Prior, he served as associate artistic director of Arena Stage (Washington, andinfounded David Dower joined ArtsEmerson as director of artisticD.C.); programs 2012 andand was named artistic directordirector in 2015. He is also co-founder and and a contributing editor to served as artistic of The Z Space Studio co-founded and HowlRound. he served as associate director of Arena Stage served as Prior, co-artistic director of Theartistic Z Collective (San Francisco, CA). (Washington, D.C.); and he founded and served as artistic director of The Daniel Z Space With ArtsEmerson directed Guillermo Calderón’s Kiss, Studio and co-founded and served as co-artistic director of The Z Collective (San Beaty’s Mr. Joy and Breath and Imagination, Melinda Lopez’s Mala, Francisco, CA). With ArtsEmerson he directed Guillermo Calderón’s Kiss, Daniel Baritones UnBound, and Maurice Hines’s Tappin’ Through Life. Beaty’s Mr. Joy and Breath and Imagination, Melinda Lopez’s Mala, Baritones Dower earned the Inclusive Excellence (Emerson College); UnBound, and Maurice Hines’s Tappin’ ThroughAward Life. Dower earned the Inclusive was a Gerbode Fellow (Gerbode Foundation); was (Gerbode named “MVP of Excellence Award (Emerson College); was a Gerbode Fellow Foundation); Baynamed Area “MVP Theater” (San Chronicle); and was aand Policy was of Bay AreaFrancisco Theater” (San Francisco Chronicle); was a Policy Fellow (National Endowment for the for Arts). HeArts). studied New YorkatUniversity’s Fellow (National Endowment the Heatstudied New Tisch of the Arts, American (Washington, D.C.) and Universidad YorkSchool University’s Tisch SchoolUniversity of the Arts, American University Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Originally from Westerly, RI, David resides (Washington, D.C.) and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. Twitter: @ddower Mexico. Originally from Westerly, RI, David resides in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. Twitter: @ddower


David C. C. Howse joined ArtsEmerson as executive director indirector 2015, andinis2015, fiscally David Howse joined ArtsEmerson as executive and for multiple cultural venues in Downtown Boston. andadministratively is fiscally andresponsible administratively responsible for multiple cultural Prior he served as executive director of Boston Children’s Chorus, where he was venues in Downtown Boston. Prior he served as executive director instrumental in helping grow BCC from a pilot project serving 20 kids in 2003 to a of Boston Children’s Chorus, where he was instrumental in helping vibrant organization educating more than 500 singers in 12 choirs in 5 locations. growearned BCC from a pilot projectForum serving 20 kids inAward 2003(Root to a vibrant David the Social Innovation Achievement Cause) and organization educating more than 500 singers in 12 choirs in in 5 many was included in the “40 Under 40” (Boston Business Journal). He serves locations. David earned including the Social Achievement capacities in the community, as Innovation a trustee for Forum Forbes House Museum; on the board(Root of corporators for Eastern Bank; the in board Associated Grant Makers; Award Cause) and was included the of “40 Under 40” (Boston the boards of directorsHe for Chorus the Socialin Innovation Forum; on Business Journal). servesAmerica in manyand capacities the community, the board of overseers for the Fine Arts; the advisory council forof the including as a trustee forMuseum Forbesof House Museum; on the board New England Foundation for the Arts; and as a member of the corporation of the corporators for Eastern Bank; the board of Associated Grant Makers; Community Music Center of Boston. David earned degrees from Bradley University the boards of directors for Chorus America and the Social Innovation (Peoria, IL) and New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA) and is a Forum;ofon the board of overseers for Generation the Museum of Fine Arts; the graduate Harvard Business School’s Next Executive Leadership advisoryHecouncil theInstitute New England Foundation for the Arts; Program. teachesfor at the of Nonprofit Practice. Originally from and as a member corporation of the Community Music Center of Murfreesboro, TN,of hethe resides in Milton, MA. Twitter: @dchowse

Boston. David earned degrees from Bradley University (Peoria, IL) and New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA) and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Next Generation Executive Leadership Program. He teaches at the Institute of Nonprofit Practice. Originally from Murfreesboro, TN, he resides in Milton, MA. Twitter: @dchowse

I am inspired to give to ArtsEmerson because I really believe that it gives people a voice. Their artists reflect a culture and reflect a point of view that we wouldn’t see without them.

- Fred Lowery, ArtsEmerson Donor



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MAKE A DONATION TODAY 617.824.3007 11/20/17 3:36 PM


I give to ArtsEmerson because they tackle core issues affecting Boston today. Their productions stimulate conversation and activity that will

bring a better life to the city. - Ted Wendell, ArtsEmerson Donor


ArtsEmerson Staff David Dower Artistic Director Bonnie J Baggesen General Manager

David C. Howse Executive Director Wayne McWorter Sr. Director of Marketing, Communications & Audience Services Rob Orchard Founder and Creative Consultant

Deborah Smith Sr. Development Officer


PLEASE NOTE: The photographing or sound recording of any performance or the possession of any device for such photographing or recording inside this theater, without the written permission of the management, is prohibited by law. ALL ADMISSIONS INTO THE THEATER, ONCE THE PERFORMANCE HAS BEGUN, WILL BE AT THE DISCRETION OF MANAGEMENT.

EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency, contact the House Manager or nearest usher.

ASL Interpreted March 17 at 2PM Audio Described March 18 at 2PM All venues are fully accessible. Assistive listening devices are available. ArtsEmerson offers ASL Interpreted, Audio Described, and Sensory Friendly programming at designated performances throughout the year. Email: Call: 617.824.8400

Publisher/Sales John Loftus For program advertising opportunities please contact:

FIRE NOTICE: Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exit. In the event of a fire or other emergency, remain calm and listen for directions from management and/or via our public address system.

ABOUT EMERSON COLLEGE Located in Boston, Massachusetts, opposite the historic Boston Common and in the heart of the city’s Theatre District, Emerson College educates individuals who will solve problems and change the world through engaged leadership in the liberal arts, communications and the arts. The College has approximately 3,500 undergraduates and 670 graduate students from across the United States and 50 countries. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities and a renowned faculty, students participate in more than 90 student organizations and performance groups. Emerson is known for its study and internship programs at Emerson Los Angeles, located in Hollywood, and at its beautifully restored 14th-century castle in the Netherlands. Additionally, there are opportunities to study in Washington, D.C.; London; China; the Czech Republic; Spain; Austria; Greece; France; Ireland; Mexico; Cuba; England; and South Africa. The College has an active network of 37,000 alumni who hold leadership positions in communication and the arts. For more information, visit

C A M B R I D G E , MA $15,000,000

Greek Revival with carriage house set on ž acre of magnificent grounds 617 245-4044

Supporting: The Mt. Auburn Hospital, UNICEF USA, Huntington Theatre Company, The Guidance Center and Cambridge Community Foundation

Inventur— Art in Germany

February 9– June 3, 2018


The White Card Program  

Program for the A.R.T.'s production of The White Card, presented by ArtsEmerson.

The White Card Program  

Program for the A.R.T.'s production of The White Card, presented by ArtsEmerson.