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Artistic Director's Welcome DIANE PAULUS The Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director American Repertory Theater

Welcome to 1984. We are thrilled to host the world-renowned U.K. company Headlong for their first production at A.R.T. Headlong's work infuses Orwell's dystopian masterpiece with visceral, stunning immediacy, posing urgent, provocative questions through explosive theatricality. Co-created by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan, 1984 throws us directly into current debates about technology and surveillance. During the run of 1984, the A.R.T. will partner with Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation on a series of post-performance discussions. Led by professors and experts in cyber security, authoritarian regimes, new media, and more, these discussions will examine the themes of 1984 in the context of contemporary global politics. This production exemplifies the power of live theater to give us new perspectives and ask important questions. By bringing Orwell's imagination to life in onstage, Headlong invites us to experience his vision firsthand, and to consider whether the warnings offered in this 1949 novel are more relevant now than ever.

#1984onStage @americanrep

Photo: Evan Hanover

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Doug Pawlik in The Hypocrites’ H.M.S. Pinafore, coming March 8 – 20, 2016

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American Repertory Theater presents

1984 the Headlong, Almeida Theatre, and Nottingham Playhouse Production of



A.R.T. PRODUCTION SUPPORT Thomas McGrath and Sandy Medallis


The 2015/16 season is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

John Tiffany’s I Speak, Therefore I Am. Photo: Marcus Stern

A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University Masters/Certificate Program Acting • Voice • Dramaturgy A two-year professional training program fully integrated with the work of the American Repertory Theater, based in Cambridge, MA with a residency at the Moscow Art Theater School in Moscow, Russia.

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Parsons ������������������������������������������������������������������� SIMON COATES O'Brien �������������������������������������������������������������������������TIM DUTTON Charrington ���������������������������������������������������� STEPHEN FEWELL Martin..................................... CHRISTOPHER PATRICK NOLAN Syme ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� BEN PORTER Winston ��������������������������������������������������������MATTHEW SPENCER Mrs Parsons ������������������������������������������������������MANDI SYMONDS Julia �������������������������������������������������������������������������� HARA YANNAS ADDITIONAL STAFF Production Stage Manager.................................................... Taylor Brennan* Production Manager............................................................................Cate Bates Associate Video Designer................................................................Ian Valkeith Re-Lighter �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Marc Gough Re-Sounder ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������Matthew Russell Company Stage Manager................................................................Andy Ralph Technical Stage Manager...............................................................Ben Marshall Deputy Stage Manager.....................................................................Amy Griffin Assistant Stage Manager.....................................................Matthew Lambart Wardrobe Manager ����������������������������������������������������������������������� Ryan Walklett (*) Member of Actors' Equity Association

MUSIC "Deep Purple” by Peter DeRose and Mitchell Parish © Copyright 1939, Renewed 1967. De Rose Music/ASCAP/EMI Robbins Catalog, Inc./ASCAP. All rights reserved. Used by permission. “SNOFRID OP. 29” Music by Jean Sibelius and Viktor Rydberg By arrangement with Chester Music Limited on behalf of Edition Wilhelm Hansen AS.

SPECIAL THANKS Tony Saich, Marty Mauzy, Melissa D'Anello, and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School Ned Hinkle & The Brattle Theatre


Foreword: Appendix

By Robert Icke & Duncan Macmillan The ending of George Orwell’s final novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, is notoriously bleak. "If you want a picture of the future," Winston has been told, "imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." Sitting in a café, defeated, drunk and waiting for a bullet, he loves his oppressor. Winston loves Big Brother. As we all know, that’s the end of the story. Except it isn’t. After "THE END," there is an Appendix, "The Principles of Newspeak," that many of the novel’s readers miss altogether. The American Book-of-the-Month Club, in discussions to publish the first US edition of the novel, demanded that Orwell cut the Appendix in its entirety (along with much of Goldstein’s book) before publication. "I can’t possibly agree to [it]," Orwell wrote to his US agent in 1949. "It would alter the whole colour of the book and leave out a good deal which is essential. It would also—though the judges, having read the parts that it is proposed to cut out, may not appreciate this—make the story unintelligible." Orwell stood to lose at least £40,000 in American sales. To Orwell, clearly the Appendix was essential to understanding the story. By the end of the novel, though, the reader should already know about the Appendix. At the first mention of Newspeak (on page four or five in most editions) is the only footnote in the entire novel: 1. Newspeak was the official language of Oceania. For an account of its structure and etymology see Appendix. The reader might notice that Newspeak, oddly, is in the past tense. We might take up this invitation to read the Appendix before reading on. We might realise that fiction doesn’t usually have footnotes or appendices. The Appendix is fiction pretending to be fact. Written in a period long after the novel’s 1984, a time in which considers the text that precedes it. It is written in "Oldspeak," our language, which should have been made obsolete, and concerns itself with the "final, perfected version" of 8

Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan in rehearsal for 1984.

Photo: Manuel Harlan

the Party appears to have fallen, it re-

Newspeak "as embodied in the Eleventh Edition of the [Newspeak] Dictionary." In the novel’s 1984, "the tenth edition" is not due to appear for some months. It refers to Shakespeare, Milton, Swift, and Dickens and quotes the Declaration of Independence at length (the latter particularly unlikely to survive Party censorship). It finishes by telling us that "...the final adoption of Newspeak had been fixed for so late a date as 2050," reinforcing the point its own presence makes: that the final adoption of Newspeak never happened, and its "principles" are so obsolete that they now need an explanatory Appendix. The final word of

"The reader might notice that Newspeak, oddly, is in the past tense."

the Appendix (and of the novel) is "2050." O’Brien tells Winston Smith that he will be lifted "clean out from the stream of history." Yet, there he is, named once, off-hand, in the Appendix, telling us the name of the Records Department, "in which Winston Smith worked." We don’t know how— but Winston Smith made it into history. But if this Appendix is written by someone who has read the novel from the future and appended these historical comments on the language, what is the novel in their world? Is it a Party record on Winston which survived into this post-Party future? Something that didn’t get into the shredder or the furnace before the records offices were stormed? Or is it something to do with Winston’s diary? We don’t know quite whether to trust it. The Party controlled all records. How has this "account" of Winston’s life survived? According to the Orwell Estate, ours is the first attempt to dramatise the Appendix in any medium. It never felt less than "essential": given the novel’s interest in records and documents and their relationship to truth, the Appendix perfectly complicates the novel that precedes it. Treating Orwell’s Appendix as "essential" makes his novel something far more subjective and complex than simply a bleak, futuristic dystopia: at the final moment, it daringly opens up the novel’s form and reflects its central questions back to the reader. Can you trust evidence? How do you ever know what’s really true? And when and where are you, the reader, right now? R.I. and D.M., September 2050


Glossary of Newspeak ANTI-SEX LEAGUE Organisation advocating celibacy among Party members and the eradication of the orgasm. In Airstrip One, love and loyalty should exist only toward Big Brother and the Party.


AIRSTRIP ONE A province of Oceania, known at one time as “England” or “Britain.”

BIG BROTHER The dictatorial leader of the Party, and its cofounder along with Goldstein (see Goldstein, Emmanuel). Life in Oceania is characterised by perpetual surveillance and constant reminders that “Big Brother is watching you.” THE BROTHERHOOD An underground network founded by Emmanuel Goldstein, an original member of the Inner Party. Goldstein turned on Big Brother and was one of the few to escape during the revolution (see also Resistance, Emmanuel Goldstein.) BLACKWHITE The ability not only to believe that black is white, but to know that black is white and forget that one has ever believed the contrary.

DOUBLEPLUS An example of how comparative and superlative meanings are communicated in Newspeak. “Plus” acts as an intensifier, and “double” even more so. In Newspeak, “better” becomes “plusgood” and even better is “doubleplusgood.” DOUBLETHINK The ability to hold two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accept both of them. FACECRIME Any improper expression that carries the suggestion of abnormality or of something hidden. A nervous tic or unconscious look of anxiety could be a punishable offence. The Theory and

GOLDSTEIN’S BOOK Practice of Referred to simply as “The Oligarchical Collectivism Book,” Emmanuel Goldstein’s record is a compendium of all the heresies, of which Goldstein was the author and which circulated clandestinely here and there. GOODTHINKER A person who adheres to the principles of Newspeak.





INNER PARTY Oceania’s political class, who enjoy a higher quality of life than general Party members. They are dedicated entirely to Big Brother and the principles of Party rule. MINISTRY OF LOVE (ALSO MINILUV) Oceania’s interior ministry, enforcing loyalty and love of Big Brother through fear, oppression, and thought modification. As its building has no windows, the interior lights are never turned off. MINISTRY OF PEACE (ALSO MINIPAX) The defence arm of Oceania’s government, in charge of its military. MINISTRY OF PLENTY (ALSO MINIPLENTY) The management of Oceania’s economy lies with this arm of government, which oversees rationing and maintains a state of poverty, scarcity, and financial shortage while convincing the population that they are living in perpetual prosperity. MINISTRY OF TRUTH (ALSO MINITRUE) The Party’s communication apparatus, by which historical records are amended in keeping with its approved version of events.

NEWSPEAK The official language of Oceania. Designed to make thoughtcrime impossible, its vocabulary gets smaller every year, asserting that thoughtcrime—and therefore any crime—cannot be committed if the words to express it do not exist. Implementation of Newspeak is referred to as “The Project.” OCEANIA One of three superstates, over which Big Brother exercises totalitarian rule. Its neighbouring territories are Eurasia and Eastasia. OLDSPEAK The version of English preceding Newspeak. In Newspeak, words that represent politically incorrect ideas are eliminated. OLDTHINK Ideas and patterns of thought that are inconsistent with the Party’s principles.

Smith n o t s n Wi d here

e employ



The Donkey Show

Sage Francis

Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus's celebrated smash hit brings you the ultimate disco experience inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Have your party with us! The perfect no-hassle way to host your celebration. Every Saturday Night!

Searching for Signal

Follow the path of two young adults on their journey to find love, success, and connection. In this new work, ToUch Performance Art explores the millennial experience through innovative multimedia storytelling. Artist in Residence: 2/18 - 3/4

Playwright Young Jean Lee blends storytelling, stand-up, music, and theater into a darkly weird song cycle that lets us know we may be miserable anticipating our demise, but at least we won't be alone. Obehi Janice stars in Company One Theatre's smart and life-affirming contemplation of the inevitable. OBERON Presents Series: 4/20 - 4/29

The Donkey Show

Photo: Kolin Perr

Sage Francis is widely considered one of our generation’s greatest lyricists. His career derives mainly from gifted wordplay which creates vivid narratives to instigate as well as inspire. Dubbed as the “forefather of indie-hop,” Francis originally earned acclaim in the early 2000’s by winning the most highly coveted titles of the emcee battle circuit. This will be a a unique night of storytelling and song. OBERON Presents Series/Glowberon: 3/24


Uncle Sage and Chill

ca AcousticaElectroni

Photo: Robert Terry

We’re Gonna Die


A mind-blowing event that blends elements of clectronic and classical music, dance, circus arts and immersive theater with infectious energy of a nightclub. Artist in Residence: 3/25

Birth of the American Baroness

Stella Starsky shines in her at turns moving and side-splitting solo play that illumines our universal quest for value and validation alighting on some divinely human and hilarious realizations along the pro-creative path toward planetary parenthood. OBERON Presents Series/Glowberon:. 4/1




Glossary of Newspeak (cont'd) THE PARTY The general population of Oceania, comprising middle class bureaucrats and other government employees, comprising approximately 13% of population. There is a huge gap between the standard of living of Inner and Outer Party members. Outer Party members have very little possessions, and almost no access to basic consumer goods. All Outer Party members have a telescreen in every room of their apartment.

THOUGHTCRIME All crime begins as a thought, therefore all crime is thoughtcrime. A person who has committed thoughtcrime is a thought criminal, even before committing the act itself. Thoughtcrime is “the essential crime that contains all others in itself.”

RESISTANCE The revolutionary group said to have been led by Emmanuel Goldstein in an uprising against the Party. Every ill of society is blamed on this group, which may or may not exist.

TWO MINUTES’ HATE A daily broadcast showing instances of thoughtcrime.

ROOM 101 A room in the Ministry of Love where thought criminals are taken. SEXCRIME Having sex for enjoyment. In Oceania, the only approved purpose of sex is procreation for the Party. TELESCREEN Two-way screens installed in the homes of all Party members to broadcast information and ensure constant surveillance. There is no way to control what is broadcast, only its volumes, and the screen cannot be turned off.

THOUGHT POLICE Law enforcement department designed to detect mental political transgressions.

UNGOOD The opposite of good.


UNPERSON (ALSO UNWRITE) The process of altering and erasing records in order to eradicate someone from cultural memory. Once unpersoned, an individual’s previous existence can be denied. YOUTH LEAGUE Group for children in which membership is mandatory. Members’ primary task is to monitor the activities of their parents.


Great theater lives here. H.M.S. PINAFORE




Mar. 8 - 20, 2016 The final installment of The Hypocrites’ zany Gilbert & Sullivan trilogy

Mar. 24 - Apr. 1, 2016 OBERON and Afterglow bring a series of innovative solo performance to Cambridge

Photo: Nick Vaughan


Apr. 20 - 29, 2016 Company One Theatre brings playwright Young Jean Lee’s work to OBERON

May 6 - 29, 2016 — On Sale March 16 A hallucinatory road trip from the Badlands to Graceland

May 10 - 29, 2016 — On Sale March 16 Written & performed by Tony Award-winner Eve Ensler


Every Saturday Night Shakespeare’s A Midsummer NIght’s Dream told through 70’s disco hits

Kristen Sieh and Libby King in RoosevElvis, coming May 6 - 29, 2016

Tickets from $25 Continue your experience today.

Cast SIMON COATES Parsons A.R.T.: Debut. Theater includes: Romeo & Juliet, Headlong; Translations, Arcadia, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pygmalion, Murmuring Judges, Arturo Ui, Black Snow, National Theatre; Coriolanus, The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Loveplay, Luminosity, The Taming Of The Shrew, The Comedy Of Errors, RSC; Plenty, Sheffield; The Prince of Homburg, Donmar Warehouse; As You Like It, Cheek by Jowl (Olivier Award nomination, New York Drama Desk Award nomination); Birmingham; Gate Theatre, Dublin; Hampstead; Bristol Old Vic; Chichester. TV/Film include: “Doctors,” “Holby City,” “EastEnders,” Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Beginner’s Luck. TIM DUTTON O’Brien A.R.T.: Debut. West End: Dangerous Corner, Insufficiency, A Handful of Dust, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Cider with Rosie, She’s in Your Hands, London Assurance, War and Pieces, The Lucky Ones, Victory. TV/Film include: “Death in Paradise,” “DCI Banks,” “Midsomer Murders,” “New Tricks,” “A Risk Worth Taking,” “Bonkers,” “Outside the Rules,” “HMO,” “Ally McBeal,” “Thanks,” The Infiltrator, Delight, The Rendezvous, No Snow, Detonator, Terminal, The Queen of Sheba’s Pearls, Tooth, The Bourne Identity, Dead by Monday, Hard to Forget, Darkness Falls, St. Ives, Death on Everest, Tom and Viv. STEPHEN FEWELL Charrington A.R.T.: Debut. West End: ENRON, Headlong, Royal Court; The Long and the Short and the Tall. Other theater includes: Romeo & Juliet, Paradise Lost, Headlong; The Iliad, The Odyssey, Almeida; Manchester Sound: The Massacre; Breaking The Code; The Tempest, Barbican, Palestine; Henry IV, Parts I & II, Bristol Old Vic; The Lie, King’s 16

Head. TV/Film include: “The Courtroom” (CH4), “All Rise for Julian Clary” (BBC), Sexdrive. Radio includes: Frankenstein, Vienna, Wildthyme, Bernice Summerfield, Doctor Who. Training: Oxford University. Stephen chairs the JMK Trust for theatre directors; CHRISTOPHER PATRICK NOLAN Martin A.R.T.: Debut. Broadway: The Seagull, Royal Court. West End: Macbeth, BAM; War Horse, National Theatre; Stones In His Pockets. Other theater includes: Blair’s Children, Cockpit; Faith and Cold Reading, Live Theatre; Scorched, Old Vic; Twelfth Night/Macbeth, Chichester Festival Theatre; AC/DC, Alice Trilogy, Royal Court; The Water Harvest, National Theatre; Molly Sweeney, Theatr Clwyd; The Changeling & Of Mice & Men, Southwark Playhouse; Cardenio, Shakespeare’s Globe; Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Perth Rep. TV includes: "Humans,“ ”Macbeth,“ ”Titanic”. BEN PORTER Syme A.R.T.: Debut. West End: Woman in Black; Beckett; What the Butler Saw, National Theatre; The Invention of Love; Enemy of the People; The Heiress. Other theater includes: Time of My Life, Scarborough, 59E59 New York; Absurd Person Singular, Life of Riley, Scarborough, UK Tours; Orwell: A Celebration, Trafalgar Studios; The Tempest, Liverpool Playhouse; Edward II, Sheffield Crucible; Noises Off, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh; Disposing of The Body, Hampstead Theatre; Victory, Theatre de Gennevilliers, Paris; Hamlet, Greenwich Theatre. TV/Film include: "Manchild," "Casualty," "Covington Cross," "West-beach," School for Seduction, Young Blades.

MATTHEW SPENCER Winston A.R.T.: Debut. Theater includes: Romeo & Juliet, Headlong; Tartuffe, Watermill Theatre Newbury, Tour; Bent, Trafalgar Studios; Nicholas Nickleby, Tour, Gielgud Theatre and Toronto; War Horse, New London Theatre; Hamlet, White Bear, Kennington; This Happy Breed, Theatre Royal, Bath; Atman, Finborough Theatre; The Busy Body, Southwark Playhouse; Sleuth, Watermill, Newbury; Macbeth, Orange Tree Theatre. TV/Film include: “My Family,” Alice, The Runner. Training: Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

HARA YANNAS Julia A.R.T.: Debut. Theater includes: The House of Bernarda Alba, Oresteia, Almeida; Mare Rider, Arcola, International Tour; Britannicus, Wilton’s Music Hall; Pericles, Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park; Uncle Vanya, Arcola, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s Globe; Tales of the Harrow Road, Soho Theatre; it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now..., Arcola, Clean Break. TV/ Film include: “The Musketeers,” “Law and Order,” “The Smoke,” “The Bible,” “Holby City,” Patient Zero. Training: LAMDA.

Photo: Marcus Stern

MANDI SYMONDS Mrs Parsons A.R.T.: Debut. West End: Carrie’s War, Sadler’s Wells, West End. Other theater includes: The Knitting Circle, Soho Theatre; Amazonia, Midnight Hour, Young Vic; Menopause The Musical, Shaw Theatre; Mary Poppins, Prince Edward; Thatcher’s Women, Paines Plough, Tricycle; The Miracle Plays, Oxford Stage Company; The Mystery Plays, Liverpool Playhouse, St Bartholomew’s Church; Godspell, Barbican; Zipp, Duchess; Peer Gynt, National Theatre; Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare in the Park; As You Like It, Wilbur Theatre Boston & US Tour. TV/ Film include: Scrubbers (dir. Mai Zeterlin) and the award-winning Perfect Image.

SHAKESPEARE & DISCO COLLIDE Bringing you the ultimate disco experience every Saturday night! Directed by Diane Paulus | Inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream


Creative Team ROBERT ICKE Adaptor/Director A.R.T.: Debut. Robert is the associate director of the Almeida Theatre. Robert was associate director of Headlong from 2010–2013, artistic director of the Arden Theatre Company in Stockton-onTees from 2003–2007 and of the Swan Theatre Company in Cambridge from 2005–2008, where he was awarded the Susie Gautier-Smith Prize for his contribution to theater. His production of 1984 (which he co-adapted and directed with Duncan Macmillan) won Best Director at the UK Theatre Awards and was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Play. Robert was selected as one of the Hospital Club’s 100 most influential people working across Britain’s creative industries in 2014. Other theater includes: Uncle Vanya, The Fever, Mr Burns, Almeida; Oresteia, Almeida, West End; Boys, Romeo & Juliet, Headlong; The Alchemist, Liverpool Playhouse. DUNCAN MACMILLAN Adaptor/Director A.R.T.: Debut. Duncan Macmillan is an award-winning playwright and director. Plays include: People, Places and Things, National Theatre, Headlong, West End; 1984, Headlong, Nottingham Playhouse, Almeida, West End, International Tours; Every Brilliant Thing, Paines Plough, Pentabus, Barrow Street, HBO, International Tours; Lungs, Studio Theatre, Paines Plough, Sheffield Theatre, Various Productions Worldwide; 2071 co-written with Chris Rapley, Royal Court, Hamburg Schauspielhaus; Atmen, Schaubühne Berlin; The Forbidden Zone, Salzburg Fesitval, Schaubühne Berlin; Reise durch die Nacht adapt. Friederike Mayröcker created with Katie Mitchell and Lyndsey Turner, Schauspielhaus Köln, Theatertreffen Berlin, Festival d’Avignon; Wunschloses Unglück adapt. Peter Handke, Burgtheater Vienna; Monster, Royal Enchange/Manchester International Festival. Awards include: Best New Play at the Off West End Awards 2013 for Lungs; the Nestroy Preis for Best German Language Production, 2013. His work with director Katie Mitchell has been selected for Theatertreffen and Festival d’Avignon. Duncan was also the recipient of two awards in the inaugural Bruntwood

Playwriting Competition, 2006. 1984 was nominated as Best New Play at the Olivier Awards, 2014 and won the UK Theatre Award for Best Director (Duncan Macmillan and Robert Icke). CHLOE LAMFORD Designer A.R.T.: Debut. Other theater includes: Boys, Headlong; Cannibals, Royal Exchange in Manchester; Praxis Makes Perfect, National Theatre Wales; The Events, ATC/Young Vic; The History Boys, Crucible; Circle Mirror Transformation, Royal Court; Donmar; Trafalgar 2; Young Vic; National Theatre Scotland; National Theatre Wales, Edinburgh Festival; Manchester Royal Exchange; Sky Arts Live Drama; Wilton’s Music Hall; Crucible; Sheffield/Bush; Gate; Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House and Tour; Clean Break; Soho; Birmingham Rep; Salisbury Playhouse; Sherman, Cardiff; Tricycle/Mercury, Colchester. Opera includes: Malmo Opera House, English Touring Opera, Scottish Opera/RCS. She received the Arts Foundation Fellowship for Design for Performance 2013. Winner of the 2007 Theatre Design Award from the TMA for Small Miracle (Mercury Theatre, Colchester). Training: Wimbledon School of Art. NATASHA CHIVERS Lighting Designer A.R.T.: Debut. Broadway: Macbeth, National Theatre of Scotland, Broadway, Lincoln Center, Japan Tour. West End: Oresteia, Almeida, West End; 1984, Headlong, Almeida, West End, UK & International Tours; That Face, Royal Court, West End. Other theater includes: Who Cares, Fireworks, Adler & Gibb, The Mistress Contract, The Djinns of Eidgah, Royal Court; Green Snake, National Theatre of China; Praxis Makes Perfect, Neon Neon, National Theatre Wales; Statement of Regret, National Theatre. Dance includes: Four Fridas, Run!, Renaissance, Greenwich & Docklands International Festivals; Mesmerics, Metheus, BalletBoyz: theTALENT, Linbury Studio; Motor Show, LIFT, Brighton Festival; Electric Hotel, Sadler’s Wells/ Fuel; Electric Counterpoint, ROH; Broken, Scattered, Motionhouse; Encore, Sadler’s

Wells/BalletBoyz. Awards: TMA Award Happy Days at Sheffield Crucible (Best Design); Olivier Award for Sunday in the Park With George (Best Lighting Design). TOM GIBBONS Sound Designer A.R.T.: Debut. Broadway: A View From the Bridge, Young Vic, West End. West End: Oresteia, Almeida; 1984, Headlong, Almeida, UK & International Tours. Other theater includes: People, Places and Things, National Theatre; Faustus, White Devil, As You Like It, RSC; Translations, ETT, Sheffield Crucible; Happy Days, A Season in the Congo, Disco Pigs, Young Vic; Mr Burns, Almeida; The Absence of War, Romeo & Juliet, Headlong; Lion Boy, Complicite; Henry IV, Julius Caesar, Donmar, St Ann’s Brooklyn; Anna Karenina, Manchester Exchange; Breeders, St James; Grounded, Gate Theatre; The Spire, Salisbury Playhouse; London, The Angry Brigade, Paines Plough, Bush; Roundabout Season, Shoreditch Town Hall, Paines Plough. TIM REID Video Designer A.R.T./Young Vic: Wild Swans (Projection Designer). Other theater includes: Oresteia, Almeida; Blood Wedding, Dundee Rep, Graeae, Derby Theatre; 1984 (“Knights of Illumination” Award nomination), Headlong, Nottingham Playhouse; Stemmer, Bergen National Opera; Scale, Scottish Dance Theatre; Letters Home: England in a Pink Blouse, Grid Iron, Edinburgh Book Festival; A Christmas Carol, Royal Lyceum Edinburgh; The History Boys, Love Your Soldiers, Sheffield Crucible; Quiz Show, Tree of Knowledge, Traverse Theatre; Carousel, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; Ghost Patrol, Scottish Opera, Music Theatre Wales; Can We Talk About This?, DV8 Physical Theatre; Clockwork, Visible Fictions, Scottish Opera; Girl X, 99... 100, Peter Pan, Miracle Man, Transform: Orkney, Transform: Dumfries, National Theatre of Scotland.

DANIEL RAGGETT Associate Director A.R.T.: Debut. As Director: A Marked Man, HighTide; 24 Hour Plays: Old Vic New Voices 2012, Old Vic; The Seagull, Bloomsbury; Close, Arcola; August Town, RADA; Mr Kolpert, C soco, Edinburgh. As Associate Director: 1984, Almeida, West End, UK and International Tours; Bad Jews, Theatre Royal Bath, West End; The Iliad, The Odyssey, Almeida. As Resident/Staff Director: Three Days in the Country, A Small Family Business, National Theatre; The Nether, Headlong, West End. As Assistant Director: Romeo & Juliet, Headlong, UK Tour; Noises Off, Old Vic, UK tour; Abigail’s Party, Theatre Royal Bath, UK tour; The Alchemist, Liverpool Playhouse; Children’s Children, Almeida; 24 Hour Musicals Celebrity Gala, Old Vic. Daniel is an Associate Artist of HighTide Festival Theatre. TAYLOR BRENNAN Production Stage Manager A.R.T.: Stage Manager: O.P.C., The Shape She Makes, The Donkey Show. Assistant Stage Manager: Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Kansas City Choir Boy, The Heart of Robin Hood, All the Way, The Glass Menagerie, The Lily’s Revenge, Once. Production Associate: Prometheus Bound, The Blue Flower, Cabaret. Production Coordinator: Hansel and Gretel, Nutcracker Turbo: And Other Love Stories, Bob: A Life in Five Acts, As You Like It, The Snow Queen. Graduate of Boston University, Summa Cum Laude, College of Fine Arts.


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Night Market 75 Winthrop St.

Toscano 52 Brattle St.

Grafton Street 1230 Massachusetts Ave.

Noir Bar 1 Bennett St.

Grendel’s Den 89 Winthrop St.

Regattabar 1 Bennett St.

Harvest 44 Brattle St. 22

Rialto 1 Bennett St.

Hotel Partner The Charles Hotel 1 Bennett St.

About the A.R.T. A.R.T. BOARDS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Steve Johnson, Chair Amy Brakeman Laurie Burt Paul Buttenwieser RoAnn Costin Mike Dreese Zita Ezpeleta Michael Feinstein Provost Alan M. Garber Catherine Gellert Rebecca Grafstein Lori Gross Ann Gund Sarah Hancock Jonathan Hulbert Alan K. Jones Herman B. "Dutch" Leonard Dennis Masel Thomas B. McGrath Rebecca Milikowsky Ward Mooney Robert Murchison Andrew Ory Diane Paulus Diane Quinn Mike Sheehan Diana Sorensen Sid Yog

BOARD OF ADVISORS Ann Gund, Co-Chair Karen Mueller, Co-Chair Paolo Abelli Frances Shtull Adams Yuriko Jane Anton Robert Bowie, Jr. Philip Burling* Greg Carr Antonia Handler Chayes* Lizabeth Cohen Kathleen Connor Rohit Deshpande Susan Edgman-Levitan Jill Fopiano Shanti Fry Erin Gilligan Jonathan Glazer Candy Kosow Gold Rachael Goldfarb Barbara Wallace Grossman Peggy Hanratty Marcia Head James Higgins Horace H. Irvine II Emma Johnson Dean Huntington Lambert Timothy P. McCarthy Travis McCready Irv Plotkin Martin Puchner Ellen Gordon Reeves Pat Romeo-Gilbert Linda U. Sanger Maggie Seelig Dina Selkoe John A. Shane Michael Shinagel Lisbeth Tarlow Sarasina Tuchen Susan Ware Stephen H. Zinner, M.D. *Emeriti


The A.R.T. at Harvard University is a leading force in the American theater, producing groundbreaking work in Cambridge and beyond. The A.R.T. was founded in 1980 by Robert Brustein, who served as Artistic Director until 2002, when he was succeeded by Robert Woodruff. Diane Paulus began her tenure as Artistic Director in 2008. Under her leadership, the A.R.T. seeks to expand the boundaries of theater by programming events that immerse audiences in transformative theatrical experiences. Throughout its history, the A.R.T. has been honored with many distinguished awards, including the Tony Award for Best New Play for All the Way (2014); consecutive Tony Awards for Best Revival of a Musical for Pippin (2013) and The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess (2012), both of which Paulus directed; a Pulitzer Prize for Marsha Norman's 'Night, Mother (1983); a Jujamcyn Prize for outstanding contribution to the development of creative talent; the Tony Award for Best Regional Theater; and numerous Elliot Norton and IRNE Awards. The A.R.T. collaborates with artists around the world to develop and create work in new ways. It is currently engaged in a number of multi-year projects, including a new collaboration with Harvard's Center for the Environment that will result in the development of new work over several years. Under Paulus’s leadership, the A.R.T.’s club theater, OBERON, has been an incubator for local and emerging artists and has attracted national attention for its innovative programming and business models. As the professional theater on the campus of Harvard University, the A.R.T. catalyzes discourse, interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative exchange among a wide range of academic departments, institutions, students, and faculty members, acting as a conduit between its community of artists and the university. A.R.T. plays a central role in Harvard's newly launched undergraduate Theater, Dance, and Media concentration, teaching courses in directing, dramatic literature, acting, voice, design, and dramaturgy. The A.R.T. Institute for Advanced Theater Training, which is run in partnership with the Harvard Extension School, offers graduate training in acting, dramaturgy, and voice. Dedicated to making great theater accessible, the A.R.T. actively engages more than 5,000 community members and local students annually in project-based partnerships, workshops, conversations with artists, and other enrichment activities both at the theater and across the Greater Boston area. Through all of these initiatives, the A.R.T. is dedicated to producing world-class performances in which the audience is central to the theatrical experience.



The American Repertory Theater is deeply grateful for the generous support of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies whose contributions make its work possible. The following gifts were received between July 1, 2014 and January 8, 2016.

VISIONARY Barr-Klarman Arts Capacity Building Initiative Laura and Michael Dreese* Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Sarah Hancock*

$100,000 and above President and Fellows of Harvard College Rosemarie and Steve Johnson* Janet and Howard Kagan* Bob and Alison Murchison*

The Linda Hammett Ory and Andrew Ory Charitable Trust* RN Family Foundation The Shubert Foundation

Zita Ezpeleta and Kewsong Lee* Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein* The Hershey Family Foundation Alan Jones and Ashley Garrett* Massachusetts Cultural Council Thomas B. McGrath and Sandy Medallis* Lucy and Ward Mooney*

National Endowment for the Arts Newbury Comics Inc. Maureen and Mike Sheehan* The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

Fresh Sound Foundation Graham and Ann Gund* John W. Henry Family Foundation Hill Holliday Barbara and Amos Hostetter* Lizbeth and George Krupp*

Jeanne and Dennis Masel* The Pemberton Family Foundation Starcom & Digitas LBi Lisbeth Tarlow and Stephen Kay* Theatre Forward

Horace H. Irvine II Judith and Douglas Krupp Priscilla Lawrence and Patrick Melampy Serena and Bill Lese, in memory of Melva Bucksbaum Tristin and Martin Mannion Mass Humanities Sally McNagny and Robert Green Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky Hee-Jung and John Moon Karen and Gary Mueller Octagon Marjorie and Robert Ory Stacy Osur and Keith Gilbert Diane Paulus and Randy Weiner

Cokie and Lee Perry Julia Pershan and Jonathan Cohen Janet and Irv Plotkin Stan Ponte and John Metzner Andrea and Ron Rodericks Pat Romeo-Gilbert and Paul S. Gilbert Valerie Beth Schwartz Foundation State Street Corporation Melinda B. Thaler Charlotte and Herb Wagner Susan and Donald Ware Weber Shandwick Fran and Barry Weissler Nadine Wong and David Chang

Candy Kosow Gold and Martin Waters Rachael Goldfarb Garth and Lindsay Greimann Rosa Hallowell and Mark Stein Peggy Hanratty Pamela Haran and David S. Godkin Perry Hewitt and Robert B. Hudson Heather and James Higgins Jonathan Hochwald Maisie and James Houghton Ambassador Swanee Hunt Karen Johansen and Gardner Hendrie Jerry Jordan Terry and Gene Kaufman Landry Family Foundation ^ Lars Foundation

Lori Lesser Fumi and Kako Matsumoto Carolyn and Phil Perelmuter Heather Randall Cynthia and John Reed Rosse Family Charitable Foundation Nichole Bookwalter Savenor and Alan Savenor Lisa Schmid and Joel Alvord Maggie and Jonathan Seelig The Shane Foundation John Travis Sarasina and Mike Tuchen Davin T. Wedel and David M. Paul Mary and Ted Wendell Stephen H. Zinner and S. Wade Taylor

BENEFACTOR The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Amy and Ed Brakeman* Katie and Paul Buttenwieser* Betsy and Edward Cohen* RoAnn Costin* The Dana Foundation E.H.A. Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

LEADER Amy and David Abrams* Laurie Burt* The Gregory C. Carr Foundation Sandi and Andrew Farkas* Michael Feinstein and Denise Waldron*

$25,000 - $49,000

PRODUCER Yuriko Jane Anton and Philip Anton Jill and John Avery Robert Bailey Hilary and Philip Burling Chung Family Foundation Barbara and Rodgin Cohen Alexi and Steve Conine The Elphaba Fund Drew Faust Catherine Gellert Jody and Thomas Gill Erin Gilligan and Hoil Kim Perrin and Bruns Grayson The Office of the Provost at Harvard University Marcia Head

$10,000 - $24,999



Anonymous (4) The Acorn Foundation/ Barbara and Theodore Alfond Frances Shtull Adams Peter Antoszyk Patricia Beilman and David Poor Robert R. Bowie jr. Chet and Carol Cekala Kate and Gerald Chertavian Christopher Connolly and Marjorie Liner Kathy Connor Karen Conway Susan Edgman-Levitan and Richard Levitan EY Gerald Flaxer Charitable Foundation Shanti Fry and Jeffrey Zinsmeyer Jonathan Glazer

$5,000 - $9,999

SPONSOR Anonymous (5) Dianne Anderson Nancy and David Berman Diane Borger Joy and Steven Bunson Ronni and Ronald Casty Clarke and Ethel D. Coggeshall Lizabeth Cohen and Herrick Chapman Beth and Richard Compson Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski Rohit Deshpande Andrew Dominus and Stephanie Altman Dominus Walter Donovan Silvia Gosnell Barbara and Steve Grossman Mady and Sandy Harman Phyllis Harrington Linda A. Hill and Dr. Roger E. Breitbart Peter Hornstra The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Steven Hyman and Barbara Bierer* Susan Jacobs

$2,500 - $4,999 Madeline Jacquet Debbie Jean and Darin Samaraweera Kay Kane Sheridan and Jerome Kassirer Barbara H. Landreth, M.D. G. Barrie Landry Ms. Hadley Leach Susan and Steven Levkoff Joyce Linde John D.C. Little Barbara Manocherian Professor Timothy McCarthy and CJ Crowder Kathy Metcalfe and Langdon Wheeler Emily Moskowitz Diana Nelson and John C. Atwater Mercedes Nugent-Head and James C. Marlas William O. Nutting and Veronica Zoani Quinterno Mary-Kathleen O'Connell and Jeffrey Bernfeld^ The Open Gate Inc.

Madeline Osit and Dan Maude Gabrielle and Michael Palitz D. Randy Peeler Gerald Pier Amy and Jonathan Poorvu Diane Quinn and Keith Freiter Ellen Gordon Reeves Jeffrey Richards Helen Riess, M.D. and Norman Nishioka, M.D. Susan and Glenn Rothman Janice Saragoni Molly Schoeck and Guy MacDonald Kristine Shadek Rachael Solem Deborah Sweet and Steven Lazar Jack Tantleff Delia and Robin Thompson Deb Tolman and Luis Ubinas Ruth and Bill Weinstein Dyann and Peter Wirth

Jeanne Hagerty Melinda Hall and Larry Pratt Joseph Hammer Kathy and Ernie Herrman Megan and David Hinckley Alice Hoffman Hunt Alternatives Hurlbut Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Allison Johnson Alexandra Juckno Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc. Susan B. Kaplan Stephanie and Rakesh Khurana Nancy P. King Lawrence Kotin Peri and Jim Kutchin Laurie Ann Laba and Neale I. Eckstein Dean Huntington Lambert Katie Lapp Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine William Leblanc Stacey Schneer Lee Lori Leif Karen and Nathaniel Levy Harriet and Alan Lewis Amy Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Hambleton Lord Monique Sullivan Lowitt and Ian Lowitt Macy's Inc. Marcia Marcus Alice and Coleman Mark Jennifer Maseda Kelly and Steven Migliero Anne Mitchell Deborah and Timothy Moore Dr. Ann Moritz and David Arnold Jonathan Moses The Cozen O'Connor Foundation Inc. Kate Olmsted and John Grossman Eunice Panetta Alecia Parker Patricia and Finley Perry

The Pilot House Dr. Vibha PinglĂŠ and Ashutosh Varshney Fern Portnoy and Roger Goldman Suzanne Priebatsch Sara Gold Rafel Jean Renfield-Miller and Doug Miller Karen Foote Richards Jill Richardson and Peter Chinetti AndrĂŠe Robert and Thomas M. Burger Ms. Gabriela Romanow Carol and Jim Rosen Judi and Bill Rosensweig Amy Russo Katie and Jim Ryan Allison K. Ryder and David B. Jones Linda Sallop and Michael Fenlon Cynthia Samuelson Claire and Edward Saxe Susan Schechter Lori and Jon Shaer Richard and Christine Shea Michael Shinagel and Marjorie North The Sholley Foundation, in honor of Jeremy Geidt Stacie Simon and Hal Tepfer Deborah Sinay and Charles J. Kravetz Dr. Mark Slovenkai Somerled Charitable Foundation Megan and Soyoun Song Ildiko Sragli and Barry Appelman Susan Stafford Leslie Anne Sullivan Robert Svikhart Dune Thorne ^ Janet Tiampo and David Parker The Joseph W. and Faith K. Tiberio Charitable Foundation Brad Voigt and William Burton Mindee Wasserman, Esq. Dr. Norman Weeks Janet and Jim Wirtz Gwill York and Paul Maeder Jonathan Yorks Fancy and Jeff Zilberfarb

PATRON Anonymous (4) Mary Akerson and Steven Cohen Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., CPAs Barbara and George Beal Carol Beggy The Beker Foundation Janet L. Berkeley and Robert Duboff Nancy Bernhard and David Margolin Linda Cabot Black Barbara and William Boger Garen Bohlin Charity Brown Brown Advisory Charitable Foundation, Inc. ^ Dorothea and Sheldon Buckler Jonathan Bush Betsy Cabot The Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation Diane Cataldo Antonia H. Chayes Charles Cherington Jim Chervenak Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Cohen Jason Cole Elizabeth Creighton Paula L. and Anthony M. Demarco Leigh Denny Mark Diker and Deborah Colson Nancy Donahoe and John Cohen Eastern Bank Amy Edmondson and George Daley Mary and Juan Enriquez Deborah and Ronald Feinstein Linda and Michael Frieze Kathleen Gaffney Sylvia Gerson Mark Glasser David Golan and Laura Green Lisa Katz Golod Andy Grasier James Gray Marjorie and Nicholas Greville Lori E. Gross and Robert Douglas Campbell

$1,000 - $2,499


CONTRIBUTOR Anonymous (3) Tina Aronson and Koby Rotstein Jenny Lyn Bader Evelyn Barnes and Mary Carter William M. Bazzy Kathleen Begala and Yves-AndrĂŠ Istel Leonard and Jane Bernstein Lisa Bevilaqua Ms. Kathryn Biberstein Renee Brant Kathleen Brochin Andrew Burns Marla Capozzi and Tim Harned Andrew Cogan Elizabeth Colt and Peter Simonds Dino DiPalma Esta and Robert Epstein Eversource Energy Foundation Homa Farjadi and Mohsen Mostafavi Judith and Warren Feder Anna May and Timothy Feige Chris Flynn Donald Fulton Dr. Alan Garber and Dr. Anne Yahanda Brian Gerson Givenik LLC Helen Glikman and Dan Bartley Beth Golden Professors Mary Jo and Byron Good Phil Gormley and Erica Bisguier Grafton Street Shelly F. Greenfield and Allan M. Brandt

$500 - $999 Lisa Gruenberg and Martin Carmichael ^ Dena and Felda Hardymon Harvard University Public Affairs and Communications Department Ruth and Stephen Hendel Nikola and David Hennes Vijay Iyer Dawn Jardini Belinda Juran and Evan Schapiro Marjie and Robert Kargman Jane Katims and Dan Perlman Priscilla Kauff Jim Keegan Lynn Kodama Lisabeth Kundert Herman "Dutch" Leonard and Kathryn Angell Liberty Mutual, Give with Liberty Program Kathleen Malley Wendy Mariner and Toby Nagurney Scott Mauro The Max Productions Dr. Lindsay McNair Anita Meiklejohn and Vincent Piccirilli Cordelia and Carl Menges Patricia E. Cleary Miller Ph.D Sandra Moose and Eric Birch Mylar Productions LLC Newton at Home Sabrina and Robert Nicholson Susan Novick Virginia Osborne Andrew Perlmutter Susan Pett

Sarah Piper Jill Rachesky Sally C. Reid and John D. Sigel Carolyn G. Robins Ruthie Rohde and Sigmund Roos Deborah Ross Adina Schecter Deborah Sharpe Wendy Shattuck and Sam Plimpton Steven Showalter and Jeffrey Davis Mason and Jeannie Smith Nancy and Edward Stavis Lisa Stern David Stonestreet, in honor of Beth Pollock Tavneet Suri T&C Main Street Inc. Beth and Anthony Terrana Gloria and Arnold Tofias Toscano Vitality Personal Fitness Inc. Ashley and Alexander von Perfall Kristen Wainwright and Richard Harriman Richard Walton and Susan Olsen Walton Stacey Gillis Weber and Jeffrey Weber Bruce Whitacre Ms. Kelsey Wirth and Dr. Samuel Myers Joanne Wise Melissa and Jim Woodman Carolyn Zern

John Hart Sally and Mark Harty Marija and John Hauser Robert and Mary Higgins Diane and James Hirshberg Hoban Family Sonia Hofkosh and Jonathan Hulbert Amy and Paul Holt Caroline and Fred Hoppin Sarah Jaffe and Richard Eisert Cyndi Jones and Steve Birnbaum Rona and Robert Kiley Claire Kohn Deborah and Jonathan Kolb Steven Lampert and Anita Feins Lisa and Bill Laskin Ms. Susan B. Lelyveld Kenneth Livak Barbara A. Manzolillo W. Kathy Martin and David L. Johnson James Mattimore Daniel McCarthy Sharon Miller Evelyn and Mac Musser Christian Nolen Professor Suzanne P. Ogden and Peter Rogers Ann Marie Oliver Carol Paik and Daniel Slifkin Drs. Hilda and Max Perlitsh Tom Quintal and Naomi Kaufman

Bruce Saber and Lisa Sotto Wendy Sarasohn Nina Schwalbe and Sally Girvin Pamela Schwartz Ellen and Mark Silverman Frederick and Ruth Stavis Stephen Stulck Tides Foundation Jane and William Vaughn III Ellen Weissberg and Lewis Gould Ryan and Amanda West Sharon Goddard White and David White San San Wong Lisa and Clark Wright William Zinn

SUPPORTER Anonymous (5) Jennifer Aronson Elizabeth Ascher and Michael Yogman Sue and Henry Bass Mrs. Nicolette Beerel and Dr. Gustav H. Beerel, PhD Barbara Berke Margie and Michael Bogdanow Breen Family Southie Bundy and Richard Hermon-Taylor James Clarkeson Ellen Clegg Mr. Stephen Columbia Rina Spence Countryman Nancy Dellarocco Jane and Stephen Deutsch Thomas Engelman Lisa Ennis Elizabeth Fennell Anna Fitzloff Brenda and Harvey Freishtat Constance and Michael Fulenwider Howard Gardner, M.D. Kathleen and Robert Garner Verna C. Gibbs, M.D. Laurie and Jeffrey Goldbarg, M.D. Mark Granovsky Ilene Greenberg and Michael Maynard Liz Grinspoon Robert Harrington


$250 - $499

* Donors who provide annual operating support of $25,000 or more are members of the Artistic Director's Circle ^ Donors who have given in memory of Bryan Bernfeld

A.R.T. N.Y.C. DONORS A.R.T. N.Y.C. is a group of curious, committed, and engaged individuals who provide generous annual support to the American Repertory Theater. The following gifts of $250 and above were received between July 1, 2014 and January 8, 2016. LEADERSHIP CIRCLE $10,000 and above

The A.R.T. N.Y.C. Leadership Circle includes New York-based donors of $10,000 and above, and all New York-based Trustees and Advisors. Barbara and Rodgin Cohen, Zita Ezpeleta and Kewsong Lee, Sandi and Andrew Farkas, Catherine Gellert, Rebecca Gold and Nathan Milikowsky, Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein, Heather and James Higgins, Alan Jones and Ashley Garrett, Janet and Howard Kagan, Serena and Bill Lese, Jeanne and Dennis Masel, Hee-Jung and John Moon, Julia Pershan and Jonathan Cohen, Stan Ponte and John Metzner, Ellen Gordon Reeves, Melinda B. Thaler, Nadine Wong and David Chang


Anonymous, Jenny Lyn Bader, Kathleen Begala and Yves-André Istel, Patricia Beilman and David Poor, Amy and Ed Brakeman, Kathleen Brochin, Joy and Steven Bunson, Laurie Burt, Andrew Cogan, Mark Diker and Deborah Colson, Andrew Dominus and Stephanie Altman Dominus, Anna May and Timothy Feige, Michael Feinstein and Denise Waldron, Brian Gerson, Sylvia Gerson, Candy Kosow Gold and Martin Waters, Beth Golden, Andy Grasier, Nikola and David Hennes, Sarah Jaffe and Richard Eisert, Rosemarie and Steve Johnson, Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman, Priscilla Kauff, Barbara H. Landreth, M.D., Lori Lesser, Monique Sullivan Lowitt and Ian Lowitt, Cordelia and Carl Menges, Lucy and Ward Mooney, Jonathan Moses, Bob and Alison Murchison, Susan Novick. Mercedes Nugent-Head and James C. Marlas, Carol Paik and Daniel Slifkin, Sarah Piper, Jill Rachesky, Heather Randall, Deborah Ross, Bruce Saber and Lisa Sotto, Adina Schecter, Lisa Stern, Deb Tolman and Luis Ubinas, Ashley and Alexander von Perfall, Stacey Gillis Weber and Jeffrey Weber, Bruce Whitacre

IN-KIND SUPPORTERS The A.R.T. thanks the following individual and corporate supporters for their invaluable in-kind donations. Southwest Airlines (Official Airline Sponsor)

Ilex Designs/ Andrew Anderson (Floral Sponsor)

Aesop Allagash Brewing Company, Inc. Beat Brasserie Amy and Ed Brakeman Cambridge, 1. The Catered Affair The Charles Hotel Citi Performing Arts Center Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies Google

The Urban Grape/ Hadley and T.J. Douglas (Wine Sponsor)

DigBoston (Publishing Partner)

Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein Grafton Street The Graphic Group Grendel's Den Harvest Henrietta's Table Georgene and Dudley Herschbach Megan and David Hinckley Alan Jones and Ashley Garrett Bob and Alison Murchison Night Market

Peterson Party Center (Party Rental Sponsor)

Noir Bar Mary-Kathleen O'Connell and Jeffrey Bernfeld Linda Hammett Ory and Andrew Ory Parsnip Regattabar Rialto The Sinclair Melinda B. Thaler Toscano United Staging and Rigging

THEATRE FORWARD Theatre Forward is a not-for-profit organization that advances the American theatre and its communities by providing funding and other resources to the country’s leading nonprofit theatres. The following foundations, individuals, and corporations support these theatres through their contributions of $2,500 and above to Theatre Forward. ACE Group * Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty * Buford Alexander and Pamela Farr *◊ American Express * AOL ◊† Mitchell J. Auslander *◊ Bank of America * Bloomberg BNY Mellon Steven & Joy Bunson *◊ Christ & Anastasia Economos ◊ Chubb Group of Insurance Companies * Cisco Systems, Inc. * Citi DeWitt Stern * Paula Dominick *◊ Dorfman and Kaish Family Foundation, Inc. ◊ Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Dramatists Play Service, Inc. * John R. Dutt *◊ Edgerton Foundation Irwin & Rosalyn Engelman * Epiq Systems * EY * Bruce R. and Tracey Ewing *◊ Jessica Farr *◊ Richard Fitzburgh *◊ Ford Foundation Alan & Jennifer Freedman *◊ Ruth E. Gitlin ◊ Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Goodwin Proctor LLP * Mason and Kim Granger *◊ Ted Hartley & RKO Stage * Hanover Insurance Group * HCC Specialty Underwriters, Inc. * Colleen & Philip Hempleman ◊ Hiscox * Gregory S. Hurst *◊ Howard and Janet Kagan ◊ Joseph F. Kirk *◊ Adrian Liddard ◊ Susan & John Major Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Sante Fe Foundation ◊ Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. John R. Mathena *◊ Jonathan Maurer and Gretchen Shugart *◊ McGraw Hill Financial MetLife Morgan Stanley National Endowment for the Arts ◊ Newmark Holdings * Ogilvy & Mather † OneBeacon Entertainment * Lisa Orberg ◊ Frank & Bonnie Orlowski *◊ Edison Peres *◊ Pfizer, Inc. Pryor Cashman LLP * PURE Insurance * Thomas C. Quick ◊ RBC Wealth Management ◊ The Schloss Family Foundation ◊

Seyfarth Shaw LLP * Showtime Networks, Inc. * The Shubert Organization, Inc. * Sills Cummis & Gross P.C. * Daniel A. Simkowitz *◊ Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom * George S. Smith, Jr. *◊ Southwest Airlines ◊† TD Charitable Foundation ◊ Shugart *◊ John Thomopoulos *◊ Travelers Entertainment * Evelyn Mack Truitt * James S. & Lynne Turley *◊ UBS Michael A. Wall * Wells Fargo *◊ Lynne Wheeler ◊ Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP * Isabelle Winkles *◊ *Theatre Forward/DeWitt Stern Fund for New American Theatre ◊ Educating through Theatre Support †Includes In-kind support As of January 2016 Theatre Forward supporters are former supporters of National Corporate Theatre Fund and Impact Creativity.







Producer Director of Artistic Programs/Dramaturg Director of Special Projects Line Producer Resident Director Artistic Associate Company Manager Hasty Pudding Artistic Fellow


Director Administrative Director Associate Director Co-head of Dramaturgy Co-head of Dramaturgy Resident Literary Advisor Head of Voice & Speeach Institute Associate IATT Production Manager Associate IATT Stage Manager Technical Director Student Financial Aid Administrator

Diane Borger Ryan McKittrick Ariane Barbanell Mark Lunsford Allegra Libonati Shira Milikowsky Ryan Sweeney Sammi Cannold

Scott Zigler Julia Smeliansky Marcus Stern Anatoly Smeliansky Ryan McKittrick Arthur Holmberg Erika Bailey Sean Cummings Katherine Clanton Elizabeth Haroian Skip Curtiss Sophia Henderson


Associate Producer Venue Manager Programming Manager Programming Associate Assistant Venue Manager Production Manager House Technician Sound Console Operator

Ariane Barbanell Leo X. Crowley Julia Kraus Emma Watt Megan Minger Skip Curtiss Justin Paice Alex Giorgetti


Director of Development Megan Hinckley Deputy Director of Development Jessica Morrison Grants Manager Meghan Coleman Development Officers Lily Lewis-McNeil, Lindsay Soson Development Information Coordinator Brendyn Schneider Development Associate Jonathan Remmers


Director of Marketing and Communications Anna Fitzloff Director of Press and Public Relations Katalin Mitchell Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Grace Geller Senior Graphic Designer Joel Zayac Senior Education and Community Programs Manager Brendan Shea Education and Community Programs Associate Brenna Nicely Publications and Artistic Programs Associate Robert Duffley Videographer Johnathan Carr Marketing Interns Nicole Banks, Durra Jingfeng Liang, Graphic Design Intern Shannon Reed Education Intern Pablo Hernandez Basulto

Front of House Manager Volunteer Usher Coordinator

As of January 2016

General Manager Associate General Manager


Director of Finance Senior Finance Accountant Financial Administrator Payroll Administrator Accounting Assistant


Production Manager Associate Production Managers HRDC Technical Supervisor


Costume Shop Manager Assistant Costume Shop Manager Crafts Artisan Wardrobe Supervisor Wig Runner Costume/Props Stock Manager


Lighting Supervisor Assistant Lighting Design Light Board Operator


Props Master Assistant Props Master Props Carpenter


Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Scene Shop Supervisor Scenic Charge Artist Master Carpenter Scenic Carpenters Scenic Painter Purchaser


Sound Supervisor Theatrical Audio Technician Audio Technician


Stage Supervisor Assistant Stage Supervisor Props Runner Fly and Stage Hand Stage Hand

THEATER AND FACILITIES Theater and Facilities Manager

RECEPTION DESK Main Receptionists Receptionists


Director of Patron Services/ System Administrator Ticket Services Manager Audience Services Manager Senior Ticket Services Coordinator Ticket Services Representative Weekend Shift Supervisor Ticket Services Staff


Derek Mueller Alicia Curtis Stephen Wuycheck Karen Snyder Cassandra Long Heather Conroe Stacy Friedman, Taylor Hughes, Nickolas Mellace, Jessica Mullen, Tani Nakamoto, Emma Putnam Matt Spano Barbara Lindstrom

FOR 1984

Open Captioning Primary Audio Describer Secondary Audio Describer

Steven Showalter Teresa Gozzo

Kathryn Rosenberg John Josti Stacie Hurst Paul Ravelo Toufiq Aitelfqih

Patricia Quinlan Skip Curtiss, Jeremie Lozier Kathryn Nakaji Jeannette Hawley Carson Eddy Jeffrey Scott Burrows Alma Reyes Burgos Emily Damron Suzanne O. Kadiff Matthew Adelman Wen-Ling Liao Jeremy Goldenberg Cynthia Lee-Sullivan Rebecca Helgeson Nicholas Menge Stephen Setterlun Mike Hamer Kristin Knutson David Schultz Jerry Vogt Peter Doucette Dan Lincoln, Garrett McEntee, York-Andreas Paris Heather Morris David Jewett Sam Lerner Katrina Sistare Michelle Reiss

Henning Malm Christopher Eschenbach Matthew Sebastian Keelia Liptak Ricky Roman

Tracy Keene Sarah Leon, Maria Medeiros Barbara Lindstrom, Sean O'Leary, Sarah Rodman, Matt Spano

c2 Alice Austin Janet Stankus


Notes & Masthead

PLEASE NOTE: The photographing or sound recording of any performance or the possession of any device for such photgraphing or recording inside this theater, without the written permission of the management, is prohibited by law. Violators may be punished by ejection, and violations may render the offender liable for monetary damages. EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency, contact the House Manager or nearest usher.

Post-performance discussions follow select matinees, visit our website for specific dates and times.



All venues are fully accessible.


Assistive listening devices are available for all A.R.T. performances. Large Print and Braille programs are available at select performances. A.R.T. offers Open Captioning, Audio Description, ASL interpreted, & Sensory Friendly Programming at Designated performances throughout the year. email: 617.547.8300


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Nearest exit route Fire extinguishers

FIRE NOTICE: Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exit. In the event of a fire or other emergency, remain calm and listen for directions from management and/or via our public address system. ALL ADMISSIONS INTO THE THEATER, ONCE THE PERFORMANCE HAS BEGUN, WILL BE AT THE DISCRETION OF MANAGEMENT.

Without a Heart, it’s just a machine. Southwest Airlines® proudly supports the A.R.T. © 2015 Southwest Airlines Co.

Designated Meeting Site Cross Brattle St. to Radcliffe Yard

Everywhen: The Eternal Present

in Indigenous Art from Australia

February 5– September 18, 2016 #Everywhen

Tommy Watson, Wipu Rockhole, 2004. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors’ Group 2004, 256.2004. © Tommy Watson. Courtesy of Yanda Aboriginal Art.

A.R.T. 1984 Program  
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