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A Proprietary Process Sourcing Zero-Point Life Force Energy • Applies Principles of Quantum Physics • Sourcing Natural Life Force Energy Which May Support Recharging, Cleansing and Rejuvenation of Our Cells. • Over Time it Promotes Enhanced Inner Vitality and Wellbeing • Energy is Channeled Throughout the Body to Where it is Most Needed • Applied to AMFood and Select Bio Energetic Products

Above Left: The bio photon field of a drop of face cream. Above Right: The drop of face cream after exposure to the AFT process.

Above Left: An image of the human bioenergetic field taken with a GDV device before consuming Amfood/DNA. Above Right: 30 minutes after consuming Amfood/DNA the energy field has dramatically strengthened.

Above Left: Human cell before AFT Above Right: Human cell after AFT

Combination of Ancient Magnetic Therapy and the latest Far-Infared Technology

• • • •

Increases body metabolism and boosts energy level Protects body from E-smog, Radiation and E.M.F Aids body detoxification Reduces physical stress and pain ‘ New Technology goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed by those ignorant of its potential Next, it is subverted by those threatened by its potential Finally, it is considered self-evident.’ -Unknown

First to Market - New Class Epigenetic SUPERFOOD

Enhanced Cellular Antioxidant Activity and Detoxification Enzymes

The Epigenetic Story | CellActiv® = Sulforaphane

Millions Neutralized By Your Cells Own Generated Defenses

A Fusion of some of the Most Exotic Superfruits available

Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Amalaki, Noni, Lou Han Guo...

Broad Spectrum Phyto-Nutrients

3 Pillars of Health: Energy - Function - Lifestyle

Convenience – Single Serve, Portable, Delicious

The research behind the development of CellActiv® draws on a vast library of scientific investigation into the defined health benefits of Sulforaphane across a range of diseases... ‘The future of research and medicine would move beyond the crude and expensively derived evidence from RCTs, to personalised therapeutics, from new data on Phamacogenetics, Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics’ predicted - Prof Kerryn Phelps Integrative GP and Former AMA President Our Technical Department continues to catalogue the relevant research literature into its own extensive database.

“Switches On” DNA in each cell to produce a range of Antioxidant Compounds Sulforaphane

“Switches On” DNA in each cell to produce a range of Detoxification Enzymes

Broccoli Sprouts Our DNA Double Helix Contains Thousands of Different Genes.

The Sulforaphane yield of CellActiv® ‘Switches On’ around 200+ different genes all needed for the cell to protect itself and is the most powerful known substance with this effect.

Futuristic AFT™ EpiGenetic Protect Detoxify Balance Nourish Convenient Delicious Holistic High Demand

“With Amega, My Asthma problem is completely gone, and just by sharing the benefits of Amega products I have create an extraordinary income far beyond what my husband has earned in his 15 years of hard work” “Amega have such astonishing products! Never has it been SO EASY to show just how effective these Amega products are! They literally sell themselves!!!”

“I just go and share the benefits of Amega’s products with everyone and I am rewarded with good commissions, but my best reward is the gratitude I receive from my associates for sharing the products and the opportunity with them.”

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Amega Products

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