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Practical Determinism: Keys to Opportunity An Angel’s Guide to Luck and Love


An absolutely undocumented, non-scientific, Fantasy, guide to the Universe Written by Allan Jon Kretzmar, JD


PROVISO: A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR This book consists of a series of topics, containing “insights� gleaned from an imaginary conversation between an Angel, Zara Jane, and her boyfriend, attorney Jake Morrison, when he asks her to develop a guidebook to luck and love as part of cataloguing her insights for a book he is writing. It should be noted as well that all of the characters are fictional, and there is no relationship to any person, living or dead, in any of the characters.

There are three levels to this. The highest level is that we are witnessing a non-religious mythological Angel, as a carry-forward from Greek and Roman stories, where occasionally the inviolate rule forbidding interaction between mortals and gods were broken. This is


not in any way a religious Angel, nor is there any attempt whatsoever to bring any religious overlay to the story at all. What happens is that the lawyer seeks to find truth through logic and reason, resisting the Angel’s intuitive insight, later, as the stories develop, the Lawyer acknowledges that the Angel adds insight about matters hidden that he can never gain, unless he trusts her enough to accepts her warnings or wisdom, and incorporate and weave them into his thinking. It is very interesting to see this, process take place unfolding in the stories.

The middle more mundane level, witnesses an interchange between a man, who calls his girlfriend affectionately his “Angel,� and there are no more illustrious illusions than this.

Then on the third level the Angel represents our subconscious mind -- or right brain-thinking; and the Attorney represents our leftbrain -- or logical thinking in an, interplay, between each another.


It should also be noted that the “guidebook” is very much a work of fiction, there are no scientific underpinnings or claims of any kind made, real or imagined, that, the techniques espoused in the story have credence in actual reality. The story is told for entertainment purposes only.

My purpose in writing this book is to introduce the reader to think about luck, and love, in new ways. Through my stories, you may find some humor and understanding in the pursuit of luck and love in all its facets, and in all of its places around the globe.

Luck and love comes when we least expect them, hence the series sub-title, “Luck, love . . . and a twist of fate!”

This book can help transport you to a different world, if you allow in the elements of mystery and surprise. There is a mythological Angel in my stories, who provides the structural base to bring about that “chance” meeting, when the hero and heroine in the 6

story meet, and discover the “one true love” that’s right for them, no matter how slight the probability might have seemed.

In actuality, the stories in the unexpected ANGEL series show our protagonists as they are led to that defining moment of divine intervention by Zara Jane, our resident-Angel -- “that” instant -- when love entered, caught them off guard, and changed their lives forever!

Angels show up in our lives when we least expect them. Jake Morrison is a bright, young and ambitious attorney hell-bent on achieving his vision of success. But his vision is about to become a nightmare. Zara Jane is a real-live Angel, sent from Heaven above to guide Jake through these pivotal changes in Jake’s life. She ends up working at Jake’s firm and dating him, so that she can watch over him. They fall in love. But Jake rejects the message and her love and his life spirals out of control. As an Angel Zara Jane imparts wisdom and insight for his life and world, and expresses her insight on the


road that lies ahead, not only for Jake, but also for “humankind� as a whole.

After Zara Jane has been given permission, by the Angel Oversight Committee that she would be allowed to live with Jake and experience human emotions, like love, first hand, they end up living together in her mansion in Beverly Hills, forming Paradise

Paranormal Investigations, Inc. together, solving capers together.

This book is designed to help stimulate your strategic thinking when it comes to luck, and love, to help us realize that everything in our lives really can have mystical significance!

Enjoy the journey!

Allan Jon Kretzmar, JD. Sherman Oaks, California, 2011



“Okay,” Jake reached for his yellow pad, “you gotta tell me how you ‘see’ things?” “What do you mean?’ “I think you, or we, may have stumbled upon something when you said there that there was a chance that we could have stumbled on a new ideology.” 9

“Which one” “You know, when we were sitting at the truck stop on the way back down the coast. And I think you called it ‘Practical Determinism.’” “Oh, that! Well, Jake, it is actually quite a complicated system, and all done mentally, I mean it is not done on a computer, although I guess one could be done like that.” “You mean how you see the future?” “Well, actually, I see the Past, the Present, and the Future. It is all on the same screen for me. I can access information from all three.” Jake pulled out his black-and-silver fountain pen, and began scribbling frantically. “Okay, wait you are telling me you see things on a screen, here,” he handed her the yellow pad, sketch if for me.” “Why?” “I think that you may have just given me the idea for my next book. Maybe even a book series.”


“Now, I am sure there are steps that the average-Jake, and I use that term reservedly, could utilize, don’t you think?” Zara Jane grabbed the yellow pad, and drew three lines down the page, she labeled one “Past,” one “Present,” and one “Future,” and held it up to Jake. “That’s it?” “Yup,” she smiled, “except my screen is basically transparent, and about this big,” she held her hands out slightly less than the length of her shoulders. “That’s huge. What’s on the screen?” “The writing is a light lavender-pink color, and it touch-screen sensitive, I can mentally touch the screen, and collapse the size of the quadrants, so that I can essentially focus more on the present, and the future. The past is not that relevant.” “Really” “Yes, it is essentially done, and there nothing that anyone can do to effect or change the past. What is, of primary importance is the


present, and the effect that this will have on the future. It is quite fascinating!” “Wow, if we want to offer a reader a practical guidebook, is that possible, I mean is this something that I could do?” “As a human” “Yes, as a human, Mortal versus the gods of mythology.” “Well, the only thing that you would not have access to would be the specific dates, which I have access to. This is Divine information, and comes from the Universal Source, as it were. Besides, I don’t think that it helps to have that detailed information. But sure, there are secrets to this that we call our new ideology.” “Practical Determinism” “Yup, Practical Determinism, we can call it an ‘Angel’s Guide.’” “Guide to what?” “Well,” she started scribbling some notes on the yellow pad, and then looked up, “the one’s I like best are ‘Luck,’ since you are so big on that, and of course ‘Love.’”


Okay, we are getting somewhere, we are going to call this ideology ‘Practical Determinism,’ and it’s an Angel’s guidebook to Luck and Love, right?” “Sounds good to me” “Where do we begin?” “Okay, my love, Chapter One should be called, ‘Astronauts in Space.’” “You are kidding?” “Legal-breath, grab the yellow-pad, I feel inspiration about to hit!”


Topic # One

Astronauts in Space


Jake picked up the tablet, and folded a new page over. “Okay, Topic # One is ‘Astronauts in Space.’” “It began when NASA sent astronauts up into space. When they shot through the atmosphere, they had a chance to see planets suspended in time and space, and the earth, and it was an amazingly powerful experience for many of them.” “Okay, I am jotting this all down.” “Many came back and had awakening of their religious beliefs, and a belief in the Supreme Creator, get it?” “Got it” “For NASA directors, this was a challenge as they sent scientists up into space, and got suddenly many believers in faith return. It was a strange phenomenon. Earth seemed so placid, so tranquil, nothing to the seeming chaos that reigns when we come down to street level. There is a quiet order, symmetry, and perfection to quite simply, space, our solar system, and the solar system that surrounds it. I mean we can extend out further and further and further just from our sun.”


“Wow, you go girl, I am having a hard time keeping up, I did not know that you were on a roll here.” Well we had this conversation before about how Albert Einstein, that was one of the founders of Quantum Physics, felt that ‘God doesn’t play dice with the Universe,’ that there was an absolute precision to everything, right?” “Yes.” “But the scientific theorists are all about predestiny and order, that the results are quantifiable and repeatable, and we chatted how Einstein also wanted a little measure of determinism in there.” “Yup, I remember that.” “Then on the other hand we have the Zero people that say that all of life is a matter if individual action and that is the only thing that shapes our destiny and our experience of life.” “And you said, if I remember correctly my doll, that you felt the meter was in fact somewhere in the middle?” “Well, in some things, yes, and in others, no.” “How so” 16

“There is still a large measure of individual action. We can also avoid our destiny too, and that can cause problems as well.” “All of a sudden a Hitler comes along and the world is plunged into darkness. Good versus evil. Maybe 30 million people died all told in World War II, if you can just imagine.” “So good exists, and evil exists. But on a higher plane, things are in symmetry and order.” “Yes, in the universe there may be disruptions, but the rotational aspects of the planets, the size, density, and movement, all very precise. You are familiar with the ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol, right?” “Sure, the round thingy with the squiggle and the two eyes” She laughed, “Yes, the round thingy. The left is the Yin, or female energies, and the right, the Yang, the male, which also represents the material, and well as the heavenly, respectively. As long as they are in symmetry, all is well, if that is lost, illness and even death can occur.” “Wow, the importance of balance.”


“Yes, balancing of energies is so important. Western thinking is always about good here, off to the left, and bad off to that side, the right, when we all know that good can come out of a bad situation as well.” “So that’s my Topic One.” “Awesome. We’re on a roll!”


Topic # Two

Planetary Influences


Jake was sitting pad at the ready, when Zara Jane walked in, and sat down on a big overstuffed leather beanbag chair. “Ready?” “Okay, what happened is that the Greeks only knew on five planets then, but later in Roman and Egyptian times knowledge expanded, but interestingly all of the planets are named after the gods.” “Yeah, I never thought about that, eh?” “The planet that was furthest away was named after Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods. Venus, for love, Mars was the planet or war, due to its red color. The biggest planet is Jupiter, named after the biggest god. Saturn is the great teacher, and Uranus, more distant, Neptune, after Jupiter’s brother, and only in 1930 was Pluto discovered.” 20

“Planets play a part.” “Yes, we have the planets as they were positioned at the time of our birth, and then of course planets are always in rotation and always in motion. We are all constantly under the ebb and sway of the planetary influences. Some may be beneficial, others may not be, but it helps to gain an understanding of the fact that we are all suffering individually, and then on a wider level, from these influences. Like natural cycles, the ebb and flow of the tides that rolls in, and rolls out, why this is useful is that it does help to gain an understanding of the natal, as well as the yearly astrological chart, which begins essentially on our birthdays, and works forward from that date for a year forward.” “Are you saying that a chart should be done?” “I am saying that whether people believe or not, astrology has been around since the dawn of time, and everyone’s chart will be different. But there are timings that are advantageous to people, and times when it is not advantageous to move, but wait until more beneficial times according to when there is a better planetary 21

influence. I throw it out there as a thought, a consideration, another tool, in the kitbag, as it were.” “Well, one thing I find fascinating is the fact that all of the world leaders followed astrology, from Churchill, to Hitler, to Mitterrand in France.” “And of course Reagan, a thought for consideration, regarding timing. One thing that is interesting is Astrology is the twelve houses, and the fact that some houses are appropriate called the House of Career, the House, or Luck, the House of Wealth, all with good reason.” “There are propensities that may occur when a ruler of a House actually sits in the house at the time of birth. The influence then of that ruler will be multiplied based on the ruler being in that House.” “This is not a definite recommendation?” “It is a suggestion, let’s put it that way. There may be some people to whom such a thought is totally foreign, and that is fine and well understood.”



Topic # Three

Past Tense


“The role of the past is very overrated in our beings,” Zara Jane continued, and Jake had the pad ready. “You are saying that, what, it does not serve us?” “Precisely, we have no access to anything that happened in the past except through memory, and what we put into thoughts, fills space that we could be using for other endeavors and pursuits?” “We cannot just close off our memories . . .” “What I am suggesting, especially on this screen that I bring up in front of me, is that the past only is allowed one quarter of the screen, if any place at all.” “Okay, so if it does us no use, why do people dwell on the past so much, you know, we hear about the ‘good old days.’” “The longer we live, the further the shadow of memory in our psyches. We have more time, so more memories. The best analogy for use of our precious time on this planet is to give memory the emphasis we need to.” “You mean use memories, but don’t let them control us.” “How would you walk if you had a stone in your shoe?” 25

“Strange analogy, but with difficulty, every new step would be with difficulty.” “What would finally have to happen?” “I would have to stop, unzipper my boot, and drop the stone out of it.” “Thank the stone first.” “No way” “I mean that in jest, but I would lightheartedly thank the stone, our memories, for getting us this far, but then from this point forward continue without it. The past is never a final determinant to the future, especially given the techniques that I am going to give you. But so many people spend so much time, in therapy sessions and with friends, going over what happened in the past.” “I think everyone does.” “They do because they don’t know about ‘The Bridge,’ an aspect of our Determinism that we have not come to yet. What I am thinking is that before we can look to the future, it is a good idea to think of the past in a manner that it does not hinder our future journey.” 26

“So how should we think of it, realistically?” “Like a computer program. Take memories from the past, and put them into appropriately titled folders.” “Like home, work, career, things like that?” “Yeah, all the things that make up our collective memory, and then, as in a filing cabinet, place them in the cabinet, and shut the drawer closed. What’s past is past, and only is of use if we need to access some information that is of some importance. Otherwise close that drawer, and let it stay closed. There is just too much that we will need to do to organize our Practical Determinism Ideology that is heavily present and future based.” “Didn’t Albert Einstein once say that the past, the present, and the future all exist in the same ‘now’ moment?” “That would be one way of looking at things. We want a far more dynamic model that will have far more harmonious effect if we are not dragged down by the past memories.” “And for the past memories, I think we should stress that the past should be seen to be a little computer chip, if we can pull the 27

chip out from our day to day, filled with past memories and past regrets, we will be in a much more grounded position, to look at our existence in Five Part harmony.” “Sounds like a new topic header, no?”


Topic # Four

Five-Part Harmony


“Okay, so now we have this mental transparent screen in front of us, right?” “Right, I mean we wish we could create one.” “All in good time, Jake, this is mental exercise. The screen should be divided as mentioned, that the past only takes up a quarter of the quadrant of viewable space.” “That leaves four quadrants or portions left over.” “Right, and I am saying, take and make three of those related to the present, and one, the future.” “So this mental screen that we are going to occupy ourselves with in our Practical Determinism is solidly grounded in looking at the present, the now moment of our existence.” “You catch on fast. I think you are beginning to get the mental picture, as it were. These are just some of the groundwork, the parameters that we have to focus on so that we can begin to apply some of the practical day-to-day activities that we can use to create the futures that we want, accessed through our present day minds. The


past mind, or memory, as mentioned, can do us no practical good, unfortunately. I would even go a step further.” “Collapse out the past from the screen” “Wow, yes, high five!” “If we drop the past out from current running for screen space usage, then we can actually even add one notch to the present, or allow two notches for the future. Imagine that this is all touch-screen, and by touching the screen you open these quadrants, or close them down, all at the mental touch of a button.” “Amazing, so we have the screen open, how do we construct what fills the present, and the future space on this our mental screens?”


Chapter Five

The Quantum Ether: Messages to the Universe


“Okay, Jake, this part is where things start getting real interesting in our Guide. We start to look at and examine our lives, and start to construct the kind of futures we want to live!” “I am writing away. How do we begin this?” “We begin, by breaking down all of the facets of our lives, dividing them up into Career, Love, Home, Friends, Family,


Relationships, and the many ways that our lives can be compartmentalized.” “So we pick these categories?” “Yes, and then within each one of these boxes, we have to ask ourselves two questions, and we have to be brutally honest with ourselves.” “Question One?” “That is, “what is in there right now?’” “Question Two?” “What do we want to replace that with?’” “Each box, each category” “Yes, each House, as it were. So that what we end up with is the “end-goal” which is pretty detail rich, if you know what I mean. We have to also be realistic, we were not expecting the House of Luck to be filled with a lottery win for each of us. If that happens, great, but this is means to be a practical guide, not a windfall guide.” “So you are saying to construct a mental picture, and fill in details?” 34

“Yes, details regarding let us say, and this is where the past is great as a learning tool. Let us say we did not have great relationships in the past, but let us say we really want to have a great relationship in the present/future. So the question is what stopped or blocked us in the past?” “I know for me it was fear.” “Great, so you know that in the past you were fearful of getting involved, that was before I came along, right?” “Right” “But you wanted something different?” “I think even on a subconscious level I realized that I could go on the way that I have been going, and be alone, or I could recognize the fear, my demon, and allow someone in.” “Then what” “Then I could really share stuff that I enjoy doing, and find out what it would be like to gently collaborate together with someone in a constantly evolving dynamic interaction, where the fear does creep in, but it is a lot less powerful than it used to be.” 35

“It was a fear of success at its base, Jake.” “I would never have thought so in the beginning, but then I realized that if I continued down the lawyer path it would just have brought me on a personal level to great personal pain, and affliction. And that what I really wanted to do was intimately have far more control over my time, and affairs that writing, has allowed me, so that I can spend the time I treasure with the one I love and adore.” “Wow, Jake, that has brought a tear to my eye.” “But you see how you can do this, and actually can create this “End-Goal” picture of what you think you your Soul’s highest desire would be for the way you live your life, in two Houses. The House of Love and Romance, and the House of Career’ “Seems very simplistic” “Can we say practical?” “Yup, We could.” “Lets try the House of Abode, where you were at, and what you wanted to create for yourself.”


“I wanted a place that would allow me a great place to live, and work. I was tired of the grind, the commute, the traffic. I mentioned that I wanted a place that would allow me to work where I had the handle on my time. Next I wanted a place where I do that.” “Did you know what it looked like?” “It was a heart’s desire, I could say, but I looked at a place where there were rugs, all over the floor, and a desk, right there in the middle of the room. Then, on the desk, was a huge computer screen, 28 inches, and a smaller computer screen, 19 inches, off to the left of it.” “That’s pretty specific about the screens, Jake, how so?” “I needed the ability to look at two documents at the same time. Let us say one set was scanned in from my client, the other screen was from opposing counsel. I needed to have the ability to contract and compare. You will be amazed at how many times by doing the side by side analysis I found discrepancies in the documentation.”


“Okay, more detail than I needed, but you wanted a office, and a desk in the middle, rugs on the floor, and two screens. What about the size of the room? Big or small” “Oh, big, with large windows that would open, green trees outside, and a crisp breeze that would blow in. And that I could sit, not in a suit, but in a t-shirt and blue jeans, and not even have to wear socks and shoes.” “You could work barefoot, casual, relaxed, and stress-free?” “Yes. Wow, I am just thinking . . .” “What?” “That’s pretty much everything I have in my work space upstairs!” “So you see, one can develop a pretty detailed analysis of the comparatives between present-day, and future day.” “How does one create this then, this change?” “By sending it, like a message in a bottle, into the Universe” “What about time frames?”


“I, will get there, we all want what we want, yesterday. But when we send things into the Universe, there is a gestation period, and then what comes back to us will come, maybe changed in some manner, because of humans we don’t have offered the power of creation, only determinism, not creationalism.” “So the Universe may tweak what we sent out?” “Yes, because there are many forces and beings and things out there that we cannot see that work on our dreams and wishes. We cannot keep looking at our watches and saying, it is not here yet. What we wanted.” “So we do the explorative work then wait?” “Yes, each one of the Houses has their own Keys, the Keys to Opportunity. How we get there, is via The Bridge, my next topic area. But I believe that there are a variety of Houses in life that we enter, or that impact us, some of these houses are neutral, both others are much more powerful.” “Negative effects”


“Or positive to, sometimes events happen, and they trigger events that for want of a better explanation we will call them by the name of a House, but their effects are either positive, as ‘Stabilizers,’ or negative, called ‘Destabilizers.’” “So you are really seeing us move through life, some events we control, and others that control us.” “Well, that than say ‘control,’ I prefer to say that we are affected by events.” “What are the Neutral Houses? We should look at those maybe first?” “Okay, the House of Messages; the House of Papers; and the House of the Abode; are neutral essentially, though the import of the messages can make the effect good, or bad, if we are going to use such an absolute concept. Home can be a place of great comfort, or a place of strife. The influences at play affect the House and change its neutral disposition, as it were.” “Then what are the Negative Houses?”


“The House of Trouble; the House of Disappointment; and the House of Death, negatives all. We go through all of these houses at some point in life, right?” “Wow, gimme the positive Houses, and quick!” “The House of Luck; and the House of Health; and the House of Marriage, can only be positive. Today we can have the House of Marriage and the House of Relationships, as many choose to live together rather than get married, and there are also couples of the same sex co-habiting.” “Can they crossover?” “Sure they can, this is what makes the Houses so interactive. Someone could marry let us say a partner who is very wealthy, so we would find luck and money then coinciding in the House of Marriage, which may have the effect of strengthening that House and its influence. But an influence of disappointment in the House of Relationships, and that could signify the end of a marriage, or a relationship. This begins to look like a Law Vegas slot machine, but you can see the dynamism and interactivity. Essentially, by grouping 41

life’s experiences into Houses, we can then see how a trend in one direction can set off a number of other reactions. Remember the goal?” “Keep you eyes on the ball?” “No, silly, that we have a set of Keys, the Keys to Opportunity. What we are trying to do is maximize out chances at unlocking the doors to the good Houses, and shutting and locking as best we can the doors to the negative Houses. A negative influence in a House, and we surrender as it were a Key to Opportunity.” “Tough choices, all along the way” “Yes, an adult in society carries with it a lot of responsibilities. But don’t worry, it is all what our Soul signed up for too, remember, without going through lessons we may never earn the Keys to Opportunity.” “How do you conceptualize the Keys?” “The Keys of Opportunity are a set of keys we hold in our hands. You understand that when I say we I am talking about the human condition. As an Angel, my personal options are different from yours. 42

For one think, through the Divine connection that I have in the system, I can see dates, specific dates for any person that I am reading to help them, from birth, to major events, to their death even.” “Grim.” “No, it is just all a part of the unending cycle of life. It all repeats. Sometimes it helps to know dates. Someone may suffer a disappointment, and they lose a job. They begin a new vocation, and then suddenly that new vocation brings them success and money they could never have contemplated before. Is it not of comfort to be able to say, well, mister or miss, you have been through a setback, but in one year and two months from the date of this disappointment, things will turn around for you and that setback was what helped to attain the understanding and knowledge to go forward in your chosen career.” “Aha!” Jake jumped up, “You agree then that people have to find out why they are here on the planet, what it is that they are supposed to do with the precious years afforded them?”


“Yes, the purpose of life on the physical plane is to find out our life’s purpose. When you find that out, not that things will be easy, by any means, but the sense of fulfillment will be huge. Resist what your calling in life is, and you may find yourself fighting life.” “So go with the flow then?” “Going with the flow is a cliché, my dear, but expresses the point that we have to in life find where there is an opening for us, and then, find out as well where there are blockages, and the idea of shuffling experience into these Houses gives us a way of dealing with the flows, and the blockages.” “Sometimes things happen in a split second, like an accident or a heart attack!” “Yes, and sometimes someone may smoke for a life time, or drink for a lifetime, and then suddenly one day, the effects are manifested, reaped as it were, in one day for all the years of neglecting health. Sclerosis of the liver, cancer of the lungs, suddenly diagnosed? No, it took years of maybe almost daily abuse of the body to arrive at the destructive life-threatening edge.” 44

“So where do we stand?” “On The Bridge”


Topic # Five

The Bridge


“Imagine you are standing on a Bridge. It stretches in front of you, and connects you from this side of the river, to the opposite side. We have to make it across. This is ‘The Bridge’ in our Practical Determinism Model. How we get across, right?” “We walk across?” “No, that is the point. At the point when we are to cross, there is no physical bridge. That is created through the mix – destiny, luck, timing, and our actions.” “A metaphorical bridge then” “No, very real bridge with real consequences, step off too soon, or without the resources needed, and The Bridge will come apart under our feet, and literally hurl us into the abyss. The Bridge is different for everyone, as everyone has their own creative mix in their lives, but just that it is important to recognize that the stakes are very high indeed.” “Life and death”


“In a manner of speaking, also the Fulfilled versus an Unfulfilled Life as well, too.” “So don’t step off The Bridge then?” “You have no other option, you have to step off. Life does not tolerate stagnation. Simply put, don’t drift.” “But what if I am waiting to make my Bridge?” “Exactly, Jake, that’s it, you have to figure out which of the Keys open the locks in the Houses we talked about. Turn the key in the right lock in the House, and you will literally hear the tumblers turn, erasing years of waiting in an instant.” “Open the door to opportunity that can carry you your whole life?” “Exactly” “What if I make a mistake with the lock, or the key jams? I mean that can happen too, right?” “Yes, that is why we have to be so focused on what can build that Bridge that is literally being built every day we are alive. It may


be hesitatingly at first, until the builder of the bridge gains better awareness, and then can move with greater confidence.” “Like an athlete sprinting sure footedly ahead.” “Yeah, I like that, but I want to impress that this Bridge is by now means a concrete bridge, it could be, but that is where the ‘look before you leap’ idea comes in. Also, you can see now why the past, and worrying about it, literally can affect one life negatively.” “If you focus on the past, you forget to build the Bridge, or should I say neglect to build the bridge from the present to the future.” “Exactly, you can see that there is enough to have to focus on with just day-to-day life, that if we do not keep building this Bridge, then we literally can find ourselves in a situation where one can look back at our lives and realize that we spent ten years perhaps in the futile pursuit of a path, without realizing that such a path was not building a bridge, or helping with our advancement.” “So what do we do in that situation?” “Which one” 49

“The one about spending time moving, or should I say stagnating, then realizing it was a waste of time.” “Time is a relative concept. It is not the time in and of itself that matters in our ideological model.” “So what does matter more than time?” “The movement that time allows us. We can move forward tremendously quickly, once we have done a couple of things. Found, one our life’s purpose, and two, taken the set of Keys to Opportunity, and three, used then to start opening the locked Doors to Opportunity.” “Life in constant flux” “No, here is how our determinism model essentially works. We have figured out in an approximate way where we want our lives to lead; we have taken steps to understand the tides, the peaks, the valleys of time, when might be beneficial, when not; and we are waiting and watching off The Bridge.” “What are we waiting for?”


“Life is multi-faceted, so what we are waiting for is to see, with all the fishing lines into the Universe, which are the areas where movement occurs, and in which House. This way, when we step forward, we step onto a concrete Bridge, if you get the analogy.” “We don’t try and force the happening, we wait to see what happens, and that which does should in some manner be in accordance with our wishes.” “To some degree, remembering that, when we send out to the Universe it does not come back when we expect it, or maybe even how. Love is a perfect example of that. We may create in out mind’s eye that ideal person, but may find that love catches us unexpectedly. Do you even think you would live with an Angel?” “Hell, no” “Did I think I would be with a mortal, no either. A human maybe is a nicer way to express it, but that is the point. These are experiences. If we as a whole can look at every experience, the past, as a learning experience, then we can find in every one of life’s


challenges the blessing that came with it. Everything around out has mystical significance, if we look for the signs.” “What do you mean, my love?” “A man that is drunk that is sitting by the side of the road may be blathering something, but that message may be profound. Or a personalized plate may suddenly provide confirmation that that person is on the right path.” “What if the message is lost?” “That can happen to, precisely because people may not see in the person drunk by the side of the road that they might have an angel’s message to convey.” “That is what I mean. What happens then?’ “That can have an effect, which delays that person’s movement of passage off the Bridge. That is the whole point, Jake, people don’t even realize that there is a Bridge and that they are building it, every day, or at least have a better chance of building it with Practical Determinism, than they did if they just stood by the side of the river and waited for the ferry.” 52

“Can I speed up time?” “Jake, I should have guessed, you are a man in a hurry.” “I am. I want to break on through to the other side. If you are telling there is a way that I can do this, I want to get there already.” “You have to be patient, you can’t just wrestle Time and Luck, or more appropriately Chance. It is an organic unfolding, but while you cannot necessarily speed up time in and of itself by ourselves, we can maximize the effect to ensure faster and more assured movement across the bridge.” “Do tell.”


Topic # Six

The Multiplier Effect



“Do you have any idea, Jake, what could work as the Multiplier Effect in all of this?” “Can I guess?” “Sure. Well, it would have to be something that will cause the possibility for some kind of ignition of some sort.” “Let us say I place spill some highly combustible gasoline in a rocket, it will burn and cause the rocket to move forward with speed and accuracy.” “Something that, can ignite, to cause the effect to be greatly amplified?” “Yes.” “Believe it or not, it is a mental attitude.” “Determination” “No, it’s opposite.” “What then?” “Surrender” “No way, after all this we have gone through you are telling me now that I have to abandon all this, and step back. I don’t know!” 56

“Exactly, ‘don’t-know’ is one of the multipliers.” “What? I am confused.” “When you don’t know which of the various Houses will activate first, and which key will open which Door first, you are much more likely then to be focused on being ready to move, so that when the movement comes, you will be going with the flow, crazy, huh?” “What is the other multiplier?” “What do you mean?” “You said there was more than one. Shall we call the first ‘Don’tKnow Mind?’ “That works, just if we want a more powerful term, we can call it ‘Simple Awareness, nothing more than a very gentle mental state of curiosity. You are not trying to strong-arm life, but curious to see what in life comes back to you after you have sent it out – the quantum physics element.” “And the next multiplier” “The next multiplier, Jake, is love.”


Allan Jon Kretzmar ©2011 All rights reserved All characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons Living, or dead, is coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a Retrieval, system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior Written, permission of the author, except by a reviewer who may quote, Brief, passages, in a review to be printed in a newspaper, magazine or journal First printing

Edited by Darinda Ann Otto Images by Allan Jon Kretzmar, except for “Zara Jane” by Darinda Ann Otto Follow further adventures at Check out the other Mini-books in the series on Kindle, Nook, and Google eBooks.


To your luck, and love‌


Forbidden/unex pected Angel 60

The Series: Luck, Love . . . and a Twist of Fate! Other book titles 1. unexpected Angel The novella, a modern-urban love story with a supernatural twist Angels show up in our lives when we least expect them. Jake Morrison is a bright, young and ambitious attorney hell-bent on achieving his vision of success. But his vision is about to become a nightmare. Zara Jane is a real-live Angel, sent from Heaven above to guide Jake through these pivotal changes in Jake’s life. She ends up working at Jake’s firm and dating him, so that she can watch over him. They fall in love. But Jake rejects the message and her love and his life spirals out of control. As an Angel Zara Jane imparts wisdom and insight for his life and world, and expresses her insight on the road that lies ahead, not only for Jake, but also for humankind as a whole. When Jake takes her words to heart his life goes through a metamorphosis, and he finds himself living his life in a manner that he could not have dreamed of before. KINDLE: unexpected ANGEL. Luck, love . . . and a Twist of Fate! (Forbidden/unexpected ANGEL) | NOOK:

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KINDLE: Only Love Matters (Forbidden/unexpected ANGEL) NOOK:

8. what yA gonna do when the angel comes? A mini-travel-adventure-romance Jake Morrison, erstwhile lawyer, is convinced by his friend Dr. Robert Powell to try regression analysis to isolate when and where he and Zara Jane, Angel, really met to better explain their attraction. As the regression continues, Jake discovers that the answers come not only from this lifetime, but to ones that took place well hidden in the past. Jake unlocks the doors to open up new vistas of adventure, and understanding. KINDLE: WHAT YA GONNA DO WHEN THE ANGEL COMES? (Forbidden/unexpected ANGEL) | NOOK:

9. WHEN ANGELS COME HOME TO ROOST (Continuation of “What ya gonna do when the angel comes?� A mini-travel-adventure-romance A continuation of the regression analysis that Jake is undergoing with his friend, Dr. RobertPowell. Jake finds himself married in this past life to Zara Jane, when a violent storm blows their spice ship off course. Will they survive, and what secrets will be revealed? Stranded on an as-yet-uncharted island they meet Hoppy, a genie, who promises them a way out, with a surprising twist.


10. DEVIL’S ADVOCATE (Continuation of “WHEN ANGELS COME HOME TO ROOST”) A mini-travel-adventure-romance, a continuation of the regression analysis that Jake is undergoing with his friend, Dr. Robert Powell Jake finds himself married in this past life to Zara Jane, still stranded on an as-yet-uncharted island with Hoppy, the genie who has promised them a way off the island. But is this really what Jake wants? Find out the surprising twist as Jake’s mind plays the devil’s advocate. KINDLE: NOOK:



Jake is encouraged by his friend Baron to take up the practice of law again and head up the Loss Mitigation Department at the mighty Trust Bank, headquartered in San Francisco. Jake feels that his name and reputation are about to be misused to further some dark motive that he as yet is unaware of, and he has his misgivings. John Wiley is an attorney representing sympathetic clients as the battle-lines start to get drawn in this modern-day “David and Goliath” zero-sum contest. Jake trusts that whatever the motive behind Baron’s offer, it will somehow be revealed in time to him before damage can be done. Jake realizes this is all a puzzle -- this interplay between light and dark forces -- and that he would need almost a clairvoyant’s skill to separate them in time. KINDLE: NOOK:


12. THE BLESSING AND THE CURSE (CONTINUATION OF “ROBBER BARON”) (PART TWO) Jake Morrison, lawyer, is ready to quit his new assignment after he begins to find that Baron is using this job as a launch-pad to make Jake’s work life a misery. However, Zara Jane, the angel, convinces Jake to stay on and find out the real reason he has been sent to work there. Jake takes the deposition of the Plaintiff, and finds out they are legitimate claims. Additionally, Nathan Hamilton is dying, and Jake has to decide how far he will allow the job to dictate his actions, or whether he allows his integrity to be bought and sold by his accepting of the consulting position. KINDLE: NOOK:

13. PRAYER FOR RELIEF (CONTINUATION OF “THE BLESSING AND THE CURSE)(PART THREE) Jake Morrison, lawyer, suggests that his client, Trust Bank, settle the Hamilton case. Baron, his bank boss, refuses, and the case goes to trial. Jake begins to suspect that the motives of his client are not only unethical, but quite frankly illegal, and he faces a moral and professional dilemma. Does he pursue the defense and evict the Plaintiffs, or does he find the information that he needs to stop a miscarriage of justice. He solicits the help of his girlfriend, the angel Zara Jane, to retrieve a damning bank document that has been well-hidden from all human eyes. The story moves with a bullet-train’s pace towards a fascinating courtroom conclusion. KINDLE: NOOK: 66

14. A LIZARD IN THE SUN (THE CONCLUSION OF “ROBBER BARON,” “THE BLESSING AND THE CURSE,” and “PRAYER FOR RELIEF,”)(PART FOUR) Jake Morrison, lawyer, is stymied in the courtroom. Baron, the Trust Bank manager, has masterfully played a game of legal intrigue, effectively and metaphorically binding Jake’s hands in accepting the blame for the Bank’s activities. But Jake solicited the help of his girlfriend, the angel Zara Jane, to retrieve a damning bank document that has been well-hidden from all human eyes. This is his trump card, but can he play it in time? The story moves with a bullet-train’s pace towards a fascinating courtroom conclusion. KINDLE: NOOK:


LovEntwined 67

The Series: Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers Other book titles 16. THE KINGMAKER An undocumented historical mini-romance fable set in 15th Century Great Britain. The throne of King Henry is about to be passed on to one of his three sons, but war with France looms. Enter Princess Isabella, an armor-clad messenger, who meets Prince Richard, and guides him in the greatest adventure of his life. THE KINGMAKER (ENTWINED lovENTWINED)

17. GOING IN FOR THE KILL (CONTINUATION OF “THE KINGMAKER” PART ONE) A 15th Century mini-action-romance adventure fable, where Leopold, the French naval commander, seeks revenge and kidnaps Princess Isabella Now King, Richard faces dark days as he struggles with the loss of his Queen, and decides to extract revenge of his own with unanticipated consequences. KINDLE: GOING IN FOR THE KILL! Part Deux of THE KINGMAKER (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:

18. THE WORLD’S YOUR OYSTER A mini-romance set in Italy. Francesca is a filmmaker and the daughter of a famed director who decides to enter her short film at the Venice Biennial. Enter an Angel who encourages Justin to enter his paintings in the Biennial Art Festival. The bait has been set, and they are destined to meet. KINDLE: THE WORLD IS YOUR



19. MOMMY’S GONE! A bitter mini-romance Brad and Mara have been married for fifteen years and have two children, Jamie and Mark. A poignant tale that explores keeping love alive in a marriage that goes through dramatic changes. Mara serves in the Navy, and completes a tour of duty in Iraq. Then Afghanistan follows. . . A story as current as our headlines KINDLE: MOMMY'S GONE! (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:

20. FOLLOW THE FIRE! (alternative ending to mommy’s gone!) A bitter-sweet mini-romance Brad and Mara have been married for fifteen years and have two children, Jamie and Mark. A poignant tale that explores keeping love alive in a marriage that goes through dramatic changes. Mara serves in the Navy, and completes a tour of duty in Iraq. Then Afghanistan follows. . . A story as current as our headlines This story is the alternative ending to “Mommy’s Gone!) KINDLE: Follow The Fire! (Alternative ending to "Mommy's Gone!) (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:


21. (LOVE) ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES A mini-romance Mary and Pete are destined to find each other, but their ability to meet gets stalled. Enter an eagle that brings about their chance meeting, that in that instant changes both of their lives from that point forward forever, Luck, love, and a twist of fate. KINDLE: (LOVE) ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES! (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:

22. WHEN LIGHTENING STRIKES TWICE! A mini-romance set in Mumbai, India. Ramish is a lawyer who is travelling on a train and is struck by lightening. In that instant the most beautiful woman in the world, his world, gets revealed to him. Ghita Raj is a Bollywood film star, wondering if she will ever find true love. She seeks answers from her astrologer and palmist, Mister Choksy, who tells her that a chance meeting with a man may be soon. Very soon. KINDLE: WHEN LIGHTENING STRIKES TWICE! (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:

23. COWgirl KATE A mini-romance Kate is a student in Texas who receives an unexplained and untraceable email and text message on her cellphone to make sure she goes to her grandmother’s funeral. She is told that she needs to make sure she attends, for there is a fated meeting that has to take place there. Kate is given control of the family cattle ranch after her grandmother’s passage, but the email


and text message concern affairs of the heart. KINDLE: COWGIRL KATE! (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK:

24. HOLY LAND: BLOOD BROTHERS A mini-romance set in the Holy Land. A metaphorical bridge is being built between Rami, an Israeli soldier, and Ghita, a beautiful young Palestinian girl. They begin to steal moments together, knowing that on both sides such encounters are forbidden. The story moves with dynamic intensity to its conclusion as Rami and Ghita struggle to find freedom to live and love. As topical as today’s headlines KINDLE: HOLY LAND: BLOOD BROTHERS! (ENTWINED lovENTWINED) | NOOK: Zara Jane on Facebook!/ZaraJaneAngel Zara Jane Angel on Twitter



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