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My work is a mixture of photography, photo-maipulation ,and digital painting. The idea behind the work at it’s most basic level is the diversity of mankind. The complexity and the total lack of absolutes. Evey one one of us is completely different. And within each individual are even more differences ...Yet we all have the exact same things . Two eyes , a nose , a mouth, lips , and heart emotions. We are the same. So , to my thinking , at it’s most abstract level , the work represents the ‘GOD’ quotient! Only an intelligent being could create life with with such diversity ...and wit! So what I do is create a canvas out of a human face , and on to it , it project my sensibilities , aesthetic, fantasies, social , political , cultural , and religious ideas . I love to juxtapose the colors black and white , as well as African and Japanese cultures . To prove that both black and white are absolutely gorgeous. We have, as a world community got to stop separating ourselves. We have to stop fostering self hatred in people of color,and promoting lies about race , and culture. The truth is , that within every possible demographic of society lies the entire gamut of the human experience. the are intellects , half wits, lairs ,and truth tellers geniuses and mentally impaired there are the frail and the powerful , the kind and the cruel. There is no one group among us the do not posses all the good and bad of being human . For that matter , there is no one person , that do not posses this multidimensionalism. So why do we lie? I’ve decided that anyone can become a piece of Art . Which I call “Conceptual Portraits” . All I need is you , my camera and my unrestrained imagination...and you are Art! WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/EVEHARLOWEART WWW.TWITTER.COM/EVEHARLOWEART Eve Harlowe Art & Photography 267-608-3633

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favor of God. Donald G. Ward was born in St. Louis, MO to the father of Donald Ward, a fuel oil salesman and entrepreneur; mother of Callie, an operating room nurse assistant; and sister Felecia, a marketing communications professional. As his father climbed the corporate ladder, the family often relocated, finally settling in NJ in the late 1970’s. The Wards were a close-knit family where music and dance filled the home. Ward grew up during the end of disco and the dawn of MTV. All genres of music where listened to and appreciated, from the rich soulful r&b sounds of Motown to the hard-edged rock of Kiss. Music appreciated in his family also extended into music studies and performance. His cousin was the late great guitarists Hiram Bullock; his aunt played piano; his mother played clarinet; and his sister played flute in both wind ensemble and marching band. It was while watching his sister’s marching band that he proclaimed to his parents that he too wanted to play an instrument. His parents purchased him several instruments, but it was the saxophone that sparked his interest. MAMi 23

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White leather dress with crystals and hood by Alexandra Cipriani

Photography: Viktorija Pashuta Website: www.pashutaphotography. com Stylist: Anthony Bradshaw Makeup: Grace Phillips Photographer’s Assistants Kal Gohill, Anna Pashuta

lil mama on a rampage MAMi 25

Mami Magazine’s Publisher Algie Dewitt interviewed Hip Hop Artist and TV personality Lil Mama. Due to some shared interest: high end fashion, music and lifestyle, Algie and Lil Mama were able to carry on a quite interesting conversation. Needless to say the interview went well, but it was also a much needed and very refreshing experience for Lil Mama. The last few years have been challenging to say the least for this talented young artist, rarely does she find the opportunity to speak about the positive work being done in her career life. Mami Magazine was determined to get the positive side of Lil Mama’s journey. MM: Hello LM: hey Algie God Bless You.. how are you MM: good good.. tell me about the early days.. you know.. how you got started. LM “I was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn New York. I lived with my father but I spent an equal amount of time with my mom. Being with my father enabled me to get the special attention that a girl can only get from her dad. I feel as though I have as many traits from my mom as I do from my father. They both taught me to respect and believe in myself, those priceless lessons are always with me.” My father was a music Producer and he has a company called Familiar Mindz. I am now a partner in that venture with my Dad and my uncle. As a kid I grew up surrounded by hip hop artists and singers. Not to mention my mother, who had one of the strongest singing voices I have ever

MAMi 26

heard. She was such a beautiful little lady. I definitely get my talent from the both of them. I spent much of my time in the studio as a kid and one day I was put on the spot to drop a verse. It was then that my father saw the potential in my lyrical skills. A couple years later with much hard work, I landed a deal with Jive Records (recorded and also toured with Chris Brown) all of which was a great learning experience that required me to be in the studio continuously. The record deal didn’t work out as expected, but I’m looking forward to a better situation in the near future. In the meantime I’m focused on my next season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and recording my next album. I’m also scheduled to make a few selected guest appearances on the “World Music for the Cure” 2012 tour. My new single “Hustla Girl” will be on the CD compilation for the breast cancer tour. This song is a powerful tribute to the women out there on their grind getting it done. I am extremely proud to be a part of this concert series because all proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit The Tigerlily Foundation. A few music Artists friends of mine will be participating on the CD. I’m very compassionate when it comes to helping out with this particular cause because my mom passed away due to breast cancer December 15, 2007. Not to mention there are children all around the world that are going through what I experienced with my mother when she suffered with the disease, hopefully I can give some support to some of them.”

fashion deal but I can’t talk about it before the deal is done (laughing) but I love fashion and I get my fashion sense from my mother who was the Fashionista of the family.” When asked about her Alter Ego photo shoot with Mami Magazine and how the photo shoot made her feel, her response was “It was great, some of the outfits made me feel like a super hero but overall it was a wonderful experience.” In an interview with the upcoming TV show, What Women Want Live in New York, Lil Mama told her interviewer that she has a commitment to her fans as well as the youth of today. She plans to give back to the community by being positive and dedicated to her beliefs. In her interview the message to the young people of today remained consistent as she encouraged them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams despite the negativity that may be around you. When asked “What’s next for you?” she paused for a second and said “The Breast Cancer tour, giving back to my community, TV, Film, and new music”

Algie went on to ask her about her unique and very edgy fashion sense, her response was “I have a potential

By Lesa Lovet, Assistant Producer for What Women Want in New York/ TV

I believe that one sentence sums up what this talented young lady is all about. It’s evident that Lil Mama has experienced both negative and positive situations in her chosen career path but she has made it abundantly clear that she intends to keep a positive outlook on life and her future endeavors. I for one look forward to seeing more of Lil Mama in the near future.

Black Shoulder Piece with Hood by Banjela Black Latex Bathing Suit by Milanoo Liquid Leggings by American Apparel Studded Platforms by Red Kiss Black Elbow length gloves are by Gaspar Gloves

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White leather dress with crystals and hood is by Alexandra Cipriani Chain is photographer’s own White platforms with studded heels by Red Kiss

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Black Shoulder Piece with Hood by Banjela Black Latex Bathing Suit by Milanoo Liquid Leggings by American Apparel Studded Platforms by Red Kiss Black Elbow length gloves are by Gaspar Gloves

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Black and white checked jacket with fur sleeves by Rick Villa Red and Orange chunky necklace by NEHITA Bra Lil’ Mama’s own MAMi 32

MAMi 33

Black and white checked jacket with fur sleeves by Rick Villa Red and Orange chunky necklace by NEHITA Bra Lil’ Mama’s own

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MAMi 35

Black Leather Cropped jacket by Alexandra Cipriani Leopard Print Body Suit is stylist’s own Black leather studded half boddest corset by Antiseptic Fashion Black Studded shoes by Alejandra G 4 Finger Brass Knuckles are stylist own

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Bathing Suite by Alexandra Cipriani

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MAMi 39

VIDAL CARRION…..SINGER/ ing voice was first noticed by his SONGWRITER/DANCER/ACTOR mother Tara Kirkland while he was singing in the bathroom mirror. His Song Releases: “Man in the Mirror” mother was amazed that he soundand "Don't You Ever Cry" (Famed so much like a young Michael Records) Jackson and told him so. Shy and modest as Vidal was he thought his Street Date / Oct 4, 2011: mother was kidding, but he soon found out that was not the case, as Vidal Carrion would like to extend the very next day she went out to his gratitude to Mami Magazine for purchase cassette tapes telling him the following featured article. to study all Michael Jackson's songs. At age nine Vidal took a liking to About the Music Boyz II Men and started studying their soulful songs with his sister The artist known as Vidal is ready Lil Mama and two younger brothto climb up the Pop/R&B charts ers. It wasn't long before he started with the first two singles from his singing at neighborhood block upcoming CD, “Electric Love”. The parties and family gatherings. He first release will be the mega hit then auditioned for the Boys Choir song “Man in the Mirror” by Vidal, of Harlem High School where he but originally recorded by the King blew them away at the audition of Pop Michael Jackson, the song and got accepted. While attending will benefit the upcoming “World the school he would serenade girls Music For The Cure” fundraising in the hallway where he ended up concert tour for breast cancer. getting the nickname "The Ladies Man" but he always stayed focused The second single “Don’t You Ever on his music. When he was about Cry” is a heartfelt song about a thirteen he was approached by a young relationship trying to survive music producer, but his mother felt while a music Artist is out on the he should understand the enterroad performing, and providing for tainment business before venturing his family. The song features Vidal’s into any record deals. Vidal consister, Hip Hop Artist Lil Mama tinued winning talent shows and (with a hard hitting Rap intro) fea- awards for being the best artist in tured as she introduces her brother the school. Vidal as the next big Artist after Michael Jackson positioned for His mother succumbed to breast super stardom. cancer being seeing the upcoming success of her son, but Vidal who About Vidal and the Kirkland Fam- is under the guidance of his family ily and strong professional management is destined for greatness. He is Vidal Carrion Kirkland was born in talented, yet humble but most of all Brooklyn, New York and spent half he has a good heart which is why he the time growing up in Harlem. chooses to launch his career raising At the age of five, Vidal's amazfunds for the disease that took his MAMi 40

beloved mother. In the tradition of famous families like The Jackson's, The Osmond’s, Jonas Brothers and others comes another family of performers for this 21st century, they are The Kirkland’s. New York based Pop/R&B sensation Vidal Carrion Kirkland known professionally by Vidal, and his sister Niatia Jessica Kirkland (professionally known as the International Hip Hop Artist Lil Mama) are positioned to take their family name to legendary status. Vidal will be honoring his mother with the” World Music For The Cure” campaign established by his Co-Manager and Publicist Adrienne L. Harris of FAME PR/ MEDIA. Vidal’s Mother and mentor Ms. Tara Kirkland, who was also a vocalist, put all of her energy into developing the career of her children. She passed away on December 15th 2007 after a four year battle with breast cancer. “World Music For The Cure” concert series benefitting Breast Cancer is planned for the Spring of 2012, and the campaign will promote a compilation CD with all proceeds going to the Tigerlily Foundation a member of the Susan G. Komen for the cure Advocates in Science Program. Vidal will be a featured performer, inviting an array of other music artists who will be announced at a press conference prior to the campaign launch event. Lil Mama will make selected appearances on the tour as her schedule permits.

VIDAL CARRION photography: Sean Dackermann

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photography: Sean Dackermann


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photography: Sean Dackermann


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photography: Sean Dackermann

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Spring 2012 MAMi Muzik

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Artist Summary Genres: Rock / Hip Hop / Soul Label: Indi GRINDCITY’s BIO Grindcity has been astonishing fans of all ages and races with its powerful live show, delivering the band’s rock/hip hop/soul/funk fusion type of sound that dazzles audiences with advanced musicianship and entertaining showmanship. Grindcity’s unique dynamic is lead by it’s three charismatic front-men. Lead vocalist, rapper J-O commands the stage delivering his message with power and passion, while his rough edge is smoothed by the soulful and versatile sound of singer Damon Smalls. Ethiopian-born Gab Guma uses guitar as his second language, drawing influences from Jimi Hendrix to Steve Vai and Tom Morrello to classical into his own unique style of rhythmic, powerful riffs and solos. Grindcity has been compared

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RIND CIT Y to The Roots, Public Enemy, Living Colour and Rage Against the Machine. Although GrindCity’s members hail from Philadelphia, PA, the band really emerged at the famed Longview Studios in Massachusetts. “Hannibal”, written and recorded at Longview, quickly gained media attention and has been played on radio stations across the country. The song is an analogy that compares the historic journey of 2nd century warrior to J-O, who is leading independent artists into battle to grind it out towards success. “Hannibal” was performed at the CMJ Festival in 2007 and was selected as one of the tracks on the CMJ compilation CD. “Hannibal”, like many of Grindcity’s songs, tells a meaningful story of life, strife, and survival. GrindCity represents the voice of the people; people in the grind trying to make a living. They highlight current events to capture the essence of their times.

Grindcity performed the politically-charged song “We Want America Back” at numerous Obama election rallies around Philadelphia and will be featured in an Obama campaign documentary about the grassroots political movement that swept the nation last year. Philadelphia radio stations 93.3 WMMR-FM and 94.1 WYSP-FM have given airplay to Grindcity’s sports anthems for the Phillies (Philly’s Red) and the Eagles (Go Green).By having great performances at Wimbash 2008 and 2009 in Hartford, CT, GrindCity formed a working relationship and friendship with Doug Wimbish of Living Colour. After releasing their debut album “GrindTaytaShipp” in march 09’ they performed with multi-platinum act N.E.R.D. and joined Living Colour for some dates of their “Chair in the Doorway” fall tour for 2009. More recently Grindcity partnered with world class non profit organization Ubuntu Fund and in april 2010 they gave an exhilarating

performance at Ubuntu’s concert at the Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklyn ,NY) . Grindcity has been rocking their hometown Philly as well as colleges and venues in the north east like The Hard Rock Café (Phila.), West Chester University, Drexel University, St.Joseph University, FairleighDickenson University , University of Hartford , Avalon- (CMJ Festival), The Birchmere (Alexandria, VA), Bottle & Cork (Dewey Beach, DE), The Crazy Donkey (Long Island, NY), , The Note (West Chester, PA) and more. At a time when the future of hiphop is being questioned, Grindcity offers a breath of fresh air for music lovers who desire timeless lyrics, ceaseless energy, and a higher meaning. Their dynamic combination of rap, rock, R&B and soul is a truly unique experienced that must be seen and heard to be appreciated.

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fisker karma

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karma s 2 0 1 2

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Business partners Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler are visibly on edge. While they want to dedicate every ounce of their focus on this all-important launch of their first baby, the 2012 Fisker Karma, their attentions are being constantly pulled away from it by big conference calls regarding the money and logistics of launching the whole Fisker Automotive franchise. Are they really and truly answering a $95,900-$108,900 question with this bold effort that enough people are asking? It’s clear they just want us to fall in love with their lux’d up plug-in extended-range electric sedan. We’ve been helicoptered into the infield handling circuit at California Speedway in Fontana by autoblog to have a brisk go at one of Fisker Automotive’s first completed verification prototypes of the Karma, built by Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland. We are already assuming that the build quality and finish of all the pretty parts will be fine, as Valmet has learned a lot about these things while building cars for Porsche to strict Stuttgart standards. We also already know that the car is indeed pretty inside and out, albeit particular to some out there, seeing as Fisker has designed such lovely lady lumps as the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage, not to mention the BMW Z8 roadster.

MAMi 72

Fisker Coachbuild started back in 2005 after both Henrik and COO Bernhard Koehler had had enough of slow project cycles at Ford’s Orange County advanced design studio. But they liked the area’s year-round weather and the plushness surrounding them, so they stayed put in the OC. Coachbuild work all by itself was pretty boring, so the two set their active minds to building an entire car company instead. As the story goes, one day, Fisker saw materials showing an abandoned U.S. military project for special ops called “Aggressor,” which was a high-performance stealth hybrid-electric vehicle built by Quantum Technologies Worldwide. Not long thereafter, Fisker Automotive was born when Quantum and Fisker hooked up in 2007. And then, as quickly as January 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show, we saw the Fisker Karma concept car.

MAMi 73

LivinByDesign LivinByDesign, a.k.a, LBD was created out of a love for photography and art by Justin S. Robinson. A native of Virginia, Justin, throughout his years in school, was often known as the shy kid but behind the shyness was a young man full of creativity. This quiet young man had a love for music, songwriting, reading, acting, and visual art. As Justin became older, he realized that his passions and gifts did no good without being used and had a desire to help others through these gifts. He began taking pictures and putting his own creative spin on them as a personal interest while in graduate school. When his pictures caught the attention of others, Justin decided to use his new found love as a source of encouragement. Through his LBD visuals, Justin hopes to remind people that their life is made to be lived in style and beauty. Justin hopes to tell a story through his work because for him, what he does is more than photography. He wants LivinByDesign to be an experience; an experience that he hopes leaves people smiling. Recently, Justin has been getting some major feedback from people in the modeling and entertainment industry. Stay tuned, because there is definitely more to come from Justin S. Robinson. Justin’s Contact Info twitter - JLivinByDesignR Facebook -

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alex paillon.

MAMi 89

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alex paillon.

MAMi 91

alex pa

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august jewitt

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PhotographerIvan Ivanov - Wardrobe - Brittany Hammonds of Trumpet Furnishings

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Born March 12. 1988, Autumn Victoria Jewett knew from young that she would be doing something in the spotlight. Autumn is 23yrs young from brooklyn, N.Y. She started out as a dancer at the age of 6, doing ballet, modern, jazz, point and african. Autumn did that for 8yrs traveling to Hong Kong twice to perform in there Chinese New Years parade. Autumn branched off into modeling taking the awareness of her body that comes from dancing. It made Autumn a real natural. Modeling for 5yrs now Autumn does, print, high fashion and her favorite, runway. Autumn has been in N.Y’s fashion week, walked and shot for numerous designers and shot with renowned photographers. It’s only the beginning for Autumn and she hopes to be a great role model and house hold name in the industry and show that “ She Is “ a top model . MAMi 99

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MAMi 102

Volker Fleck


Volker was born in Hamburg, the picturesque city in north Germany. He spent much of his youth traveling with his mother visiting different places around the world and experiencing different cultures. His father was a professional photographer and this is where it all started. The combination of deep imbedded visual images from his journeys and the art of photography guided by his father paved a path for a strong passion. After graduation, his one-year residence in New York inevitably linked Volker to that country both professionally and culturally for the years to follow. With his intuitive sense of detail and deep appreciation for the visual and artistic aspects of photography, he naturally gravitated toward the highly specialized field of fashion photography. Volker began his photography career by working for some of Germanys leading clients including mayor catalogue companies. In 1996, Volker decided to leave Germany behind and satisfy his passion for adventure. He moved to Los Angeles and worked again as a freelance photographer for a variety of companies including international fashion magazines, motion picture studios and celebrity Actors and Actresses. Volker is represented in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Los Angeles, USA and enjoys the challenge of bridging the cultural barriers between the countries, and bringing two creative teams together to take pictures with artistic impact and international appeal.

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death of a model MAMi 116

ondre hunt Model: Miya Mack MAMi 117

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ondre hunt

MAMi 119

MAMi 120

ondre hunt

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MAMi 122

ondre hunt

MAMi 123

MAMi 124

ondre hunt

MAMi 125

MAMi 126

MAMi 127

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ondre hunt

MAMi 129

MAMi 130

Male Model: Marvin Satchell Female Model: Beza Semenew Designer & Stylist: Kevin Michael Photographer: Ondre Hunt (Hunt 4 Photos)

ondre hunt

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"1st Date (Relax its ok)" Written by: "Poetically Contagious"

Intro: -Have you ever been too afraid to ask a girl out that you were attracted to? -Or just not know what to say or do on your 1st Date. -Well... I'm ah help you out with that. -Sit back, relax and... Enjoy the lesson. -Ha, Ha... Chorus: -Your sweating with chills, cause you know what's at stake -You need to calm your nerves, its only the 1st Date -Go out and enjoy it like a Movie 1st Take -And shine like a Star at a partyBirthday Man -Your sweating with chills, cause you know what's at stake -You need to calm your nerves, its only the 1st Date -Go out and enjoy it like a Movie 1st Take -And shine like a Star at a partyBirthday Man Verse 1: -Lesson 1, we have begun -Take a chance, have some fun -Your thoughts cloudy with no Sun -Stand strong, do not run -Always pay attention -Things she say, what she mentions -Cause female intuitions -Can be reading your ambitions MAMi 134

-Hear what she be saying -Don't let your eyes go straying -With your thoughts simply praying -Her in the bed simply laying -Birthday suite, with no clothes -Or on a stripper pole -Letting sex unfold -Those thoughts too bold

-Those selfish thoughts are a crime -She will read what's on your mind -She will see it like a sign -Then there's no more spending time -So put her first in front of you -Not what you say, but what you do -Show respect, you get it too -All these words I say are true -Now if she want you, you will know -So check your swag, check your flow -Your not the average Joe -With no paper, or no dough -"Your ah ladies Man!" -"Now say I think, I think I can!" -"Get her, get her, get her when!" -"These lessons come to an end!" Chorus: -Your sweating with chills, cause you know what's at stake -You need to calm your nerves, its only the 1st Date -Go out and enjoy it like a Movie 1st Take -And shine like a Star at a partyBirthday Man -Your sweating with chills, cause

you know what's at stake -You need to calm your nerves, its only the 1st Date -Go out and enjoy it like a Movie 1st Take -And shine like a Star at a partyBirthday Man Verse 2: -Lesson 2, this what you do -Come alone, not with your crew -Say her name, don't call her Boo -She not your girlfriend yet- True! -If your not early, be on time -Cause coming late is a crime -Cause females like to shine -And be treated like their fine -Special, Elegant -Like Roses, Shinny Gems -With Beauty- Out and in -And Sexy- More than -Just a girl on the side -A beat up hoopty ride -An old trailer double wide -Like mud on a slide -Now moving on, compliment her -Over food, or the dinner -Your playing games, she be the winner -Trouble starts, you must defend her -And let her check your wealth -From how you be yourself -Show her strong mental health -Like a bible on a shelf -You processed information -I can tell by maturation -You know the situation -What ah beautiful creation

-I think you got her, got get her -Not smaller, your bigger -I see your swag on the trigger -This lessons over, go figure -WOOOOOOOO! Verse 3: -Get your mind right -Been at it all night -Already here -Let the moment now take flight -Contemplating on whether or not to stay in -You Feel your heart beating fastStay focused -Keep it casual, be yourself -Enjoy the time spent between you and her -And before the night ends, the moment of pure bliss -Take her by the hand and reach in for that 1st kiss Outro: -Relax its ok, its only the 1st Date -Things will be ok -Its only the 1st Date -Relax its ok, its only the 1st Date -Things will be ok -Its only the 1st Date -Relax its ok, its only the 1st Date -Things will be ok -Its only the 1st Date -Relax, its only the 1st Date -Relax Man! -Only the 1st Date COPYRIGHT 2011 POETICALLY CONTAGIOUS MAMi 135

MAMi 136

MAMi 137

stephen Some Random Questions and Answers Collected 1. when did you start photography? in the business of it 9-10 years ago prior to that I was more hobbyist since I was younger, say 11 or so off and on. 2. when did you start modeling? Briefly as a fitness model when I was 18-21, mainly body shots at the time. 3. what type of photography is your favorite Beauty, Beauty and generally more Beauty if thats not available I like high end fashion, maxim styled glamor (higher end) and some shadowy art modeling

MAMi 138


4. where were you born? Long Island, NY in Great Neck. 5. do you prefer digital photography or dark room photography better? Digital, I used film, from 16×20 Polaroid down, 8×10, 4×5, 6×7, 6×6, and 35mm, and now feel that in quality the 1ds2 and 1ds3 produce work better than a 645 can and competitive to a 6×7 for most applications. And a P45 (39MP) back is capable of outproducing a 6×7 easily and almost a competition for a 4×5 at most print sizes, but not in absolute resolution. For still life a multi shot digital back can be very competitive to a 4×5 and may have certain advantages in edge sharpness, but thats no use for anything that moves.

MAMi 139

MAMi 140

MAMi 141

MAMi 142

MAMi 143


Los Angeles Architect-Designed Vacation Villas Meld Modern Aesthetic with Spanish Charm in the Heart of Andalucia

MAMi 144

VENICE, CA (August 2011) – A design-minded traveler’s dream and a haven for those who seek tourist-free destinations, Los Angeles architect Lewin Wertheimer’s Dos Flamingos in the heart of Andalucia, offers a cultured retreat, sophisticated accommodations and easy access to all of Southern Spain’s historic treasures. Wertheimer lived in Spain as a teenager and went on to attend the University of Madrid before moving back to his native Los Angeles. However, his mother, an ardent Hispanophile remained behind living a bohemian adventure in Andalucia. Nearly twenty years later, Wertheimer decided to design his mother a new home while building two additional side-by-side villas for rental and personal use. The homes are known as Dos Flamingos in a nod to the nearby Laguna Fuente de Piedra – a wellknown breeding ground for pink flamingos.

MAMi 145

MAMi 146

Los Angeles Architect’s Andalucian Vacation Villas Wertheimer, known in Los Angeles for his work on eclectic homes that embrace scale, setting and lifestyle more than grandiosity or ego, designed the homes to fit into the natural and architectural landscape of Southern Spain while capturing a modern, open and airy interpretation of traditional Andalucian design.

MAMi 147

The twin rental homes each have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool and interior courtyard. The furnishings are sophisticatedly simple – clean lines, a light color palate accented by bright colors, comfortable corners for reading or taking siestas. The views from the roof terraces look out to the budding olive groves, quaint village of Fuente de Piedra and the peaceful Laguna.

MAMi 148

“There is nothing better than having the option to go out and explore a fascinating region or to read a book in a comfortable nook and enjoy a siesta,” says Wertheimer. “Dos Flamingos gives you that option. Guests feel like they are in a home away from home, with the ability to immerse themselves in the culture and daily way of life. Dos Flamingos captures the notion of enjoying the simple things in a luxuriously comfortable dwelling, something often difficult to achieve in European travel.”

MAMi 149

MAMi 150

MAMi 151

MAMi 152

MAMi 153

MAMi 154

MAMi 155

MAMi 156

MAMi 157

MAMi 158

MAMi 159

MAMi 160

MAMi Magazine Fall Issue 2011  

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