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For 23 years, the area — the size of France, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden combined — was the King's personal possession. Leopold's agents pioneered a ruthless forced-labor system for gathering wild rubber: villages that failed to meet the rubber-collection quotas were required to pay the remaining amount in amputated hands. Some estimates say Congo's population fell by 10 million during that time.

A very gay Stanley Morgan poses his enslaved African boy trophy. Stanley was employed by King Leopold to dispossess the Congolese of their land. He copied thedistricts techniques of The in the United States and Britain to seize the homeSouth Central and Apland of the Native Americans.

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These Congolese men are holding hands of their dismembered children who couldn't gather enough wild rubber to enrich the King Leopold and his Belgium courtiers

Here An impoverished and brutally dismembered Congolese man who was enslaved in his own nation by King Leopold of Belgium to collect wild rubber that made King Leopold rich.

Scarred Back of an Escaped Appalachian Slave

I cant help but wonder what it would have been like if there had never been any such thing as slavery and every one would have been entitled to buy land equally for 1,500 dollars back in the day, and where families had never been torn apart by German and Irish slavers who lived on something for nothing. What would it be like if you were able to speak your own language and keep your own name and choose your own religion even? What would it be like if you could legally educate your own children, I wonder. What would this world have been without the drug war and every one would have had healthcare?

Who wants something for nothing