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Introduction This magazine talks a little about the life of characters of your favourite soap opera: Rebelde Way. I hope you enjoy this week’s magazine. Best Regards, The Management.

Mia and Lisa’s Birthday Party Dear friends, in the latest episodes, we could watch Mia and Lisa’s birthday party. This party starts with Mia and Lisa’s great entrance, with their awesome dresses. Afterwards, Lisa received her gift. Then they waltz, the important waltz where Mia and Manel and Lisa and Pedro danced together. In the same party Sebenta and RBL sang. Lisa gave an opportunity to Simão and Manel kissed Mia. In the next pages, you can see some photos related that.




Rebelde Way's music Os Azeitonas - Falo Chinês Os Azeitonas - Tu pertences a mim Apollo 440 - RAW Power Sara Bareilles - Love Song Maria Mena - I miss you love Collie Budz - Mamacita TT - Lady Deixa-te Levar Cascada - What Hurts The Most Seether - Fake It Massive Atack - Teardrop Sean Kingston - Me Love Shayne Ward - Breathless Chris Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight Pluma - Brasil Pop Portugal – Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well Classificados - Vende-se o dedo polegar Humble - Getting Cool Marco Medeiros - Não sou de Marte Rihanna - Take a bow Skalibans - Hambush Alcoolemia - Areia de Pedras Salgadas Radio Macau - Por linhas tortas Slimmy - Show girl Sebenta - A ver vamos Slimmy - Bloodshoot Star Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable Britney Spears - Piece of me Corvos - Infamous JinxFabolous - Baby don't go John Legend - Used to love U Kelly Rowland - Work Klepth - Estigma M.A.U - Another pearl Maroon 5 - Wake up call One Love Family - Live in peace Skalibans - Ties and Suits Wombats - Kill the Director

Linkin Park - Given Up Duffy - Mercy Paramore - Misery Business Papa Roach - To Be Loved Arsha - Já Faz Bastante Tempo


“UM LOUCO NA MINHA CAMA” Joana Alvarenga and Tiago Barroso participated in a theatre play named “Um louco na minha cama”. This happened in Vila Franca de Xira, on the 23rd April at 21H30. Below you have the poster of this theatre play.


RBL RBL are the band of the moment. This band is formed by participants from this soap opera. They are: Joana Alvarenga, Tiago Barroso, Joana Anes e Nelson Antunes, most known as Lisa, Pedro, Mia and Manel. This band was born one night in a disco because Mia, Manel and Pedro wanted to pay their expenditure. The disco hired this band, but they had to have one more element. So, that’s when Lisa joins the band. So, RBL are formed like this and, day after day, they are becoming better.


Interview with Nelson Antunes Nelson Antunes clarifies your doubts in an interview where he answers a lot of questions. You can see this interview in this site: elsonantunes.htm Get to Know Nelson Antunes and enjoy the interview.


Lisa's style Lisa is a character with a strong personality. Her style is crazy and very sexy. She likes pins and chains very much. She wears them on everything, t-shirts, skirts and boots too.


Rebelde Way’s Site We think that the best website, with the most recent news about the soap opera "Rebelde Way" is the SIC's website. There, you have a chance to know everything about your favourite actors, the latest episodes and it has some interesting activities to you too. Visit the site %20sic/rebelde-way .


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