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Have you read our Business & Industry issue yet?

B&I members are different, particularly when compared to those in public accounting, and cover a wider range of specialties that are ever-changing, especially with the advances in technology. There are also changes in legislation, changes in financial management and changes in human resources, all of which often fall on the plate of B&I CPAs. All the while, you remain engaged in the “numbers” part of your day-to-day responsibilities. For you our B&I member, I hope that the CPE options we’ve outlined on pages 10-11 give you the tools to succeed professionally. Maybe, Jennifer Elder’s article “It’s Time to Ban the Budget!” helps you breathe a sigh of relief OR gives you a few more ideas before planning for your next fiscal year. Or perhaps, our member profile on Phillip Johns inspires you to buckle down on an entrepreneurial dream of your own. With the many options and opportunities for learning and re-learning, please know that the ASCPA is behind you every step of the way!