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Issue Seven

R.S.V.P BBQ The Short Bus Nefarious Grill-n-Chill ‘67 Beetle VW Action

Air Monkeys Magazine The Air Monkeys Crew: Joe Eynon • Editor • Feature Writer • Photographer Samantha Eynon • Deputy Editor • Feature Writer • Photographer/ Illustrator Edd Thorpe • Techincal Focus Editor • Feature Writer Shantelle Bourne • Layouts Martin Cox • Photographer Richard Thorpe • Proof Reader Nikola Woodhall • Proof Reader Contributors: Ben Connell, Sam Denton, Dave Eadon, David Hall, John Hilton, Ed Kellas, Wes Mans, Scott ‘Donnyburger’ Mitchell, Bill Oddonetton, Steve Parsons, Simon Pollock, Neal Reed, Julian Robinson, Chris Rose, Peter Salter,


ell we’ve made it through more than half of the winter and the tickets are now on sale for the 2013 shows and festivals. I love this time of the year in the VW scene. Everyone gets together or gets in contact to discuss what shows they’re going to go to this year. This year may make you make some pretty big decisions when it comes to what you’re going to spend you money on. Le Bug has gone, so has BVF. European Bug In is back though for its bi-annual show. New shows are cropping up, smaller shows are growing all the time. Will Big Bang be another mud bath? Will we get sunburnt at Viva Skeg Vegas again? Only time will tell. Coming up we have to season openers. Ninove and Volksworld. We’ll be at Voowoo having a look at what amazing cars are breaking new moulds this year. I’m sure it will be amazing. If you have a winter restoration on the go we hope it’s going well. I imagine you all have a show in mind that you’d like to debut the car at. If we’re there give us a shout as we’d love to come and have a look at it. This year is an exciting one for all of us at Air Monkeys HQ. We have got some pretty big ideas up our sleeve that we cannot wait to share with you. If you, our readers, have any ideas that you reckon would make us even better than drop us a line on either Facebook, Twitter or email us directly. We’ll always be friendly.

Joe Eynon Editor

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Feature | The Short Bus

All The Small Things words- Joe Eynon pictures- provided by Bill Oddonetto

Feature | The Short Bus


love Volkswagen buses of all shapes and sizes. This is only a recent new found love for me though. Not too long ago this was not the case. I used to love all buses except ones that had been shortened. It was just a personal preference of mine. They made the classic VW design look like it belonged in a circus. A lot of people like the squished appearance of a shorty- but not me. This was until Bill Oddonetto made contact with me at Air Monkeys HQ. When I read the email, which started “This is my 1966 split window VW Short Bus. I believe it is perfectly proportioned...”, I thought “Yeah of course it is!” Then I looked closer. It actually was different. I intially saw it and thought that it looked great. I began to dig a little deeper. The owner of this unique kombi is a massive car nut. He has an entire website dedicated to this bus,,

and also has a website for his highly modified Smart car also. Talk about dedication! Bill purchased this 1966 Type 2 in August 2011 from Joe Patterson at Vintage Metal Werks. Joe had already shortened it by 2 feet. Most shortened buses are chopped short by 4 feet taking away both side doors. As you can see Joe kept one of the doors allowing this bus at first glance to look stock, to the untrained eye!

<He has an entire website dedicated to this bus> When Bill had driven the bus the 240 miles home he handed it over

to Matt Boesch of Boesch Built Automotive Fabrication. Over the winter of 2011/ 2012 all the lighting, custom metal work and stereo installation was undertaken. Rick Hewitt, a Detroit legend, took care of the pinstriping and the wheels. Steve’s European Automotive fixed all the mechanical issues which the bus came with. Now that all the right people have been mentioned lets see what this bus has to offer......

The vehicle has been lowered by a massive 10 inches with a the help of adjustable torsion bars and very low profile tyres. KYB shocks and a raised steering box allow the bus to feel great on the road. The 205/50 Yokohama tyres are tightly wrapped around a set of 16inch Porsche Boxster rims. To get this bus to stop Bill has had fitted Wilwood discs on all four corners, making stopping a walk in the park! The rear bumper is highly modified as when it was in the originally prefered position, slightly higher, the deck lid wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t open so a step has been crafted into it and finished off with wire meshing for a racey look. The bumper also has some LED lights fitted into it using some stainless steel cones that were lying around in the workshop. LEDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s were also fitted to the front bumper as well and work as running lights. The original seats have been customised with red piping

and matched with the grey carpet it has a really classy look. All the upholstery was completed by Shelby Trim. Fitted into the dash Bill has everything he needs to make sure his bus is running sweetly on the highway with a speedo, rev counter, fuel, temp, volts and oil gauges sitting pretty thanks to Classic Instruments. The sun visors are also custom stainless pieces with pinstriping on them.

<Wilwood discs on all four corners, making stopping a walk in the park!>

Feature | The Short Bus

For the long American roads Bill has plenty of entertainment at his disposal with an Alpine digital media head unit with CD, iPod, Pandora radio and bluetooth available through plenty of speakers and subwoofers helped along with a

Feature | The Short Bus 5-channel amplifier. Powering the bus along is a 1776cc lump with dual Weber 44’s IDF and a 009 dizzy with electronic pick-up in place. At the back of the bus is an A1 Sidewinder header with a Magnaflo exhaust all from VDub Parts Ltd. A leisure battery keeps all the lights and stereo ticking over whilst at shows. All to please the crowds that this bus attracts. One of my favourite things on this bus is the custom Short Bus badge on the tailgate. Crafted out of stainless steel and in the fashion of the original Volkswagen badge it looks perfect. This bus is brilliant. A highly modified vehicle that compliments the original design and fools the eye. Most people at shows look at the bus and ask Bill which VW model is it- not knowing it is a customised creation! Bill took the tiny kombi to 8 shows in 2012 and scooped 6 best in class awards and 2 runners-up prizes. Bill is 6’4” which means when he climbs out of the bus at shows people are even more amazed! In our interview Bill did tell us how much he spent on the Short Bus so far but we’re not going to tell, but trust us, it’s a lot of money. As far as we can tell though, it’s worth every penny!

Show Season 2013 March 10th- Freddyfiles, Ninove 23rd-24th, Volksworld Show, Sandown Park, Surrey.

April 6-7th- Cal Look Drag Day Shakespeare Raceway 6th- Elemental, Essex 26th-27th, Big Bang- Santa Pod

May 5th- Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, UK 17-19th- Apex Festival, Lydden Hill, Kent

June 2nd- Arnhem Dub Inn

21st-23rd- Vintage VW Show Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany

14th-16th- Bus Stop Over Uttoxeter Racecourse

July 5-7th- Camper Jam, Weston Park, Shropshire 19-21st Bugjam, Santa Pod

August 3rd-4th- VW Bug Show, Spa Francorchamps 23rd-25th- Run to the Hills, Derbyshire

23rd-25th Viva Skeg Vegas, Lincolnshire

September 13-15th- Beautiful Budel, Netherlands 20-22nd- Grill-n-Chill, Kent

Feature | Nefarious Pinstriping

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ew Ha er: v Sa wo ing ma rki ad nth ng m aE pin ired yn on str pi ipe nst Pih rs rip oto in ing s: the o pro n vid bu m ed sin any by es a Sim s, v on Sim ehi Po on cle, llo ck Po we llo d ck eci AK de AN dt efa o ca rio tch us up

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instriping has long been a way to customise a vehicle, infact it has been around for many, many years, commonly associated with coachlining, barge painting and Romany wagons. Modern pinstriping is attributed to characters like Tommy ‘The Greek’ Hrones, Dean Jeffries, Kenneth ‘Von Dutch’ Howard and Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth. All of these men came from America, but the UK too has some very talented pinstripers, one of the most notorious is ‘Nefarious’ Simon Pollock.

When did you begin to pinstripe? I first picked up a pinstriping brush about 10 years ago. What attracted you to it? I have always been more interested in kustoms and custom paint than what was going on under the bonnet. When I worked in London’s West End I spent

most lunchtimes scouring the newsagents for the latest US custom paint magazines. I was fascinated watching Simon Watts pinstriping my own car at VW Action and how adding a few lines to a car could enhance the look so much. I knew at that moment that I wanted to try pinstriping.

How did you learn your trade? When I started, I took a couple of courses from some of the great and good of pinstriping from both the UK and the US. The pinstriping community is very forthcoming with encouragement and help, sharing tips and tricks is commonplace so I am always learning something new.

Feature | Nefarious Pinstriping

Do you work completely freehand or not? I like to work freehand wherever possible, using nothing more than a centre line to work from. I have been asked to sketch out designs first, but a pencil and a brush react completely differently so I find it very restrictive trying to sketch out a design first. As I am building up a design I often think about where I might be adding a second or third colour but more often than not, the brush will dictate the route it takes around a panel or object. If a

customer wants to incorporate something into the design such as a logo then I will sketch out that element first to make sure it is correct and in the right place, everything else is freehand which ensures each and every job is unique. How long does an average project take you (if thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s possible to estimate, as you do such varied work!) I often have to quote on potential jobs without seeing the car or bike which can be hard at times, but having â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;striped countless cars and

bikes over the years I know that on average a Beetle engine lid or Sportster gas tank will take about an hour to complete. What do you pinstripe the most? I cut my teeth at VW shows so for years most of my work was seen on VWs, but the last few years I have been attending more custom, hot rod and bike shows although there will always be a VW just around the corner.

< The pinstriping community is very forthcoming with encouragement and help, sharing tips and tricks is commonplace > What is your favourite vehicle that you have worked on and why? It’s hard to put my finger on a particular vehicle. I’ve been lucky enough to work on award winning hot rods and bikes, magazine feature bikes and cars for Premiership footballers. What is your favourite project that you have worked on and why?

I was asked to be involved in a documentary about Kustom Kulture called Flake and Flames which is due for release late 2012. It is being put together by a Danish artist and German photographer and filmaker and they have travelled across the globe to interview many of the great and good of the Kustom Kulture scene. I’m honoured that they asked me to be involved as there are some

giants of the scene involved plus flattered that I was the only UK pinstriper approached. Most unusual item to pinstripe? I’ve lost count of unusual items I’ve pinstriped. They include Russian kettle weights and a Henry Hoover to ceramic penguins.

Feature | Nefarious Pinstriping

Feature | Nefarious Pinstriping What would be your dream project? Anything where the customer says “do what you want!” What shows have you got coming up? The show season is coming to an end now, I’m writing this as I’m getting ready to head off to Holland for a Hot Rod show. I’m already booked and confirmed for many of next year’s major shows here and in Europe.

< I’ve lost count of unusual items I’ve pinstriped. They include Russian kettle weights and a Henry Hoover to ceramic penguins > We heard of you through the VW scene, do you or have you owned a VW? I’ve been through a few VWs over the years, a couple of Beetles, a roof chopped Bay Window crew cab pick up, baja’d Fastback (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and we still own my wife’s ‘67 Ghia. Its a bit of an on going project and only just back on the road after going off for a ‘quick respray’ over 10 years ago! Our dailies are a Lupo and a New Beetle and I’ve recently bought a T5 for the shows. We have seen that you offer courses, how do you normally run these, what can people expect to learn? The courses are designed for people who have never picked up a brush before or have had a go but need some guidance. The aim of the course is to give students a grounding in the basics and each student goes home with a panel that they have designed and painted. For more of Simon’s awesome work check out his website at and his facebook page where he posts his most up to date work nefariouspinstriping

Feature | Nefarious Pinstriping

Cool VW Beetle Wired Mouse Click car mouse have designed a number of mice based on iconic vehicles, including Fiat 500s (both the new and classic version), the new mini and the Aston Martin DBS. The beetle version features two click buttons plus a ultra-slim scroll wheel in the centre. The front headlights and rear brake lights are illuminated when the mouse is connected to the computer.

Available from

IPhone Case by QUADOCTA This stylish iPhone case caught our eye bacause it reminds us of a gorgeous longboard. It is a perfect blend of materials, with high quality plastic around the edges and warm, tactile rosewood on the back. There are a number of designs available using different blends of wood and available for a number of iPhone models. Currently available from eu.Fab. com

Regular | Cool Sh*t

Sh*t Mantique Boutique Fellow Dubber Thomas Clarke, has set up an Etsy shop selling Mantiques, which is exactly like it sounds, antiques for men. He sources an array of interesting items, (including cut throat razors, pocket watches and clippers) and displays them in box frames. Each item is unique, and would look brilliant adoring any wall. Take a look at his Esty shop to see what he currently has available

Thunderbirds Haynes Manual With the sad passing of Gerry Anderson, it’s time to celebrate all things Tracey Island. The Haynes Manual features cutaway drawings, detailed diagrams, colour illustrations and photographs and includes in-depth examinations of the Thunderbirds craft and other vehicles from the program. According to Rich, “It’s awesome!” Available from for £9.49

Hand Pulled Screen Print Barry D Bulsara creates awesome limited edition screen prints, influenced by popular culture and a whole lot of sci-fi. Featured here is a print inspired by a quote from H. G. Wells. It is perfect for any keen cyclist. He sells them at a very reasonable price from his Folksy and Etsy shop. Have a look at what he has available here: BarryDBulsara

8 bit tie Do you have to wear a tie to work and love retro gaming? If so this is perfect for you- an 8 bit tie! Designed to appear as if you have plucked it right from a video game, and each one is hand made. It is a clip on, partly for ease, but mainly because a tied knot would ruin the illustion. Available from

Regular | Cool Sh*t

Wampa Ice Scraper We absolutley love this ice scraper, designed to resemble a severed Wampaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s arm from The Empire Strikes Back. Perfect for keeping your mitts warm while you de-ice the car, and making the mundane task that bit more interesting! Available from

Tetris Light This is definitely the coolest bit of mood lighting weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever seen! Based on the game Tetris, it is formed from 7 individual pieces which are each a different colour, and can be stacked anyway you want. Only one needs to be plugged in, and when stacked together they all light up. Available from


Interview| Neal Reed

The Photography of Neal Reed H

aving stumbled across the work of Neal Reed we decided to give this talented photographer a bit of a showcase, so we caught up with him to find out about the man behind the lens and we invite you feast your eyes on his gorgeous shots.

Where did your passion for photography start? My better half and I went off round Thailand in March 2006 and I took an old Nikon FM2 film camera and a couple of lenses. People who saw the photos when we got back said they were good, so I bought a DSLR and within a couple of months I had been asked to cover events for people. What is your weapon of choice?

To be honest, it’s just a tool for the job so I could use anything, but right from day 1 I chose Canon as they fit my hands right and make nice fast lenses. I’m currently using a full frame 5D (though I’ll be swapping it soon for a 1Ds) and a 1D mkII. My lenses are three fast primes and a single wide zoom. The longest lens is an 85mm, as I like to be in there rather than snipe from a distance. Even someone my size can disappear sometimes.

Do you prefer analogue or digital and why? Digital all the way for articles and commissions purely because you can turn them around quickly and you can take a lot more shots. People these days expect to see 100+ shots the next day, whereas when there was no digital you were lucky to get 10-20. Film is a great choice if you are taking one off shots and have the time. Tone and

exposure latitude of film is hard to beat, especially in medium format. I had a Mamiya 6x9 press camera for a while, the shallow depth of field and negative size was amazing, but finding a good enlarger to accept it was tricky so I ended up scanning them. 8 shots to a roll got a bit expensive, but the tilt and shift back it had was worth the hassle. Is Photoshop a good or bad thing and why?

When I started out I used to spend days tinkering, tweaking and cloning on pretty much every shot. When I started with film it made me slow down, check the backgrounds, frame it in the viewfinder so that now, I open the RAW file, tweak colour balance and sharpness a bit and that is about it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I always shoot in RAW format and treat it like a negative. The file size may fill up the memory cards faster, but the quality of the capture is everything.

We see you have your own dark room, how did you go about setting it up? Ebay! I did a film based City and Guilds course at Henley college and found watching a white sheet of paper become an image in front of your eyes fascinating. I picked up all the trays and enlargers online for a few quid and off I went. Block up the window, set up the trays and the next 10 hours just disappear!!

Interview| Neal Reed

Interview| Neal Reed

< It's more than just taking a few photos, it's about capturing a moment, admittedly several times over, and picking up the energy and atmosphere too >

Interview| Neal Reed

With film regaining a bit of popularity recently, what tips would you give people wanting to set up their own dark room? If you can find one, do a basic course where someone can show you the basics. It's easy to ruin a batch of chemicals or a box of paper if you don't know the basics (I have done both of those on more than one occasion! Read up on techniques too and just experiment. Unfortunately with the price of chemicals, it is often easier to buy a changing back and dev tank to do your own films, then scan them to print digitally. Takes up a bit less room too! What is your favourite subject matter to photograph? Reportage is more my thing. It's more than just taking a few photos, it's about capturing a moment, admittedly several times over, and picking up the energy and atmosphere too. Anyone can take a photograph, what it shows is the key. With portraits, it’s tough because you immediately have to get a complete stranger to relax to get the shot. What’s the best event you've taken photos at this year? Hmmmm, tricky. Hot Rod Hayride never fails to provide fantastic opportunities, this year it was snapping cars

racing through the middle of a forest! The Trip Out was good too but for the other end of the spectrum. It was very chilled and laid back, so the challenge there was to show how it was to people who weren't there. As we are a VW magazine have you ever owned one and if so what was it? I have had quite a few. The first was a very rusty 72 fastback. I then went through a 69 squareback, 78 panel van, 93 golf tdi, two 81 mk1 gti's, a slammed 77 Golf GLS, 92 GTI, 66 squareback, 87 ragtop Golf and a Lupo Sport!

<Hot Rod Hayride never fails to provide fantastic opportunities, this year it was snapping cars racing through the middle of a forest!!!> With your love of vintage and retro things, do you own any classic vehicles at the moment? Nothing at the moment, as all my time and efforts for 8 months of the year go into

my photography, you can do something every weekend from Easter to Bonfire night!! Absolute dream car? I have always been a muscle car fan, even as a kid, I’ve just never had a driveway long enough! A ‘66 Dodge Charger would be nice. Dream photo gig? I have always wanted to chat to and photograph David Bailey. It would be terrifying and fascinating all at the same time. What attracts you to vintage and retro subjects, events? The people. They are so into it. It takes over their lives. I do seem to live in the seventies quite a bit, but there's something about the style of the fifties that just works with my style. Which other photographers do you look up to? I have a thing for the Magnum Photo Agency and their work from the fifties is amazing. I also like vintage portrait photographer Jane Bown and the weirdness of people like Jan Saudek. I recently found out about an American wedding and portrait photographer called Sean Flanigan, he creates stunning work that really stands out from the crowd.

When you’re not behind a camera what else do you like to do? Cars, films, cooking and travel...the’s nice to just chill out and do nothing when I can though; walks with the dogs are always fun. What is your dream camera? Of course I would pick the Canon flagship 1Dx, ten full frame images a second and the ability to shoot in almost total darkness. But really, it's more about the lenses than the camera, a 50mm F1.0 if

one turns up on Ebay at a sensible price would be nice, as would the equally rare 200mm F1.8. You don't get a shallow depth of field like that without spending a few pennies!! Anything exciting lined up for the future? I’m doing some projects next year with the Vintage Hot Rod Association, nice classic hillclimb at Prescott and a secret project too, a real once in a lifetime opportunity. I want to concentrate on portrait work over the winter, then dive back into the show scene once the

weather warms up. 2012 was a bit of a wash out at times so fingers crossed 2013 is a toastie one! Is there anything else you’d like to mention? I’d just like to say a bit thank you to my long suffering other half Sarah who puts up with me disappearing for days on end. To see more of Neal’s work, or to buy his book, head to his website www.

Interview| Neal Reed

words- Samantha Eynon pictures- Joe Eynon

Show Report| DTA BBQ


fter the success of the DTA summer BBQ the guys organised another to bring the show season to a close. The day began as a very grey foggy afair, but this didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem to dampen anyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spirits, with an impressive number of vehicles turning up, to brave the cold. Those who made the efforts to get there were rewarded with brilliant company a fantastic array of VWs, a top BBQ (when it eventually decided to light, after a lot of hard work from the DTA lot) and even some sunshine! It took a while to break through the fog, but it was very welcome when it arrived! One of the definite stars of the show was the DTA choice award winner, the slammed Heblica, which was then owned by Gareth Lawton, but has since been sold to some lucky bugger! It is a beautiful steel replica Hebmuller, based on a genuine split window body. Despite some other top vehicles, noone was surprised when Gareth was awarded with an awesome trophy of a saw that had been pinstriped by the talented Seaside Neil. Another of the main attractions of the day was actually a 1953 DKW Deluxe Microbus that had recently been imported from Sweden as an amazing project vehicle by Bobby Wilcox. We really look forward to seeing this project progressing, if you want to read more about it pick up a copy of Hayburner magazine. The day was topped off by a good old burnout! All in all a great way to end the season.

Show Report| DTA BBQ

DTA End Of Season Burnout

David Hall Photography

Show Report| Brighton Breeze

Brighton Breeze 2012 photos: Chris Rose

Every year the Split Screen Van Club hold one of the best events of the calender. Brighton Breeze brings the best VWs from around Europe and lines them up on the beach front. Chris Rose went along and captured these shots for us. Brighton Breeze happens each autumn. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be there this year to scoop a full feature of the event.




Clubbing Together words and pictures- Joe Eynon


This little bug must have been pretty damn rotten when Dave and Mark first started working on it. All the inner wings, the front body mount, spare wheel well, the rear quarter panels and the rear valance have been replaced by them. It was a pretty big task, even bigger when you learn that it was Dave’s first restoration.

fter admiring this Beetle for a while we managed to bag a feature. We met up prior to the DTA BBQ on a very foggy morning and took shelter in Stefan Rossi’s Air Cooled Engineering workshop to get some images to share with you. This 1972 1300 bug is owned by 23 year old DTA club member Dave Eadon who is a Production Engineer from Telford. Dave months with the help from the entire Medlicott family. The work was done in Mark’s garage with Dave and Mark carrying out a lot of the work themselves and Si calling out some styling tips along the way.

<Oh ok, maybe not that standard! The suspension has been tweaked just slightly.......>

claims he was attracted to VWs because of the fesitivals, lifestyle and the people around it. This is obvious when you learn more about how this Beetle came into his ownership. He purchased it over the phone without even seeing it. This was not as crazy as it sounds though as Dave is a member of the DTA VW club and he was in discusion with founding member Si Medlicott and Si’s dad, Mark. The beetle was restored over 4

The car has turned out to be a typical DTA styled vehicle. Ground scrapingly slammed. They really do like there VW’s low in south Birmingham! The best part about this car is how much it cost to build. Dave claims it was, “probably £1000ish? I don’t really know”. This car might have not had an endless amount of money thrown at it but it does really stand out and everything has been done to a very high standard.

During the car was being worked on Dave made an effort to keep as much of the original parts on the care as possible. Whether this was an effort to save money or an effort to give this car its brilliant patina’d appearance is a bit vage but it has given Dave a really special beetle. The beetle

has remained pretty standard except for the modification made to the rear valance, (to make is removable), and the fitting of a convertable engine lid. Oh ok, maybe not that standard! The suspension has been tweaked just slightly....... Dave lowered the car by a staggering 12inches at the front and a massive 10inches at the back. This was done by using

Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;72 Beetle

the staple piece of kit in the world of slammed air-cooled dubs, a Slamwerks beam. The one that was used was a balljoint beam which had been narrowed by 4inches. On the ends they fitted 2 1/2 inch dropped spindles. This meant the bottom ride height adjuster has been totally removed with the top one on wound in by a few threads. The rear has some adjustable springplates fitted on their lowest setting and the whole rear end has been taken down a notch. Standard short shocks have been used, again from Slamwerks. Porsche pattern discs and drums are used with some detailed Fuch replicas just about managing to keep the floorpan from hitting the tarmac!

Feature | ‘72 Beetle Dave was always into cars in some form. In his junior years he wanted to become an F1 driver and at one time was the double British TKM karting champion!, (Witt Woo!) With this pedigree and a degree in motorsports engineering I imagine that this is the first of many modified cars we’re going to see from Dave. He even said to us, “I suspect some ludicrous drag car is on the cards once I get the funds!” We really look forward to that. If you want to see Dave’s beetle then head along to any of the organised DTA events. They have BBQs throughout the show season and you can bet your bottom dollar Dave will be there. As will we, still admiring his car. Dave’s dream car is a lowlight Karmann Ghia so lets wait in anticipation until he gets his mitts on one of those. There sure will be fireworks when he does. Big thanks to Stefan Rossi for letting us use the Air Cooled Enginnering workshop for the shoot and to the DTA crew for hijacking their BBQ!

Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;72 Beetle


Words: Samantha Eynon Pictures: Joe Eynon

Show Report| RSVP BBQ

The RSVP BBQ arrived on a rare sunny day ...

Show Report| RSVP BBQ


e set off for the RSVP BBQ in our van on a glorious Sunday in September. The RSVP club consists of a great gang of people committed to their VWs, and is brimming with awesome vehicles, so we were looking forward to a brilliant day, and we weren’t disappointed!

We travelled up in a convoy that consisted of our Early Bay, Ed Kellas’ fastback, Elaine Pidgeon’s Notchback, Rewth Alicia Hyde-Lewis and Ben Coates’ oval window beetle and Edwin Hannah’s stunning golf- a handsome line up indeed, and one that proved to be quite successful later in the day, despite some hiccups on-route, with the Beetle nearly not making it. On arriving at the Big Meadow in Bidford On Avon, we were greeted by Ste Parsons on a Raleigh Burner. The place soon filled up

with around 50 vehicles in attendence. Trophies were awarded to Furthest Travelled- this was given to Matty Armstrong who had a journey of over 2 hours in his slammed 66 sunroof model beetle. The Participants Choice award, that was voted for by all at the meet, went to the Beetle that was nearly not there at all (Rewth and Ben’s Oval), which was no surprise to us, as it is stunning! The last trophy was awarded for Raddest Ride, which was the difficult decision of the RSVP boys. They eventually decided on Ed Kellas’ 66 Fast Back, as

they loved the stance, patina and the orginal interior. It seemed to be a year of awesome trophies, and the winners were given a cast of Brett Elesmore’s fist, with RSVP hand carved onto the knuckles mounted onto a nice chuncky bit of wood. Brett suffered for his art, sporting bruised knuckled on the day! When the trophies came out you could see everyone was desperate to get their hands on one- so the award for best trophy of 2012 goes to the RSVP gang!

Show Report| RSVP BBQ

RSVP BBQ with Paul Pace

David Hall Photography

Show Report | Beetle Drive

words: Sam Denton pictures: Ben Connell


his neat little show is held every year towards the back end of the show season in September. As you can probably guess it’s held at the picturesque village of Crich in its tramway museum. If you’ve never been its literally like stepping into a time warp! This then is a perfect location for photos of the gorgeous range of beetles, busses, ghias, Porsches and other classic dubs that attend the event. This year’s show was no different; having only seen photos previously we were very excited to see the show for ourselves. As we rolled up on the chilly September morning the queue of only 4 cars

didn’t dampen our spirits. After a steady but spine shaking ride down the main street, we parked up and waited expectantly. Thankfully within the hour the village began teaming with cars despite the weather not looking the most promising for the day. If you’re the kind of person who likes just a quiet day and being able to chat with other dub owners, exchange stories and just explore then this is definitely one for you. The pub and separate café provide perfect places to stop for a warm drink needed at this time of year plus a bite to eat, which are more than welcome. The one day only show packs a punch with the museum , tram rides, trade stands, and wide range of cars which parade twice through the day which itself is a great spectacle to behold!

Show Report | Beetle Drive

Show Report | Beetle Drive

Show Report | Beetle Drive

Technical Focus A round up of some of the best and coolest products for your VW

Billet Distributor Clamp with Timing Marks Made in USA, this CNC-machined Distributor Clamp is made from billet aluminum, offering a durable product with a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;means-businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; look about it. Once set up and installed, this product allows you to adjust your timing with ease, a useful product to maintain a healthy, economical and strong original engine and a vital product on a high performance set up! Available LQDUDQJHRIDQRGL]HGÂżQLVKHVLQFOXGLQJ%OXH5HG DQG%ODFNDVZHOODQDWXUDOPDFKLQHGÂżQLVK 3ULFHGDWÂ&#x2026;

MST Aluminum Alternator / Generator Stand This high quality item is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock VW Dynamo or Alternator stand. CNC machined from Billet Aluminum, it has a very purposeful appearance, not to mention the increased durability provided by this product. This stand will work with either an alternator or generator (dynamo). Available in a UDQJHRIDQRGL]HGÂżQLVKHVRI5HG%OXHRU%ODFNRULQ plain. 3ULFHGDWÂ&#x2026;

Windscreen Demisters A fantastic new product from the trusty guys at Fifty Six Delux, these windscreen demisters are a practical accessory, yet still retain a vintage style. Great if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to get more use out of your camper through the winter months, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want the hassle of a misted up windscreen without detracting from the character of your vehicle. Reminiscent of period aftermarket accessories; these demisters certainly tick all the right boxes for style and practicality! They operate at 12v and wire into your H[LVWLQJORRP7KHÂżODPHQWDWWKHEDFNRIWKHXQLWKHDWV up when it is switched on, creating warm air to directly thaw out or de-condensate the windscreen. Mounted E\WKHXVHRIWZRVXFNHUVÂż[HGGLUHFWO\WRWKHJODVVQR damage is caused by installing these units at all - simply remove them when we reach the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tropical summer! $YDLODEOHDWZZZÂżIW\VL[GHOX[FRPIRUÂ&#x2026;3 3

Regular | Technical Focus

A favourite of mine, I give you these highly desirable vintagestyle mesh headlight grilles suitable for all early VWâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Available from Aircooled Accessories, among other suppliers (see below) these original style grilles that give a perfect period ORRNWRSUHEXJV6SOLWVFUHHQ%XVDQG3RUVFKHZLWKDQ DOWHUQDWLYHVW\OHDYDLODEOHIRUODWHEXJW\SHDQGED\ZLQGRZ applications (as seen on Joe and Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s early bay!) Made from stainless steel and originally produced for the $XVWUDOLDQPDUNHWLQWKHODWHÂśVHDUO\ÂśVWKHVHJUHDW quality accessories are not only a fantastic edition to suit any style be it a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;resto-calâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or cal-lookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; but provide great protection against stone and debris chips or breakages to those expensive KHDGOLJKWOHQVHV3UHYLRXVO\WKLVVW\OHRIJULOOHKDVQRWEHHQ UHSURGXFHGXQWLOQRZDQG\RXZLOOQRWÂżQGDJULOOHWKDWÂżWV onto old Volkswagens in such a neat and easy way. 7KHJULOOHVUHTXLUHQRPRGLÂżFDWLRQVWRÂżWRYHUWKHJODVVDV they have a simple clip riveted to the bottom (or side as seen on Splitscreen applications) of the rim to attach through the original headlight screw, and a simple clip at the top that hooks in between the glass and chrome headlight rim. The quality of these really sines through, as shown in the details of the riveted clips and neat joins between the mesh and rim - truly stunning craftsmanship! Head over to to see a cool video WKDWVKRZVMXVWKRZHDV\LWLVWRÂżWDVGHPRQVWUDWHGRQD Splitscreen bus. $JUHDWYDOXHSUDFWLFDODFFHVVRU\SULFHGDWÂ&#x2026;IRUÂľVORSLQJÂś KHDGOLJKWVDQGÂ&#x2026;ÂľXSULJKWÂśKHDGOLJKWV $YDLODEOHWKURXJK FRRODLUYZFRXN If you have a new, product or service that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like us to IHDWXUHSOHDVGVHQG\RXULQIRUPDWLRQWR

Lite Steer Power Steering Made from high tensile steel this kit enables you to fit power steering to your Splitscreen or Bay Window Bus. The unit is a GKN power unit with a Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to adjust power as it is required. The power unit has a input shaft and output shaft, both using external splines. The ECU takes inputs from a wheel speed sensor (utilising a ABS sensor on vehicles without ABS) and a signal from the ignition system. Along with a torque sensor on the steering column (this monitors effort made by the driver on the wheel) it can power the motor as required. When the vehicle is at standstill the unit will offer maximum assistance and this gradually decreases until it reaches around 40 mph when it gives little or no input. There are other companies supplying these systems, however they have decided to “mig weld” the shafts together. Unless the welding is carried out by registered welders and the welds x-rayed, this is a less than ideal option as it means the unit cannot be removed. Price is £1195 which includes fitting at a number of VW workshops and garages throughout the country including Dubtricks, Creative Coachworks and The Old Dub Shop. Check out the Lite Steet website for more information and customer reviews. The kit is also available for MK1 & MK2 golfs, Classic Fords, MGs, Jaguars, Series 1,2,2.5 & 3 Land Rovers, and Alvis. 01453 883301

Our favourite vehicles from the past few months

Smiley Bob’s is small business that thinks big. It began 5 years ago with two friends, however, after the first year one of the friends decided it wasn’t for him and abandoned ship. This left ‘Bob’ to go it alone until he met Gaz when he offered to sponsor his show Summerfest. 2 years on the pair are close friends and make a great team, with ‘Bob’ being in charge of production and Gaz doing the graphics and sorting out the website. The company is based in Nottingham where they screen print all of their garments by hand, meaning each piece is made with the upmost care and attention to detail. There’s not many companies that can claim their owner sees and touches everything that they send out! The guys are strong supporters of the VW scene and offer a bespoke service where they will make garments for your club, show or event. They already supply clothing and paraphenalia to a number of clubs and VW shows, including ourselves! Head to to see more.

Shop Tour | Smiley Bob’s

Show Report| Grill n Chill

Grill n Chill Words: Sam Eynon


rill n Chill returned for its second ever show in 2012. It took place at The Hop Farm in Paddock Wood, Kent. The Oast Houses provided an interesting back drop to the event. As the name would suggest the premise behind the show was to have a relaxed weekend. The organisers were eager for the show to have an inviting feel, with any type of VW welcome. Infact any vehicle was welcome, as long as it was interesting. The main turn out was from the VW contingent, but there were a few hot rods dotted amongst the fields and a hand full of other vehicles. Our original aim was to camp on both the Friday and Saturday night, but after leaving straight from work in the Midlands, we got stuck in stand still traffic for well over an hour, putting us well behind schedule, and also leaving us feeling very cold.

Pictures: Joe Eynon

It wasn’t the best start to the weekend. We were worried we wouldn’t make it there before they shut the gates, but luckily we had a back up plan, we had family in Kent, who were going to meet us at the show on the Saturday anyway, so we parked up at theirs and slept in the van there. On arriving at the Hop Farm we were met by friendly staff, welcoming us and directing us where to go. One jokingly insulted us for not getting to the camping field early enough, but when we explained where we had travelled from and our nightmare journey they quickly retracted their statement. The show generally, (as it’s still in its infancy), attracts more of a local crowd, so he was very surprised that we had come all that way for it, but having talked to the organisers about it at other meets and shows, we had been determined to make it.

The show was a nice size, but has a lot of potential to grow to pull in an audience from further afield. There were around 50 traders over the weekend, including the guys from Cool Flo who were there with their gorgeous vehicles. They also ran a BMX Show-n-Shine, that ran alongside the car Show-nShine. On the Saturday there was quite a nice showing of Type 3’s including a pretty sweet Karmann Ghia, Razor Edge, that was getting a lot of attention. We also loved the slammed ratty squareback, complete with pop top, otherwise known as The Wesqualia! The atmosphere was definitely chilled. We whiled the hours away in the sun, drinking cider and chatting to VW friends old and new.

Later on, along with most attendees, we lit our BBQs and waited for them to heat up, as the temperature dropped. After a typically Kentish sunny, dry day on the Saturday, Sunday began cold and wet, and with a long journey ahead of us we packed up and went. Deciding it was best to cut it short than go home wet and miserable! We really look forward to this years show which is set to take place at The Hop Farm again, and hopefully will attract more non VWs, to give us a nice diverse mix of vehicles to have a nosey round! To keep up to date with this years plans go to:

Show Report| Grill n Chill

Show Report| Grill n Chill


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This Could Be You!

Music that has been doing the rounds at Air Monkey’s HQ

Everything Everything- Arc Joe Eynon

The album kicks off with a pounding drum beat and a staccato style which reminds me of early Bloc Party. The band appear fueled with angst throughout the record and give the impression of passion and hidden messages. Most of the album has songs of with some electronic influences and some high pitched vocals that echo out your headphones or speakers. This is the second album from Everything Everything and does not break any rules. They have stayed true to their sound from their debut. They are original enough to be able to do that without losing touch with the listener. Arc is an album with a fine balance of difference and static development. A brilliant piece of modern music that I am sure will last the test of time.

Sounds like: Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club, We Have Band. Stand out track: Feet for hands Rating: 9/10

Jason Lytle – Dept of Disappearance Peter Salter

This is Lytle’s second full-length outing without his Grandaddy brethren. As with his first solo effort however, the inimitable lo-fi space-rock sound synonymous with the Californian ensemble is still evident here. There’s the usual generous smattering of melancholy with plenty of minor chords and lyrics that are unmistakably Lytle, who continues to make numerous abstract references to technology, nature and wildlife, telling tales of sadness, loss and death in the process. The multi-instrumentalist shows here that he is just as good alone as he is with a band behind him; the songwriting is solid and interesting, going from the stripped-back, sorrowful ballad, ‘Elko in the Rain’, to the bold, indie-rock of the album’s lead single, ‘Your Final Setting Sun’. If you’re a fan of Grandaddy, giving this a go is a no-brainer really. You won’t be disappointed.

Sounds like: Earlimart, Black Nielson, Goldenboy Stand out track: Your Final Setting Sun Rating: 8/10

Regular | Earworm Green Day- Tre Samantha Eynon

Green Day were once one of the best and exciting American punk bands on the scene, though during recent years some of their albums have been a little lack lustre to say the least, but when they unvelied their ambitious plan to release 3 albums in a year I was curious. Would we get three passionate and fervently written and recorded albums or 3 rushed and uninteresting releases? Uno! was released in September, Dos! in Novemeber and Tre! in December. Some blame the pressure of recording and promoting the three releases, for Billie Joe Armstrong’s breakdown and stint in re-hab. With that in mind you’d hope that they’d released something worth breaking down for, but unfortunately that’s not the case with Tre, it is easily the worst of the releases, it is disappointing, run of the mill and boring. It isn’t terrible, but it is just lacking. Listening to it makes me wonder how they used to be my favourite band.

Sounds like: The Offspring, Red Hot Chilli Peppers Stand out track: 99 Revolutions Rating: 5/10

Blink 182- Dogs Eating Dogs Samantha Eynon

When Blink came back with their last album Neighbourhoods, many cried, ‘They’re only doing it for the money, there won’t be another one’, but in December they released the Dogs Eating Dogs EP. Unlike Neighbourhoods, the band recorded this EP together, rather than in seperate studios, as they felt there was a lack of unity in the sound of their previous effort. Similarly to Neighbourhoods there are songs on here that wouldn’t look out of place on the albums of the members other projects. Dogs Eating Dogs has a very +44 feel, whereas Disaster has definite echoes of Angels and Airwaves. Boxing Day is a pared down effort reminiscent of Adam’s song. The different musical influences of the band members gel beautifully except in the case of Pretty Little Girl, which is a great song, but suddenly the rapping of Yelawolf (who drummer Travis Barker has been working with) kicks in, and it just seems a bit out of place. This is a very impressive EP of 5 brilliant songs, that leaves you wanting more, roll on album no 7!

Sounds like: +44, Angels and Airwaves, New Found Glory Stand out track: Pretty Little Girl Rating: 9/10 Travis Barker and Yelawolf- Psycho White Joe Eynon

Travis Barker once again becomes the hip-hop drummer. He appears to be breaking away from his punk-rock day job more and more. Not that we are complaining! This 5 track EP packs a mighty fine punch and fuses reggae, hiphop, grime and punk together with some amazing rapping from Yelawolf. Rancid’s Tim Armstrong features on a couple of tracks, as it seems you can’t keep him and Barker apart. The slow, melodic sounds of 6 feet underground are a nice interlude and a break from the frantic Yelawolf rapping on Funky Shit.

Sounds Like: Casey Veggies, Hopsin, Pusha T Stand Out Track- Funky Shit Rating- 8.5/10

Mountain Goats – Transcedental Youth Peter Salter

Lo-fi, poor quality cassette recordings used to be a trademark of Mountain Goats’ sound. Recent albums have seen the band convert to a much more polished production. In this reviewer’s opinion, this is not a bad thing. While many fetishise the tape hiss and crackle associated with earlier home recordings, there is a point when these factors become detrimental to the listener’s experience. The last few albums have seen this addressed and with the distractions removed, the songs themselves take centre stage. This is good. Frontman, John Darnielle is an incredible songwriter and seemingly grows in competence with every release. Transcendental Youth is a set of songs of extraordinary quality. Catchy, beautiful and clever, the album takes the listener through every emotion imaginable and does it with style and grace. Darnielle’s lyrics continue to be witty, powerful and provocative, while the music is accessible throughout, consisting predominantly of upbeat, catchy piano-driven folk-pop. ‘The Diaz Brothers’ and the catchily-titled ‘Army aka Spent Gladiator 1’ are good examples of this and two of the album’s best tracks while another high point is the more sombre, but brilliantly soulful ‘Lakeside View Apartments Suite’. This record is pretty much flawless, picking up right where 2011’s brilliant ‘All Eternals Deck’ left off.

Sounds like: The Decemberists, Ben Folds Five, Andrew Bird Stand out track: The Diaz Brothers Rating: 10/10

Tame Impala – Lonerism Peter Salter

Channelling the rock sound of the late sixties like some kind of terrible TV psychic channelling the spirit of gullible audience members’ dead relatives, Tame Impala make use of fuzzy guitars, ridiculously groovy basslines, swirling organs and rumbling drums to create a sound synonymous with the era. It’s no easy task to successfully capture the essence of an entire decade, but this Aussie quartet bring a little of everything from the British invasion groups like The Beatles and The Hollies to American psychadelia like Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. Tame Impala do what bands like The Datsuns and The Vines tried to do a few years ago, but do it so much more successfully. Apocalypse Dreams sounds like it could have been written by John Lennon himself and is a notable highlight while the album’s first single, Elephant, is a deliciously dirty slice of rock and roll goodness. Strangely, Lonerism manages to be nostalgically retro AND modern at the same time; a lot of the effects here are obviously digital, there are cool electro-synth solos and the songwriting itself is relevant and current. The group’s first LP, Innerspeaker, was good. Lonerism is even better.

Sounds like: Almost any sixties rock band you can think of. Stand out track: Apocalypse Dreams Rating: 8/10

Regular | Earworm

Willy Mason- Carry On Samantha Eynon

This is the third release from Mason, and he had MIA and Hot Chip producer Dan Carey on board. This may have worried some fans of the gravelly voiced singer, who may have feared he was about to have an attempt at elctro pop, which would have been bizarre for someone who has been called a young ‘Dylan’. Fear not, this album stays true to his folk sound, but just has a little bit more polish.

Sounds like: Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Johnny Flyn Stand out track: Painted Glass Rating: 8/10

Ra Ra Riot- Beta Love Samantha Eynon

I have read a lot of criticism about this album, many claiming that they have moved away from the sound that made them what they are, and it’s true there is a noticable difference on this album. It has a much poppier and synthetic sound. Part of the change can perhaps be attributed to the departure of the cellist Alexandra Lawn, as where we would hear strings on previous albums we now get synth, which if that isn’t your thing, you’re not going to like this. It is however, an album full of infectious hooks and it does feel like a lot of fun, but is perhaps lacking the same depth of their other efforts.

Sounds like: Passion Pit, Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club Stand out track: Binary Mind Rating:7/10

Biffy Clyro- Opposites Samantha Eynon

Fans of Biffy Clyro’s work before ‘Puzzles’ may have been waiting with baited breath, to see if ‘Opposites’ could deliver a bit of the Biffy they once loved, rather than the more mainstream, radio friendly rock they have released in recent years. The double album is ambitious and comes in at around 80 minustes long. The more experimental of the tracks being delivered on the second disc. As with the previous two albums, this delivers a number of anthemic, stadium fillers, in which, every now and again, Biffy slip in something that alludes to their past, but probably not enough for fans of their earlier work.

Sounds like: Foo Fighters, Muse, Reuben Stand out track: Sounds Like Balloons Rating: 7/10

Deftones- Koi No Yokan Joe Eynon

Deftones have been slowly churning out good metal albums for year. That’s what they are, good. Die hard Deftones fans will take the White Pony E.P to a desert island with them but any album since White Pony has been built up but in the end a little disapointing. So it may come as no suprise when I tell you this album had a fair bit of hype surrounding it, as all their albums do. This time though, the hype pays off. The entire album is a clean and crisp experimental rock album with the echoing dark vocals of Chino Moreno throughout. The albums opens with Swerve City which thumps away at you and the insults don’t stop until the album ends. The third track, Leathers, contrasts gothic sounds with the hardcore roots of the band. This is one of the best albums to come out in recent years and we should all lap it up!

Haim – Forever EP

Sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, Team Sleep, Glassjaw Stand out track: Leathers Rating 9.5/10

Peter Salter

Unless you’ve been walking around with your fingers in your ears and your eyes closed for the last six or so months, there’s a good chance you’re already well aware of this talented trio of sisters. There’s a sizable chunk of fuss being made about them, with the BBC recently championing them as “The Sound of 2013” and this three-track EP demonstrates exactly why music critics and listeners alike are getting their knickers in a bit of a twist. This is an ultra-cool and extremely slickly produced release. The groups’ breathy harmonised vocals ride high in the mix shimmering soulfully over bright, jangly guitars, sexy synth hooks and electronic percussion. The result is a sound that almost serves as loving homage to the sound of ‘Tango in the Night’ era Fleetwood Mac. Titular track, ‘Forever’ is the undoubted highlight and is obviously influenced by the sounds of eighties-pop, but it’s hard to single out just one number from a release that is consistently excellent from start to finish. If Haim are to be the sound of this coming year, I’m all ears.

Sounds like: Fleetwood Mac, St. Vincent, Desire Stand out track: Forever Rating 9/10

Pinback- Information Retrieved Samantha Eynon

Pinback deliver another good, solid album here, with a sound that is instantly recognisable as their own. There in lies one of their problems, all of their albums are good, but all sort of mingle into one, rarely changing tempo, having the feel of a train running on a track. Having taken 5 years to record, it is great to hear new music by them again, but having created such a distinct sound has made it hard for them to break new ground.

Sounds like: Three Mile Pilot, The American Analog Set, The Helio Sequence Stand out track: Proceed to Memory Rating 7/10

Regular | Earworm

Air Monkey’s Classic Album Eels- Daisies of the galaxy (2000) Joe Eynon

Eels have been know for years for their quirky and humerous lyrics and this album sums that up. This album was recorded in Mr E’s basement but dont let that fool you in to thinking it’s a dark and merky album. This was the lightest Eels album to date and you could argue it still is. The album has hidden political references throughout with digs towards George W. Bush thrown in there and references to social and economic uncertanties at the time. With the political slant on things this album doesn’t become a rant, it is hidden in the background. The comments and reviews that the Eels have given the listener are sly and witty. Not bold and brash. This gives you a relaxed chilled feeling when listening to the record. Most people recognise a few of their songs, most of which feature on this album, so if your going to pick up any Eels record make sure it is this one. Sounds like: Beck, Badly Drawn Boy, Pulp Stand Out Track: Flyswatter, Mr E’s Beautiful Blues Rating: 10/10


Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle





Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle












Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle




Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle



Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Beetle



Feature | ‘70 Beetle




Julia Mitchell’s ‘70 1200 Bug Words: Edd Thorpe and Scott ‘donnyburger’ Mitchell Photos: Scott ‘donnyburger’ Mitchell

Sometimes a feature car is blindingly obvious – maybe it’s rolling a set of the ‘must have’ or ‘on-trend’ wheels, polished door shuts and colour coded bolt-heads, capable of a thousand-point prize in the toughest Concours d’Elegance class, or maybe, just maybe – you sometimes have to dig a little further, look past the scene-tax and surnames a fantastic money-can’t-buy charm and history that really warms the heart to hear, as the case bare on these pages. This feature is brought to you by Scott ‘donnyburger’ Mitchell – by now a regular contributor to our mag; having produced some use, and formed the backbone of numerous features. However, when it came to featuring a vehicle of his own, his modesty once again took a foreground stance, taking quite some persuasion for us to showcase this little beauty, I’m sure you’ll all agree that we’re glad he gave in! example of what were all about here at Air Monkeys – real cars by real people.

“I was in Morecambe in early March 2010 acquiring parts from a scrapyard, and whilst there I decided to pop and see the guys at a specialist VW garage round the corner where I spotted a tidy Beetle in the unit. I mentioned that it was a good looking thing, to which the garage owner told me it’s for sale, and someone’s coming to look at it’. Considering this was 3 weeks before my partners 40th birthday, and the fact that it is Kendal registered (where we were both born and still live), and indeed the car itself being ‘born’ in 1970 made it a very easy decision to make an offer on the spot. Too many coincidences for it to pass us by! Fast forward to a big party we’d organised for her 40th, where I disappeared off for a few minutes to go and get it, delivering it to her (decorated partying in to a very surprised and happy girl! Much celebration was had, then we got in and took a ring in it, then following a proposition and an acceptence to marry!

Feature | ‘70 Beetle

After pootling around in it in stock form for a few months, we decided it was in much need of some lows, so I bought a standard width adjustable beam (and installed it with some great help from a mate (thanks Janski!) - before deciding that the stock 1200cc engine wasn’t enough, so I sourced an 1641cc block, some genuine tinware, a Karmann Ghia ‘box to up the ratio and twin 40 Kadrons to up the power. Another friend gave me a hand getting all this together (cheers Howard!) Happy days. We’ve also very recently changed hex-bar linkage to help power delivery, the bigger carbs are now going on our 1776cc engine that’s in our Splitscreen.

the front whilst swapping the wheels for some Prolines bought for £110 at Viking Volksfest. The rears are still ‘stock’ (read enourmous) and stock height. It’s geared up now, and happily cruises at 70mph way down the rev range, and more importantly it’s given it proper rake and a look we love.

< Ju opened up the glovebox to find a small box with a ring in it, then following a proposition and an acceptence to marry! > Finally the exhaust is the last in a line of changes done so far. It originally had an EMPI glass pack, but it sounded awful and was rusting in a matter of weeks so I changed that for a tin-tip GT EMPI one. That also sounded bloody rubbish, so with the help of a mate, we fashioned a single quiet pack from a double-quiet pack bought from Dubfreeze and used

in there bought at the VW Action Auction in aid of Brad’s Cancer Foundation, the only upholstery present! Future plans include a decent interior for it and we’re thinking of rubbing down the paint in the areas where it’s chipped to smooth it off.”

We’re sure you’ll agree that here is a car that many can relate to – taking things step by step, adapting and changing things by themselves, with a good ole’ bit of help from some friends, no fuss, There’s a SCAT shifter that’s to be added in the no frills - creating a car that there are truly happy future and a steering wheel given by a friend (which with, and after all, that’s what’s really important, is still to be mounted at the correct angle!), but right? the interior is as-bought, apart from the seats have been repaired with good old duck tape. There’s also a ‘1641 - It’s what the people want’ cushion

Feature | â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;70 Beetle

Gone for a Burton... Our main beer taster, Ed Kellas, tells us about his latest favourite tipples from the last few months. We’ll bring you knew beers reviews each issue. If you think we’d like a particular brew or make one of your own please get in touch. Banks’s Bitter Light brown in colour, very easy on the palette, refreshing, quickly finished, so quickly I was onto a second, third and then it all went rather squiffy. It’s lovely with a cheese platter, perhaps posh crisps or most foods in general. Their mild is beautiful too. Strength – 3.8% Origin – Black Country

Adnams Broadside Now I preferred this by the bottle not on tap, dark and strong, a treat to drink, it’s again a careful beer to start with, another late in the evening once you’ve warmed the cockles so to speak. It does hit you Broadside! They follow me on Instagram, a 21st Century brewery. Strength – 6.3% Origin - Suffolk

Feature | Product Review

Fullers Bengal Lancer A pale ale so is slightly bubbly and the most lager styled of this review. Seriously enjoyable though, fresh, sharp and goes down very easily. If your food is anything spicy then this has to be the accompaniment! Try other Fullers ales for more drunken nights. Strength – 5.3% Origin – West London

Batemans XXXB A beer of my youth (1991) and still going strong. Calls itself classic pale ale but it is quite bitter and dark, but I’m not going to argue with them. Lovely with food or by itself, a good introduction to their varied range of beers. Strength 4.8% Origin - Lincolnshire

Theakston Old Peculier Well here is a beer that is good for getting drunk quickly, not recommended for a first beer or two unless you’re on a mission. It’s dark, smooth, and not too hoppy. Yorkshire does know how to brew a good beer. Strength – 5.6% Origin – Yorkshire

Tasty Tees!

Each magazine we try to bring you the freshest T-Shirts by cool brands and independent artists and makers.




Regular | Tasty Tees





1- Official Air Monkeys tee- email if you want one 2- Dark Matter- 3- Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nothing Strange in Your Neighbourhood- 4- Biff Bad Wolf- 5- Thunder Ornate Tee- 6- For Life- 7- Gas Stop-

words: Edd Thorpe pictures: Martin Cox

Show Report | VW Action

Show Report | VW Action


W Action has long been a firm favourite on the calendar for many v-dubbers for many years, some may even trace it back to it’s east of England show ground roots. However at the now firm location of Santa Pod Raceway, VW Action takes VW festivals to a whole new level, and I defy anyone to say they did not find something for them throughout the three day show somewhere! With off road buggy and Baja drama, live Pinstriping and Graffiti demonstrations to the more fast-paced dragstirp action – seeing many of Europes (if not the worlds) fastest machinery battling it out on the black top. Santa Pod is, to many, the Mecca of ¼ mile racing – as, a little known fact, the strip runs fractionally ‘up-hill’ meaning, for example that if you can post a solid 10 second run here, or in Europe or the states, perhaps a track with a more ‘downhill’ slop you’ll be firmly in low tens, if not high 9s! Thus the former RAF Airfield provides the perfect setting for the hotly contended VW Night Racing, which has become a staple feature of the show, with some seriously quick VW’s of both Air and Water cooling in appearance, fighting for cash prizes in their respective classes. We have a full break down of results as found at overleaf.

lights came on and the last of the days musings made way for the nights’ racing. Some fantastic passes were put in, and let it not be overlooked the amount of hard work put in by the Santa Pod Prep Crew, ensuring the track was up to full FIA standards for the night, providing a great opportunity for records to be broken and set. The winners of the Top Quickest Cars went to Ben Rouse with a blistering 9.62 second pass, with Henk Hendricks hot on his heels running a 9.67, as Bernard Newbury rounded off the bottom step of the podium posting a solid 9.94s run. It was great to knuckle down to the racing Saturday night having wandered into the vast Show n Shine areas by day, this year broken up into sections of Bus line ups and Beetles, making for a great layout which really let you take in each of the vehicles respective details. Saturday sees the Every Day Vehicle Concourse, with the Concours D’elegance competition taking place on the Sunday.

Adrian Bird’s Gonzoline Special Pearl White Volksrod just could not be ignored, and had our snapper Martin in amazement at the level of detail and fabrication that had gone into it. Much deserved Best of Show and Best Engineering awards along with the coveted title of A particularly great memory for Europe’s Most Beautiful VW me this year will be sitting on went home with this ‘rod! the bank of the right lane at the Taking the Top Air-cooled strip late afternoon, cold beer in Custom award was, to anyone hand, watching the sun set and who had been to the Volks feeling the whole atmosphere World Show earlier in the year, of the place revolve from a very a very familiar ’74 Jeans bug relaxed, chilled out affair, to the owned by Marco De Waal of the overwhelming sense of buzz Netherlands. This concourseand excitement as the flood level car with its distinctive

Show Report | VW Action very-narrowed beam, Cosmic wheels and air-ride really took the show by storm! However Saturday’s award went to a very deserved Alan Graves, of Datchworth with his Brown 1971 1300 Bug, leaving Marco to a Second place in this class. In the run up to the event, rumour had it the organiser Brian Burrows, of NAS Events was going to ‘call it a day;’ after this years VW Action – which as I’m sure you would agree could have

resulted in the loss of one of the calendar’s truly great events, and made a significant dent into our scene. Luckily however, it has since been announced that VW Action 2013 is indeed firmly set on the calendar for Friday 30th Aug - Sunday 1st Sept 2013 and long may it continue as “The Worlds Longest Running Family VW Festival” – we’ll most certainly be back!

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