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Featuring our Local Chapter President, Suhaile with an article titled “How Different will your university life-story be?” Derek Tan Contributors

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Featured AIESECer. How different will YOUR university life-story be? RBS:

7, 000 worldwide applicants for 120 positions. Only 28 were accepted from Singapore. Standard Chartered: 6, 000 applicants worldwide for 50 positions in Singapore. Citibank: 4, 000+ applicants from around the world for 20 positions in Singapore.

These statistics do not include the numbers for applicants interested in highly sought after roles like investment banking. Nonetheless, read on and be aware of what you are up against even when applying for the “usual jobs in banks”. 'Like many of his cohort, he came from a brand name university, was extremely confident, articulate and highly energised’ - Lee Yan Hong, Citi Singapore managing director and country head of human resources. She is speaking about a particular candidate who made it to the second round of interviews. There are a total of 6 rounds of interviews. It is not known if he made it through. The point is that in spite of coming from a brand name university, being articulate, confident and highly energised, he is still... “Like many of his cohort”. THE CRUX OF THE ISSUE THEN, IS THIS:- HOW DO YOU STAND OUT? Many people can list a multitude of ways. But the essence of them all is this: Your experiences shape you to be who you are. On the hot seat in the interview, it will be apparent to the interviewers if you are a person of depth. Whether or not you are a person worth their time will be decided on the stories you can share with them about yourself Now ask yourself if the stories you narrate to them are fascinating or are they so clichéd that your interviewers could finish them for you? Can you tell them that you have seen what few of your cohorts have seen? Can you say with pride that you have pushed your boundaries of self-discovery more than the rest? Can you say with conviction that no matter what they throw at you, you can adapt because you have been to places so different that you are now nothing but adaptable? Can you stand up straight and look at them in the eye and say “take me, for I have been to places and achieved much!”? Can you? Not many can say that about their university life and get away with it because truth be told, not many have really done so. But you can. Right here, right now as an AIESECer. Hey AIESEC! How different will your university life-story be?

Md Suhaile - SIM Local Chapter President


Tribal Updates Ever wondered what your fellow tribesmen and women are up to in their individual clans? We saved you from going over to crash their meetings by bringing them to you instead!


Business Development  (BD)     BD’s  proud  to  announce  their  first   raising  of  company  mee7ng  with  Estee’   Lauder!  Congrats!  Free  cosme7cs  for   Induc7on  goodie  bags?!  

Communica:ons (COMMS)     GCDP  Marke7ng  Campaign  –  Done.   Jan  Recruitment  Campaign  –  Soon.   Work  Done  Now  -­‐    You’re  looking  at   it.  

Finance (FIN)     Count  yourself  lucky  they  didn’t   resort  to  O$P$  methods  for  late  NLDC   fees!  FIN’s  currently  researching  on   each  department’s  feedback  for   Leadership  Dev.  Fund;  a  na7onal   ini7a7ve.  Oooh.  

Talent Management  (TM)     Before  Rebecca  unleashes  her  Kung   Fu  on  you,  sign-­‐up  for  Jan   Recruitment’s  OC  now!  There’re   coming  to  do  some  goal  seWng  with   you  too,  so  give  it  some  thought   beforehand!  

Incoming Exchange  (ICX)     Match  TN  with  Phillips,  Re-­‐raise  with   APlink.  Secret  to  ICX’s  outstanding   performance?  Shower  the  VP  with  lots   more  female  members.  

Outgoing Exchange  (OGX)     OGX  sure  need  lots  of  pats  on  the   back  for  their  hard  work  done  for   Nov’s  GCDP  drive!  What’s  next?   Xprep  Seminar  cum  LCM  on   12/11/11,  2pm  of  course!  Oh,  look   out  for  an  upcoming  conference  in   Indonesia  too!  

Upcoming Events Calendar MONTH  


EVENT 2011   Xprep  Seminar  cum  LCM  


12/11/11 (Sat)  


09/12/11 –  13/12/11  (Fri    -­‐  Tue)   Na7onal  Leadership  Dev.   Conference  2011   17/12/11  –  18/12/11  (Sat  –   LC  Gathering   Sun)   19/12/11  –  20/12/11  (Mon  -­‐   GIP  Interviews   Tue)  


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2012 Recruitment  Campaign  

All month  long   14/01/12  (Sat)  

SIM Coporate  Seminar  &   Networking  Dinner  (SCSND)  


NTT Training (3rd Dec 2011)

Understanding Diversity AIESEC's uniquely diverse population calls for a keen understanding of diversity, its challenges, value, and methods of harnessing. The module is a foundation to effectively manage and communicate with teams and colleagues all over the world to create value out of differences.

Featured Event


Entertainment & Deals Album Review

Artist : Belle And Sebastian Album : Write About Love Released : Oct 2010 Belle And Sebastian is back with their latest fulllength studio release, - “Write About Love”. This release showcases other members more prominently other than their usual creative mastermind in Stuart Murdoch. The album also boasts guest performances by Norah Jones in “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John”, whose presence may have inoculated a pinch Jazz flavour to their indie folk-rock sound. Carey Mulligan, an up and coming English actress (“Wall Street 2” & “The Great Gatsby”) also lends vocals to energized and fun title track “Write About Love”, reminiscent of 60’s sunshine pop group The Mamas & the Papas. All in all, “Write About Love” artistically surpasses most of its contemporaries on mainstream radio and truly is an eclectic collection of refreshingly fun and occasionally somber tunes for any age group.

Must Try Deal! READY TO PUT ON FATS!? Yes, you read it right, and they have other’s like soursop, burnt caramel, coconut swirl and nutella just to name a few. That’s what makes Island Creamery so special, infusing the best of local flavours into an age-old favourite dessert! You definitely must try their Teh-Tarik Flavored Ice Cream! Call their ice cream divine, heavenly… I’d say they’re sinfully addictive!

A SCOOP COST $$2.80 ONLY !! 6

For more information:

Entertainment & Deals Film : Welcome To The Rileys Released : 2010

Film Review

This is a 2010 independent American film drama directed by Jake Scott, son of renowned film director and producer, Sir Ridley Scott. It stars James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) and Kristen Stewart (The Twilight saga). The film is an unusually potent drama depicting Doug and Lois Riley, once a happily married couple whose marriage is on the rocks after the death of their daughter, Emily. While on a business trip in New Orleans, Doug eventually found himself in a local strip club and meeting 16-year old stripper Mallory (played by Kristen Stewart). The film then revolves around Doug taking on a fatherly figure to this rebellious teenage girl while being in a middle of a rocky marriage and still mourning the death of his daughter. For me, this was certainly one of the best dramas in 2010 by any measure and definitely a must-watch if you haven’t already done so.

Must Read! 'Dr. Jeffers has written a now-classic and helpful book for anyone who wants to get unstuck and live a happier more exciting life. This is a treasure that you, as millions before you, will love. Read it, please!' - Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of 'How to Heal Depression'

Are you afraid of making decisions? Asking your boss for a raise? Facing the future? In this enduring guide to self-empowerment, Dr. Susan Jeffers inspires us with dynamic techniques and profound concepts that have helped countless people grab hold of their fears and move forward with their lives.


Aunt Agony

AUNT AGONY In need of some sound advice? Help is just an email away, feel free to contact Aunt Agony with your problem and you will be able to see her response in the next issue. All problems will be kept strictly confidential.

Email Aunt Agony @

One of my goals in joining AIESEC is to expand my social network, especially getting to know people from other universities and overseas. I’m coming to my senior stage in AIESEC now, but I dare not say that I am achieving that right now. I guess I’ve been too caught up with my other school and personal commitments that I haven’t gotten the chance to mingle around. Is it too late to achieve that goal? What should I do from here? Signed, lonelyAIESECer.

Dear lonelyAIESECer, You sound like you really regret missing the chance to get to know new people. That’s a good sign! And, it’s not too late! Firstly, if you really want to reach your goal, you have to make it a priority. As you know, AIESEC has conferences very often! In fact, as you’re reading this, there’s definitely an AIESEC conference going on somewhere in the world! What can be a better way to meet people than to go for conferences? If you’re looking for friendships in Singapore, start by getting involved in your own LCs activities, like meetings, gatherings, etc. Then, try to take up the post of an EB where you’ll be made to work with other EBs from the other LCs. It’s not too late but you have to start now! “Action expresses priorities – Mahatma Gandhi”. Love, Agony Aunt


Entertainment & Deals Dear Aunt Agony, I want to know what to do about being single. I am 22 and never had a girlfriend. People get surprised when I say this because they say I’m a good looking, but perhaps I have someself-confidence issues as I used to always been teased in school. I have tried reading those self-help attraction books, but it doesn’t seem to work well and I’d usually come across as weird. I’m not sure if I’m trying hard enough, but I want to take this time being in AIESEC to hopefully get attached to someone. Where am I going wrong?! Signed, luckless Dear luckless,

Let me start off with saying that there’s NOTHING to be ashamed of or sad about that you’re 22 and have had no girlfriend before. This makes you an even better catch! It’s rare to find a guy nowadays who hasn’t had a girlfriend before and, trust me, it will spare your future girlfriend from the ‘ex-girlfriend’ dramas & issues ;) It seems that, in your case, other people have confidence in you. Since you didn’t mention what you were teased about in your secondary school days, I can’t pinpoint what exactly you’re most self-conscious about. Find out what you’re really unconfident about first. Then, to work on your self-confidence, maybe you could... •  Exercise! Shaping up your body can do wonders for your self-esteem! •  Make eye contact when talking to your friends. Hold your head high up while talking to people. It may seem a little hard or awkward at first but slowly it’ll become a habit •  Don’t be so negative!!! If you think, feel, and act in a positive manner, good things will begin to happen for you and you will feel a lot better about yourself. When you meet a new person, don’t start thinking STRAIGHT AWAY that ‘she might be my future girlfriend!’ This will make you behave differently around her and you’ll start expecting her to act in a certain way towards you, which might lead you to being disappointed. Be yourself & take things slow. Look at it as a friendship & nothing else. Then, if something happens between you’ll, it’ll be a bonus! Most importantly, BE YOURSELF. Someone will come along who will love you for who you are & accept your flaws. (EVERYONE has flaws!) I wish you all the luck!  Love, Agony Aunt



am·bi·tion [am-bish-uhn] noun An earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment:

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Did you know?

Tunak Tunak Tun (ਤ"ਨਕ ਤ"ਨਕ ਤ"ਨ) is a Bhangra-pop song released in 1998 by Punjabi musician Daler Mehndi. At the time, Indian music critics were skeptical of Mehndi’s popularity, speculating that his main appeal was the women dancing in his music videos, like in Ho Jayegi Balle Balle.



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