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Meet Flortcha Flow

Flortcha Flow is a first-generation Haitian immigrant making waves as an independent multicultural artist. A layered and profound individual, Flortcha has achieved a successful career as a nurse and a musician. After witnessing countless Covid-19 related deaths working as a nurse during the pandemic, Flortcha has released“War,”a powerful song that honors those who have been imparted by Covid-19, including the departed and those fighting on the frontlines.

When Flortcha Flow was just ten years old, her parents left their home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for a new life in South Florida. They quickly settled into their new life. Flortcha’s mother sung in the church choir, spreading her musical influences to her young daughter who soon began showing interest in music. As Flortcha was starting high school, her mother was starting nursing school as well. Her mother worked full time and went to school full time. “I spent a lot of time helping her with essays and research, which helped me gain a greater appreciation for the art of caring for others,” says Flortcha, who went on to become a nurse.

Flortcha says nursing has given her a deeper understanding of the human experience, which she has been able to translate into her music. She has seen how incredible, resilient and fragile human beings can be and has witnessed infants going through more surgeries and medical emergencies within a month than the average person could survive in their lifetime.

“I have seen love and empathy take people further than any drug or machine,” says Flortcha. She narrates how a gentle touch from a father brought a dying infant’s heart rate back to normal levels. Like many premature newborns, this baby had spent all of her short life in the hospital and on one night it seemed like her small body was reaching its limit. Since she was no longer responding to medical intervention, her family was contacted to be there for her final moments. When her father gently touched her and comforted her, her heart rate came back to normal. It turned out that’s the boost she needed.

Flortcha is currently working as a nurse on the frontlines of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic. Most people infected with Covid-19 generally experience mild or moderate symptoms and recover without specialized treatment, but older people and groups with underlying conditions such as diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory disease are likely to develop serious illness. As of June 30, 2020, there were 10 185 374 cases globally and 503 862 Covid-19 related deaths, the World Health Organization reported.

Flortcha explains that the medical community has experienced several challenges such as lack of supplies and knowledge about the virus, requiring them to adapt quickly. Flortcha has witnessed countless lives lost due to Covid-19.“I composed the song ‘War,’ to honor those who have been imparted by Covid-19, including the departed and those fighting on the front lines.” As a pensive lyricist, Flortcha’s music reminds us to be appreciative of all human emotions. Her words speak of truthfulness, loss, pain, joy, and disappointment. She paints pictures of her diverse identity often with the use of Creole and French lyrics in her songs. As a relatively universal artist, Flortcha is excited to create an impact that transcends beyond the soul, alternative, and pop genres that she so comfortably flourishes in.

“Music and singing has been a part of my life since I could speak. During my teenage years I dove headfirst into poetry. I, however, did not start recording original content until I became a nurse. I think for a long time I was waiting to be chosen and made into an overnight sensation from the comfort of my home. After becoming a nurse, I discovered the importance of defining myself,” says Flortcha.

In 2017, Flortcha wrote and released her first original song, “The Catalyst,” which led to her emerging career as an artist. Towards the end of 2018, she traveled to network with artists across the country. By 2019, she had three independently published records. She was able to curate her own show and collaborate with many artist collectives across South Florida. “ I’m just getting started,” she says. “You can always expect vulnerability and honesty from my music. In this distant time, my music will find a way to bring you closer to what matters.” In the future, Flortcha hopes to perform at live venues and get the opportunity to share her art and multicultural experience with a larger audience.

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