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DIACARD GOLD DROPS - Homeopathic Medicine for Heart Disturbance

Homeopathic Medicine for Heart Disturbance
The safe German natural preparation, used effectively for decades, as a convenient supportive treatment in: General tiredness and listlessness in hot weather or after any sickness Heart Complaint in elderly people Palpitation from exertion Angina pectoris, extremely rapid and irregular pulse. Circulatory instability in menopause Nervous heart due to emotional upset or stress Fainting, lightheadedness, heart-throbbing Toxic effects of alcohol or tobacco on the heart..#ADEL World's Most Trusted German Homeopathic Medicines. #BUY ONLINE #FREE SHIPPING IN INDIA Corporate Office 144, Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110092 website: https://adelindia.com/