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Sofas & Armchairs

Habitat Sofas
BACI 3-seat sofa - 812816

The Baci sofa plays with mixed materials. The luxurious effect of the leather with Fasoli fabric counterbalances its minimalist style. Its deep seat and small cushions make it a very comfortable sofa. It will go as well in classic or modern interiors.

RIVA 3-seat sofa - 818352
P 99,800

Hugs a soft seat for a perfect combination of design and comfort. A three seater sofa with sober and generous lines, covered with a precious gray fabric, which will find its place in a contemporary or more classic interior.


This generously sized range, made in Spain, has a wide and low seat, making it both welcoming and comfortable (with 70% duck feather cushions). The plush material of the seat cushions and the modern lines of the structure give it a unique appeal. Modular, Kasha comes in several configurations, from the two-seater sofa ideal for small spaces to the large corner set.

KASHA 2-seat sofa, lounger in fabric | 952196
P 89,500
KASHA Lounger | 951949
P 92,500
NEWMAN 3-seater sofa | 956139
L235 x W97 x H68 cm | P159,800 
COMBO 2-seat sofa | 808678
L196 x W84 x H84 cm | P94,500 
BALTHASAR II 3-seat sofa in fabric | 805839
L 150 x W 80 x H 82 cm | P70,500


The Montino sofa invites you to relax with its soft, deep seat and high armrests. The fabric of the seat contrasts elegantly with the slim, almost airy, brushed steel legs, while adding a touch of sophistication. With the diversity of colors and materials available in this range, you can easily choose which best fits your space.

MONTINO 2-seat sofa in leather | 804557
L 174 x W 105 x H 78 cm | P 187,500
3-seat sofa in fabric | 804540
L 238 x W 105 x H 78 cm | P89,800
3-seat sofa with chaise lounge in fabric | 804583
 L 319 x W 230 x H 78 cm | P139,500
COPENHAGEN 3-seat sofa with longue in fabric | 152724
L289 x W218 x H85 cm | P108,000
SORRENTO 3-seat sofa with chaise longue in fabric | 152719
L316 x W175 x H91 cm | P98,200
POSADA 3-seat sofa with chaise longue in fabric | 804787
L 284 x W 171 x H 75 cm | P 160,500
CHESTER Compact sofa in velvet | 803183
L120 x W85 x H 78 cm | P89,500
CHESTER 3-seat sofa in fabric | 917128
L85 x W200 x H78 | P97,800
3-seat sofa with chaise longue in fabric | 917142
L145 x W200 x H78 cm | P129,800


The Porto range is a Habitat classic that meets all needs. There are different sizes and compositions that adapt to your spaces and needs. Its structure has wide armrests, positioned at a good height for the rest of the arms. As a sofa bed, the Porto combines quality of sleeping, the comfort of a regular sofa, and a pleasing aesthetic

PORTO III 3-seat sofa in fabric | 804145
L95 x W198 x H80 cm | P68,500
PORTO III 3-seat sofabed in fabric | 804151
L198 x W95 x H80 cm | P95,800
PORTO III 3-seat sofabed with chaise lounge in fabric | 804176
L279 x W156 x H80 cm | P135,500


The Dena armchair is a Habitat Design Studio creation and a Habitat bestseller. It is curved to perfectly fit the body. Its quilted backrest in a mixture of foam and feathers ensures perfect comfort. Sleek and timeless, its sophistication comes not only from its form but also in the finer details of its design and composition.

DENA Armchair and foot stool | 804838, 804844
L83 x W83 x H94 cm, L54 x W41 x H41 | P89,800 & P29,800


An upscale piece reminiscent of mid-century modern classics, the Marc armchair offers the ultimate comfort in seating – whether at home or at work. Customizable from the color, cover (it comes in a variety of fabrics and leathers), feet, and frame.

Arnchair in fabric |817360
L82 x W97 x H107 cm | P99,800
MARC Black Leather
L82 x W97 x H107 cm | P130,800
MARC Brown Leather
L82 x W97 x H107 cm | P125,800
CAJOU Armchair in velvet Grey | 816032
L75 x W80 x H70 cm | P49,500
CAJOU Armchair in velvet Yellow | 818328
L75 x W80 x H70 cm | P49,500
BOLD Armchair in Grey velvet | 804305
L 53 x W 59 x H 73 cm | P 28,500

Grey & navy blue velvet

BOLD Armchair in Black velvet | 804305
L 53 x W 59 x H 73 cm | P 28,500


The armchair Antoine, created by James Patterson, is the Habitat favorite formerly called Daborn. Its high backrest lends it a measure of elegance, while its enveloping armrests and its soft curves are inviting. Both classic and contemporary, the Antoine chair proves that style can be synonymous with comfort.

ANTOINE Armchair in leather | 804300
L68 x W74 x H98 cm | P58,500
VIKEN Arnchair in fabric | 814416
L80 x W76 x H83 cm |P41,500


With a large seat depth, the Bergen chair is very comfortable. Composed of a solid oak base, the Bergen chair is very sturdy. Design with its straight lines, the Bergen armchair finds its place in your interior. Its cowhide lining adds a touch of character to your living room or bedroom. It can be used as an office chair, a dining room chair or in front of a vanity. Its backrest and low armrests do not hide the furniture in front of which it is.

BERGEN Armchair in leather & oak | 817604
L56 x W60 x H75 cm | P28,500
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