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Take 5

What new marketing roles have you taken on in your firm?

Recruitment is a priority for all accounting firms across the country, and like other firms, we have an “all hands on deck” approach. To help with this new responsibility, I have an account with Handshake, the tool higher education uses to connect employers with students and graduates seeking internships or full-time positions after graduation. I monitor the Handshake platform for career fairs (virtual and in-person), select fairs to attend, create brochures/handouts, design custom recruitment banners, and when there isn’t a supply chain issue, I order items to give away at our table.

Shelly Castorino, director of marketing and business development, Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP

Many years ago, I was tasked with creating a workflow tool in Microsoft Access to track tax work (now we use a proprietary tool). A few years ago, I implemented a new client onboarding tool we built from scratch that integrates with some of our systems, and more recently, I worked with developers to build a new CRM that integrates with that tool. Most of my “outside marketing” projects have been IT-focused.

Patrick Huegel, marketing manager, AAFCPAs

Recruiting! Everything from attracting new talent via drip campaigns and landing pages, creating a firm presence on campus at new schools, staffing “Meet the Firms,” events, setting up our recruiting schedule and events, and helping with interviews. ALL. THE. THINGS.

Rachael McGrew, business development director, Landmark CPAs

Like others who are part of a smaller firm, the roles expand from recruiting to being the go-to tech person for Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Other responsibilities include creating, organizing and running events and organizations like our women’s group, volunteer day and the annual firm ski trip. Also, since our firm is moving office locations, I’ve worked closely with the design team on aesthetics, logistics, furniture

Alex Miller, marketing manager, Lanigan Ryan

Our firm is relatively small — approximately 25 year-round employees — so I also serve as the new client coordinator. This means fielding all new client calls (with referrals), determining their needs, confirming if they fit our ideal client profile and sharing their information with the appropriate accountant(s). If we are able to take them on, my role also includes gathering pertinent information, setting them up in our system and handling initial communications.

Cara Vanasdale, director of communications, Nichols & Company CPA

Interviews by Hannah Kubick