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Barb Blair, Co-Owner The Exercise Coach Morrisville

Barb Blair


HOMETOWN: Mt. Vernon, OH

POSITION: Co-Owner, The Exercise Coach Cary/Morrisville

FAMILY: Brother, John Blair (Co-Owner)

PETS: Daisy (rescue dog)

CAUSE: Pets for Vets

HONORS: Daily Points of Light recipient (2018)

INTERESTS: Reading, music (symphony, opera, jazz),

Where do you get inspiration?

My Mom. She’s 88 now and still living a wonderful life -- and has always encouraged and supported me in any endeavor; and she taught me by example to be kind.

What makes you successful?

I have a vision for my life, clarity around what I want my life to be. A big part of that is providing something of value to other people through our fitness business and then also taking time to enjoy life.

What makes you most proud?

Being a small business owner! I was in the corporate world for over 35 years, ran a non-profit for 7, and nothing compares to the highs and lows, the challenges and rewards of owning your own business. I am so grateful for the opportunity that brought me to this wonderful community.