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All That Glitters is Glam


Local entrepreneur, Victoria Glam (Victoria Racca), runs her business on expertise, certifications, authenticity, hilarious instagram reels, and a rare objective for sisterhood in the sometimes rigid beauty business.


Victoria left her career working for a non-profit, received her esthetician license and graduated from Aveda before she realized that our area had no place to train in permanent makeup. That’s when her insatiable entrepreneurial drive kicked in and she told herself, “Give me four years.”

In four years, she accomplished her goal and opened The Microblading Institute.

Victoria’s business momentum stems from the urge to do her part in legitimizing the industry and offering others the tools, fundamental building blocks and hands-on training to be able to build a successful business in microblading.

“I feel like everyone should have their own options on places to go, concerning artist style down to the feel that their space offers,” she explained. She intends on offering relatable cosmetic tattoo training to those with a business-owning spirit from the crucial components of sanitation practices and critical aftercare methods to protect the integrity of the skin to color theory to prevent brows from changing color over time.

So far, her institute has churned out several classes where all of the graduates have opened shops. She’s also Platinum Certified by the American Academy of Pigmentation. When asked about her goals, she answered “To help women begin 6-figure careers in permanent makeup and scale to 7-figures.”


In a time when being authentic is craved when it comes to social media, her authenticity and humor lends to her proficiency and magnetism. Her “you can sit with us” mentality makes it effortless to imagine yourself as a student in her company. Join her 10k+ followers on Instagram @victoria. glam for all things microblading training peppered with social media-relieving wit. Her Instagram alone is like a lax business course in how to market yourself effectively with being real at the root. She has a team who works with her and helps her keep all the proverbial balls in the air, and you feel like you get to know them too through her social media presence. The whole thing feels like a sisterhood in itself... like a club you certainly want to be in.


The small class sizes (4 is her sweet spot), hands-on training, supportive community, Facebook groups, student kit and immersive course paves the way for anyone in the permanent makeup beauty realm who has their sights set on taking charge of their own schedules and investing in themselves. The course seems quite empowering, with someone at the helm of the ship who has the student’s best interest in mind, which then ripples out to the greater professional community.


Victoria has another huge project in the works, her summer site release www.BrowSister.com, launched to promote her own manufactured and wholesale PMU products made by women for women with branding and marketing particularly in mind. Her key product right now is her Pink Gel, a safe, fast-acting gel that reduces sensitivity to pain and swelling during tattooing and other cosmetic procedures. The gel works in literal seconds.They ship internationally and are already getting amazing feedback from some very big industry names. It’s already been featured by the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

You can find all of the training and product information you need at www.victoriaglam.com and even take a gander at a chart that breaks down how soon you can see your return on investment after completing her courses.