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DIY Sex Toys, Chef Michael Smith, Arranged Marriage & Puppy Love with Wilfred Issue NO. 7

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Contents Issue No. 7

▶ UPFRONT 07 2LIST: TV’s Wilfred barks back, arranged marriage & more! 12 Date Night 14 Spring Style 16 Smug Marrieds: Advice from a couple who’ve been there 20 Pop Culture ▶ ed and jenny 23 Watch “Kink” ▶ INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVING 24 How to Have Sex in Public ▶ EXPERIENCE 27 The Perfect Anniversary Surprise ▶ GOOD LOVIN’ GUIDE 32 The Science of Love 36 DIY Sex Toys 40 Swap Meet 45 Why Does My Partner… 49 Lend a Hand

65 10

▶ COUPLE MAKEOVER 52 Patrick & Robyn: New Orleans ▶ TRAVEL 65 7 Sexy Cities ▶ AT HOME 94 Hello, Neighbor: A whimsical Toronto rental 99 Home Tour 109 Get the Look

130 32

▶ PARTY TRICKS 111 Dinner Theater 120 Movie Munchies ▶ RECIPE FOR 2 127 Chef Michael Smith 130 Speedy Shrimp Penne ▶ COUPLE SNAPSHOT 132 She Said Yes!



about 2

Editor’s Letter

Your Guide to Good Lovin’ 4

come and gone for another year. But here at 2, we believe you should think beyond the V and celebrate your love year-round! That’s why we’ve put together this special issue devoted to our fave fourletter word: L-O-V-E. Whether you’re looking for some insight into your mate (see “Why Does My Partner…” on p.45) or want to know the science behind that crazy little thing called love (p.32), we got you covered. Valentine’s Day has

illustration: CSA Images

Want to add some spice to your boudoir—and beyond?! Check out our guide to getting it on in public (p.24) and do-it-yourself sex toys (p.36), which could lead to hours of fun around the house! Finally, when it comes to celebrating your love story, turn to p.27 for a peek at “The Perfect Anniversary Surprise,” which shows that a man with a plan can surprise the most suspicious of sweethearts! And if you can’t wait for the next issue, get your 2 fix by checking us out here: 2day The ultimate blog for couples. Check back for daily stories about love, life and the latest celeb dish.

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2List Insider info and hot tips for you and your mate!


Marriage Lessons Reva Seth, author

of First Comes Marriage: Modern Relationship Advice from the Wisdom of Arranged Marriages, tells 2 how this relationship model can teach us all a few things. —Beth Maher

Jorge Delgado

⚭ “Arranged marriage couples have a realistic sense of what another

person can give them,” says Seth. They don’t expect their spouse to fulfill their every need, she adds, and are more apt to take ownership of their own happiness. In arranged marriages, newlyweds having only met once or twice before their wedding (if at all) often wait months before getting physical, so their relationship is built upon things other than sex. “One person described it to me as like a pot of rice,” Seth says. “It doesn’t start off boiling, but over time it grows.” “Because of the way arranged marriages come together—families and communities make the match—there is always the sense that the couple is part of a bigger plan,” says Seth. “Love matches are very inwardly focused, which puts a lot of pressure on a couple.”


upfront 2list




n ’ t r o h S Sweet od

wo Hollykups Hoo

Britney Spears & Jason alexander

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman

Ali Landry & Mario Lopez

3 days

10 days

2 weeks

A Vegas quickie. Brit sported a ball cap, ripped jeans and bared her midriff. Yeah, we didn’t think she took it too seriously either.

Odd-couple alert! The height difference alone was enough to prelude the failure of this couple’s walk down the aisle. After 10 days of straining to reach for a kiss, they called it quits.

Dating for six years wasn’t enough to prepare Landry for her brief union to Lopez—she filed for divorce when she discovered he had not only cheated on her during his bachelor party, but again in the 14 days they were married.

Pam Anderson & Kid Rock

Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley

4 months

4 months

The Baywatch babe and the rap-rocker got hitched in rock-star fashion aboard a yacht in Saint-Tropez. The divorce took place in the less scenic environs of an L.A. courthouse.

With divorce proceedings lasting longer than the marriage, it’s safe to say there may have been other motivations for Elvis super-fan Nic to marry The King’s daughter. Guess the unprecedented access to Graceland wasn’t enough to keep the home fires burning.

rock and anderson: istockphoto; all others:

Renée Zellweger & Kenny Chesney

tom green & drew barrymore

Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd

R. Kelly & Aaliyah 1 year

6 months

8 months

Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley

4 months

Met, married, divorced— all in under a year! Kinda makes us believe that they weren’t lying about their irreconcilable differences— they barely knew each

other. Well that, and the rumours that Chesney swings both ways.

They joked with the public for months about their impending nuptials, but when Green put Barrymore on the spot, suggesting they marry on SNL, it was a no-go. Art imitating life?

One word: rebound! J.Lo made a quick getaway from her rocky relationship with P. Diddy and leaped into the arms of backup dancer Judd. Needless to say, it wasn’t meant to be.

barrymore/green and lopez/judd: istockphoto; all others:

18 months

She was his protégé, not to mention 15, when she released her first album and married Kelly. He alleges she lied about her age, but come on: The multiple child pornography charges that have occurred since don’t have us convinced. The brief marriage was annulled.

The media called it a hoax. Presley claims she thought she could save

him and that, yes, it was love. Two years later, she wasn’t staring at the man in the mirror any longer— and alas, now neither are we.


upfront 2list

isn’t giving him a lot back romantically or as a friend really. We have to assume that a lot of it has happened off-screen. But yeah, it would be puppy love because it isn’t really grounded in a truthful relationship, and they haven’t developed one…yet. 2 : Have you ever been as

whipped as Ryan—by a girl you weren’t even dating? JG: Maybe for a week. Look,


Jason Gann Quickie Q&A

(FX Canada), a depressed ex-attorney (Elijah Wood) strikes up an odd friendship with his neighbor’s dog—whom he sees as a foulmouthed Australian in a shaggy dog suit, but the rest of the cast sees as a cuddly mutt. 2 sat down with Jason Gann, series co-creator and the man in the canine costume, to toss him some meaty bones to chew on.

In Wilfred

—Mike dojc


Wilfred and Ryan seem like an old married couple. What would a couples’ counselor would make of their relationship? JG: You’ve obviously been

in the writers’ room. Look, I think it’s a really good romance between the two. I guess you’d call it a codependent relationship that is maybe not healthy. 2 : Wilfred’s owner, Jenna,

manipulates Ryan almost as much as the dog does. Is he in “puppy” love with her? (Pun intended.) JG: Ryan definitely has a

lot of stakes in a girl who

I’ve been heavily in love with girls but, from an early age, I saw what happened to nice guys. So even if I wanted to be like that, even if everything in my body was telling me to do so, I’ve resisted because they don’t respect it…well, they do and they don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t treat women well in my life. I really do. I treat them like queens. 2 : Really?? Never even been

a little whipped? JG: What am I saying! My last

girlfriend used to send me to the dry cleaner all the time. I’d also drive her to work in the morning and she’d inevitably forget something and I’d have to drive her back. But it wasn’t because I was desperately in love; this somehow just happened.


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Sure, it’s a bit messy, but Ethiopian dining is ideal for couples because, aside from tasting amazing, many of the aromatic dishes are made for sharing.

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Attend a local sex workshop together for tips on how to increase sexual pleasure and intimacy. The hands-on homework is obviously the best part!

Explore the curbside fare in your city for a fun and cheap date. Skip the hotdog stand and try takeaway treats like gourmet fish tacos and fiery tikka masala.

making life memorable

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Smug Marrieds No-holds-barred advice from a couple who’ve been there!

Derek Chezzi & Angela Pacienza Happily married university sweethearts Angela and Derek live in a leafy neighborhood with their super-cute son and daughter. They are the envy of all their friends.



Friends of ours continuously post loveydovey comments to one another on their public Facebook wall. It’s making everyone else nauseous. How do we tell them to turn off their Facebook faux pas? illustration: zack blanton

Do they also “talk” to each other on Facebook when they’re in the same house? Ewwww... that’s just plain tacky in my book. Since they’re obviously not down with social media etiquette, I advise a direct approach. Take one half of the couple aside and gently explain that their wall posts fall under the TMI category or are just plain annoying/ icky to friends. Suggest they try the less public form of communicating such as texting or email. Question: Does this couple also speak in baby voices to each other? If so, I’m afraid you might not get very far. Another option is to just un-friend them. I know it sounds harsh, but Facebook is your space, and if you don’t want to read lovesick posts, you don’t have to.

angela says…

photo: Kyoungil Jeon

Just unfriend them. Clearly they have little of value to add to your news feed. If it comes up in conversation, be blunt: Tell them you want to heave every time their status updates pop up on your iPhone. derek says…


It seems our couple friends are always dropping by our condo unannounced after work and we inevitably end up feeding them. Ordering takeout is beginning

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@ smugmarrieds

to take its toll—on the wallet and the waistline. Help! This is the price you pay for being so darn great. Ask your friends to split the cost of takeout, if you haven’t already. Or have them take turns in your kitchen. It might become a fun, regular event. You could always start texting your friends around the time they’re set to arrive with a shopping list of ingredients they should pick up on the way over. They’ll either get the hint, or dive right in and create some gourmet meals for you.

angela says…


upfront  smug marrieds

Great food brings good friends together. My father-in-law is a great cook who loves to throw parties. His goto meal for an impromptu gathering is pasta. It might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s fast, cheap and you can keep a handful of ingredients on hand at all times for a variety of savory options. derek says…


My husband’s comic book collection is taking over the basement and there is no room for our toddler’s toys. How do I get him to understand that his childhood has come to an end?

My gut reaction is to let your toddler eat a peanut butter-and-jam sandwich in the basement. But upon

angela says…


sober second thought, I wonder if it really is such problem after all? Isn’t it better if the comic books reside in the basement rather than your bedroom, dining or living rooms? And does his childhood really need to come to a complete end? If space is an issue, is there a compromise—maybe he can free up one shelf for the kid’s growing Olivia book collection? I’m no psychologist, but I have seen enough episodes of Two and a Half Men to gently suggest that perhaps you resent your husband’s ability to balance his super-ego and id. That childlike quality that expresses itself in his love of comics is part of the reason you fell in love with him. Asking him to part

“That childlike quality that expresses itself in his love of comics is part of the reason you fell in love with him.”

derek says…

with them could rip out a piece of his soul and turn him into a dull, socially awkward individual capable of interacting only with electrical engineers. But if you really need the space, have someone digitally archive the collection and then buy him an iPad to carry the comics wherever he goes.


How come my husband always forgets stuff? I will call him at work to remind him, and it doesn’t matter how many times I text him—he never comes home with the stuff I’ve asked for. Why? And what can I do to get him to remember?

Sounds like you’re doing all the right things, but some leopards can’t change their spots. Certain guys aren’t hardwired for this stuff. I’m not making excuses for him, I’m just saying.* derek says…

Yeesh! If texting doesn’t work, maybe he needs to phone you as he’s heading home for a verbal reminder? The reality is that some people

angela says…

are just absent-minded, no matter how hard they try. And in a relationship, there will be one partner who is dominant when it comes to remembering to bring home bread and broccoli for dinner. But maybe the other will

remember when the car needs an oil change. If it all balances out, just accept—and embrace— the absent-minded professor in your life. Hopefully he’s aware he forgets and compensates in other areas.

See the story “Why Does My Partner…” on page 45 for more insights!! Illustration: Simon Oxley



Pop Culture What to watch, read and listen to this month. click for trailer


Safe Lionsgate

Safe has everything we

love about Jason Statham flicks: high-octane car chases, UFC-worthy fights and Statham as the good guy suffering some hard knocks. This time around, he’s a disgraced NYC cop. And rather than transporting pretty young females, he’s protecting a 12-year-old girl from an Asian gang, corrupt cops and the Russian mob. Guys: If The Transporter got your motor running, you’ll love this high-speed romp. Ladies: Statham will surely be topless for a couple of scenes! Opens April 27. 20

rent The Iron Lady Alliance Films

Catch Meryl’s Oscar-winning turn as Maggie Thatcher.

Young Adult


Paramount Pictures

Magnolia Pictures

Charlize Theron as an awful, selfish (and hilarious!) 30something visiting her hometown.

See what happens when a hard-living roadie for an ’80s hair band hits middle age.

Hilarity Ensues By Tucker Max


Blue Heeler Books

The debaucherous author

I’ve Got Your Number: A Novel By Sophie Kinsella Random House

Shopaholic series will savor this morsel of chick-lit. Our new heroine, Poppy Wyatt, is having a rough day: She’s lost her pricy engagement ring and her mobile to boot. When she spots an abandoned phone, she suspects her luck is changing—until she strikes up a text chat with said phone’s actual owner. And that’s when things get really complicated for the betrothed Poppy. A light and airy read, perfect for your morning commute.

Fans of Kinsella’s

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened By Jenny Lawson Penguin Group USA

Jenny Lawson, a.k.a.

The Bloggess, has a knack for making completely absurd situations seem entirely relatable. Her darkly hysterical memoir chronicles an odd childhood, filled with dead animal hand puppets and boots made of breadsticks, awkward highschool years and current life as wife, mom and blogger. She also raises some makeyou-think questions (why isn’t Jesus considered a zombie??). If you like Tina Fey, you will adore Lawson.

of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is back with more booze-fueled shenanigans to entertain your inner college kid. This go around, Max meanders sticky situations like being sued by a dirty pageant girl, living in Cancun while still enrolled in law school and subtly torturing high-strung roommates to the point of psychotic meltdown. Once again, he shows that while assholes may not finish first, they seem to have a lot of fun along the way!


upfront  pop culture

ht ate nig d r u o Y rack! soundt



m albu e of th ! th mon

First Day of My Life Bright Eyes If I Were a Carpenter Johnny Cash & June Carter Home Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

fans, the wait is over. For Nada newbies, meet an indie band with a layered sound and introspective lyrics. The trio Nada Surf formed in the early nineties Barsuk Records and hit their stride in ’96 with the teenage anthem “Popular.” A subsequent falling out with their record label resulted in some independent albums but not much critical success. That’s set to change with Astronomy, their first studio album in four years. It boasts bittersweet yet buoyant tracks about youth, aging and everything in between. The album’s first release, “When I Was Young,” features sweet lyrics and a melancholic melody that picks up delightfully at the midway mark. “Jules and Jim” offers up a peppy ditty of young love and a xylophone—and who doesn’t love a good xylophone?! The closing track, “The Future,” is an optimistic tune that seems tailor-made for your next road trip—and the perfect endnote for a band looking ahead.

Love and Some Verses Iron & Wine

For Nada Surf

The Light Is You Said the Whale I Love How You Love Me Camera Obscura Never Had Nobody Like You M. Ward (featuring Zooey Deschanel) Cartoons and Forever Plans Maria Taylor You Are the Best Thing Ray LaMontagne If You’re Not Dancin’ Breathe Owl Breathe

click to Preview


Ed and Jenny

watch their (mis)adventures

click for Video

tV illustration: tarras79


instructions for living

mall pho

e v a h o How t

n i x Se

c i l b Pu by reb stevenson

five places where you romped with your partner…If your answer is a full “bed” flush—with a smattering of “couch” feebly thrown in, it’s time to raise the stakes with a dash of exhibitionistic pizzazz. Migrating straight from the bedroom to the front lawn is not recommended (unless you're looking for a quick avenue to sex in the slammer). But for discreet duos, here are some key places to have sex in public and how to do it! Name the last


to booth

n i x Se

ve a h o t How

c i l b Pu


2/10 Instructions: Beginners can cheat and hit the stop button between floors. More risqué couples should select the top floor of a tall tower and hope nobody gets on before they get off. (Warning: Disregarding security cameras can increase the odds of getting caught, but may start a career in porn.) Dress code: He’s a bellboy; she’s in a power suit. Dirty talk: “Ride that shaft.” Excuse if busted: “We got confused between going to the penthouse and posing for it.”

7/10 Instructions: Strip to the ankles. She sits on his lap. Insert coins and make indecent exposures. (Note: Failure to collect the pictures in time may result in an arrest/threesome offer from mall security.) Dress code: Anything, as long as you can keep socks and shoes on. Dirty talk: “Say sleaze!”

you may also like:

Tanning beds

Risk factor:

Risk factor:

Excuse if busted:

“The rules on passport photos are getting so stringent. First no smiles, now no shirts? Jeepers…” you may also like:

A fireman’s pole istockphoto



danc crowded


10/10 Instructions: Go to the kitchen cabinet display. Open two cupboards to obstruct everything from the waist down. Maintain the facial composure of shoppers who are seriously contemplating faucets. Dress code: A long skirt and a trench coat. Dirty talk: “Tab A in Slot B and then screw.” Excuse if busted: Pretend you’re Swedish. String together product names that sound like a sentence (“Malm sova agen svenning!”), then run to the cafeteria. Risk factor:

9/10 Instructions: She wears an inner tube around the waist to ward off prying eyes. He swims up, grabs the side of the flotation device, and she mounts him underwater. Dress code: A one-piece swimsuit (to prevent the awkward loss of bikini bottoms). Dirty talk: “You’re soooo wet.” Excuse if busted: “The undertow sucked me in.” Risk factor:

you may also like:

Niagara Falls’ Maid of the Mist

e floor

4/10 Instructions: Most clubbing is just a layer of fabric away from penetration anyway. Wait until claustrophobia and intoxication levels soar simultaneously, then pull off a standing spooning position. Dress code: A short skirt and a well-oiled fly. No underwear. Dirty talk: “C’mon baby, do the locomotion...I’ll jump on the caboose.” Excuse if busted: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” Risk factor:

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An outdoor music festival

you may also like:

Home Depot


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1st Anniversary Party!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012  All Day 2forCouples


The Perfect Anniversary Surprise

Ken Hegan marks a milestone with something truly memorable! illustrations by Luc Latulippe



Unless the surprise is on me. Nine out of 10 times, when I walk into our apartment, she hides behind something, then pounces on me like a ninja. Scares the crap out of me. She especially likes to “ninja” me when I’m stumbling back from the bathroom in the middle of the night. Basically we’re like an old Pink Panther film. I’m the easily duped Inspector Clouseau and she’s my ever-surprising Kato. And I love it. But if I ever try and surprise her? Good luck. The woman plans like a general, so surprises tend to annoy her. She once warned me, “Don’t ever throw me a surprise party. If you do, I’ll divorce you so fast you’ll think you got hit by a truck.” So as our fifth anniversary quickly approached, I was in a quandary. This was our first big marital milestone, the do-ordie anniversary. Our normal anniversary dinner (a table for two at her favorite restaurant) just didn’t seem good enough for my sweetheart. I wanted to wow her with something fresh and wild—and possibly illegal. I threw caution to the wind and came up with the perfect anniversary surprise. my wife hates surprises.


I crafted my plan months in advance, telling her not to worry about a thing, as I was handling our anniversary plans this year. That didn’t assure her—at all. I told her we’d have a nice mellow weekend together. I’d take care of everything. She wouldn’t have to lift a finger. Then I launched my misdirection campaign. For weeks, I artfully distracted her with a tapestry of lies. First, I hinted she’d need a bikini for the lake. Then I said she might be bathing in rose petals at a local hotel. Finally, two days before our anniversary, I instructed her to pack an overnight bag and be ready for anything at 5 p.m. on Friday. Come Friday, my plan shifted into high gear. Instead of meeting her at five,

I took a taxi to her office just before lunch. At noon sharp, my wife’s boss (who was in on my secret) invited her to go for coffee. (Note: In retrospect, not a great idea. They’d never gone for coffee before, so my wife thought she was getting fired!) As they left the building, I called my wife’s cell and told her to close her eyes. Then I ran up, blindfolded her, and stuffed her into a waiting taxi. Yep, I kidnapped my wife in broad daylight. I kept the blindfold on her while the taxi driver kept mum. When we got to our destination, I whipped off the blindfold to reveal the airport departures’ sign. I said “Baby, here’s your passport…because I’m flying you to New York for a romantic weekend getaway!” She shrieked and hugged me. We flew to Newark, and then took a (surprisingly cheap) helicopter into Manhattan. When I opened the door to our Soho hotel suite (I’d asked for a fifth floor room but the manager upgraded us to the penthouse), my wife literally jumped around and yelled for joy. Brick walls. Hardwood floors. Soaring ceilings. And a king-size bed. The smile on my wife’s face was magical.

“But if I ever try and surprise her? Good luck. ”

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “That guy is so gonna get laid,” right? Wrong! Minutes after we entered the suite, my wife got sucker-punched by the flu. She spent the weekend shivering and moaning under the covers (not in the good way). The only time she left the room was when I dragged her to see a doctor on the Upper West Side. But since I’d forgotten to buy travel insurance, the jerk made her cry when he gouged us for hundreds of dollars for a five-minute consult. So, what’s the moral of this story? Even the world’s perfect anniversary surprise is powerless against a surprise visit from a killer virus. So lesson No. 1: Get your flu shot. But lesson No. 2: If you hold her hand, stroke her forehead and feed her plenty of fluids, she’ll love you even more.


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r u o y for

! y a D Big

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Want to turn that spark into fireworks—in the bedroom and beyond?? We’ve got expert insight and tips to help relate better to your mate, amp up the romance and spice up your sex life!

good lovin’ guide

The science of love Love feels crazy, magical and amazing—and a big part of it is beyond your control. Find out what happens to your body when your heart falls in love. by Siski Green

photography by Andrew Rich

credit: artist name

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE... LUST Even if you never, ever want to have children, your body is primed for that purpose. And whether you like it or not, your nose selects a partner who is compatible with you, genetically speaking, for creating healthy offspring. In one Swiss study, researchers had a group of men wear the same T-shirt for two nights. The clothing was then put in different boxes and women were asked to smell the shirts while rating the scent as sexy or not. When researchers checked the data, they found that all the women had chosen men (or their shirts) who had a different genetic makeup to theirs, thereby increasing the health of potential offspring.

“Your nose selects a partner who is compatible with you for creating healthy offspring.”

I CAN’T EAT That’s because some people lose their appetite when they fall in love. Why? Your body’s too busy prepping you for romance. “This can happen when the release of dopamine is triggered by falling in love,” says Helen Fisher, biological anthropology professor and author of Why Him? Why Her? How to Find and Keep Lasting Love. “Some people lose their appetites as a result.”


good lovin’ guide  the science of love

“Physical exertion is a cheap and easy way to get a PEA high.”

I’M SO HAPPY, I COULD EXPLODE! Blame it on the phenylethylamine (PEA). It’s what keeps you feeling high for the first months of being with someone you’ve fallen in love with. It stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine— the same substances released when you’re excited for other reasons, like when you go bungee jumping or jet skiing, for example. If you want to top-up your supplies, eat some cheese or chocolate (both contain 34

PEA), or do some hardcore exercise like sprinting—physical exertion is a cheap and easy way to get a PEA high. THE EXCITEMENT’S GONE, BUT I’M STILL SO IN LOVE After two years, scientists believe your body becomes accustomed to the raised levels of PEA and so doesn’t respond to it in the same way. But the hormone to take its place is oxytocin. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone that’s released when you hold hands, caress or snuggle each other—it’s also the same stuff that’s released by a woman when she has a baby—and it’s potent. WE ALMOST NEVER FIGHT. OUR RELATIONSHIP IS PERFECT Thank oxytocin for this, too. The hormone makes you more amenable to an opposing opinion. According to a study undertaken at the University of Zurich, couples who were given a dose of oxytocin before being asked to discuss a conflict within their marriage were more likely to talk about it in a positive, friendly way. The moral of the story? Couples who cuddle together, stay together!

Simmons® Beautyrest Black® Luxury Collection Mattress and Foundation The Beautyrest Black mattress is designed with comfort in mind —  from the luxurious fabrics, generous layers of NxG® memory foam and supportive latex to the cutting-edge comfort technology of Advanced Evolution Non-Flip pocketed coils®. In addition, Beautyrest Black features Transflexion® Comfort Technology —  a patented process to ensure the bed will retain a more consistent comfort throughout the life of the mattress. Beautyrest Black will leave you wondering how you ever slept before.


good lovin’ guide

No need to mortgage the house for some sexy fun—just explore your home!

by Siski Green


photography by Carlos Caetano

bathroom body scrub Not just for sloughing off dead skin cells, an exfoliating wash can make your touch electric. Spend a little time rubbing your partner down, rinse, then apply your most gentle, featherlight touch. The skin is extra soft and sensitive after being scrubbed, which will make this the best clean sex you’ve ever had. Electric toothbrush Any electric toothbrush can be transformed into a vibrator. Wind some plastic wrap around it to round off any edges, and remove the head attachment before you get busy brushing. Run it over your partner’s body, using a little lubrication to add to the sensation if you wish.

BEDROOM eye mask To add an aspect of sexual exploration, try shutting out one of your senses. Use an eye mask on your partner as you touch his or her body. Not being able to see where your hands are moving, or where you might place a wet tongue or apply a gentle nibble, makes even routine bedroom moves an erotic roller coaster ride. Makeup brush A barely-there caress awakens your nerve endings, making you extra sensitive to every touch. Try dusting a makeup brush over your partner’s body, playing the soft bristles on their skin.

KITCHEN apron Dressing sexily while doing mundane tasks can be a huge turn-on. Don just a kitchen apron and do your household chores as you would normally. Showing off a little skin is a great way to titillate—and it’ll make cleaning so much more fun!


good lovin’ guide  diy sex toys

LIVING ROOM beanbag chair An excellent sex prop! Place it underneath during missionary—the angle of penetration means the woman is far more likely to climax. Place it underneath during her-on-top sex and the positioning of her legs means you’ll experience far deeper penetration.

LAUNDRY ROOM Washing machine It has a fast spin cycle and gets nice and warm too— perfect for a naked bottom. The vibrations of the spin will add an extra element to the proceedings, shaking up your entire body.

GARAGE tool bench The kitchen table is never quite the right height for sex, so opt for the only worktop in the house with adjustable height. Simply raise or lower until you’ve got the perfect angle nailed. But watch out for splinters!

BACKYARD Hammock Sit sideways in the hammock, legs hanging over the edge, with your partner standing, and you’ll soon get into the swing of things.



azi g a M 2

t Perfec the en betwe ts! shee

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good lovin’ guide

An inside look at the world of swingers.

by Sandy Caetano Photography by Niko Guido


ave you ever wondered what it would be like to have a playdate with another couple? We’re not talking dinner and a movie here, but the kind of rendezvous people prefer to keep to themselves? Whichever way you slice it, the lives of swingers are very intriguing. It’s a night when you can explore your wildest of fantasies, an evening to push the limits and experiment with some new sexual activities—and with someone other than your partner. It’s their “dirty little secret,” something swingers can do every weekend, if they so choose, to indulge in some guilty pleasures. So what makes swinging so appealing? Does it enhance their sex lives? Does it strengthen their relationship? Why would a couple want to partake in a sexual encounter with someone who’s not their significant other? For John and Cindy,* it’s about spicing up their relationship. “Going to the club and dressing up also encourages us to stay fit and look our best for each other,” says Cindy. “We are also a lot closer,


as communication is a key component in participating in this lifestyle—we both have to be on the same page.” It isn’t for everyone, but John and Cindy agree that experimenting doesn’t hurt if you are equally into it. “Communication is key and also trust. Take things one step at a time,” says John. “Make sure you’re both enjoying the moment. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no thank you’ or to stop if things don’t feel right. The experience is tremendous when everyone is on the same wave length.” Swingers Penny and Parker enjoy exploring this lifestyle and their sexuality together as opposed to fantasizing about it or doing it behind their partner’s back. “It does strengthen our relationship. Sex together after playing is most intense,” says Penny. “You feel alive sexually and excited to pursue or explore other experiences in life.” “You have to keep Names have been an open mind,” adds changed to protect Parker. “Respect their privacy yourselves as well as


good lovin’ guide swap meet

others, set comfort rules and boundaries in the beginning and revisit them as experience grows. A constant and open line of communication is paramount,” he advises.


erious swingers (couples who like to participate in this lifestyle on a regular basis) prefer to go to clubs devoted to such sexual encounters. Swinger clubs, such as Mississauga, Ont.’s The X Club, host various theme nights and social events for members to heighten their experience. Most of these clubs feature two areas: a loungy dance club space and private rooms—play areas where members can enjoy encounters sparked in the more PG-rated parts of the bar. The atmosphere is similar to a regular nightclub, but with a twist. The energy level here is erotic and electrifying, and when the dance floor starts hopping, the pure sexual energy flows faster than the chilled Cristal. “It’s one of those things where you really have to experience it to believe it,” says Shawn, co-owner of The X Club. “We take the comfort and safety of our patrons very seriously.” 42

“We take the comfort and safety of our patrons very seriously.” “We have a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy,” continues Jenn, the club’s other co-owner. “We do not turn our back on inappropriate behavior and people understand this policy—it’s all about respect.” Every swingers’ club has one important rule, which is heavily enforced: istockphoto

“It’s like an oasis of freedom—a place where you can express your sensuality.” No means no. Any type of pressure or aggressive action is not tolerated. Such clubs live in plain sight for those who want to find them, but are equally invisible to those wishing to turn a blind eye. Aurora Benzion, owner of Toronto’s Wicked, says privacy is key since many members maintain high-profile professions and like to keep this part of their lifestyle discreet. Swingers come from all walks of life, including those with very prestigious careers: lawyers, judges and law enforcement. But there are also dentists, nannies, school teachers and plumbers. They’re all everyday people. “We have noticed in recent years that many younger people don’t really care if people find out about their open relationships, and some even boast about it,” says Benzion. istockphoto

Everyone who adopts this lifestyle starts off experimenting, mainly out of curiosity. Then it becomes an addiction and, as Benzion says, “some just can’t get enough of it.” “They get hooked on the easy-going atmosphere, the friendliness of everyone around, the non-judgmental-ness,” she adds. “It’s like an oasis of freedom—a place where you can express your sensuality, no matter how wild or mild.”


ot everybody comes to the club looking to “play” or hookup with someone outside of their relationship. Some couples just enjoy the club section, where a lady can dance and dress as provocative as she feels without being judged. Others, according to Benzion, are exhibitionists and enjoy being watched by others, while some find a third person (male or female) for a threesome. The fantasies really are endless. “There is a bit of a hedonist in each and every one of us. We all have certain degrees of sexuality and desires,” says Benzion. “People who come to the club are those who dare to act on them. And those who don’t, let their inhibitions win.”


good lovin’ guide

why does my partner‌

We reveal the reasons behind some gender-based quirks.

by Siski Green illustration by Boris zaytsev

good lovin’ guide  why does my partner…

Why will he spend five minutes precariously balancing a banana skin on top of the trash rather than empty it?


orget UFC: Real men test their masculine abilities on an overflowing trash bag. “When a bag is piled high, getting it tied up and out of the house is a better test of a man’s spatial skills,” says communications guru Allan Pease, co-author of Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps. “A man is thinking: ‘Can I get the sides up without spilling any of the contents, get the contents evenly distributed so it doesn’t break and get enough spare plastic at the top to make a secure tie?’ That’s a challenge to get a thrill out of—a nearly full bag is boring.”


Why is the presentation of a gift as important to her as what’s inside it?


od is in the details—or so they say. And Lord help the man who wraps his wife’s expensive gift in newspaper. Why can’t she just be grateful? Because it’s not just about the present; it’s about communication. “When a guy is inscrutable, unfathomable or there’s a lack of communication, this leads to insecurity and a desire to overanalyze,” says Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. “As a result, women often try to read a guy’s emotions from his actions.” Problem is, instead of teaching that it’s the thought that counts, our culture promotes the idea that bigger is better, and so men focus on the cost or size of a gift. Ladies, tell him again: Size doesn’t matter!

Why would she rather sew up her eyelids than go public in a bikini?

Why can’t he FInd the keys when they’re in front of him?


e have done studies where we place items in a simulated home environment and then test people on location memory,” says psychology professor Robin West of the University of Florida. Women outperformed men on the task, she says, even though men were more confident in their ability to remember. Researchers aren’t certain if this difference is due to the brain’s hard-wiring or learned behavior—either way, getting him to always leave the keys in the same place will at least help you to help him find them!

Why can he recall an obscure ’70s band but can’t remember your anniversary?


motional memories, such as anniversary dates, are triggered by estrogen, whereas the ability to recall facts utilizes testosterone,” says Pease. “This effect is so powerful that if a man has to receive hormone therapy—if he has prostate cancer, for example—he’ll become better at remembering emotional events and less able to recall data.”


or many women, wearing a bikini is a form of flirtation,” says John Gray, author of Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice. “It’s a physical display, a way to attract potential mates. If their partner was seen flirting with another woman, they’d get extremely upset, so they themselves avoid encouraging sexual attention in an effort to ensure that their partner doesn’t.”


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PET PEEVES... SOLVED! Solutions from a marriage counselor



survgivuaidl e! Y O U R ID AY HOL









Eat, drink, be merry. Repeat

A rad theme, the best booze & more

Peek inside an amusing abode


A downtown duo in a rustic retreat

*SEXY SOS Must-read!






How to sexify 5 not-hot situations

IM Th e U LT

C ou pl e’s


G ui de

to V E G



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good lovin’ guide

lend a

HAND They stroke, they squeeze, they tease, they please—of all the sex toys in the world, nothing can do what a simple hand can. Harness its power with these tips for him and her.

by Siski Green illustrations by Pingebat

good lovin’ guide  lend a hand

to please


or most men, there are two methods for digitally stimulating a woman: the deep thrust or the onefingered clitoral twiddle. The first involves him sticking his fingers deep inside her. Although it might be enjoyable for some women, there are few nerve endings beyond the first inner third of her vagina, so a lot of the time this move does more for him than it does for her.


The second method can be used for getting her to orgasm, but there is a third better way! Position yourself behind her, let her lean back on your chest. Put your middle finger inside her, but only up to the first bend. Let your index and ring finger work her vaginal lips, which are packed with nerve endings and respond exceptionally well to touch. And what about her clitoris? “The beauty of this move is that your fingers’ knuckle bone (on the palm side) will be pushing on the clitoral region,” says Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover. “For a number of women, this move will feel familiar since they often masturbate that way— wrist on abs, positioning fingers for clitoral stimulation.”


ith the right approach, your hands can provide his penis with more stimulation than your vagina. But be warned: A dry hand job is like a wooden slide—it’s no fun and it can be painful. “To avoid chafing and discomfort, you want to get to please things wet, much like the inside of your vagina,” says Fulbright. “Using a lube also makes your movements smoother, making you more effective in hitting key hot spots along “Because you have most muscle his shaft, like the frenulum and corona.” strength in your index finger and thumb, Lube up and try the “wrap and positioning your hand this way allows squeeze”. It’s not fellatio, but it feels just you to keep the pressure up right from as good for the recipient—without all the the base all the way to the tip,” adds sex hard work for the giver. Wrap one hand advice guru Dr. Pam Spurr, author of around the shaft of his penis, with your Fabulous Foreplay: The Sex Doctor’s index finger close to the base and your Guide to Teasing and Pleasing Your pinkie towards the tip. (Try it positioned Lover. “Cup your other hand over the behind him.) head of his penis, and use the palm of your hand like you were squeezing a lemon. Don’t be too firm—think stimulate, not hurt. This mimics the sensation of deep-throating, where the pleasure comes from his sensitive head hitting the back of your throat.”



couple makeover

Patrick & Robyn 2 helps high-school sweethearts, Patrick and Robyn, get back into the swing of things in New Orleans.

Photography by James Pattyn Styling by margo ducharme

click for video

5 things you need to know about these high-school sweethearts:


The two met at school when they were both self-proclaimed rebellious, confused, scatterbrained kids!


Robyn digs Patrick’s sense of humor: “I’m lucky to have a witty husband who keeps life fun and interesting.”


Robyn is a program coordinator for investor services, while Pat works as an export sales manager.

patrick & robyn

This fun-loving twosome grew up together— literally! Having met in high school, they evolved from teenagers to adults to hubby and wife. To breathe new life into their relationship (and style!), 2 whisked them away to the Big Easy to spice things up, Cajun-style!


How have they made their relationship work so long? “Laughter and sometimes acting like you’re teenagers—full of puppy love,” jokes Patrick.


They’d never been to New Orleans before, but were game to have some big fun in the Big Easy!

Country Inn & Suites New Orleans Created out of seven historic buildings, dating back to the 1860s, the Country Inn & Suites offer the perfect blend of old and new. Modern conveniences blend in alongside exposed brick and original wood beams. And the inn’s Magazine Street location is walking distance to the riverfront, French Quarter, aquarium, museums and Harrah’s Casino. When you tire of sightseeing, return to the hotel to unwind: Relax poolside in the picturesque courtyard, enjoy a cocktail during happy hour at the lobby bar or curl up with a book from the library.


Both Patrick and Robyn got a combination of highlights and lowlights to renew their ’dos.

Patrick gets a rosemary-infused facial to help reduce redness and even out skin tone.


To match their fun-loving personalities, Patrick and Robyn got updated wardrobes featuring urban streetwear, vibrant color, comfy knits and chic accessories.


To kick off their New Orleans adventure, Robyn and Patrick stopped in at Muriel’s Jackson Square bistro for a relaxing lunch alfresco.


Patrick keeps Robyn laughing aboard the Riverboat Natchez, one of the last authentic steamboats operating on the Mississippi.


Back home, date nights for this career-minded couple are few and far between. So, a night out at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is just what the (relationship) doctor ordered!


Patrick tries his hand at feeding an alligator on the awesome Cajun Pride swamp tour.


Who’s that girl (and boy)?? The couple gets in a Mardi Gras frame of mind by donning embellished masks. While the actual festival is celebrated in January and February, the carnival spirit lives year-round in New Orleans.


Lovebirds Robyn and Patrick steal a smooch as they enjoy a stroll— and a nightcap—along Bourbon Street.


The couple took in a lively jazz performance at the renowned Preservation Hall. 62

Taking a romantic—and much-needed!—breather at Creole restaurant, the Gumbo Shop.

click for video


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Skip Paris and NYC! We dare you to try some of the world’s lesser known but equally romantic locales! by Steff Green



Czech Republic

Charles Bridge with a view of Prague Castle

Old Town Hall’s 600-year-old astronomical clock

“The City of 100 Spires”

will enchant even the most wary of travelers. You’ll be enchanted by the fairy-tale architecture and old world charm, and the hip nightlife will have you out dancing till the wee hours. With its Gothic spires, lovely lakes and plentiful fountains, Prague is the perfect city for romantic walks. Entertainment on Charles Bridge Prague Information Service (above and opposite)


travel prague

Prague Castle

What to do: Stroll through scented rose gardens. Listen to the chime of a 600-year-old astronomical clock. Kiss on the famous Charles Bridge. Visit Prague Castle—the largest ancient castle in the world—and admire the work of Rodin and Picasso at the National Gallery. 68

A fountain in Wallenstein Garden

castle: Prague Information Service; fountain: Jan Gottwald

Medieval charm in Old Town Square

Hotel Questenberk

town square: Prague Information Service; hotel: courtesy hotel Questenberk

Where to stay: A medieval monastery has been lovingly restored to create the tranquil and romantic Hotel Questenberk. Snuggle under the covers in an attic room under the original roof beams, and take breakfast in the converted baroque chapel. You can score a deluxe room for as little as â‚Ź57 and they offer many other great deals.




Ancient cave homes


Ballooning over the rugged landscape

Formed by volcanic

Sightseeing in Göreme National Park

opposite: HAYKIRDI; balloons: Niko Guido; tourists: Burcin Tuncer

eruptions and erosion, the natural wonder of Cappadocia’s whimsical landscape has been enchanting visitors and residents for thousands of years. Ancient inhabitants carved their homes into the soft rocks, and early residents escaped persecution by hiding in the area’s underground cities.


travel cappadocia

Byzantine frescoes in the region’s cave churches

What to do: Tour the seven floors of Derinkuyu Underground City and see the stables, storage rooms, chapels and ventilation shafts that serviced some 50,000 people hiding from persecution. See the whirling dervishes or take a Turkish cooking lesson. Adventurous couples can explore the dramatic landscape, ancient ruins and fairy chimneys on foot or horseback. For the ultimate romantic experience, soak up the morning sun from the basket of a hot air balloon. 72

A passageway in Derinkuyu Underground City

underground city: traveler 1116; church: tunart

A room at Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel’s tranquil pool

Hotel: courtesy museum Hotel; dervish: logos stock

Where to stay: Experience the life of Ottoman aristocrats in one of the opulent rooms of Museum Hotel. Built from the remains of ancient ruins and designed as a living museum, each “cave” room is furnished with rich carpets, jewel-toned fabrics and priceless antiques. The hotel includes an art gallery, ecological garden and award-winning restaurant. Rooms start from €200 and are ideal for a romantic indulgence.

Whirling dervish in action




A canal in the “Venice of the North�


Matthew Ragen

Burg Square’s ornate Peace Court

The 13th-century Belfry tower

Belgian chocolate in the making

Called “Venice of the North,”

Bruges’ network of picturesque canals and preserved medieval charm make this a must-see for couples in love. A center of trade in the Middle Ages, Bruges is now home to some of the finest beer, sausages and chocolate in Europe. What’s not to love?! Belfry tower: clubfoto; Peace court: Michael Utech; chocolate: istockphoto/Plus


travel bruges

Shops and restaurants in Market Square

What to do: Take a cruise around the canals and learn about the fascinating history of Bruges. Climb the Belfry tower and take in panoramic views of the city. Enjoy waffles, chocolate and beer (not all at once!) in one of the many quaint cafes surrounding the Grote Markt (Market Square). Take a horsedrawn carriage ride or just walk hand-in-hand around the intimate cobbled lanes. A romantic carriage ride


Market Square: Fritz Hiersche; carriage: Alexander Gatsenko

Kempinski Hotel Dukes’ Palace

Poolside at the Kempinski Hotel

courtesy Kempinski Hotel Dukes’ Palace

Where to stay: Get the Royal Treatment in Kempinski Hotel Dukes’ Palace, the 15th-century residence of the former Dukes of Burgundy. Choose from one of the palatial rooms and suites– some are even heritagelisted—and spend a day relaxing in the opulent gardens or enjoying the luxury spa. Rooms start from €186 and include marble bathrooms and 300-count-cotton sheets.



Bath Bath Abbey, founded in 1499


Bath’s Holburne Museum

Wander through the cobbled

streets and delightful gardens of Bath, a UNESCO heritage site brimming with ancient history and Georgian splendour. Since Roman times, pilgrims have come to Bath to soak in the thermal waters, which were believed to have healing properties. The city boasts more than 20 museums and the famous Bath Abbey, the last of the great medieval churches of England.

The ornate interiors of Bath Abbey

The Fashion Museum

Abbey and Holburne museum: Bath Tourism Plus/Colin Hawkins; fashion museum: Bath Tourism Plus


travel bath

Getting steamy in the Roman baths

What to do: Hire a vintage car to tour the historic city, visit the ancient Roman baths and enjoy thermal spa treatments just like the Romans did at Thermae Bath Spa. Enjoy the surrounding countryside with a boat trip down the River Avon, and finish with a show at the Theatre Royal Bath. 80

Soaking at Thermae Bath Spa

Bath Tourism Plus/Colin Hawkins

Cruising down the Avon

The Windsor B&B

Theatre Royal Bath

Where to stay: Bask in Georgian finery at The Windsor, a B&B boasting 13 elegantly appointed rooms. Ideally situated in the center of town on one of the finest streets in Europe, you’re just a short walk from Bath’s romantic attractions. With double rooms starting at £84, you’ll have plenty of money left over to indulge in the nearby spa resorts. canal: Bath Tourism Plus/Colin Hawkins; Theatre: Piers Cunliffe/Theatre Royal; hotel: courtesy The Windsor





The city’s ancient walls, a.k.a. the Medina

An exotic hideaway

set against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is a whirlwind of exotic sights, sounds, tastes and smells. Whether you want to explore brightly colored markets, visit a Moroccan bathhouse (hammam) or dance the night away in North Africa’s party city, Marrakesh will be an experience to remember. Koutoubia Mosque

One of the city’s famous souks

The ruins of El Badi Palace opposite: robert paul van beets; mosque: Chris Hepburn; Market: Giorgio Fochesato; Palace: j. Wolf


travel marrakesh

Carpet shopping

Jardin Majorelle

Cooking in the souk 84

A Moroccan tagine

What to do: Stroll through the fragrant Jardin Majorelle French gardens and admire the Islamic arts in the pavilion. Explore the ruins of the 16th-century El Badi Palace. Try haggling as you explore the labyrinth of the souk markets—be sure to sample aromatic tagines and other delicacies. Ride a camel. Marvel at the snake charmers and belly dancers in Jemaa el Fna square. garden: Sue Ding; souk: air portrait; carpets: John Woodworth; Tagine: Gethin Lane

The local mode of transportation Riad Chi-Chi

Where to stay: A visit to Marrakesh wouldn’t be complete without a stay in a riad: a home or palace with an internal courtyard garden and a luxurious, homey atmosphere. Riad Chi-Chi, situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in the heart of the Medina, offers simple, elegant luxury from £75 per night.

camels: Philip Lange; hotel: courtesy riad chi-chi

A balcony at Riad Chi-Chi



Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The medieval center of Rothenburg


Located along

the Tauber River in the Franconia region of Bavaria, Rothenburg is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and one of the top sights along the area’s “Romantic Road.” Once a wealthy center of trade in the Middle Ages, Plague and war left the town poor and nearly empty, preserving its romantic medieval character.

Quaint homes along a cobble-stoned street Opposite: Joerg reimann; street: Hedda Gjerpen; tower: Dieter Hawlan

A medieval gate


travel  rothenburg ob der tauber

Klingen Gate, one of 5 towers along the ancient town wall

What to do: Walk atop the medieval wall encircling the old town and climb the tower for picturesque views over the Tauber valley. Enjoy lunch in the richly decorated Baumeisterhaus (The Master Builder’s House) near the marketplace. Watch a lively show at the Rothenburg Puppet Theater. Scare yourselves silly on Rothenburg’s famous Night Watchman tour, where a robed watchman walks you through the city’s more gruesome past. 88

Rothenburg’s 16th-century town hall wall: graham heywood; town hall: Ljiljana Pavkov

Baumeisterhaus café

Burg Hotel Colmberg

Fireside in the Burg Hotel courtesy Baumeisterhaus-rothenburg-de and burg hotel colmberg

Where to stay: What better way to enjoy a romantic medieval getaway than staying in a thousand-year-old castle? Burg Hotel Colmberg, located a short drive from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, offers rooms from €79. Whether you choose a modern room or historic suite, you’ll enjoy remarkable views over the pastoral landscape and a scrumptious breakfast in the morning.



Buenos Aires

A view of the Puerto Madero district


Argentina’s National Congress building

If Tango is the dance

La Casa Rosada presidential palace, made famous by Evita opposite: holger mette; congress: Nikki Bidgood; Casa Rosada: Holger Mette

of lovers, then the city that gave birth to it is truly one hot spot! Buenos Aires is a whirlwind of seduction: Smell the aromas wafting from steakhouses along the grand boulevards, get swept up in the vibrant and modern arts scene, and delight in watching spontaneous street tango.


travel  buenos aires

What to do: Take a tango lesson at the Academia Nacional de Tango, and strut your stuff later at one of the vibrant tango salons. Visit Evita Peron’s grave at the striking Recoleta Cemetery. See the iconic Obelisk and the Torre Monumental. Enjoy a fabulous dinner in the hip Puerto Madero district, followed by an opera at the Teatro Colón.

Recoleta Cemetery

Puerto Madero 92

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires CemeterY: istockphoto; Puerto madero: Magalí Izaguirre; Obelisk: Cristian Lazzari

Torre Monumental clock tower

Where to stay: Located in the trendy Monserrat district, the 1890 Hotel Boutique and art gallery offers guests comfortable luxury in one of six suites overlooking a tranquil garden. Explore the city from this central location, or simply unwind under the colonnaded portico surrounding the gardens. Price from about $100 per night, this is a romantic getaway anyone can afford.

Teatro Col贸n opera house


1890 Hotel Boutique Opera: Cristian Lazzari; monument: Mlenny Photography; dessert: Kseniya Ragozina; tango: Magal铆 Izaguirre

Street tango


at home

Hello, Neighbor! Annie and Michael turn an urban rental into a whimsical escape.

by emma reddington, the marion house book blog Photography by Kristin Sjaarda

first fell in love, they lived in a gorgeous sprawling apartment overlooking a canal in the enchanting city of Montreal. Since then, the pressure has been on to find spaces rivaling the beauty and romance of their first abode. While their when annie and michael


current Toronto home might not boast a canal view, Annie’s deft skill for combining flea market finds and vintage treasures make it a charming and whimsical escape. Annie is a foodie writer who shares her recipes and stories of family life on her blog, Annie Dishes. Michael is an accomplished musician who co-owns the Michael Johnston Music Studio with Annie. Occupations:

A rented three-story family home on a leafy street.



How long have you lived in your home?

Michael says…


About a year.

Any kids or pets?

Annie says…

Winston, 2.

Two kids: Lila, 5, and


In which room do you spend the most time? Why?

I love hanging out in our living room. Taking off my shoes, tucking my toes into the ultra-soft carpet, and sinking back into the couch is a perfect homecoming for me. Annie and I try to carve out some time at the end of the night to relax with a glass of wine and catch up on the seemingly endless adventures that mark our days. Michael says…

As a family, we spend the lion’s share of time in the kitchen because it is (relatively) big, bright and has something for everyone—alcohol, food, Annie says…


at home  annie & Michael

books, music and toys. But when we aren’t there, you’ll likely find us hanging out in the playroom, which also seems to have something for everyone. As such, those are by far the messiest rooms in our house!


Is there anything you would change about your home? Or any future plans? Because we are renting, we try to confine changes to things we can take with us. I am on the hunt for new shades for a couple of vintage lamps, and I have also been systematically replacing the uninspired light fixtures that were here when we moved in. If I had the time, I would also happily repaint every single wall in the house! Annie says…



What is your favorite moment or object in the house?

Two of the many are gifts from Annie: framed hand-screened prints, made using coffee grounds, by local artist Annie Morrision. They are above one another—the top one says: “Wake up”, the other: “I love you”. It’s the first time I’ve seen art that serves as both inspiration and reminder! Michael says…

“I’m a fan of vintage everything and I have a weakness for crumbling wrecks—except where people are concerned!”

Two of my favorite moments: morning scones in the playroom, and wine and candlelight in the living room after the kids have gone to bed.

Annie says…


From where do you get your inspiration?

I’m a fan of vintage everything and I have a weakness for crumbling wrecks—except where people are concerned! I also have a stupendously talented husband, who inspires me pretty much every single day. Annie says…

Michael says…

Inspiration for me all


at home  annie & Michael

starts with my family. Writing songs, playing music and teaching are all pursuits that often happen away from home. The longing and love I have for being in our home quite literally informs virtually every creative avenue I explore and work in.


Where is your favorite place to visit?

In the winter, my parents’ place in Todos Santos, a beautiful town in southern Baja, Mexico. Annie says…


What are you reading at the moment?

The summer fiction issue of The New Yorker. Annie says…

Reading is an end-of-day activity for me and, with such a limited window of time, I get through maybe a handful of books in a year. Annie recently bought me I Found This Funny: My Favorite Pieces Of Humor And Some That May Not Be Funny At All, a collection of short stories edited by Judd Apatow. I’ve really loved most of them. michael says…

As featured in The Marion House Book A buzz-worthy blog and collection of stories devoted to interior design, cooking, baking and DIY stuff.


at home

Hello, Neighbor: Tour Annie & Michael’s whimsical Toronto home.

the marion house book blog Photography by Kristin Sjaarda


“The longing and love I have for being in our home quite literally informs every creative avenue I explore.” —Michael






“You’ll likely find us hanging out in the playroom, which seems to have something for everyone!” —annie




at home

Industrial pendant light $90 West Elm

Outfit a cozy home with playful touches, perfect for kids and grownups alike!

Stump side table $212 West Elm

Bird candle holder $48 Anthropologie

Tulip chair From $1,667 Design Within Reach

Flokati shag rug From $598 Anthropologie

Floral pillow $98 Anthropologie

Cutting block $120 Williams-Sonoma


live a crystal life.

party tricks

Dinner Theater Throw a blockbuster bash bursting with romantic glamour!

Photography by James Pattyn


The Menu cocktails Chinatown-tini • L.A. Confidential Hpnotiq & 7 appetizers Spring rolls with Thai dipping sauce Garden-fresh dip with won ton crisps main course Asian pork skewers Five-spice slow-cooker chicken dinner

? of 9 ⩔ 112

Add some movie magic by showcasing your evening’s bill in an elegant marquee centerpiece. Accent with party snacks, such as licorice and decadent chocolate and nuts. Shown here: Grosgrain 5-by-7-in. double invitation frame by Vera Wang Wedgwood.

Channel your inner Bogie or Bacall with classy cocktails served in timeless crystal barware. For a modern twist, add exotic liqueurs, such as Pama pomegranate and Hpnotiq. Shown here: Waterford Crystal Lismore martini glass.


Match your menu to the showbill: Moroccan delicacies alongside Casablanca, or an Asian-inspired feast paired with a Bruce Lee classic. Shown here: Grosgrain dinner and salad plates by Vera Wang Wedgwood.


Since eating off your lap can be a balancing act, sturdy placemats make inexpensive trays and allow guests to enjoy their meal and movie unencumbered. Shown here: Grosgrain dinner plate, covered rice bowl and flatware by Vera Wang Wedgwood.


Having trouble picking your movies? Try a double-feature, such as Love Hurts: West Side Story and Romeo + Juliet. I Love New York: Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally‌ or Remember When: Singles and Reality Bites. 116

Keep pesky popcorn kernels off the couch by thinking outside the bowl. A teacup can serve double duty as both popcorn scoop and bowl. Shown here: Jasper Conran Platinum teacup and serving bowl by Wedgwood.


House exotic blooms in an artist vase. Shown here: John Rocha Black Cut vase, votive and candlestick by Waterford Crystal.


Who wants to be fetching drinks while the movie is rolling? Make self-serve easy with nesting tables turned wine bar.


Movie Munchies

party tricks

Keep the action rolling with A-list recipes!

Garden-Fresh Dip with Won Ton Crisps

Photography by James Pattyn

Classy Cocktails Serves 1 each




2 oz. Pama pomegranate liqueur

2 oz. gin

2 oz. Hpnotiq

Juice of one lemon

Splash of lemon-lime soda

1 oz. vodka Splash of cranberry juice

1 tsp. sugar 3 oz. club soda

Splash of fresh-squeezed lime juice

1 maraschino cherry

3 or 4 frozen blueberries

1 orange slice

1 lemon

Fill a large glass, halfway with ice. Add Hpnotiq,

In a shaker half-filled with

soda and a splash of fresh-

Pour Pama pomegranate

ice, combine gin, lemon

squeezed lemon juice. Stir

liqueur into shaker over ice.

juice and sugar. Shake well.

and garnish with a curled

Add vodka and cranberry

Strain into a double old-

piece of lemon peel. To

and lime juices. Shake

fashioned glass, partially

create, cut a 4-in. sliver

mixture. Serve in a martini

filled with ice. Add club

of peel from the lemon.

glass. Garnish with frozen

soda. Stir and garnish with

Remove pith. Wind peel


cherry and orange slice.

around a skewer to curl.


party tricks movie munchies

Spring Rolls with Thai Dipping Sauce Serves 4

6 rice paper wrappers 1 cup fresh bean sprouts 1 carrot, shredded

red pepper, coriander and VH Orange Ginger sauce to make filling.

1 cup napa cabbage, shredded

Dip one rice paper wrapper into warm water to soften.

½ red pepper, julienned

heaping spoonfuls of filling on the lower part of the rice

1∕ 3

cup fresh coriander, roughly chopped

3 Tbsp VH Orange Ginger sauce VH Thai dipping sauce, as needed


In a large mixing bowl, combine sprouts, carrots, cabbage,

Lay out on a damp towel and pat dry. Place two to three paper. Fold right and left sides over filling and roll up tightly. Repeat. Place rolls, seam side down, on serving platter and refrigerate. Serve with VH Thai dipping sauce.

GardenFresh Dip with Won Ton Crisps Serves 6

1 14-oz. package won ton wrappers

Heat up some cooking oil in a frying pan, wok or deep

Sea salt to taste

wrappers until golden, approximately one to two minutes.

½ cup green pepper, cut into large cubes

fryer (375 F). Once the oil has reached temperature, fry Remove onto a plate covered with paper towel to absorb excess oil. Sprinkle wrappers with sea salt and set aside.

1 cup green onions, sliced

For the dip, mix green pepper and onions together in a

½ cup plain yogurt

blender. Add all remaining ingredients except parsley.

¼ cup plum sauce 1 Tbsp lemon juice

Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl (or teacup), sprinkle with parsley and serve with chopped veggies and won ton crisps.

1 tsp. soy sauce Pepper to taste 2 Tbsp fresh parsley, minced


party tricks movie munchies

Five-Spice SlowCooker Chicken  Dinner Serves 6

1 ½ lbs. red-skinned potatoes, cut into large chunks 1 medium onion, chopped

Place vegetables in the bottom of the slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper. Arrange chicken overtop. Pour sauce over meat. Cover and cook on low for eight hours.

4 medium carrots, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped Salt and pepper 2 lbs. chicken thighs or drumsticks, bone in, with skin removed 1 bottle VH Asian 5-Spice sauce or VH Orange Ginger sauce


While it may be tempting, do not lift the lid of your slow cooker to check on its progress. Popping the lid can release steam and slow the cooking process.


good morning. click for Video


recipe for 2

Michael Smith The TV chef dishes up some food for thought. by Kellie Davenport


Recipe for 2 michael smith

to do with… cooking? Everything, as 2 learned from a recent chat with celeb chef Michael Smith. “Food facilitates a life together— and cooking is an incredible opportunity to spend time together,” says the tall, dark and handsome foodie. For Smith, passionate cooking is about who you’re cooking for and also what you are cooking with. The chef, author and TV host has maintained a longtime love affair with local, organic ingredients—especially those from his home province of P.E.I. In his latest book, Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen: 100 of My Favourite Easy Recipes, Smith takes it a step further by showing that delicious, healthy food need not be complicated food. “It’s not necessarily harder to cook healthier,” he explains. “We’re all human—so it’s natural to be scared of unfamiliar things. But as humans, cooking is part of living. We gather, prepare and share food—it’s

what’s love got


part of who we are. It’s in our DNA.” So why are so many of us intimidated by what should come naturally? Our false need for perfection. “The media does a poor job of empowering cooks. We tend to suggest we are on a quest for perfection,” he says. “TV shows and magazines all tell people that this is the best way to do it, the perfect tool, the pefect ingredient, the

perfect this, that and the other. I disagree. It’s not about being perfect—it’s just trying to live a meaningful life.” In the new book, Smith actually encourages readers not to follow his recipes to the tee. But rather, to use his ideas as starting points and add your own spin. “Success isn’t when you do things exactly, precisely the way I would do it,” he adds. “Success is when you mix your own personality into the food.” In his own home, much of that personality is added courtesy of his little sous-chefs: son Gabe, 9, and daughter, Ariella, 3. “If I’ve learned anything about food over the last decade it’s that the best way to get kids engaged with food is to have them participate in the making of food. Make it fun and meaningful.” 2 asked Smith to whip up a meaningful yet fun dish for couples to make together. His delicious solution: a speedy shrimp penne. “Pasta and shrimp are made for each other,” he explains, “and so are this dish’s two secret ingredients: shrimp shells, packed with lots of bonus flavor, and cream cheese, which melts into an instant creamy sauce.” We say that’s a match made in kitchen heaven!

“It’s not about being perfect—it’s just trying to live a meaningful life.”


recipe for 2

Speedy Shrimp Penne

A quick and creamy creation from Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen.

Speedy Shrimp Penne Serves 4

1 lb. (500 g) shrimp, shells reserved, each shrimp cut into 4 chunks

Put the shrimp shells, carrot, bay leaf and wine in a small

1 carrot, grated

Cover and simmer for 10 minutes or so.

1 bay leaf 2 cups (500 mL) chardonnay

saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat so the liquid is barely simmering.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook the penne until it’s nearly tender but not quite done. Add the shrimp to the boiling pot and cook until shrimp

1 lb. (500 g) penne

is cooked through and the pasta is tender, another

1 cup (250 mL), or so, softened cream cheese

2 minutes or so.

2 Tbsp (30 mL) Dijon mustard ½ cup (125 mL) chopped fresh tarragon

Drain pasta and shrimp and return them to the pot. Toss in cream cheese and mustard. Strain in the wine mixture, pressing every last drop of nectar out of the shrimp shells. Toss in a few spoonfuls of the carrot mixture, minus the shells. Stir everything together until the cream

2 green onions, thinly sliced

cheese melts and forms a smooth, creamy sauce.

Sprinkle or two of salt and lots of freshly ground pepper

to your taste with salt and pepper. Serve and share!

Stir in the tarragon and green onions. Lightly season

Shrimp shells are usually discarded, but there’s actually more flavor in the shell than in the shrimp itself. That flavor is very easy to release— a quick simmer in any liquid will quickly create an aromatic broth.


couple snapshot

She Said Yes!

Desiree & Darren, Chelmsford, Ont.

“I was at Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend Darren and a bunch of our close friends. When dessert was served, the plates were covered with cloth napkins—which we were told to remove on the count of three. When I lifted mine, the plate read ‘Will You Marry Me?’ And when I turned to look at Darren, he was already on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen: a yellow canary diamond surrounded by white diamonds. It was the most magical—and surprising!—moment of my life.”

got a great pic?

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