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Be Alert! Be Vigilant!

- By Bishop Timothy J. Clarke

Beloved, I pray that you are well and that you are enjoying and experiencing an amazing summer.

The weather here in Columbus has been almost perfect and for that we are thankful and I hope you have taken time to enjoy it. We are now in the middle of Summer, about to approach the “dog days of August “ and even as we do so there are many issues that we face.

I know we can still enjoy ourselves and do all of these things as well. Also, we are still dealing with the reality of division in our Country and so I want to encourage you to be a part of the solution even as you travel and meet people. Be your best self and help others do the same.

First and foremost, we are still in the reality of this pandemic. And while we are excited about the progress with and because of the vaccine, we must still be careful, mindful and wise about our interactions and involvements. I know that we all want to put this behind us but wisdom says we must still act with prudence and discretion.

So, what can you do? Observe the practices that we have engaged in. Wear a mask, wash your hands and be careful about your level of exposure.

I am praying for you in this season.

Be Blessed and JOYFUL!-