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Amazing Australian Woman: Sally McGrath

We were delighted to be able to speak with Sally McGrath for Hepburn’s December release of In Conversation with Amazing Australian Women series. During the interview, Sally chatted about health and wellness, burnout, leaving the corporate world, harmony, and the importance of taking time for yourself.


Sally is a Certified Health Coach, author, speaker and owner of Health that Heals. She works with professional women and teaches them harmony, she advocates daily movement and daily self care.

Starting my day for me is a form of meditation and a chance to get out in the fresh air.

During the conversation, Sally discusses the importance of taking time for self-care, meditation, movement, and how COVID-19 provided the opportunity and time to reconnect with family and friends. She explains that she helps clients to replace poor habits and implement self-care through her “Thrive and Alive” program, she identifies their personal circle of life, and explains nutrition is the key. She believes that work-life balance is a constant seesaw, so she prefers to focus on harmony rather than balance.

You cannot serve from an empty cup.

Sally reveals she was a workaholic with massive expectations that led to her being a perfectionist in her corporate life

Lean into your feminine energy and always be kind to yourself.

She’s caring, she’s warm, she’s sharing, she’s strong, she’s amazing.

We invite you to find out more about Sally McGrath’s story and her views on Health and Wellbeing, women she admires, and self-care. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel or listen to our podcast.

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I wake into the day, starting early, and embracing the day.

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