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MASTER NETWORKER God Is Using Me Stormy Wellington has been the top recruiter in every company she’s been in. Six months into her current business, she has 57,000 people in her organization, which is growing in eight countries. Stormy believes success is a spiritual affair. “If you give yourself to a cause bigger than yourself, you invite higher forces to propel you towards the fulfillment of your goal, which in my team’s case is to help 1,000 families make six figures this year.”


MASTER NETWORKER From Skeptic to Evangelist Bri Richardson is a young mother of two who couldn’t have imagined a more promising start to her network marketing career. Sales and marketing had always been a natural fit for the stay-at-home mom with an effervescent personality. Once she found network marketing, Bri dove in headfirst, but after struggling in her first company, she was down more than a few dollars. Instead of giving up, she worked on herself and her strategy.


MASTER NETWORKER No Job, No problem Gene Maxon Adigu is a young Nigerian network marketing leader who wasn’t ready to take a job upon graduating from college. When his wife told him about a network marketing opportunity, he recognized it as a vehicle to fulfill his dreams. Today Gene is one of his company’s top 5 recruiters worldwide. His ultimate goal is to help Africans see how network marketing offers a powerful, long-term solution to many of the problems they are facing.


MASTER NETWORKER Fueled by Faith Originally from Colombia, Johanna Gil Bala runs a global network marketing organization that’s quickly expanding in North, Central, and South America. Based in Dallas, Johanna travels the world most of the time, as she believes in working shoulder to shoulder with her teams. Her lifestyle today forms a sharp contrast with where she was just 12 years ago. Homeless with her three children and in poor health, she made a firm decision to turn her life around.

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NT 1404 July-August Preview  

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