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Life Sciences = Future. Jobs. Exports.

29-31 October 2014 Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre More Registration:

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expertise and insight. Technological innovation, this evolution and all of these attributes will be found at AusBiotech 2014. Held annually, AusBiotech informs and updates the biotechnology sector with current industry facts and knowledge. It provides key presentations and forums to help bring together representatives and professionals from across the biotechnology industry and the globe to experience a comprehensive

his question, and more, will be answered

conference program, extensive bio-industry exhibition,

at Australia’s premier biotech conference, AusBiotech

business matching program and associated events such

2014, which is being held at the Gold Coast Convention

as the AusFoodtech Symposium. This year’s AusBiotech conference theme - Life

and Exhibition Centre from 29-31 October.

AusBiotech 2014

companies need access to corporate and commercial knowledge and networking will be the the drivers of

Has the Australian biotech sector the potential to fill some of the gaps left by the demise of traditional manufacturing areas?


However, moving from research through development to commercialisation is not simple and

Australia’s window of mining-driven prosperity

Sciences = Future. Jobs. Exports - brings focus to the

is closing and the country must now look to other

developments in biotechnology and the life sciences

industries for sustainability and growth. High-tech,

industry that will significantly boost Australia’s

knowledge-based industries are a good match

economic performance and help to build the nation.

for Australia’s skills in high-cost, low-volume

Partnering program

manufacturing and the life sciences sector offers huge

AusBiotech’s Business Matching Program will facilitate

potential to fill the space left by the mining downturn.

more than 2500 meeting requests between participants

Australia already has existing prowess in the biotech

from the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, life

and life sciences and now is the time to leverage this

sciences, business, investment, research and health

to our economy’s advantage.

industries. |