Villa Sträuli

Winterthur, CH

The Villa Sträuli, a project of the Sulzberg Foundation Winterthur, was already a lively residence and site of cultural encounters—well-known far and wide for its concerts—during the lifetime of its founder Doris Sträuli-Keller. This tradition lives on in the stylishly renovated facilities. With its unique atmosphere, the Villa Sträuli provides space for thinking aloud and quiet contemplation in an ideal working environment. A place of warm hospitality and artistic exchange, the Villa Sträuli aims to promote inspiring encounters between its artists in residence, the local cultural scene, and an interested general public. The Villa has three storeys. A bistro and three stylish salons used for cultural events and private functions are located on the ground floor. Three live-in studios for creative artists (artists in residence) have been constructed in the upper storeys and loft spaces.