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The trail: Sant Miquel de la Font Freda

On the way to Maçanet de Cabrenys stormy dark clouds cover the Albera mountains. The sun doesn’t shine, but we are so keen on nature that we happily follow the Darnius road, breathing in the green across the woods.


he landscape changes quickly, Mediterranean forest fades away and we soon find the mountainous vegetation of Albera and Salines. Surrounded by oaks and hollies we head towards the starting point of our route. Next to Maçanet, at a junction, Marc and Viviane are already waiting for us. They are the founders of E-bikes Tramuntana, an electric mountain bike rental company. We must admit that our group might look a bit funny. Some of us haven’t got on a bike for ages, others carry the mountains printed in their cells and some aren’t that fit for doing extreme exercise. But all of us agree that going on a trail on electric mountain bikes is a wonderfully appealing idea. Marc and Viviane tell us not to worry, “Haibike mountain bikes allow you to adjust the engine power to the rider’s level. It means you can decide for yourself how much effort you want to make, without the fear of being left behind!” We don’t think about it twice and jump on the e-bikes that Marc and Viviane have prepared for us. First impressions are that they feel a little strange. If you think an electric bike runs itself, you’re wrong! You’re still doing the physical exercise, just with a little help. As you pedal the bike generates the push you need to carry on so that the whole effort doesn’t rely on you.


Leaving Maçanet de Cabrenys and heading East we start going softly downhill while admiring the views to Salines mountains and Cabrera castle. Marc tells us some legends about the castle. This peaceful landscape exudes the smells of the forest. But after the calm and silence comes the steeper downhill to the river Rinadal that increases the rhythm and brings adrenaline and fun into our route. This bit of the trail is a little more technical and provokes different sensations—the irregular paths make us pay attention to their holes, stones and rifts. Once we’ve crossed the river Armera we start going uphill, but we aren’t deterred: the e-bikes’ engines help us decide the pace we can feel comfortable at. Those who are feeling tired can increase the assistance of the engine. The ones who are still fit can carry on as they are and increase the power every now and then, just to get the feeling of going uphill without effort or to enjoy it downhill even more. When we finally make it to the top we still have energy to carry on talking as we’ve been doing all along and to enjoy the wonderful views to Boadella lake, Empordà plain or Roses bay. It seems that the wind has wiped away the clouds and the day is now clear and fresh. Surrounded all the way by lakes, rivers and natural pools, this makes an ideal summer time trail, a refreshing getaway from crowded beaches. After a couple of hours enjoying the peace of the mountains, feeling empowered and happy to have been playing with bikes like kids, we arrive back at our start point. It has been a wonderful experience for the whole group: we’ve shared a beautiful morning in nature, riding fantastic ebikes and discovering Empordà’s landscape. Sant Miquel de la Font Freda trail is a circular route sign-posted from one end to the other which allows you to explore your physical condition in a healthy and safe way. Marc and Viviane have designed different routes for different levels—easy family trails or more technical ones—all with an eye for places with cultural and historical interest. Tailoring routes to their clients’ needs, preparing bikes for each excursion, Marc and Viviane are dedicated to providing the healthiest way to experience the beautiful Empordà! //

Profile for [ut] Essencial Empordà Guia

La guia [ut] de l'Empordà del 2019  

Ja tenim aquí la nova edició de la revista cultural i guia de turisme creatiu de tot l'Empordà, la [ut] Empordà 2019! Art i cultura, dormir...

La guia [ut] de l'Empordà del 2019  

Ja tenim aquí la nova edició de la revista cultural i guia de turisme creatiu de tot l'Empordà, la [ut] Empordà 2019! Art i cultura, dormir...