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VIBB RIDE is a boutique indoor cycling studio located in the vibrant,

terrain, and (3) a unique “Rhythm Rides” method, developed by the founders, that pairs cycling with upper-body movements. Vibe Ride’s classes possess a level of quality, intimacy, convenience and service not available in the large health clubs and gyms where indoor cycling is most often offered. Schedule your first ride at theviberide.com.

Tell us the personal risk associated with launching a new business? Taking a huge liability both financially and time wise. We both have full time careers and opening a business is like birthing a child. She does not sleep and she is always hungry or crying, meaning we never sleep and Vibe Ride is tattooed on our foreheads. We have dumped vast amounts of our savings, energy and sweat into a dream that was once just a thought that turned into a business plan that became a reality.

What advice would give an aspiring entrepreneur? Make your dream a reality and do your research! Research the people you hire because no one is going to have the passion for your dream like you do! Also, take your budgeted number and add to it! There is no such thing as having too much money.

active, Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Owners Courtney Anderson and Rebecca Colett have created a space with top instructors and three different cycling methods: (1) “Technical Rides”, geared towards professional and serious cyclists, (2) “Journey Rides”, which features cyclists lead classes with simulated travel through physical

What has been your greatest reward? The positive responses we’ve gotten from our following, people are excited! Just like us. What makes your business stand out? First, when have you ever seen black women open a spin studio in midtown Atlanta? Never! Second there is no boutique cycling studio like ours with 3 types of classes, live djs, and technology driven results! We are one of a kind.

What was has been your greatest fear? Failing, empty bikes and no traffic in the studio. What are your plans for expansion? Right now we are focused on perfecting the Vibe Ride movement at our Midtown location. Eventually we want to expand into other high traffic areas in the Metro Atlanta area and then the sky’s the limit!