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Stacii Jae Johnson On the early days: “I went to Spelman College and I wanted to be an actor, but I ended up majoring in political science and theater. After I graduated from Spelman, my little sister and I would watch Martin, and I told my little sister that I was going to work for him one day. I have always believed that you should speak what you desire, release it, and work hard to achieve that which you desire. I worked hard on my goal of one day working with Martin Lawrence and an opportunity presented itself when The Martin Show was looking for a production assistant. I applied for the position and got the job!”

POWER, PASSION & PERSEVERANCE! These three principles describe Black Girls Radio, which is a radio show that political and entertainment influencer Stacii Jae Johnson hosts in Atlanta. These three words are powerful examples of how a black woman should carry herself regardless of any situation that should occur in her life. “I believe when a woman allows herself the freedom to discover the fullness of all things her, personally and professionally, is when she truly lives,” says Johnson who is involved in many endeavors both personally, and professionally. Since entering the entertainment business as Martin Lawrence’s production assistant for The Martin Lawrence Show, Johnson, who is originally from California, has been active in the Atlanta entertainment, social, and political scene for the past 7 years. She eventually became top advisor to Mayor Kasim Reed’s leadership team and also inspired many youths in the Atlanta area to vote for the first potential female president, Hillary Clinton. She also raised money for the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012. “The opportunity presented itself to become involved with politics through relationships and connections that I had built with different individuals. Just to see how hard Mayor Reed and his team works, and to be a part of two electoral campaigns, these things and more have made me realize how important progressing as a community can positively impact its members.” My phone interview with Ms. Johnson was very inspiring and informative from start to finish. Here are some excerpts from the hour-long conversation that she and I had:

The Do’s and Don’ts of the entertainment industry: “In this industry knowing who you are and being confident in your own skin is imperative. Do identify with yourself how others perceive you and find a way to make those attributes work for you. Do stay true to who you are and be honest with yourself. Do: understand and know the path you are willing to take and be committed to it. Do remain focused and certain of your direction. Often times in entertainment you can be lead down a less than desirable road. I am grateful that my mother raised me to be sure of who I am and to know and value my self-worth. Deciding what type of entertainer you want to be can be difficult and misleading. Do your research.” “Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have a limit. Don’t: stop until it’s finished, and don’t allow what’s in front of you to dictate where you’re going. Don’t allocate any energy to being fearful of moving forward. Instead, concentrate and look at the small wins and the small wins will add up to the big wins.



Use your energy reading about and studying individuals whose dreams have come true.” Controversy from the media and individuals alike: “I have to remind myself all of the time that no weapon formed against me will prosper. It’s simple, I stir clear of controversy and negativity. I focus on winning at all times, which I feel is my general make-up. I concern myself with being the best person that I can be, loving people and putting positive things in my mind.” On writing ‘What I Know For Sure’: “I know that people will study me one day so putting my experiences in writing is a necessity. You have to pass your experiences on to make sure the next generation moves forward.” Success for me: “No one in my family has been able to accomplish the things that I have. The most rewarding experience for me has been seeing the mayor of Atlanta in motion working hard to fulfill the ideas and goals set by his constituents and seeing his team collaborating with him to accomplish those goals. Another rewarding experience for me was the success of raising money for the Obama presidential campaign of 2012. I feel like I have inspired others to vote and I realize the importance of moving forward as a community and as a country.” Most recently, Ms. Johnson has been focusing her time on other ventures including Black Girls Radio. Stacii Jae Johnson is constantly working to positively impact our culture while staying true to herself. - Andre J. Ellington


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The Reinvention Issue January 2014  

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The Reinvention Issue January 2014  

In this Issue Urban Lux spent time with several individuals and wrote their stories of reinvention and survival. Conquering homelessness, we...