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Rehabilitation by single complete removable denture: a follow-up in a Tunisian clinical study Abstract

Introduction: the Single Complete Removable Denture (SCRD) is a frequent therapeutic solution offered to edentulous patients.

Results: The studied population comprises 34 patients. The majority of complaints were about prosthetic instability followed by pain and discomfort.

Oumaima Tayari assistant professor in prosthodontics

Due to the diversity and complexity of the clinical situations, it is a challenge to the dentist and to the patient who comes with many complaints.

Conclusion: a thorough pre-prosthetic analysis and diagnostics is essential to avoid the many pitfalls of the complete unimaxillary denture and ensure the stability of the prosthetic appliance on the edentulous arch.

Alaeddine Mahfoudhi Resident in prosthodontics

Amani Mizouri Resident in prosthodontics

Jamila Jaouadi Professor in prosthodontics, head of removable complete denture department in dental clinic of Monastir

Faculty of Dental Medicine of Monastir, Oral health and Oral-Facial Rehabilitation Laboratory Research (LR12ES11), University of Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia Dental Clinic of Monastir, Department of removable complete Denture, Monastir, Tunisia


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Materials and methods: The complaints of patients with a SCRD were analyzed through a clinical and statistical study carried out in the removable denture department at the Dental clinic of Monastir, Tunisia.

Key Words: Single complete removable denture, Complaints,Prosthetic Instability, Pain, Occlusion.

Introduction The prosthetic rehabilitation of an unimaxillary arch is considered as a complex reconstruction that must be perfectly controlled by the practitioner to ensure the prosthetic durability and the occlusal comfort of the patient. The success in SCRD is dependent on the initial analysis and preparation of the opposing arch in order to obtain a successful denture. However, many patients express complaints about their prostheses. Therefore, we propose to study these complaints through a clinical study carried out in the department of complete removable denture at the Dental clinic of Monastir, Tunisia among the edentulous patients rehabilitated by SCRD either maxillary or mandibular. The objective of this work was to analyze the complaints of the wearers of the complete unimaxillary prosthesis in order to determine their natures and to uncover the possible etiologies. March 2021