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In Business: Greening Up!


potlight on Green & Holistic usinesses in Our Community

Berkshire Organics, LLC Business Owners: Aleisha & Brian Gibbons

Berkshire Organics store offers local and organic produce, breads, meats, prepared items, groceries, and much more.

How We Got Started

Aleisha Gibbons started the business in May 2008 from her home in Dalton, MA. At the time, Aleisha was frustrated with the lack of organic produce at the local grocery store. The idea for Berkshire Organics came to her and she left her full-time job. The first week in business, 35 deliveries were made, and now we deliver to over 400 customers and continue to grow. Aleisha now runs the business with her husband, Brian, and his twin brother, Brendan.

What Makes Our Business Green?

Berkshire Organics works with local and organic farms. Our goal is to create a more sustainable food system by shortening the distance food travels. We focus on being a zero waste business by receiving all fresh produce on Wednesdays, and then offering it for sale by Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to clear inventory and to get ready for the next week. Whatever produce is not sold by the end of Tuesday is donated to a local food pantry.

The Most Unique Thing About Us What We Do

Berkshire Organics delivers local and organic produce year-round to people’s homes and businesses throughout Berkshire County, southern Vermont, and parts of Columbia County, NY. We work with as many local farms as possible. The produce baskets change weekly depending upon what the farms have available and what is in season. Customers can also pick up their baskets at our store. The

There are no commitments or membership fees. Customers can try the service and decide if they’d like delivery weekly or every other week. We work with one of the longest-certified organic farms in Massachusetts. Berkshire Organics is customer centric. Customers receive a list each week with what is going to be in the basket, and can make substitutions to the list so they receive exactly what they want. A weekly newsletter is also provided along with easy recipes for produce items customers may not be as familiar with.

Berkshire Biofeedback Therapist: Barbara Laureyns What I Do

I am a Certified Biofeedback Technician and I help train my clients to regulate their bodies, create the life they want, and free themselves from repeating negative patterns through relaxation and muscle re-education. The Quantum Biofeedback Machine that I use can help my clients raise their vibrational frequency and create a balanced energy field, manifest love, joy, and abundance, and release energetic blocks that prevent them from attaining their dreams. In addition, I use a Scalar Wave Laser and my experience as a licensed Spiritual Healer during each session for free to add to their experience.


June 2010


How To Find Us

Our store is located at 813 Dalton Division Rd. Dalton, MA 01226. Customers can order online at berkshireorganics.com or call (413) 442-0888. See ad on page 20.

How I Got Started

I’m a stay-at-home mom with three children that had ADHD in different degrees, and my husband, Rick, owns his own business. I was having various aches and pains brought on by life’s stressors, so I tried 12 sessions of biofeedback and noticed a life shift. I no longer needed anxiety medicine or something to sleep, and I had more focus. My husband, purchased my machine as a gift to use on our immediate family. As a result, my children are now off all ADHD medicine, and the Big Y Pharmacy even asked what I was doing because my kids weren’t sick anymore. This year is the first year of middle school and they have made high honors. Several of my friends started requesting