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by Helen Chappell at Perry Cabin by Belmond had to offer. We were wined, dined, boated and spa’d to our hearts’ content. My memories of the Inn stretch back to my early teens when I took riding lessons there. That was something that didn’t last very long, as my father, a surgeon, forbade any further equestrian activities. He’d patched and mended too many kids who’d broken bones and skulls in riding accidents. The house itself was rather shabby in those days, and St. Michaels was a sleepy little waterman’s town

When it was time to leave, they practically had to pry my fingers off the door jamb and toss me into the car. Going back to my real life just seemed so, well, real. That’s exactly how the Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond wants you to feel. The St. Michaels resort has been completely renovated, upgraded and spun into a destination that pampers you in a way you always secretly thought you deserved, but were too modest to admit. During a media weekend, we experienced almost everything the Inn


September 2017 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times September 2017

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