November 2017 ttimes web magazine

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No Good Deed by Helen Chappell

Every time I finish a book, I swear it’s going to be my last, that I will never write another book again, that I’m too old and too tired for this. And yet, here I am again, hat in hand, putting out the word that my latest novel, No Good Deed, is currently available on Kindle. Yes, this is Blatant Self Promotion (BSP). Call it fate, God, karma, or whatever, but one Saturday I found myself in the News Center meeting author Cheril Thomas, whose Squatter’s Rights is also currently available on Kindle and is worthy of some self-promotion all on its own. The thing is, Cheril not only became my new BFF (Best Friend Forever), but this patient and computer-savvy woman helped me get No Good Deed formatted and up on that marvelous eReader. Eventually, I’ll do something about getting a dead tree edition out there, but for now, the eBook is going to have to do because I’m exhausted. Now is the time for BSP, as we call promoting our books in the writing game. This is where you have to get out there and let everyone know you have a new book, every single chance you get. This,

unfortunately, is a fact of life for mid-list writers. Ain’t no one else gonna do it for you, after all. In the old days, before publishers were swallowed up by giant corporations, if you were very lucky, your publisher would send an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) to reviewers like Publisher’s Weekly, the Bible of my industry. They would also send them to one or two consumer periodicals that would