June 2018 ttimes web magazine

Page 85


by K. Marc Teffeau, Ph.D.

June is For the Birds ornamental shrubs and trees in the landscape. They will provide food and sheltering opportunities for birds. The more diversity in a landscape’s plants, the more diversity in the types of birds attracted. Many birds like multi-stemmed shrubs that provide a dense canopy of branches and leaves for nesting places, provide protective cover from inclement weather like sun, heat, wind and rain and protection from natural predators.

Are you interested in attracting more birds to your landscape? Want to see a better variety of species visit your garden? Feeding them with bird feeders is one way to attract these feathered friends to your yard. However, if you want to attract and keep birds in your home landscape, you need to make sure that you provide three main ingredients: food, shelter/nesting and water. June is still a good time to plant