December 2017 ttimes web magazine

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The Neighborhood Service Center Helping People Change Lives by Bonna L. Nelson

The Neighborhood Service Center (NSC), Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ser ves the underserved, the low-income families and the elderly in Talbot County, Maryland. Located at 126 Port Street in Easton, NSC’s goal is to work toward eliminating poverty by empowering families to be self-sufficient, and to provide services and assistance for the total family. The Talbot County Community Action Agency, one of 17 agencies in the state serving low-

income residents, was established in 1969 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019. According to Data USA, the 2017 poverty rate in Talbot County is 11.2%. The federal poverty level threshold for 2017 is a yearly income of $24,600 or less for a family or household of 4 persons. This means that 11.2% or 4,234 Talbot County residents live on $6,150 per person per year ~ or less. For the past several years, the

The Neighborhood Service Center is located at 126 Port Street in Easton. 157