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Marie U’ren: An Appreciation by Helen Chappell

When you read this, Marie U’ren and her husband Bill will have left their house on Harrison Street in Easton and moved across the Bridge. They’ve retired and moved to Towson to be closer to family, especially their grandchildren. If you didn’t know Marie, you missed out on someone quite special. She is one of those people who do not just make a difference, but are a force of nature. I couldn’t let her leave without acknowledging and thanking her for her tireless and generous service. How could one woman do so much!? In the many years Marie was in Easton, she was an amazing volunteer, a mover-and-shaker with a whim of iron. She was “The Volunteer.” You didn’t say no to Marie when she wanted something. It was never for herself, but for the community she loved. There were very few things that Marie didn’t have a hand in. She was everywhere, and gave back so much to her community. It wasn’t just her time and effort that made her shine. It was her enthusiasm and her magic. She understood giving, and she gave of herself. Marie didn’t just talk the talk, like many people, she actually walked

the walk ~ and then some. Her retirement leaves a hole that will take several hardworking people to fill. I don’t think we would have such a vital and vibrant arts scene in Talbot County without Marie. Just a partial list of her contributions would fill this magazine. She served at the Academy Arts Museum in many capacities, from sitting on the board, to running the Marketplace Craft Shop that helps fund the museum. She worked with the ACE Mentor Program, and she wore so many hats at the local chapter of the American Heart Association that it’s impossible to list them all. During her stay here in Talbot County, she worked tirelessly for the Avalon Foundation, Cricket 9