Winnipeg's Vital Signs® 2017

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Health, Healing and Well-being NorWest Community Food Centre has given my life new meaning since my necessary early retirement. After my second knee replacement surgery, my stamina did not return. I volunteer up to three, two-hour shifts per week, and stretch my stamina at NCFC. I started with a diabetic cooking class, soon joined Hans Kai and a Chair Yoga class, and finally took advocacy training, and a Food Handlers’ Certificate through NorWest Access. I fell five times last winter, and sometimes had to roll between parked cars to avoid being hit. The infrequent plowing of sidewalks and lanes make winter mobility almost impossible. However, I’ve rebuilt my lagging self-esteem and made lasting relationships at NCFC. - Laura Rose, Peer Advocate at the NorWest Community Food Centre

RECIPIENT | NorWest Community Food Centre GRANTS | $150,000, drawn from the Moffat Family Fund, which is a Donor-Advised Fund; and from the hundreds of Community Building Funds held at The Foundation

NorWest Co-op Community Health, located on Keewatin Street, aims to engage the surrounding community in cooperative health and wellness. The NorWest Community Food Centre provides access to healthy food, education about gardening and cooking, and advocacy for good food for all.

Laura Rose

CITIZEN PRIORITIES MENTAL HEALTH/MOOD DISORDERS 1. Increase access to mental health supports 2. Raise awareness of mental health issues and decrease stigma 3. Promote prevention strategies and well-being programs

PHYSICAL HEALTH 1. Increase physical activity levels 2. Increase awareness of and access to stress reduction programs and activities 3. Promote consumption of nutritious food



1. Affordability of sport and recreation programs for citizens 2. Support the repurposing of existing outdoor spaces to be multi-purpose and multi-season 3. Increase the number of children and youth involved in recreation or sport