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Marry. Die. Repeat Abbie wakes in a hospital bed with no memory of how she got there. The man by her side explains that he’s her husband. Can she trust him? Read the awesome thriller by JP Delaney

Photo by Luisa Brimble

by Swapna Peri

Around the world, in huge factories, most of the work is automated and customized machines or Robots are in usage. Similarly in many other fields. There are some restaurants in Asia, where Robots are the waiters. Gradually the human is being replaced by a machine and then a robot. Some movies depicted Humanoids that act until a certain percentage as Humans. But the recent female Robot, Sophia has wondered about the world. It was as good as a normal human being. If this is possible, there is no doubt the world will definitely shift towards these kinds of robots. The above was a small

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