Saint Mary's Magazine - Fall 2017

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Roger S. Haydock ’67 Student Learning Commons, in acknowledgement of their financial generosity. “At Saint Mary’s, I learned to write well,” he said. “And I understood the obligation we have to return some of the blessings we’ve received. The role models that the faculty there displayed in terms of academic pursuit and intellectual curiosity and independence served me well.” The curiosity and independence partially fostered at Saint Mary’s led Haydock to become a successful entrepreneur as part of his career. “We created a legal arbitration and mediation service,” he said. “We created a system to provide civil justice through arbitration and mediation to individuals and businesses that was more affordable and more responsive than litigation.” Haydock has been the mediator for over 500 federal and state cases, and served as the arbitrator in many contested cases. Comparing business start-up to a roller coaster, Haydock said, “We made some good judgments and our share of mistakes, and you learn from both. I found how exhilarating, frightening, satisfying and risky that experience is and I wanted to return some of those experiences and allow other business majors in the future to experience that entrepreneurship opportunity.” Haydock believes Saint Mary’s business faculty focus on creating business leaders for the future. “To be part of that and help them shape those student minds and hearts really is exhilarating,” he said.


to enjoy life and share blessings with others. At Saint Mary’s your friends become part of your family.” Saint Mary’s has so much going on with our Lasallian tradition and outstanding faculty and staff, Haydock noted. “It’s part of our legacy. It reflects the grand mission and vision of Saint Mary’s and provides opportunities for graduates to be productive and compassionate members of society, become leaders, and give back to the community. And, of course, have fun!” To join the Haydocks in support of the Business Initiative, contact Audrey Kintzi at or 612-2384560.

Combining science and business together through collaborative learning, as well as physical location, Haydock said, spoke to him and Elaine. “The collaborative meshing of disciplines to create something that is more effective, and productive, than being isolated into silos is important and it’s the blend of the future,” he said. Haydock also hopes Saint Mary’s continues to blend humor into its classrooms. “In business, it’s important to work well with others and be productive while finding humorous aspects of the process, so it’s not so much about problems and money,” he said. “We need to keep sight of the goal, which is FALL 2017 III 19