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1897 Arra n ge me n t i n G ray, Po r tra i t o f t h e Ar t i st ( S e l f p o r tra i t ) ( 1 8 7 2 ) , Ja m e s Mc Ne i l l W h i st l e r

In 1897, the American painter JAMES



founded the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers in London. In 1903, he passed away. For the opening of a WHISTLER-EXHIBITION in 1905 in London, a monument was supposed to be erected in his memory. The artist chosen to make this monument was AUGUSTE RODIN , president of the society since 1903. Rodin’s international success had begun around 1900. Critical


acclaim allowed him to display the daring, racy sculptures that were popular in Paris at the time and to revolutionise the art of sculpting by creating separate pieces of body parts as autonomous pieces of art.


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